Liquitex’s Jump Start


Our next Jump Start is brought to you by Liquitex

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Since pioneering acrylic paint in the 1950s, we have continued to expand and refine our range of fine art supplies. We were the first company to create a water-based acrylic paint, to introduce Acrylic Gloss and Matte Mediums and to create an iridescent acrylic paint, acrylic enamels.

Liquitex continues to innovate, bringing artists unrivalled fine art supplies for acrylic painting. Take a look around our website to discover more.

You can find Liquitex online here

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To jump start your creativity  Liquitex gives away to one person this awesome prize value more than 50 EUR

Liq preis3

This package includes the Classic Beginner Set with 6 tubes (22ml) of the Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Acrylic paint. Furthermore it contains the new Liquitex Professional Spray Varnish, a low odor formulation suitable for varnishing acrylic, oil and alkyd paintings. In addition to this, you will find the Glazing Medium, 2 Freestyle brushes as well as a sample of the new Liquitex Professional Spray Paint.

Here is what you have to do in order to be able to win this giveaway:

Leave a comment here and tell us what you would create if you would win this set?

Good luck! The winner will be chosen randomly with a number generator picking the a number out of the comment entries and will be announced the first week of February.The website address with all giveaway winners will  be sent out with a newsletter. You have to be of the age of 18 to enter. Comments have to be posted till February 1, 2013 midnight Central European Time as this is when the Creative Jumpstart 2013 officially ends. Double entries will be deleted! All comments received after the February 1, 2013 will not be eligible for winning. You must be signed in for the Creative JumpStart 2013 Newsletter to be eligible for the giveaway.


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

Again this year we’re able to bring your Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 free. A lot of energy and love went into this event, and the work has been nonstop for months.

If you would like to help offset these costs and support me in my effort to keep Creative JumpStart free, you can donate here. It is completely up to you if you donate and how much or how little you give.

If you have technical problems– please check the FAQ Page for possible answers.


  1. Wow – if I win, i will finally do the painting i’m dreaming of – it will be on the wall over our bed.

  2. Love you cjs and love liquitex products! I would do a mixed media collage on canvas using these products as fabric paper & backround to create a special cancer survivor painting for my daughter’s 45th birthday.

  3. scrapandstamp says:

    Definitely would use these wonderful products on a Canvas for my art room. Something bright and funky. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Sharon Ling

  4. I would be using this amazing prize pack on canvas for mixed media projects and in my art journal.

  5. would love to use these on my next project, painting and playing with a canvas
    thank you for the chance to win

  6. I’d love to use them to try out some of the techniques I’ve seen on CJS.

  7. Firstly a nice canvas, then some fabulous art journal pages!

  8. Definitely a canvas.

  9. It would go right to work on my mixed media paper crafting!! I use quite a few Liquitex products, but have not tried the heavy bodied paints. Thanks for the generous give-away! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  10. I’d create a fun canvas for my studio! Great prize!

  11. Shelly Berg says:

    I would use these awesome supplies on canvas or art journal pages.

  12. Teri Buczkowski says:

    oh thats a hard question there are so many things going through my mind. I would probably start with a large piece of art for my wall …then maybe art journal pages..scrapbook pages and the list goes on so many possibilities.

  13. Scrapbook page backgrounds, canvas, Art journal! So many possabilities!

  14. I have 3 or 4 canvases waiting =) xoxo Lea

  15. Canvas work! This would be a great way for me to expand my horizons! 🙂

  16. I would like to use it to stencil, stamp and paint onto textile fabrics. I would then embroider into it and apply a little heat to alter the surface.

  17. denisse pagan says:

    Canvas… I learn in the jumpstar 2013 with Natalie various technique and i want to make canvas 2×2 for my wall.

  18. Lela Meinke says:

    this is actually the main brand of acryllic paint that i own. like you nat, i also love a heavy body paint. i would use this on my gelli plate and make backgrounds. i would also use it for a technique i do often — take a piece of dsp, add some tissue paper to it with matte medium, then thin down the liquitex with water and use it as a glaze over the paper. i also want to try now the technique that nat just showed us – super simple, super cool. thanks for allowing me to be eligible to win this great giveaway.

  19. ginicagle says:

    I would use these goodies on some canvases that I’m working on – Would love to win!

  20. noseycritters says:

    I know for certain I would create a mess!!! But without doubt I would have fun doing it!!!

    ** Kate **

  21. I would give a big white canvas that is making me feel guilty a go and break all that white up with those delicious colours.

  22. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to work in my art journal and explore and play with all these paints.

  23. Sylvia Whitesides says:

    Ooohhh paint always makes my heart pitter patter. Would use it in backgrounds for my art collages. thanks for the giveaway.

  24. A large canvas mixed media to go over my fireplace.

  25. i’d love to have a go with these on mixed-media canvas… =)

  26. Yvonne Westover says:

    If these supplies landed in my lap, I would make a canvas with my family my husband, son and daughter would all pick a color and do are thing on the canvas to create a family piece of art!!!

  27. Candy Crider says:

    I would use it to make a background on a large canvas for further painting or collaging.

  28. Love, love Liquitex. I enjoy doing mixed media and Liquitex has the best products for this. Thank you!

  29. gighaklinky says:

    I would like to use these to do a really big canvas and also art journal pages 🙂

  30. Ooh, I would love to win this. I’ve been wanting to try the heavy-body paints. I would start by making backgrounds on blank journal pages. I would also take some backgrounds that were already sprayed with Dylusions inks and I would use the paints to add layers. I have no decent brushes so these would be treasured, too. As for the ret of the prize package…..I’d have to learn how to use them as I am not yet familiar with them.

