Nathalie Kalbach’s Jump Start #10


here is another one 🙂

Let’s see which technique I have for you today


My Über*Media Online Classes are there to free your creativity with techniques and how-to’s that go beyond one certain project. I want you to learn something new that you can adapt to your own style and can use for many projects to come.

Über*Media classes are dedicated to different kinds of media that cross a variety of materials.

I do have several Über*Media Workshops available right now for example Über*Media -PanPastel, -Acrylic Paint, -Gesso, -Acrylic Ink and -FoamStamplifier.

For my Creative JumpStart Über*Media Workshop I will show you some of my favorite Über*Media Techniques that you can use in your Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Altered Art and/or ArtJournal Projects.

So here is the video #10:


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here is what I used:


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I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart

Have an amazing day!


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

Again this year we’re able to bring your Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 free. A lot of energy and love went into this event, and the work has been nonstop for months.

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  1. Thanks Nat! So many great ideas you have shared with us 🙂

  2. Stacy Caddy says:

    Thank you Nat!!! I really want to get my hands on those Inktense blocks, they look like a really neat product.

  3. Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel says:

    Great idea! and I love how your spread turned out. Now, I know you are demonstrating Derwent products, but do you think we can recreate that effect with the Neocolor II (even if they don’t become permanent once they’re dry)? Even though I’m impressed with the inktense, I don’t feel I should invest in yet another media (I wish I could, but with this economy…), since I already have watercolors, some acrylic paints, ink sprays, some india ink, Panpastels, Neocolor II, a few Copics … You get the idea 😉

  4. I had no idea Derwent had so many fabulous art products on the market. Thanks for enlightening me Nat!!!! 🙂

  5. Maria del Carmen says:

    Great and easy technique, thanks you Nath!

  6. another fantastic tutorial Nat – I’m away next weekend crafting with friends and I cant wait to try out all these fab techniques 🙂

  7. Great video. Thank you so must for sharing those awesome techniques!. I´m learning a lot with CJS!

  8. Love love love derwent products. Of course they brought inktense out just after I got my set of watercolour pencils! But that’s ok a very nice friend bought me the Inktense pencils for christmas this year. I am just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I have a set of 12 I have been playing with which is what made me fall in love with them in the first place. But those blocks look awfully fun too! lol

  9. Great ideas Nathalie….. love the look of the Inktense bars. Must keep my eyes open for them.

  10. Another wonderful tutorial. I have been missing watching these the last few days (no internet) and am sad that they are at an end.

  11. Johanne L. says:

    I enjoyed very much your tutorial. Those Inktense blocks are awesome.

  12. I’ve never used the inktense bars but they look like such fun!! Thanks for your video!

  13. Monica Baker says:

    I have never “played” with inktense bars but I just might have to delve into them. You have given me so many things to try that I am going to have to blame you the next time my hubby rants about my “crafty” stuff! Loving all the ideas – really don’t want CJS to end!!

  14. momzart101 says:

    I enjoyed the video and the whole series has been outstanding. Congrats and thanks for putting it together. I have come across people whose works and workshops I never would have known of before Jumpstart 2013.

  15. Loving CJS I have learned a lot. Thanks Nat

  16. Thanks for another great video!!!

  17. am gonna have to check my local art place for those Inktense bars…and I already know I have the canvas Prima tape in my large stash (a friend gifted them to me but I just never knew what to do with them)…great video and i know we can all relate to a messy table!

  18. The techniques have been absolutely great – what a super month January has been! Thank you very much, Nat, I learnt a lot! Loooove those Inktense blocks of yours!

  19. Like the look of the inktense bars over the canvas tape. I also like the fact that you mentioned they are permanent on fabric once dry since I’m an art quilter. These will be fun to experiment with on fabric!

  20. So cute–thanks for showing us this technique!

  21. helen markee says:


  22. nice to see how the cotton tape works and I love the inktense bars – will be on my wish list… thanks for sharing!!

  23. How many techniques and materials I did not know! Thanks for sharing them!

  24. Fantastic, Nat. Lots of good info. Thanks!

  25. So wonderful Nat 🙂 I so wanted that canvas/cotton tape when it came out. But could not get a hold of it. So I got a hold of book binding canvas tape. I have loved using every cm of it lol! Love your videos, and you have such a sweet wonderful way of showing the techniques. I think I could see one video every day from you and never get tired of it. Thank you so much for all the wonderful videos so far. It will be “empty” without all the wonderful emails with awsome jumpstarts ♥

  26. That canvas tape looks pretty neat! I love how it holds color, but can also work as your journal spot. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Thanks so much. Lots of learning.

