I’m a European Mixed Media Scrapbooker. My layered work is an explosion of texture, dimension and jewel tone colors.

NathalieKalbachStudioWebI teach creative, out-of-the-box and mostly technique based scrapbooking and mixed media workshops. My style and classes are fresh and unique, I love to interact with my students and showing them the techniques and experiences I learned, while pushing them in a subtle way to add their own creative kick to the projects.

I am a Prima Marketing Inc. Educator since November 2007.

From September 2008  till January 2012 when the programme closed, I was a Golden Ambassador and Certified Tattered Angels Educator

Since August 2010 I’m a Faculty Member of CraftEdu an online craft university.

Workshops in Germany:

I taught my very first workshops in Berlin for Keep Scrappin in 2006, since then I have been regularly teaching for ScrapbookKing in Hamburg, as well as for Scrapbook-Werkstatt in Frankfurt and Creavil in Berlin,  as well as at private venues in Bavaria and co-teaching the Mixed Media Circus Event together with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer in Hamburg, Germany in November 2011. In April and October 2012 I taught workshops at Scrappies in Munich. A regular feature are my Workshops in Hamburg at my n*Studio.

Workshops in the U.S.A:

I taught six workshops at PortraitBug in New York City in March 2009. I taught two classes at Scrappers Cove in New Jersey in 2011 and in 2012 and a co-teaching technique workshop with Julie Fei -Fan Balzer in New York City in October 2011. In January 2012, I taught 3 workshops at the Scrapbook Island in California. I also taught in Florida at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps in December 2012 4 Workshops.

Workshops in Canada:

I taught four classes at Bizzy B’s in Toronto in July 2012 and another 3 classes in November 2012.

Workshops in Israel:

I taught at MyPunch in Tel Aviv in 2010

Workshops in Australia:

I taught 18 Workshops on a Roadtrip for Creative Journey in several stores in NSW in April 2011

Workshops in Greece

I taught two workshops for Cherry Nest in Athens in April 2011

Workshops in Spain

I taught 2 workshops for Lisa Mitchell/ScrapHouse in Barcelona in 2009 and a workshop at the ArtMesa Event in Madrid in 2011 as well as in 2012.

Workshops in Denmark

I taught several workshops and did Make’n Takes at the ScrapbookConvention in Middelfart, in 2009 and 2010 and also at  MultiScrap in Odense in 2009

Workshops in Austria

I taught at the Scrapqueens Designtage in Mörbisch in 2009 and I taught several workshops at the ScrapMe Workshop Event in Vienna in 2012.

Workshops in The Netherlands:

I taught several workshops at the Cherry Pie Creations in Venray, The Netherlands in 2009

Workshops in Belgium:

I taught several workshops at the Scraptastic Events in 2010 and 2011.

Workshops in France:

I taught several workshops at the Paper & Co Show in Buthier in 2010. In February 2012 I taught several workshops at the Pour l’Amour Du Scrap Convention in Lille.

Workshops in Norway:

I taught 2 workshops at the Papirfest in Stavanger in 2011

Workshops in Sweden:

I taught several workshops at the Scrapbooking med Hjärta event in Järfälla near Stockholm in May, 2012 and 3 workshops at the Stockholm Scrap & Pearl Event in April 2013

Workshops in Italy:

I taught several workshops at Timbroscrapmania in Rome in September 2012.

Workshops in Luxembourg

I was invited to teach 3 workshops with the Social Committee at J.P. Morgan in March 2013

Online Workshops:

I teach several Online Workshops throughout my website. You can find them listed here.

I also taught online workshops for Blue Bazaar in Australia, Kits & Pieces in the USA, Scrap-Tastic in the USA, as well as for and on my own website here. I also taught Live- U-Stream  Classes for Live With Prima- Prima Marketing as well as for Tattered TV – Educator Style – Tattered Angels.  I was also Part of Donna Downey’s first Internationally Inspired Online Workshop  in 2012.


I am the founder and sole organizer of the Creative JumpStart Summit, now in its second year.

The Creative JumpStart Summit is an online platform for artists to share what inspires them to be creative. Throughout January participants can view a video featuring the artist of the day. The artists demonstrate specific techniques and explain their personal approaches to creativity.

In 2012 there were over 4200 sign-ups, and in 2013 there were 6000 participants.