  31. I love Liquitex! I would create lots of textured projects – on canvas, paper, art journal etc.

  32. Omg what a beautiful offering. Would love to use them for various stuff, jewelery that i hand paint, Mix media paintings and art journal too. Never used them. So its lots of exploring

  33. What a beautiful set! I would love to use it to make a ton of backgrounds for my art journals.

  34. Neija Zeugme says:

    mmhhh in first, I’d like to make backgrounds for a canvas piece and art journal pages.

  35. I am a Liquitex fan and use many of the products. I would use the proposed products in my art journals, paintings, and even my scrapbook pages.

  36. Cassie Tarr says:

    I would paint a canvas. Im learning so many techniques that I cant wait to try

  37. Something textural with my newly purchased greyboard 🙂

  38. Genevieve says:

    I will probably creating a canvas since a never try that. With all the techniques that you show us, I know that I would create something good!

  39. Thank you for this great giveaway.
    I would use this for every technique in this jumpstart that it is makes with acryl paint and medium. And then made a book with that papers and canvas etc.

  40. Gayle Richmond says:

    With these supplies, I would be able to try my hand at creating on canvas.

  41. Anita Tillman says:

    oooh I have just bought a larger moleskine journal and these would be the first addition to it – I heart liquitex but have never used these heavy body paints before!!

  42. This looks like a great prize–I would try all the mixed media techniques we’ve been learning for the past month!!

  43. I would try my hand at a large format canvas, an abstract probably. Scary!

  44. a mixed media canvas with lots of texture.

  45. I would love to try this on a canvas testing some of the techniques I´we been showing us at Creative JumpStart!

  46. Ohh, wow, what a wonderful giveaway. Yay!!! If I won this I would certainly get into it right away and create some art journal pages with some of the fun techniques that I have learned.

  47. Stéphanie says:

    Art canevas… And so much more !!!

  48. If I won this amazing package of supplies I would create colour and texture on a canvas, using various techniques I have learned throughout his amazing series.

  49. missmelissaw says:

    I would finally start an art journal and use all kinds of fun painting techniques to do so. 🙂

  50. I would paint a massive abstract canvas! I also like the idea of using the varnish and glazing medium through stencils to add subtle textures.

  51. I would use it make try the last technique of Nathalie’s with the dots of color and brayer. Also the techniques with water spritzing.

  52. Barb pipkorn says:

    I want to get into more mixed media on canvas. I have done two and I love it! I would just love to win these supplies! Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. I would create a BIG mixed media canvas!
    ~Nancy (

  54. CRY!!!! tears of happiness of course. I know I could find all kinds of things to do with this amazing giveaway, thank you so much for the chance to win it. I work in mixed media and art journaling and am kinda a beginner so I don’t have a lot of supplies and this would sure make a nice addition to what I have. xoxo

  55. Jessica Hiltz says:

    I would use this to create canvas gifts for family anf friends and for my art journal 🙂

  56. Johanne L. says:

    I think I would do a collage on a canvas and put some texture on it. Thanks for the chance,

  57. I have a blank canvas that I haven’t figured out to do with, but this could help inspire me!!!

  58. Lisa Campion says:

    I have some huge old picture frames and little old wooden chair I’d like to use the spray paint & glaze on. Maybe experiment with the acrylic paint & glaze on one frame; maybe varnish the chair, too — I never know til I’m actually doing it. Can’t wait to try!

  59. I have been working on canvases lately and would love to have your heavy body paints. I use some liquitex already. Those brushes would definetly produce some yummy goodness!

  60. 17turtles says:

    I would love to try this on a canvas to create something to hang in my studio!!!

  61. I’d probably paint an abstract. That appeals to me a lot right now.

  62. I would create – amongst other things – messy fingers!

  63. I would try sth new in mixed media!

  64. Jenn Heuston says:

    Many many delicious art journalling pages 🙂

  65. Gerd Andersson says:

    I would love to use all these fabulous products in a mixed media painting!

  66. i would probably attempt to create an art journal.

  67. Stephanie says:

    I already use some of the Liquited medium for mixed media and canvas. I would love try add the heavy body paints using the brushes and combine with stencils…

  68. If I were to win this set I would likely use it to create some mixed media canvases.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  69. Wow… fabulous grouping of products!!! I would take the plunge and paint my first ever real canvas mixed media project and hang it on my wall! I am a newbie and have not gone that far yet!!!

  70. I am a cardmaking ‘Technique Junkie’. I am venturing out recently….so if I were lucky enough to win this awesome prize, I would use it in my Art Journal, or even take it a step further and try my first canvas!

  71. I would use these on canvas and also in my art journal. I am eager to try different media in my art journal, experimenting to get the effect I want.

  72. Great giveaway! I’d like to make backgrounds for a canvas piece and art journal pages.

  73. I would like. To use this to make an altered canvas.

  74. miranda2883 says:

    I looove to try these freestyle brushes on my canvas. I have just bought a canvas 120 x 80 cm.
    Love to give it a go, with these…

  75. I would experiment with painting on canvas more. Thank you.

  76. I would be thrilled to win this I would make a family cookbook – crosses fingers hope she wins!

  77. Having never worked with artist grade acrylics, I would probably try them with various techniques to make background paper.