  28. Yvonne Williams says:

    What fun I’m having! Love you video, what a good way to add texture and print to your backgrounds. Thanks Nat!

  29. I really liked your uses of the tape. I have purchased tapes but I hadn’t figured out the best way to use them. This has helped. Thanks Nat.

  30. I didn’t realize that inktense was colour-fast on fabric! This has opened up a whole new world for me!

  31. Love the Derwent Inktense Bars. Thank you for this demo.

  32. Jup, in love with this page! Thank you for sharing Nathalie! I did make a video a while back on how to make your own washi tape..I thought I would share…
    xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  33. Haha you think you have no room prepping for CJS, you see my desk I have started to move out to another room just to keep up with all these great techniques. And now I have another one to try. Thanks again Nat. Love your work.

  34. The inktense blocks are so vibrant
    thank you Nathalie

  35. Susan Tidwell says:

    Love how the intense blocks cover the different surfaces in different ways.

  36. I really like these inktense blocks … would never have thought they would have blended as nice as what you showed in the video. So sad January is coming to an end, have learned so much from all the tutorials.

  37. Debby Podgorski says:

    Love the inktense bars. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us again! Thanks to the other artists too!!

  38. Thanks so much for this video. I’m always stumped on how to utilize washi tape in my art and now i have to try this.

  39. very nice technique

  40. Cool technique for using tape!!! I definitely want to try it.

  41. Kim Houston says:

    Thank you. I am always trying to make the washi tape look like the cool kids do.
    Love your ring, too!

  42. Great tutorial, Nathalie!! I liked the inktense a lot!!

  43. Another use for Washi tape! I LOVE Washi tape! I need a 12-step program for my Washi tape addiction! Love it!

  44. I loved ithe inktense blocks and how they blended so well. I have the pencils but never saw the blocks. I also liked the canvas tape that picked up so much color.

  45. Nat, wonderful. My heart has lifted each time I see these amazing video workshops and realise this is something I could do!

  46. Great use of tapes on the background. I am not sure I quite get the differene between the Art bars and the Inktense blocks but will investigate further. Great techniques.

  47. hey! that’s FUN! TFS!!!

  48. Like the canvas tape and going to try this

  49. Melissa Wright says:

    I am really enjoying all the techniques you are sharing. So many of the products I have never heard of and now get to go in search of!!!

  50. Always fun to learn a new way to use a product you already have. I love those Inktense colors! Yummy!

  51. I have been so impressed with the quality of the presentations. Thank you so much for putting it all together Natalie. I feel quite inspired!! Jump-started even!!!!

  52. This has been the best January ever. You’ve come into my home and given me such inspiration that I want to go buy all these products and start playing. My desk is still full of December Daily and I have taken a short break to watch all this art taking place and now can’t get too excited about finishing what I have in the works at this time.
    You’ve poured your heart and soul into this JumpStart for which I am loving every minute of it and thought I should tell you so.
    Thank you.

  53. Nathalie, thanks for the great video.

  54. I just may have to go get some of those Inktense blocks! Thanks for the technique.

  55. I have never seen the bars either.I will be looking for them and the tape-I like the idea of making my own washi tape.

  56. Carol Kirby says:

    Fantastic, thanks Nat, will need to get myself some of those blocks!

  57. Looks great!

  58. Love the bars and the great colors…. what a fun technique…I am curious what you call painting tape- regular masking tape or low tac blue painters tape??? I love to listen to you speaking- you are a great teacher!

  59. lacyquilter says:

    Wonderful ideas. Thanks Nat.

  60. All that wonderful color!! I love how it looks differently on different surfaces – such a fun background!

  61. More fab techniques! I have the InkTense pencils but not the bars…hmm not yet anyways. Canvas tape is new to me..will be looking for that one.

  62. Never seen the Inktense Blocks. Thanks for the introduction!

  63. WOW! That inktense is amazing!!!! Just add water and it is beautiful!!!! Thanks for another great video!!!

  64. ScrappingCorner says:

    Natalie – have you ever used Gelatoes from Faber Castell? I believe they are a similar product, and very popular in Canada right now.

