Heidi Swapp’s Jump Start


Ever since I started being creative in the paper craft world I loved everything that Heidi Swapp came out with. I still own a huge drawer full of chipboard alphas she designed which I ordered in bulk to never be out of it- LOL. Besides that Heidi has the sweetest and supporting personality you can imagine.


Hello! My name is Heidi… people ask me all the time how I ‘got into’ scrapbooking… and I can tell you, that I am not sure if there was ever a ‘beginning’ – I think it was always there.

As a young girl, I used to look through some of the scrapbook albums that my mom had around our house; I remember that we had a 4 foot space between the wall in the Living Room and the back of the couch and it was there that the tall (and heavy) scrapbook albums were kept on the bottom shelf of the wicker table.  I can remember that I spent hours and hours laying on my belly, propped up on my elbows looking through the pages of those albums over and over again.

I loved all of the photos and memorabilia from my mom’s ‘semester abroad’ to Austria. I used the photos and ephemera to take a “virtual trip” to all the places inside the book where my mom had been with her friends, looking so happy and sophisticated. I was sure of one thing: I wanted to travel…to collect maps, train tickets, send myself postcards, and hold foreign money in my coin purse. This was not just a scrapbook to me; it was a window to the world and I was seeing it through the eyes of my young, hip mother and I loved it!

And travel I have done!  I have been to many of the places captured in her photos… I have gathered the maps, the money, the photos and the memories from my own travels – so naturally, I wanted the scrapbooks to put them in!  I didn’t worry much about the materials or the style of my scrapbooking – I just did what I liked! I remember when I first realized there was a magazine for this hobby and how quickly I began devouring everything I could learn about the craft.

When we moved to Arizona, I was delighted because there was a really amazing scrapbook store! A real scrapbook store! (Memory Lane). I started planning a ‘monthly’ visit to the store, and allowing myself an hour with NO KIDS! On one of these visits, I accidentally left the album I was working on, and trying to pick papers to ‘go’ with photos, there at the store. I remember being SO mad I left it cause when I got home, all inspired… I had nothing to work on!  I called the store, and told them it was mine, and when Debbie Crouse answered, I told her not to let ANYONE look in it!

Imagine my surprise the next morning when the owner of the store called my house, and asked me if I would teach classes at her store.  –teaching at Memory Lane for the next 4 years filled me, pushed me and inspired me so much!

the rest is history!

I love to design new products, plan classes, compile ideas into books and articles… but above all, even in the beginning, I have loved to be able to share!


Password for the video – please copy and paste – case sensitive – no spaces!!!:
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More about Heidi:

here is my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/HeidiSwapp

and my twitter: @heidiswapp

blog: http://www.heidiswapp.com/blog/

website: heidiswapp.com

I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart


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  1. Just had a go at this today love it and will definitely try the techniques again thank you

  2. I just wanted to share with you what you inspired me to create http://bit.ly/TrMiom
    I really wish I had your color shine to try it out. But that will have to wait another time.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very cute Heidi! Thanks for the fun reminder!

  4. momzart101 says:

    I love stencils and masks. thanks for sharing this video.

  5. Never thought about using masks and stencils together…great idea! And I love her lattice mask. Cool! Gotta do that.

  6. Awesome Idea’s Heidi! Will need to make a note to try this more often! Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. Awesome, never thought of it that way

  8. This Lesson is definately, something I’m going to try out! Really cool! Thank you so much!

  9. The effect of misting and stamping inside your stenciled heart is really cool. I also love that you gave us the idea to use painters tape, never thought to do that

  10. like that stencil! Thanks

  11. FUN STUFF! Great layering and depth options!! Ink makes me so happy.

  12. great idea to stamp into the mask!! I will try this for sure. thanks

  13. Jean McBride says:

    Hedi I have lots of your masks and so will be getting them out and ‘making Pretty Stuff’ thanks for sharing.

  14. Love how you combined the mask with the stencil, then added the stamping. Great tips along the way, thanks!

  15. fabulous – thanks for bringing Heidi to the party.xx

  16. fabulous. I want to play too!!