  78. I would like to create backgrounds for my scrapbook layouts and in my mixed media project 🙂

  79. I would use on my art journal to practice all the techniques that I have learned on CJS.

  80. Jean McBride says:

    I have been dying to to a altered art canvas frame project and if I won this set I would use it to do this. Many thanks for the chance to win it and your amazing art products.

  81. I would create my own mixed media canvas using the techniques from JumpStart.

  82. Helmi Switzer says:

    My husband has been waiting for my first canvass creation……winning this prize packing would get me to take the plunge.Thank you for the chance

  83. I would have a go at creating my own mixed media canvas using the techniques from JumpStart.

  84. Some lovely blank canvas’ are just waiting for new paint!

  85. I would use them in my art journals!

  86. Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel says:

    Probably a mixed-media canvas for my bedroom that has just been renovated and I’m sure I’ll have enough leftover to experiment on my art journal and play with my mix-media buddies!

  87. I do art journaling and love Liquitex products, mostly in combination with my stencils. They work together so well…..

  88. I’d use the kit to create my first abstract canvas for my new studio wall to provide colour and inspiration for future creations, and for those I’m hoping to teach 🙂

  89. I would attempt a canvas with many of the techniques that have been taught during this creative jump start 2013! I have loved learning all of these amazing ideas and would try to pull many of them together to make a canvas designed by ME! 🙂

  90. I am new to paper crafts so don’t really know how this would fit in YET, but I would definitely use it to explore. I love the texture and the mixing of colors.

  91. A large canvas piece wtih collage and paint!

  92. Linda Rapchak says:

    wow…the possibilities are endless….so may options my head may just explode! lol!

  93. It would be great to win this set!
    I woult start to paint another one of my planded human portraits with your colors, I often use Liquitex because I love the consistency and the variety of colors !!!!!! (you can see on my homepage if you like) 🙂

  94. Most probably, some more mixed media pieces 😀

  95. Judy Morgan says:

    I confess to being a beginner with multi media expression so armed with the fabulous CJ videos to date, I would love to use your “beginner’s” kit to start an Art Journaling book!

  96. I have a very large canvas that is crying out for something to dress it with … this giveaway would be a perfect start … thankyou

  97. raine1313 says:

    I would use these products in my art journal. I could really have fun experimenting.

  98. Great giveaway! I would love to make a mixed media canvas with lots of bright colors.

  99. more play things….wheels start turning.

  100. I am discovering I love to create abstract art. All of these products would be perfect for creating an abstract painting.

  101. i would love to create a canvas art for my bathroom with a design of my own

  102. I would love to try to create my own canvas. Something I could hang in my craft room – bright and cheery with my kid’s marks on it!

  103. Heather O'Brien says:

    I would live to create an original piece of art to hang in my daughters room. She would love it

  104. bjaneglas says:

    I would do some work in my art journal

  105. I would create a canvas for our living room. I cannot find the “perfect”piece of art so I would let my daughter play with me to make one!

  106. I would create a series of small canvases.

  107. Katie Hill says:

    I would make my first mixed media art journal 🙂

  108. I would like to create many backgrounds for my art journal!

  109. Wonderful giveaway! I would create some graffiti on a large canvas!

  110. Tina Walker says:

    These is screaming a HUGE canvas – so much fun this would be!

  111. I would create a mixed media canvas.

  112. I want to begin experimenting with canvas mixed media art. These products will work well.

  113. I would make a mixed media piece on board using that big brush to make big swirls and maybe trying the spray paint with a mask.

  114. ruthee001 says:

    Oooo. I would make lots and lots of mixed media pieces.

  115. i would create some cards, journals and canvas for magazine publications
    ava g

  116. I am in the middle of a class learning different techniques with the Gelli Plate. I would have a TON of fun with these paints!

  117. I would use on mixed media projects and art journal!!!!

  118. j’ai découvert les produits LIQUITEX dans des ateliers MM ( avec FINN) j’adore les produits et je ferai certainement une toile :-))

  119. Wow, this would be amazing to win as I am just a beginner Art Journaler. And I am falling fast and hard for Mixed Media Canvas projects. I would definitely use these products on a Mixed Media Canvas to start and then continue using them in Art Journaling.

  120. Barbara Eichner says:

    I have no idea what I would do if I won but I am pretty sure I would start with a blank canvas and play.

  121. i realy want to win this set, i bought 2 boxes for my kids and i want to colour them. in the boxes i will save special thinks they made ore sad, like the wishing lists they wrote ore something like that… than they will gett it when they gett 18 ore so…

  122. vickyday13 says:

    I would use it in my art journal or on a canvas.

  123. would love this package – I would do a canvas – I have a couple in my head that would like to break out Barb Housner

  124. I use Liquitex products on my hand dyed fabrics meant for my textile arts.

  125. I would definitely try out some of the techniques presented in these tutorials that I am trying to catch up on.

  126. Maria del Carmen says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I use all Liquitex products.

  127. scrappininak says:

    I would make a large canvas for our bedroom

  128. I would play with my Gelli plate. a spot or two of the glazing medium would loosen the heavy body paints. I would also love t o try some image transfer techniques with the medium.

  129. Louise Dubord says:

    Art journal or canvas. I would try the new techniques from Creativity Jumpstart.

  130. Normally I would say: art journal pages… But the freestyle brushes and spray paint scream ‘big canvas’ instead!

  131. Elena Cid says:

    Seria perfecto para mi art journal.

