Rachel Greig’s Creative Jump Start


Rachel Greig creates beautiful beautiful stamps which I love for a long time. In February last year I had the fortune to teach with her at an event in France and I totally loved her- she is fun and an aweosome teacher, too bad she is living so far away- but maybe I see her at CHA this year.


Rachel is a photographer and rubber stamp artist from Australia. She has been involved in the scrapbook and creative arts field for over 10 years. Rachel has a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, is a Ranger Certified Educator, and the proud owner and designer of Darkroom Door rubber stamps and papercraft products.

Rachel has been published in many books and magazines with her photography articles and craft projects, including Somerset Studio, The Stampers Sampler, Take Ten, Craft Stamper, Scrapbooking Memories, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking & Beyond, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers and Cardmaking Stamping & Papercraft to name a few.  She has also appeared on QVC UK and makes regular appearances on Scrap It TV.

Rachel loves combining rubber stamps and photography in her projects, using lots of ink, paint, and stamping techniques. She enjoys sharing her ideas, experimenting with new techniques, and encouraging her students to unlock the artist within!

Rachel resides on the Central Coast in Australia with her husband Stewart, and children Ethan and Zoë. Rachel enjoys teaching photography, mixed media and stamping workshops throughout the world.


I am so excited to be a part of Creative Jump Start 2013! January is one of my favourite times of the year – it’s a new beginning, a time to start fresh and find new challenges and goals for the upcoming year. Here in Australia it’s the middle of summer, so I’m spending a lot of time with my family at the beach enjoying the sunshine. Anyone else who lives in the southern hemisphere will know how difficult it can be to get inspired and motivated to create during the summer months, so I’m really excited to help inspire you to keep on creating– whether it’s during the day to escape the midday heat or at night on those nice summer evenings. For all our northern hemisphere friends, rug up, grab yourself a hot chocolate and keep on creating!

Today I’ll be sharing 3 of my favourite techniques to use with rubber stamps. These are suitable for any stamper – beginner to advanced – and are a whole lot of fun! I hope you’ll enjoy the video – thanks so much for watching!

if you cannot see the video in this browser – here is the link: http://youtu.be/BWce12wO1ik

You can read more about Rachel here:

Blog: http://www.rachelgreig.typepad.com/

Website: http://www.rachelgreig.com.au/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rachelgreig

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/rachelgreig/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachelgreigyule

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/rachelgreig

Darkroom Door

Website: http://www.darkroomdoor.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkroomdoor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkroom_door

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/darkroomdoor/

Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/darkroomdoor/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/rachelgreig

I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

Again this year we’re able to bring your Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 free. A lot of energy and love went into this event, and the work has been nonstop for months.

If you would like to help offset these costs and support me in my effort to keep Creative JumpStart free, you can donate here. It is completely up to you if you donate and how much or how little you give.

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  1. I did’nt get to watch tips before today…. Cool! Thanks for sharing! I SO have to buy some stamps from The Darkroom Door! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Loved, loved, loved this one can’t wait to order some stamps and ink 🙂

  3. sabelljones says:

    Very cool, thanks a bunch!

  4. Awesome techniques. the wax crayon one looks great! thanks for the tutorial

  5. Great techniques. I have to try the wax crayon resist!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing these fantastic stamping techniques. Your stamps designs are amazing!!

  7. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing this techniques. I love them

  8. Laurie Guidry says:

    These stamps are amazing. I think I need to buy me some 🙂

  9. Great ways to use stamps – I really like the crayon resist technique.

  10. Great technique, simple but elegant looking!

  11. Fun techniques using stamps, thanks for those tutorials

  12. Fun techniques-thanks for sharing. Great stamp designs!!

  13. 17turtles says:

    Very cool techniques! Love the white crayon resist technique!!!

  14. Wonderful techniques! Love the stamps to.

  15. Johanne L. says:

    Great techniques. I think I’ll try them.