  17. I am loving the inspiration in your video- the cut mask is awesome- and I like the idea of spraying thru a mask you created. The added stamping is awesome. I have not heard of this spray before, but love the shine and translucence of it!

  18. helen markee says:

    that is so pretty!!

  19. Love this idea…thanks Heidi for the stencil/mask lesson. Love the shine!

  20. Love this technique. I have given it a try and enjoy the results. Thanks Heidi!

  21. Maria del Carmen says:

    Great idea Heidi, thanks for sharing!

  22. Great ideas Heidi! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Christina says:

    Well done and such great ideas.

  24. I love the mixture of stamping inside and outside the mask! Even Heidi’s “scrap paper” to make the mask is beautiful! 🙂

  25. Wow look at that shine! Great effect by combining all the techniques.
    Thanks for sharing

  26. Oh I love this so pretty love the idea to take it off and then stamp off the edge..
    Sandy 🙂

  27. Tonya Love says:

    Love to see great fun ideas! I have done masking in the past but seem to forget about it! I will have to do the stamping inside the mask! Thanks

  28. Loved this!! Thanks Heidi!! {I still have your large heart mask from a few years ago, so will dig that out!}

  29. Pretty cool and fun!

  30. I just adore Heidi too…and this looks like a lot of fun to try!!! thanks so much for sharing!!

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  32. great way to add dimension and still keep it flat .
    Will use this in a project .thank you

  33. I love how you made the feel of dimension with the stamps and mask!

  34. Great idea, love it!

  35. that was just awesome!

  36. Love the multiple effects…makes me think of how else I can apply them…Thanks

  37. Thanks so much, Heidi!. I love your idea to combine stencils and masks!

  38. Very cool to layer within a mask! Your Color Shine product is awesome–love that gold lame!

  39. Oh Heidi – I love how you present videos 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration and I am def going to make some of my pretty things prettier using this method.

  40. great ideas from Heidi, love how all the techniques combined gave such a beautiful result.

  41. Sue Clarke says:

    Thanks Heidi…I especially like how you took us through the steps of using a mask, stencil and stamps together. Can’t wait to try it at a crop this Saturday!

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    Thanks for sharing your tips with us today, gotta get some of your color shine, looks like a fun product…

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  47. tyou for the masking ideas 🙂 loving this!

  48. deborahl591 says:

    Great! Thank you for encouraging to make our own stencils. This was so simple but perfect.

  49. Nancy Riggs says:

    Great idea for stamping with the mask.

  50. Heidi is my absolute favorite- she always challenges me to get creative!!

  51. Big like for the idea of putting together mask & stencil. thanks for that.

  52. Love tags!

  53. handmadebytlc says:

    I adore inking so freely and loved the lame’ ! Freedom and creativity! Love it
    Tammy Louise

  54. Great way of using the stamps. thanks for the tips.

  55. Carla Henderson says:

    Thank you Heidi for helping to jumpstart 2013!! I will be giving your technique a go and I really need to grab some folders ❤

  56. These techniques will be so great in my art journal, I have some of the sprays but now I see I NEED the gold lame (sorry no accented e on my keyboard, lol). Thanks for sharing.

  57. Cheryl Sue says:

    Loved all the layers Heidi!

  58. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your neat techniques!!!

  59. I cannot watch the video — need the direct link to vimeo — didnt work — thanks

  60. Wow, du hast wieder Idee. Danke dafür
    LG Stephanie

  61. Thanks, Heidi!! I like the idea of making your own stencils; I never thought of that!!

  62. this was alot of fun to watch..love the homemade stencils and mask. Great idea.

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    enjoyed the video/tips-thanks!