  132. Awesome giveaway indeed! Proper answer is another question…’What wouldn’t I create with it? hahaha lol! Oh my, lot’s of art journal pages and beautiful canvasses for sure…maybe even some altered items..endless possibilities right?! xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  133. I would use tha paint for my art journal

  134. Christine says:

    I am not sure what I would create but I would have fun doing it

  135. Mixed media canvas for my living room (which makes a change as I usually give them away)

  136. I would create a mixed media canvas useing all the different teckniques I’ve seen here on jumpstart 2013.

  137. Rebecca White says:

    The first project I would do is to make a background on my new canvases! Probably using a few of the techniques I have learned in the series.

  138. I would share it with my kids, they are very creative too. I would use it myself to make the Creative Jumpstart items. My oldest son is discovering acrylic paint on canvas, so we have to make space on the wall…

  139. thanks for the chance! i would make mixed media ART canvases!

  140. Oh my gosh, I don’t know that I would create anything to completion, I would PLAY and discover what is so fabulous about Liquitex products that I need them for my art! I have not had that opportunity yet as they are hard to find in rural Australia but all my online gurus rave about them!
    Thank you sooo much for the chance to win some!

  141. I’d like to make a mixed media canvas if I win this set

  142. I’d make a mixed-media canvas on vintage look for my brother’s birthday !!

  143. Use it to make a canvas art piece for my daughter’s new home.

  144. Mixed media canvases and art journals which is what I am into these days!

  145. Yummy! I prefer heavy body paints, oh, and to try the spray varnish! I usually use a can of liquid varnish, I’ll bet as a spray it’s divine!
    I’d be using this stuff on canvases, on wood blocks, in art journals…anything and everything 🙂

  146. sarindajones says:

    I would get a canvas an try my hand at an abstract painting.

  147. paulinerose says:

    Oh, how excited I would be to receive this prize package. Love to try (new to me) products.

  148. I love Liquitex acrylics! They are wonderful to use in monoprinting with the Gelli Arts printing plate for great backgrounds.

  149. Laurie Hunt says:

    I use acrylic paint often in my mixed media work but I have never tried Liquitex paint. I would love the opportunity to try and compare to what I’m use to using.

  150. Never used any Liquitex products because I do not know where to get them in germany. If I would win this package I would try a canvas that I have hanging around for quite some time and that I want to alter and change the look of.

  151. I love Liquitex mediums! I will make a lot of mixed media canvases! 😉

  152. this set looks very yummy for some mixed media art

  153. I would use them to do scrapbooking pages in mixed media way as well as canvases.

  154. Christine Smith says:

    I would create some great backgrounds, and of course these supplies just cry out for canvas.
    So much fun!

  155. I would use this yummy prize to start an art journal with all these fab tutorials from Creative Jump Start 2013!!! I would love to try their products out!!!

  156. I wolud create a canvas. I just love the texture that heavy body paint gives a canvas!

  157. Ooooo I love their products. I would create my new wall embellishments!!

  158. Wow – cant wait to try the heavy body paint… that looks fantastic… I think i could use it in many different ways… as a raised layer on a LO, definitely on canvas too… and otp projects…. mind is boggling right now!

  159. To be honest I’m not sure where I’d start! I have been itching to make some canvases for my home so maybe would give those a go? I am dying to try the heavy body paints for their texture though. 🙂

  160. NancyGrace says:

    I have a favorite photograph from my nephew’s recent wedding that I intend to paint onto canvas for them, blurring the ugly background and focusing on their glowing faces. This would start me out with the right set of tools and suplies to create this planned heirloom-to-be, plus give me a LOT OF ENJOYMENT as I fulfill this dream.
    Thank you for the opportunity to (perhaps) win some of your products.

  161. Amy Malla says:

    I would use them in backgrounds in my Life Book online classes for my art journal

  162. wowzers…gosh..I would use them in my journals and maybe a canvas..I think I would HAVE to try something new too! Awesome give a way!

  163. mixed media canvases

  164. The FIRST thing I would do is use these for the background on the canvas I am planning! And then, the sky is the limit!

  165. Shannon m. says:

    What a wonderful prize! I’ve recently seen some amazing mixed media projects at my local supply store and asked how they were made – that’s how I learned about this brand. Since then I’ve been itching to get my hands on this! I would love to try to create a pretty layout on burlap and see how the mediums work with that texture! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly explore what these can do or rather… What we can do together!!

  166. I would use this set for art journaling, canvases, book covers, scrapbooking, paper maiche, altered books, ATC cards, altering photos, painting on furniture, painting on walls, and making and decorating greeting cards, etc…

  167. caroldeezigns says:

    I would use the kit to create more Gelli pages using my new Gelli Plate…

  168. I would continue the two art journals I’ve started. I think that with the right tools and products, I would have less fear to just jump in there.

  169. Linda Søberg says:

    I would make a big mixed media canvas for my livingroom!

  170. Katie Nolan-Denham says:

    I have a wall art idea stuck in my head that this package would be perfect in helping me complete!

  171. helen markee says:

    i would use it for my art journal and mixed media!!

  172. I would work on a mixed-media canvas piece. It would be fun to try the new products!

  173. Marg Dinn says:

    I would make many many mixed media canvases.

  174. Eva Gamble says:

    My oh my…where to start! First of all, thank you for the awesome giveaway! My mind began whirling as soon as I seen the picture of the giveaway items! I already knew what I would do with them before I even read what the topic was for the giveaway! I have recently purchased three 9 x 12 canvases and have a faith based design in my head for them. However, I have been waiting for some of the materials I need to come on sale to complete the three piece continum that I have envisioned doing. If I won these, it would be almost all of what I needed to finish these canvases! Thanks again for the opportunity!