  16. Wow… love these stamps! I really love the white crayon resist technique. I will need to see where I can get just the white crayons at! I would LOVE to do this technique as a workshop!!! I will be on the look out for your stamps! I gotta have them!!!

  17. I love stamps, I use them on all my projects. I love three techniques!. Thank you so much for sharing!.

  18. Gerd Andersson says:

    Thank you so much! Love all the three techniques!

  19. Kimmy Jaster says:

    awesome! Can’t wait to try the alcohol ink background!!

  20. Love it! I really need to buy some of those gorgeous stamps!!

  21. bjaneglas says:

    great video and techniques

  22. nice….love the stamps, will have to watch for your photos too.

  23. Wow, can’t believe how quick and easy these cards came together. Such fun techniques. Those Darkroom Stamps really lend themselves well to all these projects.

  24. I really like the wax crayon resist and can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing these techniques!

  25. Fabulous!

  26. Love these different Techniques. I have not ever colored with stamps before so this is a must to try!! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques with us!!!

  27. Looks like fun! I have all of these rubber only stamps I’ve bought. Now I have to search how to attach them to acrylic blocs.

  28. Leanne in CA says:

    Awesome techniques! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  29. helen markee says:

    beautiful Thanks

  30. Eva Gamble says:

    I love these techniques! Thanks for sharying!

  31. Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel says:

    Thank you for sharing! Very nice (and new) techniques I can’t wait to try… now I only have to get my hands on some glossy paper! Lovely stamps, BTW!!!

  32. Thank you for sharing! You have great stamps!

  33. I don’t use glossy paper often, but seeing this makes me want to do a few projects with it. It adds a touch of class to projects, and those photos stamps are awesome!

  34. Love your great images- and thanks for showing these stamping techniques.

  35. Stacy Caddy says:

    Loved the techniques, still haven’t tried the alcohol inks yet…

  36. Very cool ideas!

  37. Fantastic ways to use your stamps – thanks for sharing the techniques!

  38. SUPER… Love the stamps!!! Great techniques to use with photo stamps!!!

  39. Wow! Really fun techniques and beautiful stamps.

  40. I love the video and the techniques; tank you for sharing!!

  41. zarischka says:

    Great fun techniques – especially the alco inks one. I LOVE that idea and it looks fantastic! 😀

  42. FAB tut….got some alcohol inks at Penrith Craft show…had no idea how to use them til now…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart…sounds like a corny song, but YKWIM:):):)

  43. Rachel, thank you for a great presentation. I like the wax crayon resist technique.
    Your stamps are very nice too…like how you combine your love of photography and crafting.
    Thanks, Nat

  44. Yvonne Williams says:

    I love the alcohol ink tech. Looks like fun. Lots of great ideas! Thank you

  45. Love how you used glossy photo paper, never thought of that. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  46. Great! Thanks.

  47. Rachel always presents such good tutorials. I saw the crayon resist for the first time last year when she demonstrated it on ScapIt TV last year. I must remember to use it – looks very effective.

  48. Sharon van Beek says:

    I like the crayon resist technique, got to try that soon. And I like the backgrounds you made with alcohol inks, I have them somewhere in a box. Haven’t played with them in a long time but I will try them again. Thanks!

  49. Thanks for sharing you have reminded me to revisit these techniques as I haven’t done any of them for a while I keep on moving onto new things forgetting that what I use to do was just as effective.

  50. Judy Morgan says:

    I’m going to try the coloring technique with my (small) stash of Copics. Thanks so much for the demo!

  51. Lovely techniques, thank you for taking the time to show case your wonderful stamps

  52. Whew, what a whirlwind of great techniques! I always shy away from using glossy paper, but now I can’t wait to play around with it to try these beautiful techniques. Thanks!!

  53. Do you know your stamps talk? Oh yes! Buy me Buy Me they say!! Are they available in the US? (FYI…yes they have a lovely Australian accent too!) Thank you for the awesome techniques!

  54. I have just found Darkroom Door, what beautiful stamps. I have and idea to combine all three techniques. Thanks for sharing.