  65. Great tutorial! I really like the cotton tape…a new product for me! Thanks!

  66. Denise Werkheiser says:

    I have a little washi tape, but have never used it as part of a background with color applied over it. The cotton tape and the art bars are very cool and I have never worked with either of these, so I can’t wait to get some to try! Appreciate all your videos and your time, thanks.

  67. Thanks, Nat. I’ve never used inktense bars but I will try them.

  68. Gerd Andersson says:

    Wonderful tutorial! Thanks again, Natalie, for all the efforts you have put into Creative Jump Start this year!

  69. I have really enjoyed all the tutorials and I love what you did with the inktense bars.

  70. This is awesome! I love all your tutorials. Thank you.

  71. lisa glowatski says:

    Thank you for the technique Love the inktense bars!!!

  72. Oh, I just love this! I have not heard of this product before, so I will have to hunt some down. I want (need) that cotton tape too! Thanks for another wonderful video, Nat.

  73. Wow! I hadn’t seen these before. Love the effect!

  74. Great technique today – thanks so much

  75. I just ordered a set of 12 last week – I can’t wait to try them with you technique!!! Thank you so much Nat!!!!

  76. I had never seen this medium before. Thanks for the tutorial!

  77. Another fun technique Nath!! Thanks for showing the inktense sticks, I love how vibrant the colors is, I’ve been keeping on eye at my LSS so I can get them when they’re on sale. Yes, I have enjoyed the videos vey much. Is there any chance we can get to se the 2012 jumpstart? I wasn’t aware of this last year – should be fun looking at last years products!

    Carmen L

    cal8007 at aol dot com

  78. Thank you for this technique! I am gonna try it!

  79. I am saving for the Derwent Inktense blocks, they are quite expensive in Australia, but I love them! Thank you for all the CJ ideas and techniques, I have already started using them on my projects.

  80. Awesome Idea Nat! I will be looking into the Inktense Blocks! I really like how they work and the fact that they do not reactivate with water! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  81. Thanks for introducing th inkbars, and art bars! new for me!..Have to buy both and try this tech with TimHoltz tapes (will they work the same?) need to buy cotton tape. Thanks for your dedication and as i said before: “Qué triste cuando se acaba”. (It is sad when it comes to the end!)

  82. I’m so sorry to see this ending! How long will the videos be available to re-watch? Thank you so much.

  83. Such a cool background! LOVE the use of those tapes!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  84. mlcain0202 says:

    Thank you Nat. I really like that canvas tape. I have never seen it.

  85. Firstly, loved this technique and Inktense blocks. I want to thank you for CJS 2013. I have enjoyed every video and have discovered techniques I want to try.♥

  86. Vanessa Miles says:

    Thank you, once again. I loved the ink bars.

  87. I love that cotton tape! I might have to see about buying some of that! And the Derwent Inktense blocks, what a great effect. I wasn’t expecting that!! Thanks for another great video, Nat!

  88. Jenny Palmer says:

    Thanks Nat

  89. Jean McBride says:

    Thanks Nat..finally managed to get into the site and watched the video. Love the idea of doing my own backrounds to layouts so your videos have been very inspirational.

  90. All the videos have been fantastic & I’ve sooo enjoyed being part of Jump Start for the 1st time – totally inspirational, so thankyou VERY much for all your hard work:):):)

  91. Those are so cool. Also love the idea of the painters tape; I think that would work well with torn pieces of canvas too….so many jumps. What a wonderful thing you have Nathalie…THANK YOU!!!

  92. I really like the tapes for texture and the high contrast of the canvas tape. Inktense blocks are so versatile.

  93. Thank you for jet wonderful video! 🙂 Love it!

  94. Love the tapes! Adore the Inktense.

  95. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  96. Barbara Tobey says:

    Thank you. Very helpful. I appreciate the creative jump starts.

  97. Thank you for the video. I have learned more about the colors and i really love the cotton tape, never used before but what a nice product!

  98. Ooh, love the idea of these inktense bars! Have loved every minute of CJS this year, thanks for all you do!

  99. Janet Kearney says:

    Thanks Nat. Im Sad this journey is almost finished.