  175. I would use these lovely goodies in my art journal.

  176. Barb Adams says:

    I’m working on some mixed media collages and would love to use these products with them!

  177. I use a lot of Liquitex Mediums. I have close to every color of their paint.But I’ve yet to try the glazing medium! I do know that their gesso’s are the best around in my book and the only brand I buy. I using make my own glaze so if I won this prize pack I would make a mixed media piece and use the glazing medium to tie all my background colors together. Who knows, after I try a medium that is specifically for glazing..I might quit making my own! Thanks for the chance to win such great products from such a fantastic company!

  178. heather williams says:

    I currently use & love Liquitex products…their gesso & paint, especially. I would love to try their low odor vanish over my watercolor pieces…& my art dolls. Thank you so much for the generous opportunity! ~H♥~

  179. Valerie Bullock says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great products. I would certainly like to try my hand at using them in creating a fun canvas creation for my granddaughter’s room.

  180. Probably scrapbook and art journal pages!

  181. Been dying to do a large gallery wrap canvas abstract, the heavy body liquitex would be perfect!

  182. i would try some of the creative jump start techniques and create backgrounds and embellishments for my scrapbooking layout and project life!

  183. I would use them all all in my mixed media art journal.

  184. Yvonne Williams says:

    i would use them all in my new mixed-media journal. I would love to try the thicker acyrilics and spraying on stencils or masks.

  185. I would use the paint on a canvas – I love the brayered effect

  186. Hi,

    I would use the set to work on my art journal with stencils, especially trying out the new spray paint!

  187. I would make covers for homemade art journals for the kids I work with and also use them to make journal prompt cards to give the kids to go with the journal.

  188. Karrie Adams Johansson says:

    I’ve been getting lots of fun mixed media ideas on jump start. I already have lots of blank canvases awaiting adornment

  189. I want to try Nathalie’s technique as I’m now wanting to venture into mixed media.

  190. I would create beautidul paper designs and incorporate them bound in a hancrafted journal.

  191. Wow what a prize. Firstly I would try out some of the techniques I have learned about on Jumpstart. I also want to make some mixed media plaques. Anne x

  192. I would do a collage canvas for my dining room wall.

  193. I would use this to start my background on a large mixed media cabinet I will be making!

  194. I would love to work on an art journal using several of the techniques from CJS 13! I love me some paint! ; )

  195. I would use it to make a canvas to someone I hold dearly. I love Liquitex products but have never tried the spray. I would for sure like to play around with that one. Also the glazing medium *in love* ohh that could make awsome playtime on canvas or in my Art Journal with paints. They would never feel lonely here lol 🙂

  196. omgosh – i see the word liquitex and i jump for joy because i drool at Michael’s when i look at it (unfortunately i’m on a pension and can’t afford it but get ideas for hardware store purchases or home made – surely never as good!!!!) what i would do is go to the site and then google for a week all the things i could to see how to use the products above and find out what the range of uses are. i’d then see what my favorite artists are doing and then let it all sit within my artist brain. after a week or so, i’d come up with my own way of using the products. i can’t say exactly what i would create because i haven’t started that process with the new products that i’d actually have. this is how i approach each new product, because each one is sacred, not being able to afford much – i make sure to do lots of homework. actually, i’ve approached everything (as an adult) this way after being SO spontaneous as a younger person and wasting SO much on this earth!!! so i’d like to think i’d create something that would add to the art world, not re-create what has already been done. i’d like to believe i could use all the products in a new way and spread the word on the challenges i enter through my blog, but as i said, i can’t honestly say – having not entered my process yet. all i know is first and foremost what i would do is thank g-d for the opportunity to enter the process!!!! lovies, samara

  197. i am painting a full size door so …..

  198. I would want to learn to do some mixed media backgrounds- sort of spreading my wings! *Hugs*

  199. kathcrafter says:

    I would create background with the paint on a canvas , then build layers using the spray and glazing medium.

  200. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Liquitex products! I’d use these for some fun mixed media canvases and to try out some of the new techniques I’ve learned from CJS.

  201. Wow, awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. If I won, I’d quickly put it to use implementing some CJS techniques in my art journal, and also to create backgrounds and embellies for my scrapbook pages and maybe transfer an image or two to canvas as inspiration and to remember what I’ve learned this month thanks to Nat and her amazing friends!!

  202. For sure, my art journal would be crazy painted!! All of Nat’s lessons would be incorporated into it with all of these wonderful paints!

  203. I would use it to try all the incredible techniques I’ve learned thanks to this Jump Start. So many things to experiment.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  204. I’d grab the pile of empty canvas I have and start painting!

  205. Diane Oster says:

    This would be an awesome prize to win. I would start playing with paint more, and paint everything in site.

  206. I have three blank canvases just waiting for this prize!

  207. Omg!! I would LOVE to win this!!
    I would be playing in my art journal FOR SURE!! ❤

  208. Das wäre das Richtige für mich. Wie schon erwähnt, probiere ich gerne vieles aus, und ich könnte neue Sachen testen. Ich liebe neue Sachen zu testen. Und dann könnte ich endlich mal die Technicken aus den Videos ausprobieren….
    Das wäre herrlich….
    LG Stephanie

  209. Colleen Fuerst says:

    Great giveaway! I would use the paints in my art journal, especially for making backgrounds, using the techniques Nathalie has been showing us. Thanks.