  65. Great idea.

  66. Hetty Prins says:

    thanks for sharing ! more spraying here

  67. Jodie Jarnevic says:

    Loved it 🙂 🙂

  68. I have a cameo, what is the design name and number for the template/background please?

  69. This is so much fun! Loving these ideas. 🙂

  70. Great stuff here-did not know about the painter’s tape.Now I’m ready to try stencils again.Thank you!

  71. karen charley walker says:

    i think i could so get into this 🙂 TFS Heidi

  72. weevon williams says:

    Heidi, I think your video might have just been what I needed to get going! TY

  73. Sheila Ferreri says:

    Love everything heidi! Thanks!

  74. Judy Morgan says:

    I’m going to add your Color Shine Gold Lame (don’t have that accent mark to use!) to my stash. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  75. Soooo lovely, Heidi!! I can’t wait until tomorrow, when there will be time to be creative!!

  76. Thanks Heidi! Love the ideas for play!

  77. Annemarie Wolmarans South Africa says:

    A real eye opener! thanks Heidi

  78. Thanks for the terrific project ideas. It made me think about different possibilities for my masks and stencils.

  79. Thanks for showing how to use the color spray. I have not had good results and I think it was because I wasn’t completely pushing down on the plunger.

  80. paulacarden says:

    Great masking-haven’t done that technique in a while! I have cricut so I am going to have to make some stencils!
    TFS a great project!

  81. Pat Selkirk says:

    Heidi, you are the best, you make it fun and pretty…I LOVE everything you do and create, thanks for making it possible for everyone to make pretty stuff. Your creative mind continues to inspire me…God’s richest blessings to you and your family!

  82. I tried the things you shared in the video and LOVED the results. Now brain is buzzing with possibilities. Thanks so much Heidi!

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  84. Lesley Walker says:

    Tks so much, love the masking idea and stamping within the mask, got to have that gold spray.

  85. Ok if that gold Colour Shine is like an opaque gold then I need one NOW! Thanks Heidi xo

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  88. I’ve been a fan of Heidi’s for a loooong time. So glad to see her participate here. It was a cool demo that will be fun to try. 🙂

  89. oh it is a pleasure to see you again Heidi…always so creative and imaginative…you are like a sunshine…thanks for that light in your work xxx

  90. love those colour sprays!

  91. Judy Murphy says:

    You make us happy Heidi! Thanks so much!

  92. Fun ideas!!

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  95. Lovely Heidi!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  96. scrapandstamp says:

    Oh I love this. Thank you so much. I can see me using this in my art journal time and time again!
    Sharon Ling

  97. I have not made my own masks before but great ideas and look. I really liked how you used the stencil over the mask and then added stampes to a page that already had a background and detail. It transformed the paper into an individual creative piece of art. Loved it.

  98. TFS! loved the idea of stamping using the mask.
    simple and fun, will try it soon

  99. looks like fun!

  100. Heidi, I love making my own stencils. I just worked on cricut craftroom and made some great designs over break. I have not had a chance to actually cut them, but now i am inspired. thanks for taking the time to share today!

  101. Thank you Heidi — that was a great tutorial!

  102. thanks Heidi for this great idea…going to try it now making my own mask…and inking and stamping..oh what fun.

  103. Loved the combination of masking,spraying & stamping. This is a technique I’ll certainly be doing…and you’ve made this and every other Australian watching feel all warm & fuzzy by wearing that shirt 🙂

  104. Thanks Heidi! Right now downloading patterns from Cameo to use as masks! Love the idea!

  105. Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel says:

    I didn’t know you could make reusable stencils with the Silhouette!!! Thanks for the tip! It’s one more reason to treat myself with a Cameo!

  106. I loved that idea, HAVE to try it very soon!

  107. Heidi always has fabulous ideas! Love the homemade stencils & masks!

  108. Vikki Milroy says:

    So inspired, the possibilities are endless, i love your passion

  109. What a wonderful tutorial…I love how you made the heart mask!!! Just by cutting a piece of paper!!!! The layering is perfect!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Can’t wait to try this out!!!!