  100. Thanks! I loved the canvas tape hop too find it in Sweden!

  101. Hi,

    Like the technique. I truly want a set of Derwent Artbars or pencils. They look so cool

  102. Nancy Sapp says:

    Nat – the videos have been so informative. We’ve enjoyed them all! So Sorry to see them end… 😦 I couldn’t afford the 24 set of Inktense Blocks but bought the 12 set. The explosion of color is AWESOME. I love that when I barely touch my wet paintbrush to the blocks, they explode with color on cardstock & watercolor papers!
    Thanks again for all the other artists’ tips & your tips throughout CJS.

  103. Love the colors! Thanks for sharing so much with us! Sad that it’s ending but happy to say I have watched technique!

  104. Candy Brintnall says:

    This tape is awesome! I can’t wait to go look for it! What a fun page today!

  105. Thank you for sharing all of this with us for a hole month 🙂 This was a nice start for 2013 🙂

  106. These inkbars and the artbars are new to me, but they sure look fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’m going to miss when CJS is over. 😦

  107. Judith Noble says:

    Thanks–Have not worked with the ink blocks–looks interesting!

  108. Yes, I really do love CJS! Thank You! Thank You! so much for putting all the time & energy into CJS.

  109. You know that you are actually doing me poor?!? With all the cool techniques you shown here, I have to go shopping material so much…and have a lot of fun to try the techniques out. Thanks a lot for so much inspiration!

  110. I can’t believe we’re almost done! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  111. Thanks Nat for sharing ;))

  112. andrenesmith says:

    Thanks for todays video. I recently bought the Prima cotton tape and have tons of washi tape so will now have to buy some inktense bars!! Love the look of your page.

  113. Great technique! Oh no, the JumpStart can’t be almost over!?? I look forward to the daily videos! You’ve done an outstanding job with this year’s JumpStart, Nat.

  114. I haven’t opened my inktense bars but I will now. I have to find te prima tape it looks awesome. I also will be sad to see this end. So inspirational.

  115. Claire Standish says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  116. Deb Beschler says:

    Thanks, Nat!! Those Derwent bars are to die for!! Gotta get some!!

  117. I never would have thought of painting over washi tape or canas tape! One of the best new techniques yet. Thanks

  118. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Fab tutorial, Nat!! I really have learned a lot of new and amazing techniques but the showcase of products has been awesome!! Lots of new items on my “must have” list. Thank you so much for all your hard work putting this together…certainly brightened my January in Canada!!

  119. I haven’t seen the Inktense bars in use before. Thanks for sharing what they can do!

  120. Heather P. says:

    No, I don’t want it to be over so soon! I’ve been having a blast watching everyone’s videos this month. Great tutorial. I love the canvas tape. I’ll definitely be trying this, but I don’t have the inktense blocks. I might have to use my inktense pencils or my gelatos.

  121. Another great inspirational video! I have so enjoyed this years Creative Jump Start! Last years was fab but it seemed this year that all of you upped it another notch! You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this!

  122. Ok, I resisted the first time I saw the Prima cotton tape, but now I really want it! I love how it soaked up the ink. Thanks for the video Nathalie, and yes, I’m loving Creative JumpStart!

  123. Love the texture the tape gives. Have not thought about using tape in that manner. Thanks for the tutorial!

  124. I love suing my inktense blocks! I was looking for them forever and I stumbled upon them one day at my local art store and I just had to buy them. They blend beautifully and they are extremely pigmented for being watercolor. As for the Prima tape I love it and as a matter of fact I need to buy more. Thanks Nat your awesome!

  125. deborahl591 says:

    I love this medium. It’s cool once it drys I’m set to add more medium without fear of it messing up. Great technique Nat.

  126. Oh I love the prima cotton tape! And it would be so nice to have the Derwent art bars. Those I have not seen around here :(. I put washi tape on a piece of Bazzill paper….a soft textured type…and the washi tape curled up. It does not always want to stay stuck down. Anyone else having issues like this with washi tape?

  127. AmyMarie Riley says:

    So many materials out there that I didn’t know about like cotton tape and Inktense bars. Such variety and fun things to do with them.

  128. Really like the addition of tape to create texture, and the way it takes up the colour. Thanks Nat for another great tip!

  129. I didn’t know that Inktense came in blocks. I use the Inktense pencils and love them; now I can’t wait to try the blocks!

  130. Great technique! Don’t want it to end!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

  131. I really think these are a fe “must have” products for my craft studio – I have resisted getting washi tape (cause I know I will need it all) but love the different things that can be done. And the inktense bars -hmmmmm – yup – need those…..