  210. Great prize to try out some of the techniques from the videos 🙂

  211. dianna clark says:

    I have a couple canvases at home just waiting for this great prize. I really like your products and can’t wait to get messy and try out the jumpstart techniques. Thank you so much.

  212. I have never done a canvas so I think I would like to try that 🙂

  213. t would use this kit to make a canvas layout for my MOTHER to have in her memory. And use some of the new stuff i have been shown on jump start.

  214. I would use the paint and spray paint with stencils in my journal and canvas.

  215. Marion McIntyre says:

    I would work on a mixed media canvas using many of the techniques shown in jump start 13.

  216. I might actually tackle a canvas with those nice big brushes! So far I usually make cards and I’m just getting in to art journalling … these would take me up another level in size and techniques!

  217. I would have to give mixed medium a go as I haven’t done any of that technique before 😦

  218. Can’t tell about the end results, but I’d start a large Canvas with the new aerosol paint I’ve been wanting to try!

  219. Rarely do i know what will result when i begin “playing” with new products. The results are bring smiles whatever they may be.

  220. good materials for trying something new!

  221. If I won this gift set, i would first prep a canvas with my Liquitex gesso, and then mix some of these awesome paints with molding paste. Using a stencil, i would create a colorful and texturized background on my canvas. I would then add some stamping, mixing glaze medium to my paint and do some painting and spaying to the mix. To finish, I would spay the varnish included in the gift set for a nice finish. And… Voilà!

  222. I think I would have to start an art journal with this set 🙂 Thanx!!

  223. Judith Noble says:

    I would paint wonderful backgrounds for collage!

  224. I would like to use them to create using the new techniques I have been learning here on jump start!

  225. Karen phanco says:

    I would like to work with the paints and practice some abstract portraits. Everything else gives the portraits extras!!

  226. I would try out some of the new stencils I have laying arround and fill some blank pages of my journal!! 🙂

  227. Barb Leffeler says:

    What a great starter kit. I would make an art journal with the techniques I saw on Jumpstart.

  228. I’d like to make a mixed media background, actually many of them 🙂

  229. With these I would make many many canvases:)

  230. I am new to all of these techniques. I would start an art journal and try all of the fabulous new things I have learned this month.

  231. If I receive this prize I’d definitely work on CANVAS with those heavy body acrylics and try some stencil layers with the spray 🙂

  232. Linda Brouwer says:

    I would practice some new techniques with the paints and broad brushes.

  233. Cheryl Sande says:

    I would probably try to make some home decor for my master suite. I can not find the right thing to hang over my bed.

  234. deb beschler says:

    Lovely paints! I would love to use them all to make a jumbo contemporary mixed media canvas for my sons room! Thanks so much for sharing.

  235. I would make lots of colourful backgrounds in my art journal & then try out some of the new techniques I have learnt from Jump Start 2013.

  236. Hmmm… First of all I woul try to make some really nice background for my artjournal pages. Yeah.. Definitly. I would start with this;)

  237. I really want to try out the transfer techniques. I would use the paint with my Gelli plate. The gloss medium would be great mixed with some color to make stained glass type windows with vellum.

  238. I would love to make a mixed media canvas for my daughter’s bedroom by combining these products and a bit of scrapbook paper.

  239. I would try to make a mixed media paint with a beautyfull princess face

  240. I would use the paint to try out Natalie’s techniques that she has been showing us making my first art journal. I would try the spray varnish for transfer techniques and the spray paint to add interest in different areas of the art journal.

  241. I would use these great products in my mixed media art journals! A girl can’t have enough stuff to get her hands dirty!!

  242. Probably I’d make some media on canvas (my first one)

  243. I made art journal following topics weekly “Comme un lundi” de Manuela Jamet.

  244. I would use this paint on a canvas.

  245. What an exciting giveaway! I would layer the spray paint using a stencil over a messy background made with heavy body acrylics. I would add some tissue tape, maybe some old paper and some personal journaling about my word for the year, “Kind”. I have no idea how to use the varnish, but would do a search to figure it out. Maybe I could add some interesting distressing to the background? I would do all this in my art journal, where I prefer to use heavy weight watercolor paper.

    Thank you so much for doing this series. I am overloaded with ideas, and find myself thinking of new things to try throughout the day when I supposed to be working and thinking of other things! 🙂

  246. I would expand my art journaling pieces if I were to win the products!
    Thanks for yourvery generous giveaway!

  247. Pam in New Jersey says:

    I would be able to transition from art journal pages to painting on canvas. I could be inspired by these products. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  248. Chris Aiton says:

    I would paint an abstract painting celebrating the joy of creation. thanks for such a great giveaway

  249. I would make a nice canvas!

  250. I use acrylics in my art journal – so I would paint a page in my journal. I’m not sure what would I do with the 2″ brush, though… LOL

  251. i would definitely make a mixed media canvas with it!

  252. Sharon van Beek says:

    I would definitely try these materials in my new art journal and I would try to make a canvas piece with them. Thanks for the chance to win this price, awesome!

  253. Lisa Campion says:

    I’ve been wanting to try heavy bodied acrylics on a huge canvas for a long time. Something wild, colourful & abstract. Thanks for the inspiration!

  254. Hannie Hokke says:

    I made art journals from all the kids in my class. Now I have to make a cover for thesejournals. This gift would be a great start!

  255. Oh, I couldn’t say what the final result would be, but as soon as I saw the brushes, I thought oh, wow, that would make a perfect background and perfect long splashes of paint on a canvas… I am seeing a large blank canvas… and I think of Jackson Pollock… so something that would humbly try to use his technique actually.

