Über*Media Gesso

In this Über*Media Gesso Workshop I want you to learn how to use Gesso in your Scrapbooking and Mixed Media Projects! This class is a reference guide for you, showing all kinds of possibilities and techniques using Gesso with different surfaces and media.

If you have troubles watching this video in this format – you can also see it here: ( I will always provide two options 🙂 )

In this Gesso online workshop we will start with the basics of Gesso and in five lessons  we will make our way up to more complicated techniques.

Those pictures are samples of my work using gesso –  I will share with you my favorite Gesso techniques.

Each of the first four lessons will end with a tutorial for two artjournal pages showing the learned techniques.

In week five I will show you how several of the learned techniques can be combined and used on a project  whether it be a scrapbooking page or an altered art project.

During the fun workshop lessons you will also learn a lot about all kinds of materials, mixed media, layering, how to create texture and design principles. I will share with you why I’m doing things, how I got the idea and what works and what doesn’t seem to work.

You also have access to a flickr gallery for sharing your work so that we all can see it and have a group to chat about the work and see it!

How this workshop works:

This class was set up that you would work through each lesson in a week. But of course if you are on a roll you can work through as many lessons a week as you want as they are now all online already. Each week contains  several videos and a downloadable text-only- PDF that covers the essentials of the videos.

You can work at your own pace and the workshop will be available here for you for years to come as long as they are online


This Class costs 49 US-Dollars (about 37,50 EUR). That is less then 10 US-Dollars per week.

You can buy it by clicking on the button below.

You will receive an email with the confirmation and password in the next 48 hours after I received the payment. Please keep this information so you have it ready when the first lesson goes online.

Please note that you – by signing up to the workshop – agree that you will under no circumstances will pass on the password that is going to be sent out to you. After I sent out the password you can’t cancel anymore. Please only sign up when you are able to see the video above- as this will be the way all videos are posted. some older computers seem to have a problem with it and  I will not be able to trouble shoot if your computer is not showing it, because my technique knowledge is beyond that!
What you need:

Gesso – any brand – we will mostly use white Gesso

I will also show you some things with black and clear gesso – but you do not have to have it – you can do most of those things also with the white Gesso.

Paint media – there is no rule: Whether Acrylic Paints, Spray Paints, Neo Colors, Pan Pastels – you can try whatever you want with the techniques we talk about. I will tell you a variety of possibilities of which paint media you can use.

All other supplies are optional– we will talk about substitutes if that occurs, I assume that most things I will use are generic 🙂 or at least easy to replace. This workshop is about you taking the techniques and adjust them to your own materials, media in the house and style – not about copying with exactly the same supplies – although you are free to do so if you want 😉


What others had to say about my Über*Media Workshops:

Martha Richardson, USA:

Nathalie’s workshop introduced me to techniques using PanPastels, an art medium that I had never used before. To be able to concentrate on just one art medium allowed me to gain knowledge that I can  use over & over again. I highly recommend taking an online workshop with Nathalie. I will be signing up for the next in the series of her workshops!

Carmen Sanchez, Spain:

“Über*Media PanPastels workshop has been so much fun. Nathalie knows how to make things amusing. The workshop covers lots of different uses for PanPastels in the mixed media field. The videos and pdf files are very useful and descriptive. The sample projects are so creative. Also the timing is great. You have plenty of time to play and practice in between classes and Nathalie is always willing to help and answer your doubts. I’d totally recommend it”Hedwig Schlötjes Belle, The Netherlands

Nat is a very inspiring and experimental girl who shows you good, new tricks and all new kind of techniques. Because of her experimental nature, you can be YOU in her workshops. No need to make what she does, but it’s about being creative yourself. Much better, if you ask me, and i have experience as i was in her PanPastel class which i liked VERY much. Besides that, Nat is a kind person, quick in answering questions and encouraging you as a student.

Charlene Ocasek: Well I just finished Nat’s class Uber Media Gesso and it was the best thing I could have done. I was introduced to gesso in Julie Balzers class 30 Days in you Journal and I was crazy for gesso. Nat is such a good instructor, she explains everything so well. She never hesitates to tell you what products work with gesso so you get the best results. The one thing about Nat, besides her great sense of humor is that she is very hands on with her students. I will definitely take other classes with Nat and I highly recommend this course. Thanks Nat!!!!


  1. thank you Nathalie for the opportunity to have a seat in your online class .. that would be awesome .. thank you also for putting CJS together .. I am loving it !!! 🙂

  2. I have never used Gesso – so this would be a wonderful way to introduce me to it! I follow your blog by email and love the way you create! Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. Hi Natalie: I follow your blog and on FB also. I have never taken an on-line course before and am very nervous about putting things onto paper! How can that be when I am so interested in Mixed-media art and journals!!??? I am hoping for a try at your course because of this and I do enjoy your style and you have such a great way with people on your blog. I enjoy your little hints and tips, but I am still too nervous. I have supplies to get started but just can’t seem to put it to paper. HELP.
    I am hoping to be lucky enough to be picked out of the hat for a chance at finally putting things to the paper. 🙂

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