My Prima Place

Volume 5, December 2012, Happy Holidays Canvas with Step by Step, pages 34-35

Volume 3, August 2012, *Hans+Margot* 12×12 Layout with Step by Step, page 26

Australian Scrapbooking Memories

Volume 14, No. 11 – 2012, ScrapChat Interview, pages 38-39

(*Engaged* 12×12 Layout, *Everything* 12×12 Wood Mixed Media Canvas, *I Love What I do* 12×12 Layout, *Return To Happiness* 12×12 Layout, *Summer* 16×14 Canvas)

Love My Memories, Japan

Summer 2012, Volume 16, “ATC Frame” with Step by Step Instructions, page 59

Somserset Apprentice

Autumn 2011: Article Feature “From the Pros”-Interview pages 50-51 with featured work *Follow Your Heart*12×12 Canvas, *Simply Beautiful* altered Mirror 21x19inches, *Wedding* 12×12 Mixed Media Canvas

Somerset Memories:

I was a regular contributor to Somerset Memories from 2009-2011 with my own column called “Nathalie’s Studio”

Somerset Memories, Autumn 2011

*Eternal Love*, Page 41

*ABBA???*, Page 42

Article: *Self Expression*, Nathalie’s Studio – page 66-68 (featuring Mixed Media Street Art Canvas Mini Album)

Somerset Memories, Spring 2011

*Smells like Teenspirit*, Page 40

Article: *The Zen State Of Art*, Nathalie’s Studio – page 63-65 (*Drama*, page 63,  *Hurt*, page 64, *Believe*, page 65, *Snort*, page 65)

Somerset Memories, Fall 2010

*Lovely Fall*, *Yes Sayer*, page 30

Article: *Stepping Back*, Nathalie’s Studio – page 70-72 (*Zion Canyon*, page 70, *Soul Mate*, page 71, *The Smell of a Good Cake*, page 72, *Happy Cab*, page 72)

Somerset Memories, Spring 2010

Article: “Stenciling: Repeating a Good Idea”, Nathalie’s Studio, pages 74-77 (“Trust Yourself”, page 74, ”What I like about you”, page 75, ”Mr. Blue Sky”, page 75,  ”Brotherly Friends”, page 76, ”Let’s Go For a Spin”, page 77)

Somerset Memories, Autumn 2009

“All-In-One”, page 37, ”Nobody is an Island”, page 38, ”Girls in Their Summer Clothes”, page 42

Article: “Inspired by Street Art”, Nathalie’s Studio, pages 74-76 (“Create your own intrinsic values”, page 74, ”Hold Your Tongue”, page 75, ”Breathe *Sigh*”, page 75, ”Team Work”, page 76)

Somerset Memories April/May 2009

*1935*, page 20

Somerset Memories February/March 2009

Article: *Black and White in Color*, Nathalie’s Studio, pages 64-67 ( *Family Reunion*, page 64, *Past Perfect*, page 65, *Family*, page 66, *Sister*, page 67, *MWE*, page 67)

*An Absolute Must*, page 22, *Green Souls*, page 28, *Head in The Clouds*, page 28,

Somerset Memories December/Jan 2009

Article: *Inspired by Music*, pages 6-8 (*Breathe*, page 6, *Sentimental Mood*, page 6, *You’ve Got A Friend*, page 7, *Our House*, page 7, *Everybody Now*, page 8)

*Guardian, page 68

Somerset Memories October/November 2008

*City Blues* Canvas, page 61, *Just Stop and See*, page 66, *The World According to Nat*,  page 68, *Taking only Small Steps*, page 68, *Sharing*, page 72, *Guess What?*, page 75

Somerset Memories Aug/Sept 2008

Article: ”The Place I Live” pages 36-41 (*Art* page 36, *Center* page 37, *Animals* page 37, *Street* page 38, *Sport* page 39, Landmark* page 39, *Cover* page 40, *Thankful* page 40, *Friends* page 41)

“Knock Em Off”, page 74, ”Zen22″, page 69, ”Art”, page 68

Somerset Memories June/July 2008

“Wild Child” on the Cover, page 70

Somerset Memories Feb/Mar 2008 (as a Featured Artist)

Article: ”Preserving Thoughts and Feelings” – Featured Artist, page 32-35 (*No Means NO*, page 32, *I am What I am*, page 33, *Dreamflat*, page 33, *Spread Your Wings*, page 33, *When I Grow Up*, page 34, *What If*, page 34, *Change Your Focus*, page 35, *Escape*, page 35)

Somerset Memories August/September 2007
“The Apron”, Pages 74, 82


From  2007  till January 2013 I was a regular contributor with art work, own columns and editorial work for this German Print Magazine. It closed in January 2013

ScrapArtZine, Winter 2012

Article “Prima Mixed Media Alben”, Product Review, pages 32-33

(*La Dolce Vita Minialbum*)