  256. I would probably create something that I didn’t plan on forhand. I would just start to play with all of it, and see what happened!

  257. Christy Sloan says:

    I have been wanting to do some canvas art and this would be a great start.

  258. I would create an inspirational canvas using rigid wrap and other multi textured elements.

  259. Oh, I have lots and lots of ideas should I win this awesome set. It would be backgrounds for my cards, covers for mini books and canvases.

  260. i would create a canvas to give to my husband for our anniversary which is coming up soon

  261. I have never tried painting on canvas. If I should win, I would buy one right away and give it a try! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  262. mixed media projects, now that I am brave enough to do some on canvas as gifts for others, would be much fun with these supplies. I don’t own any heavy body acrylics yet.

  263. Lyn Firth says:

    I am an art journaller, so I would use the prize on my pages.I have seen many of the jump start presenters using Liquitex, and would like to give it a try! I suspect it would make the brand that I can easily buy locally look not so good!

  264. Rhonda Strickland says:

    I would create something for my home on canvas. What a great prize!

  265. I’d definitely do a mixed media canvas. Love their products!

  266. I would use the products to make background master sheets. Have always wanted to try glazes.

  267. i will use it for creating card with texture…and probably use it for create some ornements too…it could be so fun to win it and use it also for my art journal…thanks for that…

  268. I would use them on everything!! Fantastic giveaway.

  269. Janet Firth says:

    fantastic gift! Well I love to make multi medium pieces and my art journal and wow would this be amazing to have this gift pack to create with!

  270. Ann-Marie Waite says:

    Oh my gosh! I would mix them up on a canvas with my liquitex inks and gesso and have fun!

  271. What a wonderful prize 🙂 I have been thinking about trying more liquitex products as I only have a few so far. I am really keen to try the professional spray varnish as I am always looking for a better sealant to use over my silk dyes. The glazing medium and the heavy body paints would be luscious with those lovely wide brushes, the short handled brush is intriguing and I am thinking it would be perfect in my travelling art kit. Some one will be very lucky winning this great prize so good luck to everyone.

  272. I’m fascinated with abstracts and I think that I would start that genre of painting were I to win – thanks for the chance!!

  273. These big brushes just ask for a canvas :)Think the other products wouldn’t mind the canvas either. The heavy body paint would be good for adding texture to the canvas, so I think I would use templates or pressing some things in the paint to create a texture. The varnish would be great for adding a glossy seal to the covers of my journals (when decorated), but I would use them to add a finish to objects I would make from (air drying) clay. I’m not sure what the glazing medium is, but I will find out 🙂

    xx Monica

  274. Jodie Jarnevic says:

    I would use them on my new Art journal and lots of canvases, looooove making canvases 🙂

  275. Ruth Satterlee says:

    If I should be so lucky to win, I would spend days happily painting in my art journals experimenting away. Can’t wait to try the new spray paint!

  276. Using the paints on canvas utilizing my stencils. I have been wanting to go bigger and this amount of paint would allow me to do it…bigger brushes too. Never used the spray varnish and am interested in trying, but I use Liquitex acrylic paints!

  277. Thank you Liquitex for participating in this fabulous giveaway. You make some of my favorite acrylic products. The Slow-Dri Blending medium is so silky smooth to use. I’d mix it with the paints to create mixed media fabric art.

  278. what an awesome giveaway! I would mess about and come up with new designs for book covers

  279. I would make journal pages and hope for a good one! Those brushes look awesome!

  280. Roxane Apple says:

    Awesome set to start expanding and practicing so many if the techniques that spare new to me from Creative Jump Start! Thanks for the opportunity!

  281. If I won this I would create a mixed media piece to go on my office wall honoring my mother, who passed away just before Christmas.

  282. This would be great to use in the art journal that I want to start! All the videos/tutorials have been fabulous so far…and I can’t wait to see more.

  283. Debby Podgorski says:

    It would be fun to create a canvas using the paints and build up texture like in Nat’s video. Then it would be fun to rubber stamp into the paint to create another background texture.

  284. What a wonderful give away! I would love to work with this on my layouts. Make texture with the paint and bubblewraing or stamps.

  285. Janelle Rourke says:

    Oh I could finally try some things that I don’t have the supplies for, and no where close to get! I am dabbling in art journals, I can see so many canvas projects, new directions to take. Oh the possibilities if I won! Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  286. I just watched Natalie’s jump start 5 using the heavy body acrylics. I have tons of liquitex paints but no heavy body. that would be my first place to start.

  287. I would use it to work on a larger painting on a canvas board… and branch out from my art journal a little. Thanks!

  288. Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to use the paints on my scrapbook layouts.

  289. Oh this would be a very nice way to get to know Liquitex products! I think I’d do the canvas that is hanging in the back of my head for quite some time now. Than some bookcovers and a looooooooooot of mixed media projects!

  290. I would like to make some scrapbooking canvases or reinvent a not so pretty dresser drawer unit. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Liquitex!

  291. What an awesome giveaway – new supplies are always such a treat to work with. Loving your range.

  292. This is a very nice prize that i would use on my scrapbook project. I love to use paint with stencil! I would use it in my journal to, to make back ground. I love to create texture with gesso and then highlight it with paint…sky is the limit!

  293. So many possibilities! I would probably use this set in creating a canvas with my son’s 7th grade class. We usually do a mixed media canvas as an art auction. The students love working with different mediums and really love the heavy bodied acrylics.

  294. Dara Lynn says:

    Come to Momma!!!! The sky is the limit with these fab Liquitex products!