  110. Hi, from Puerto Rico, – am always watching everyhing with forms to use as masks and or stencils!… With your video i confirmed that i am not the only one keeping so many garbage for future use… Thanks for your demo, which shows how to save some $$$…

  111. Thanks for the creative jumpstart, Heidi & Nathalie. What a great idea for the folders.

  112. mlcain0202 says:

    Thanks for these great ideas. I needed this jump start to get back to crafting.

  113. Thankyou ❤ great session!

  114. sabelljones says:

    Great ideas and tips Heidi, thanks for sharing. I love your gold lame spray, gotta get some of that!

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    Thank you

  117. Judith Noble says:

    thanks for another bit of inspiration!

  118. WOW Heidi! You wake it all look so simple!

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  120. Thanks Heidi for sharing your tips! I thought I was the only one making my own masks and stencils …

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  122. Kimmy Jaster says:

    Thanks Heidi! Great video You & your products always inspire me. Your Color Shine mists are my favorite on the market!

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  124. Dara Lynn says:

    I always enjoy seeing Heidi create! She always makes me smile – you can tell she loves to create and make pretty stuff!

  125. Heidi,
    Thanks for the video….love your shine sprays.
    Great techniques.
    Thanks Nathalie.

  126. Loved this tutorial – Heidi always jumps starts me – her techniques are just plain fun and easy to follow. Love that she is wearing an Aussie Billabong Sweatshirt – Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi !!!

  127. Cyndee Jenkins says:


  128. Love the idea of using masks and stencils layered! Thank you for the great video technique!

  129. Thank yo Heidi…something fun I haven’t done for a while 😀

  130. Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    Love all the layers!!

  131. Heidi I really like the soft pink and cream colored paper. You made this look so easy, of course I will be trying it out, thank- you for sharing.

  132. Lisa Nielsen says:

    She makes that look so easy, I do want to try it though, and thanks for the reminder to use stamps! Great demo, thank you!

  133. lacyquilter says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  134. thanks Heidi I can see why this series is called creative jumpstart so many interesting but still simple ideas

  135. Sharyn Illman says:

    Really enjoyed watching this and just want to go and play in my craft room. Especially like your Billabong jacket as I’m an Aussie!!

  136. Heidi you are too sweet! I loved the video and I’m off to make my first mask and try out your techniques!

  137. lovely as always!

  138. nicole knopke says:

    love love love….thank you Heidi….can start to feel some creative juices flowing again…YAY….now to hunt me down some gold lame spray!!!

  139. Love it. So easy to forget about putting techniques together and it seems like when I put stuff away, I forget to bring it back out. Thanks for reminding me to mix the old with the new. Great Video Heidi.

  140. I too love everything that Heidi shares! She is amazing!

  141. wendy mc. says:

    Wonderful ideas with masks and stencils! Thanks for the inspiration!

  142. Great fun! i love making my own masks and stencils and I just got in the mail all 12 color shine sprays!! off to play! thanks Heidi 🙂

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  144. Loved the tips today!!!

  145. guess I need to crank up the silhouette and make masks – thanks for the fun idea

    Barb Housner

  146. I absolutely LOVE that heart, so simple yet so effective! I will certainly be giving this a go…it includes everything I love, stencils, stamps & mist! Thank you for sharing.

  147. An introduction to a new product for me! I love the layering look, so I am confident that I’m going to just LOVE to apply these new techniques! Thank you so much for your time! 🙂

  148. Great ideas using stamps, homemade masks and stencils. So simple yet it looks so elegant on the layout page. Thanks for sharing!

  149. Shirley W says:

    I love stencils and masks can’t wait to PLAY!!!Thanks Heidi

  150. I am really loving the layering that is happening… it all looks so pretty and yet so easy!!! headed to your site to check out some more videos! tfs

  151. conlin664 says:

    I always forget to use my stamps! Can’t wait to try to this! And you gave me something else to think about…to put a back-splash on my new countertop or not!

  152. Funny, in theory I knew how to do what you’ve shown, but there is something magic about seeing it being done that brings it to life. Thank you.