ScrapArtZine, Autumn 2012

Article “Derwent Artbars”, Product Review, pages 40-41

(*Bird Canvas Page*, *Be Inspired* Canvas and *If Halloween is a reason…* Layout)

Article “CHA in front and behind the scenes”, pages 6-7

(*Margot* Altered Book)

ScrapArtZine, Summer 2012

Article “The Crafter’s Workshop Templates”, Product Review, pages 8-9

(*I want to ride my bycicle”, *Artjournal pages and cover*)

ScrapArtZine, Spring 2012

Article: “Hinter den Kulissen”, About Winter CHA 2012, page 11

Article: “Heidi Swapp – Sprinkle it with fabulous”, Product Review, pages 12-13 (*Magic Travels*, File Folder Mini Album)

ScrapArtZine, Winter 2011

*Happy Holidays* 12×12 Prima Canvas, page 19

Article: *PanPastel* Product Review, pages 48-49 (*I Heart U* Card, *Everything* Mixed Media Canvas)

ScrapArtZine, Fall 2011

*Danke* Card, page 8 and Product Review Basically Bare

*Rumor Has It* 12×12 Layout, page 21

Article: *Canvas Corp* Product Review, pages 46-47 (*Mixed Media Pillow*, *Art Mixed Media Canvas*, *Altered Bottle*, *Lightbulb Mixed Media Canvas*)

ScrapArtZine, Summer 2011

Article: “Crafty Secrets” Product review, pages 40-41 (*It’s Your Day*, *Smile* Card, *Altered Art House*, page 41)

*Altered Mixed Media Shadowbox*, page 54

ScrapArtZine, Spring 2011

Article:CHA Winter 2011, “Hinter den Kulissen…”, Report of working at Winter CHA 2011, page 15

“Glimmer Mist, Chalk, Glaze, Glam…wir bringen ein wenig Glitzer ins Dunkel”, Product review pages 40-41 ( *Fashion Journal*, page 40, *Steampunk Dream* Canvas, page 41)

*Homedeko neu aufgemotzt*, homedecor revival article, pages 60-62 (*Bloom* Frame, page 60, *Bottle Holder* Altered, page 62, *Altered Clock* page 62)

*Doily*, page 85

ScrapArtZine, Winter 2010

Article: Article: Produkte unter Lupe “Vintaj Natural Brass Co. “  Product Review- page 30-31 (*History* Canvas, page 31, *I Heart You Canvas*, page 31)

*Be Mine* Card, page 17, *Tea Time*, page 31,  *Flower Power  – Flower Tutorial*, page 45

ScrapArtZine, Fall 2010

*Explore, page 16,

Article: *Grün, Grün, Grün sind alle meine…*, Review of Eco Friendly products by Eco Green Crafts and Punky Sprouts, pages 28-29 (*Altered Steampunk Bird*, page 28, *Non je ne regrette fien*, Minialbum, page 29)

*Awesome Time*, *Ready to learn*, page 59, *Happy Birdday Card*, page 59

ScrapArtZine, Summer 2010

Article: “Heute: G.C.D Chip Art von Melody Ross”, Review of Chip Art Tools by Melody Ross, pages 30-31(*Israel Minialbum*, page 30, *Everything will work out perfectly*, page 31)

*Lovely Day*, page 22

ScrapArtZine, Spring 2010

Article: ”Einmal Anaheim und zurück…”, Report of visiting winter CHA 2010, pages 14-15

“Klebst Du schon oder experimentierst Du noch” Review of Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, pages 32-33

ScrapArtZine, Winter 2009

Article: “Designing with Stamping”, Book Review, page 21

“Sende liebe Weihnachtsgrüße”-Card, page 10, ”Wünsche mir, Du wärst hier” – Card, page 10, ”Graffiti Ornament”, page 26, ”Tealight Paravent”, page 27

ScrapArtZine, Autumn 2009

Article: ”Taking Flight”, Book Review, page 63

“60!” Card, page 8, ”Family Get-Away” Canvas, page 32, ”Fun” Contributing SAZ Designteam Project, page 34, ”Happy Halloween” Card, page 54, ”Alphabetically”, page 85

ScrapArtZine, Summer 2009

*Zeit zum Entdecken*, Cover layout, *Jule & Jan* Canvas, page 59

Article: ”We Dare You” – Book Review about the Dare Book, page 55

ScrapArtZine, Spring 2009

Article: *Hintergründig*, Article about Backgrounds , pages 64-66 (*1973*, page 64, *There Are Places”, page 65, ”Prima Donna”, page 65, *So Glad*, page 65, *Family is a gift*, page 66, *For the Record*, page 66)