  295. This would be a awesome win – I would definitely use on scrapbook pages as well as other craft projects. That you for the chance to win.

  296. Great prize pack! I would probably use it to work in my over-sized art journal. Or maybe a mixed media canvas!

  297. Oh wow what a fab giveaway! I think I would try my hand at a large mixed media canvas – I’ve always created small, been too timid to try anything large – but with all this fun stuff, I’d give it a shot!

  298. angiesuez says:

    would be so cool to have the artist grade paint instead of the basics. And spray paint – oh the stenciling I could do!

  299. Debbie Pettit says:

    Definitely art journal pages. If I won this I would finally take the leap to working on canvas and make a painting! I’m dying to try the spray paint with stencils.

  300. Tonya Love says:

    If I were to win I would create a very large painting for my new craft room!

  301. A little paint goes a long way so I would use these for book covers and pages for handmade journals as well as working on my store bought visual journals.

  302. I could make a beatiful mess with that set!

  303. I would either create a page in my journal or give a try on canvas. Love Liquitex and have been eanting to try the spray paint.

  304. Cindy from Holland says:

    If I would win this set of goodies, I would use it in my art journal and maybe make a canvas. I still have one lying around somewhere.

  305. I just love paint and so would use it in my journals, canvases, altered books everything. If you stand still long enough in my craft room you get painted!!

  306. I love Liquitex paints. I’d use them to paint a textile cover for my art journal first and then put them to good use in the journal itself.

  307. OH boy if I won this awesome giveaway, I would finially use that big canvas I have in my stash and create a piece for my living room….great little goodies.

  308. Oh what a wonderful gift this would be!!!! I know I would make a great bog canvas with all of these goodies!!!! How awesome!!! Any leftover…right into my journal pages it would go!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  309. Ohhhh the messes I could make! 😉

  310. I would start decorating my hobby cabinet which is still blank, using various techniques I learned sofar.

  311. I would begin my very first art journal using the ideas and techniques I’ve learned here. What an awesome prize!

  312. A large mixed media canvas for myself with various techniques

  313. What a great prize! I think that I would use the heavy-body acrylics to add some texture to my art journal pages and card backgrounds. And the rest? It’s all play and see what happens!

  314. Debs Mitchell says:

    Oh wow! I am in the middle of redoing my kicyhen, and I am thinking with the varnish.. I could do tiles and all sorts to give it as personal touch! What a smashing give away! x

  315. If I win Iwould make a canvas to decorate my bedroom using what I learned in jumpstart!!

  316. tamariskt says:

    I would finally make a start on an art journal using techniques I have learned from all of the talented artists featured in the creative jump start summit 🙂

  317. Would it be blame to say ‘I have no idea’? I don’t have anything like this in my craft supplies and I have only been introduced to these techniques through cjs, but would be very excited to win. Most likely I will be using them as part of my son’s ‘first year’ scrapbook!

  318. Si j’ai la chance de gagner, je me lance dans un Canvas de taille plus importante que ce que je fais d’habitude !

  319. I would try out some more of the techniques that have been presented:) and back to my art journal !!!

  320. I would make an art journal and an canvas using the different techniques of the creative jump start video. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  321. Stacy Caddy says:

    Awesome prize package… I would use them to create canvas’ of some of my art journal pages & use the paint to make some gelli prints

  322. Catherine says:

    Definitely I would try out some more of the techniques that have been presented:) Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  323. cooperandmax says:

    I would have to use this as a background on a canvas. Thanks to Jump Start I have so many different ideas to try out! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  324. I would work on my color mixing skills and create backgrounds in my journal 🙂

  325. I’d use it on my canvas’s. Ive never seen this brand till I started watching these tutors!

  326. If I was to win this prize, I would be making lots of textured backgrounds in my art journal, on my scrap booking layouts, on cards and canvases. What creative fun I’d have!

  327. This would definitely make it to my next canvas!

  328. I’ve been wanting to make a coffee table from an old wooden door-I think these products would help get ‘er done!

  329. oh wow-what a great prize! If I win I would get to play with some Heavy Body Acrylics in my Art Journal! I don’t have any and those along with a Gelli Plate are on my want list. Thanks for the chance!

  330. terrific giveaway! If I won this package, I would succumb to peer pressure and START that art journal!

  331. I would love to create some awesome shelves for my stamps and i think that this would work on the wood and create amazing effects. If it doesn’t work on the wood I would use it on paper and then attach that to the wood. Love new products and trying them out.

  332. What a great package… been watching Nat use these products… got my eye on trying the glazing medium. I create a lot of 3D boxes and collages and I can see all of these being incorporated into them very easily!!!! Thanks for your generosity!!!

  333. I would use them to start playing in an art journal.

  334. I think I would play around with mini albums and different techniques with the paint. I love liquid acrylics and this would add to the mix, so to speak!

  335. Cathy Shackelford says:

    I would try using some of the techniques I learned from Creative Jumpstart to make scrapbook pages and cards

  336. Oh wow I would just play and create whatever my hands lead me to do…what fun

  337. totally addicted to gelli printing so the paints will feed my habit. I just saw the freestyle brush demonstrated so I am eager to try it too.

  338. deborahl591 says:

    Thank you Liquiex. I would continue learning and exploring mix media. Having quality products makes the experience that much more addictive.

  339. Lynn Aldous says:

    Strange as it may sound, I want to decorate 2 old milk cans with lids.

  340. Love, love, Liquitex! I have always wanted to try to use their professional sprays on stencils.

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