  153. This was sooo good to watch, as it ‘built’ on yesterday’s jump start & gave me some different ideas….LOVE the stamping over the edge of the heart – that looks AWESOME:):):)

  154. The simplests ideas are often the best!! Thank you for a great video : )

  155. Thank you Heidi another wonderful video, great idea’s….

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    Love all of it Heidi! I love how you used the stamps grouping them together. Fantastic video.

  159. It always amazes me how such simple techniques create such a beautiful and artistic project. I also use my silhouette cuts and negatives – have a box full of them. Thanks for the great video today!!

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    How fun!!!! I love stencils and stamps! I can’t wait ti go play now!!


  163. thanks for some great inspiration

  164. Thanks a lot for this inspiring video! Great idea! Can’t wait to try it myself. You are super-sweet! 🙂

  165. brandinav says:

    This looks like so much fun! I simply can’t wait to get some new supplies so I can try it all out! Thanks for sharing Heidi!

  166. Oooh…I love this idea! I am definitely going to give this a try. I since I want to learn how to use modeling paste and gesso, I’m thinking I can somehow incorporate this idea to it. Thank you for sharing.

  167. sandy sims says:

    Great techniques—thanks for sharing.

  168. I really love the idea of making my own masks and stencil! Great video! Thank you!

  169. Thank you Heidi for showing us the techniques with masks and stencils. Unfortunately it is difficult to buy spray inks in Germany, so I had to mix my own ones.

  170. Tracy Strahle says:

    I love watching you create you are amazing. Thank you for sharing all of your awesome ideas.

  171. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Very pretty and inspiring!!

  172. Stamping with the clocks and time pieces makes me realize that I need more time to play with the great techniques you showed today

  173. M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

    What a great mix! Thank you!

  174. Those sprays really need to be on my next shopping list. Thanks Heidi for sharing!

  175. Such fun and upbeat videos so far! Thanks for the reminder to also play with my stamps.

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  177. Thank you Heidi for sharing! Love the combination of spray and ink. I will definately try this.
    Wanda (Holland)

  178. You make it look so easy – and it probably is – I have just been too much of a chicken to try it out *lol*. Thank you for sharing!

  179. Claire Standish says:

    Terrific! Thanks for the inspiration!

  180. I’ve watched so many Heidi videos and each is so easy to watch as so useful yet ‘pretty’. I’m off to use a stencil I have, which was created when I had to cut out a load of rectangles for cards I made at Christmas. I’ll use the mask technique too. I’m making pages for this year’s calendar too, so I’m really chuffed to get this inspiration for another page on the calendar.

  181. Lisamariemlt says:

    Amazing work!!!! Always inspired by you, thanks again for kick starting my interest in using all I have in my stash—hugs

  182. Love what you have done – it has really inspired me. Now to get started on some journalling using the techniques we’re learning here. Love, love, love it!

  183. Sonia Tsukasa Nozawa says:

    I have some stencils and masks but I have never used these techniques, now I can do it! OBRIGADA (thank you in portuguese) so much, Heidi ad Nat !!!

  184. Hello Heidi!
    Thanks for the creat vid.
    I was quite amazed you made that stencil with Silhouette. I have one too, so I really should play with it soon.
    I love the combination of ink and stamps with your template. Also a must try soon 🙂

    xx Monica

  185. Thank You for the great ideas to use my home made stencils.

  186. Thank you so much Heidi for this inspiring video!

  187. Judy Torres says:

    No wonder I have been having splotches….I was not moving my hand around over the project and holding the nozzle all the way down. Thanks so much

  188. scrappegal says:

    Love your style, Heidi!! 🙂 And I love your resist scrap-papers! And now I have also gotten myself your mist-spray. I have been ill all december, so now I’m really excited to test them out! Thank you for the inspiration!

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    Thank you Nat and Heidi!!! Have always loved the layering techniques and look. Thanks for the jump start!!! Time to play!!

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    So far so good!! Loving Jumpstart so far!! Thanks Heidi for your contribution!