  132. i never knew the Intense art bars were permanent once dried! That is AWESOME!!!!! Love that canvas tape, too.

  133. Maureen Young says:

    I love the canvas tape! I’m going to have to get some! Thanks again Nathalie! ❤

  134. intense that is what it is! thanks!

  135. Never heard of the intense blocks before–WOW! Thanks for sharing the wonderful video on yen way to use them. Jump Start has been such an awesome experience for me. Thank you!!!!!!

  136. Thanks for another product introduction. Looks like so much fun to play with. And it looks like we can get them in the States thru Amazon and possibly at Micheal’s craft stores, yay!

  137. I like how the tape picks up the color at the edges a little darker. Thanks for the tips!

  138. Thanks again for sharing this.
    Liefs, Melanie

  139. Thanks again ! A great technique
    I love creative jumpstart.
    I learned a lot of different styles

  140. Holly McMannes says:

    The canvas tape and the art bars are very cool and I can’t wait to try this. Thank you for the video.

  141. Thanks again for these marvelous videos and technique applications! I have learned so much here at CJS and look forward to using them all as soon as possible. 🙂

  142. Thank you, Nat for another great CJS video! I really like that cotton tape an my mind is spinning with ideas on how it can be used. The derwent inktense bars are very cool too. I’m going to be sad when I don’t get any more Jumpstart videos to start my day.

  143. Nancy Riggs says:

    Love what you did today. Inktense blocks will definitely be added to my wish list. Thanks for another great tutorial.

  144. That is such a pretty background technique! I love how the tape takes the color a little differently. Thanks for all the videos!!!

  145. thanks for sharing, go digging for that canvastape ! i have it somewhere …

  146. Love this technique!!! Natalie I just love this Creative Jump Start!! Sad to see we are coming to an end. This has opened my mind to start using different techniques in my scrapbooking. Thanks so much for having this!!!

  147. Thank you, Nathalie! I am falling love with Washi Tape! 😀

  148. Liz Thayne says:

    Thanks for sharing this great technique. I am going ti try with Artbars and also try my Inktense pencils. I will look out for the cotton tape as I haven’t seem this before.

  149. diane morris says:

    Thanks for another great video and demonstration! I loved the idea of writing on tape…..i have just the page in mind to try that on.

  150. Love the Inktense bars. I have a set of the pencils and a few bars to play with. The canvas tape is new to me. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for another great inspiring video.

  151. I LOVE this technique for journaling! I’m going to look for the art bars, but will use acrylics to start. Thank you!

  152. Love those dear went intense bars, they look fun and easy to use. Thanks !

  153. Betty Dallas says:

    Loved the tape ideas. This has truly been the most creative fun I’ve had in a long time! Thanks.

  154. Cindy from Holland says:

    Nice technique, lovely. I really liked this year’s CJS much better compared to last year. Much more creativity videos with a lot to learn. Thanks a lot!

  155. Robbi Parker says:

    I’m adding more products on my wish list! I really like the cotton tape!

  156. Thank you for all the tutorials. More products to experiment with that I didn’t know about.

  157. Jump start has been lots of inspiration. Thanks for the techniques. It has been very generous of you to do this.

  158. Very pretty, thnaks for sharing!

  159. I have never used the Derwent Inktense blocks on fabric – I can’t wait to try this!! Great tutorial. Thanks.

  160. Judy Meeker says:

    Love the use of the washi and canvas tapes. Will definitely try. Thanks so much for the jumpstart. Really, really learned so much.

  161. Hi Nathalie,
    I love the Creative JumpStart, so many ideas and fun techniques to try.
    This was another great video in my opinion 🙂 I have the inktense bars and it was one of the best buys ever!! I don’t have the cottontape, but maybe it will work with some medical papertape?! I’m gona find out.

  162. I need this paint,

  163. Valerie Bullock says:

    Thanks again, Nat, for sharing. I, too, love the inktense blocks. They give such great colors and I love the fact that they are permanent. I haven’t seen the cotton tape before but now I know I need to find it!

  164. I like this idea of using tape for texture, a lot. I have a small set of intense blocks that I have only used to paint canvas bags (works great, as you said, on fabric but adding fabric medium to the inktense helped keep more of the color once washed). I will now use them on paper. Thanks!