“Fabulous Friendships”, Bookreview page 83, *Fun*, page 67

ScrapArtZine Winter 2008

Article: *Flip, Spin & Play* – Book Review, page 57

*Proud* page 18

ScrapArtZine Fall 2008

Article: *Scraptastic* -Book Review about Scraptastic by Ashley Calder, page 63

*Entering Hamburg*, page 11, *Stepping Out as One*, page 14, *Besuch war da*, page 17, *Das bin ich*, page 72

ScrapArtZine Summer 2008

Articles: ”The Scrapbooker’s Creativity Kit”, Book Review, page 59

“Hamburg-New York – Hamburg-Dänemark”, Article about my Workshops, pages 86-87

*Hambly Table Cards*, page 50, *Chill* , page 74, *Party of their Life*, page 76

ScrapArtZine Spring 2008

Articles: *Featured designteam member* Nathalie Kalbach, page 30-32 (*This was my year*, page 32)

Bookreview of *Life Artist* by Ali Edwards, page 59

*1-2-3-Smooch*, page 81

ScrapArtZine Spring 2007

Articles: Ein Blick auf das “The Look Book” – Book Review, page 24

Strass ist krass – Article about rhinestones, page 66

“Be Mine”, page 11, ”Ostern”, page 18

ScrapArtZine Summer 2007

Articles: Einfach betrachtet “Beautiful Basics” – Book Review, page 67

“Dekoration und Scrapbooking” (Decoration and Scrapbooking), page 42

“Deck of Me” # 6,11 and 13 in an article about Freestyle, Page 31, ”My Box Is My Castle”, page 52, ”BÄÄÄH”, page 78

ScrapArtZine Fall 2007
Article: Auch Europa hat Papiere – Article about European Papers, pages 30-33 (“Funny Moments”, Page 30, ”grr”, Page 31, ”Girls”, Page 32, ”Königreich”, Page 32, ”Love”, Page 33)
Ganz Klar -Perfectly Clear – book review about Perfectly Clear, AL, page 84

“Parents”, Page 72

ScrapArtZine Winter 2007

Der Teufel steckt im Detail oder Designing with Details – book review about Designing with Details, AL, page 13

Scrapbooking und Gestaltungstheorie – Article about Scrapbooking and Gestalt theory, page 44-45

ScrapArtZine Dec. 2006
Advertisment Layout for Scrapfever, page 133 ”Mini Me”

Somerset Studio Gallery:

Somerset Studio Gallery, Winter 2011

*Fairy Jars*, page 113

Somerset Home:

Somerset Home, Volume 5 2010

” I love New York”, page 136

Somerset Home Volume 3 2008

Welcome Canvas, page 24

Scrapbook-Trends UK:

Scrapbook-Trends, May 2010

“Love Day” , page 117

Scrap Street:

ScrapStreet March 2009

* Say*, page 19

Scrabook Dimensions Magazine:

Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Vol. 2/Issue 3

*Soon*, page 67

Artful Blogging:

Artful Blogging Spring 2008

*Pure Gift*, page 108

Simple Scrapbook Magazine:

Simple Scrapbook Magazine Jan/Feb 2007
“2 Dads and 1 Bear”, page 140

African Perspective:

In May 2007 I have been featured as a European Scrapbooking in this Afro-European News Magazine which is part of the Lufthansa Magazines on European Flights

“I have a dream”, ”Laugh out Loud” page 79

Blue Media Print:

Blue Media Print – Scrapbook Styles: Defined
“Sunny”, page 48, ”Summer in the City”, page 54

Ready, Set, Create:

Ready, Set, Create August/September 2007
“Tonsils” 2nd Part, Page 33

Ready, Set Create Oktober/ November 2007

“U R Cute” 2nd Part, Page 63

F&W: Scrapbook Workshop by May Flaum  (2011)
“The Best Techniques from your Favorite Scrapbook Bloggers.”