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    Thank you, feel inspired , the tip for spraying very helpful thanks:)

  197. The perfect ‘jumpstart’……….easypeasy and CUTE!

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  199. Definately learned something today: your tip on pushing spray nozzle completely down and I had never heard of color shine sprays. Wow! Now I want to make my own stencils. Your studio also looks great. Your background folder is fabulous. Thanks for the chance for a giveaway and it was wonderful meeting you here today.

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  201. I love it!! Thank you for the technique!! 🙂

  202. gorgeous – love it, thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  203. Awesome stuff from you, as always, Heidi…and you always make it look so easy! Although i did GASP when I saw you were going to spray with that beautiful pink sweatshirt on! LOL….I can only imagine what it would look like if I did that! I am definitely going to try your techniques out! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    xxx Margreet

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  207. Love this technique! I like to use leftovers from die cutting with my Grand Calibur.The leftovers are also wonderful to use with the gelli plate either as a mask or stencil

  208. Nice to meet you Heidi (I live in AZ too). Best tip for me, “move your hand while spraying.” I have failed to master spraying through stencils because, duh, I didn’t think of this. Many thanks.

  209. Thanks Heidi – love watching you create! so inspirational

  210. Never used masks and stencils at the same time. Seems to be fun.
    Thanks Heidi, for sharing!

  211. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    I enjoyed this tutorial, thank you heidi

  212. lisa glowatski says:

    Love the idea of making your mask Thanks for the inspiration!!

  213. WaUw that was so much fun to watch! I am going to play with that techniqe!!
    In that way you can make dull scrapbook pages really coowl!

    Thank you so musch for sharing!

    Kiss sammiej

  214. Helmi Switzer says:

    Love it! Thanks for the ideas and techniques…what a great way to wake up to in the morning.

  215. Debra Renwick says:

    Thanks for sharing Heidi, great inspiration for a future project i want to make !!!!

  216. Which material does she use to make the stencil with her cameo? Simple scrapbook paper or some plastic material? Thanks 🙂

  217. I’m going to my craft space RIGHT NOW to try masking stamped images. I just put Color Shine on my wish list. This is going to be SO COOL on a flourish mask!

  218. Thanks for the ideas of using multiple techniques together! Time go to play now!! FUN!!!

  219. Thank you for this inspiration I love how you use this product al together.
    And it looks awesome.

  220. Sandi Elizabeth James says:

    I was able to incorporate this right away on my scrapbooking LO I am working on. Now to make some masks using my silhouette. Why have I never thought of that before?? Thanks for the jump start, Heidi!

  221. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  222. What great fun! Loved that you encouraged pulling out what we already have, making our own masks and stencils….really gives us a jumpstart on creating art our own way!

  223. Lynne Vowles says:

    Thanks for the great ideas, I’m going to have a super book of ideas by the end of January:)

  224. Okay, so I tried this. LOVE!! I use my stencils and my sprays and my stamps, but layering them together like this … genius!! Going to have to pull out my very, very old stencils (you know, the ones with the large open spaces and no details) and layer my new, detailed stencils over them to create this AWESOME result. Thanks so much, Heidi!

  225. Thanks Nat and Heidi 🙂

  226. Have to have that gold Lame!

  227. Thank you for this fun technique! Love the way it looks! 🙂

  228. Thanks Heidi! That was fun! Never thought of cutting my own mask, thanks for encouraging us to make our own instead of always buying…now let’s get going and play!

  229. oasisatthebeach says:

    Great tips – thanks Heidi! Love your use of masks, stencils, sprays and stamps!

  230. Beautiful idea! Can’t wait to try it.

  231. Looks fun, thanks!! 🙂

  232. Love these ideas, Heidi! Looking forward to playtime this afternoon. 🙂

  233. Love the tip about pushing the spray nozzle all the way down while moving it across the page. I’ve been disappointed with sputters on my page and I now realize that is the mistake I’ve been making!
    Thanks, Heidi!!

  234. I’ve never tried masking or stenciling before. It looks like fun and the finished project looks so awesome! I’m going out and getting some colorshine today!

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