  165. Kim H20skier says:

    Thanks again Natalie I loved last years jump start and am loving this years

  166. awesome Nat- I have the pencils and NOW I WILL get the bars! lol

  167. Fabulous! I have been wanting to try all of these color techniques. Thanks for the tutorial!

  168. Great idea to use the canvas tape in your background. A place to document the date or something.

  169. sandy sims says:

    The Inktense bars seem to be what I have been looking for to try on a fabric piece. Thanks Nat, very much for introducing these to me.

  170. I have really been enjoying the Creative Jump Start. I just wanted to say a big thank you for putting it together and offering it for free. And thank you all the ones who have particcipated (and still to come)…. and Thank you, also for the wonderful Giveaway chances. 😉

  171. I just have to tell you…..I have signed up for other online classes (free AND paid!) and usually just stop watching them about midway. But I am finding myself opening my emails every day looking for yours, and watching it right away! I have loved every single technique shown, and as a newbie mixed media gal, have learned so much here! Will be sorry to see it end, but will have so many new ideas bursting from my creative thoughts! Love those inktense blocks and what you have created with them today! Thanks again, Nat!

  172. Glenda Lovchik says:

    That looks fun and fairly easy. It would make great backgrounds for Valentines with heart shape tapes. Thanks.

  173. Tank you. The jumpstart workes for me. Finaly did something creative. 🙂

  174. Jeannette van Dongen says:

    Thank you for organising Creative Jumpstart ! I love all the videos 🙂
    Thanks a lot !

  175. I absolutely love your videos, but I have a really hard time hearing you on these videos. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem! I hate to miss anything because you do such nice videos!!!! thanks

  176. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    love this technique!

  177. I have really enjoyed the creative jumpstart. Thank you for all your hard work.

  178. Sharyn Illman says:

    Love, love, love it all thank you Nat!

  179. Colleen Fuerst says:

    I like seeing how the inktense blocks work. Another thing for my growing wish list! Thanks.

  180. Cathy in Canada says:

    Very cool! Thanks for putting this whole Creative Jumpstart together Nathalie! I have enjoyed checking my emails everyday just to see what is up next!

  181. Fun to have techniques/products that work on a variety of substrates!, Thanks Nat!

  182. Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial.

  183. Thanks Nathalie! Love the idea!

  184. What exactly is washi tape? I like the idea of using the cotton tape for texture. I can see your page as a great background. Lovely.

  185. love the new washi tape.
    thanks for showing a new technic.:-)

  186. scrappinvt says:

    I have really enjoyed watching these videos. I did like the intense color you got from the blocks you used. Thanks

  187. Laurie Hunt says:

    Thank you for this idea and tutorial. Also, I was sad to hear only one more Jump Start, but it has been a very full month. You did a fantastic job organizing this wonderful month of creativity. I am so thankful that I was a part of it. I really liked the idea of “three things”. Congratulations on raising your own bar over last year! High expectations for next year!

  188. Nice tutorial. I don’t have the cotton tape but I might try with an adhesive medical stuff I have in the medicine cupboard, that is white and looks like cotton.

  189. Love seeing the difference in how the paper, washi tape and cloth tape took the color. Thank you for sharing.

  190. Mary Werner says:

    OK, I need to get the box of Inktense bars out and play – your jump starts get me playing and using my products which is great fun.

  191. Great idea, thanks, Nat.

  192. I’ll be looking for the cotton tape! The series has been most enlightening! Thank you!

  193. Oh very nice Nat
    I’ve never heard of the inktense bars…I wish I had of though LOL

  194. Dale Rose says:

    Love the effect the intense bars give. I only have the pencils so I will try them. Thanks for the suggestions for backgrounds.

  195. Dara Lynn says:

    I have never seen how the Derwent Art Bars work….Looove them!!! I looove working with bright, cheery, colorful backgrounds….and these definitely do the trick!!!! I sure have enjoyed Creative Jumpstart this year! Can’t believe we are already towards the end of it. From last year to this year….I feel empowered!!!

  196. morningdove says:

    i enjoyed the vid showing how to create your own washi tape, i have derwent pencils to try on a page. thank you.

  197. Great tutorial! I just ordered the cotton tape and a set of inktense bars and look forward to jumping in!!

  198. Thanks Nat, for the idea:)

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