*Contentment* 12×12 layout, pages 96-98, *Childhood* 12×12 canvas, page 99

Scrap Art Zine: Das Sketchbuch von Tina Schubert (2011)

*Playtime* 12×12 layout, page 9, *Cuteness* 8.5×11 Layout, page 11, *Just* 8.5.x11 Layout page 15, *Natur Kick* 12×12 Layout, page 21, *Anfang* 8.5×11 Layout, page 25, *Paris* 12×12 Layout, page 39, *This Picture* 12×12 Layout, page 51, *Ein Freund…” Altered LP, page 59, *Winter Fairytale* 12×12 Layout, page 65, *Dabei* 12×12 Layout, page 87,

Paper&Co Show Book, 4th Edition  (2010)

Your Thoughts are Free, page 73-76, Sweetest Flower, page 77-80, Follow Your Heart, page 81-83

The Little Scrap Book 2007
“Nathalie’s Interview with Elsie Flannigan”, page 17, ”Nathalie’s Interview with Ali Edwards”, page 49, ”Nathalie’s Interview with Cathy Zielske”, page 57

Texture Stamps for Eco Green Crafts debuted at CHA Winter 2012

Paper, Stamps and Transparencies Designer for Sultane debuted in February 2010 : eMOTions by Nathalie Kalbach

Paperworld, Frankfurt-Germany 2013:

Demoing/Make’n Takes for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

CHA Winter 2013:

Projects for Prima Marketing Booth

Demoing/Make’n Takes for Crafters Workshop

HanseLife – Bremen (Germany), 2012

Demoing/Painting for Winsor & Newton

CHA Summer 2012 :

Make ‘n Takes for Prima Marketing

Projects for Prima Marketing Booth

Make n’ Takes for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

Creativa – Dortmund (Germany), 2012 for PanPastel:


CHA Winter 2012 :

Make ‘n Takes for Prima Marketing

Demoing for Eco Green Crafts filmed by Scraptime

Projects for the Booth for Tattered Angels

Make ‘n Takes and Projects for the Booth for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

Kreativ Welt – Wiesbaden (Germany), 2012 for Tonic Studios:


CHA Summer 2011 for Basicially Bare, Prima Marketing, Tattered Angels:

Projects and Layouts for the Booth

Creativa – Dortmund (Germany), 2011 for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L:


CHA Winter 2011 for Tattered Angels:

Projects and Layouts for the Booth


CHA Winter 2011 for Prima Marketing:

Projects and Layouts for the Booth

CHA Winter 2011 for Punky Sprouts:

Projects for the Booth

KKD Fall 2010 – Kars – in Ochten, The Netherlands:

Workshops for Tattered Angels

CHA Winter 2010 : 

Projects and Layouts for the Tattered Angels Booth

Make ‘n Takes and Demos for Tattered Angels at CHA, Anaheim – January 2010

Make ‘n Takes for Prima Marketing at CHA, Anheim – January 2010

filmed by Paperclipping Nathalie Kalbach demos products from Prima at CHA  2010



ScrapArtZine (German Scrapbook Magazine) Dez 2006 – Jan 2013

SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES by 3L™ February 2010 – August 2012

Cocoa Daisy (American Kit Club) July 2011 – July 2012

Maya Road (American Manufacturer) – June 2012 – Guestdesigner

Tattered Angels (American Manufacturer) October 2009 – January 2012 /DesignTeam Coordinator in 2011

Vintage Street Market (American Manufacturer) May 2011 – December 2011

Basically Bare (American Manufacturer) May 2011 – August 2011

Punky Sprouts(American Manufacturer) May 2010 – January 2011

Sultane/InfoCrea (French Manufacturer) April 2010 – September 2010

Rose Moka (Canadian Manufacturer) June 2008 May 2010

Scrap-Tastic (American Shop with monthly Kits) January 2009- April 2010

myStampBox (Canadian Manufacturer) October 2009 – March 2010

Scrapping the Music (American Challenge Blog) April 2008 – September 2009

Tattered Angels August Guest Designer August 2009

Scrapping The Music GERMANY (Challenge Blog) June 2009 – Guestdesigner

PortraitBug (Local Scrapbook Store in NYC, USA) January 2009 – March 2009

Q-Tea Kits (Australia, Kit Club) October 2008 – Guestdesigner

Creative Therapy (US, Catalyst Blog) September 2008 – Guestdesigner

Sweet Twee Laboratories (US Kit Club) September 2008 – Guestdesigner

Kits & Pieces (US Kit Club) July 2008 – October 2008

Scrapmojo (American Challenge Blog) June 2008 – Guestdesigner

Guest Designer for How Dare You (Australian Technique Challenge Blog)
April 2008

Guest-Designer for Dream Street Papers October 2007

ScrapMuse(US Monthly Kit Club) Feb. 2007 – Jun 2008

Beyond Appearances (Challenge Blog) Guest Designer April 2007

Scrapitude (UK Kit Club) Guest Designer Feb 2007

Scrapfever (German Kit Club) June 2006 – February 2007