  55. I loved this — was wondering what type of white crayon you used. I’ve tried Crayola’s and they don’t work like that AT ALL! Yours turned out spectacular!

  56. Loved the crayon resist idea!! am going to try that this weekend!!

  57. Rachel, thank you for sharing these great techniques. I love your style (and your Darkroom Door stamps!). I was introduced to your stamps by another Rachel (RachO113 on YouTube & UStream) and had to immediately add a few to my stash.

  58. Wonderful tutorial! I’ve forgotten about my alcohol inks in a box somewhere – so will find them, LOVE the stamps!!! Off to have a look!

  59. Loved the crayon resist.

    Why can’t you use the archival ink with Coptic markers if it is waterproof???

  60. I love the way the world works. Just discovered Darkroom Door stamps, and now I get to meet (well – kinda) to woman behind it. A great reminder how simple it can be to make really nice cards….thanks!!!!

  61. Wow-I loved all of these techniques.I have the Marvy markers and hardly ever use them-can’t wait to give this a try!

  62. Beautiful stamps. Loved the alcohol ink technique – it reminds me to get them out and use them again!

  63. Thank you for the reminder about alcohol ink backgrounds. This is a wonderful technique that I often overlook! Thanks so much!

  64. Love your stamps, thanks for sharing the techniques!

  65. ohhhhh love those stamps, thanks for all the great tips and tricks…heading over to the blog…thanks for sharing.

  66. Tracy Strahle says:

    You are lucky to be able to use such cool stamps from Darkroom Door. They do an awesome job!

  67. I need to win the lottery to buy all the wonderful products I see on your website. The stamps are so original and beautiful. I like the lightly colored postcard stamping project. Thank you for sharing your techniques.

  68. Thank you so much! )

  69. Sonia Tsukasa Nozawa says:

    Love all three techniques and your stamps! Thank you very much!

  70. Thanks for the awesome stamping techniques. Had forgotten about white crayon resist – such a fun technique.

  71. Cathy in Canada says:

    Really love the white crayon resist. That is cool!

  72. Laurie Hunt says:

    Thanks for your wonderful stamping techniques!

  73. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    Thank you for these 3 cool techniques!

  74. jacquerose says:

    Thank you for sharing the great techniques! I have lots of stamps and now I have some new ideas.

  75. All I can say is I need more markers!

  76. Cool techniques, perfect for those quick projects! Thank you Rachel for sharing! xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  77. I like using alcohol inks of a similar colour theme to make “marble-look”. Makes the images really pop! Thank you so much for illustrating very cost-effective techniques that are so much fun and quick to do!

  78. Christine says:

    Love the alcohol ink – beautiful thanks for sharing

  79. Great video, love the stamps. The alcohol inks with the stamps was my favorite!

  80. Great techniques!!!! thanks

  81. Great techniques, and the detail on those stamps is just amazing. Beautiful!

  82. Heather Hudson says:

    Thank you learnt alot of new techniques, loved the stamps so detailed. You made it look so easy and cant wait to try.

  83. Thanks for sharing these nice stamping technieks. Loved the one with alcoholink the most.
    Liefs, Melanie

  84. Sue Clarke says:

    Amazing stamps and thank you for the techniques. I especially like the 3rd one using alcohol inks.

  85. Love your stamps – they are really a wonderful style!

  86. Great ideas!! thank you. 😉

  87. Melissa Wright says:

    I want all of those stamps!! This is so beautiful!!!

  88. Wow! I loved all of these techniques. Your stamps are so gorgeous. I’m not familiar with them….but I will be! LOL

  89. Always love watching Rachel at work! Awesome techniques.

  90. Love the stamps Rachel, thank you!!

  91. Great ideas, definitely have to try out these techniques!

  92. Those techniques look great – and so easy! Thanks Rachel!!

  93. I’m going to have to buy a white crayon I think!!! Thanks for sharing Rachel. 🙂

  94. Soo cool!! =)

  95. Fab technique and stamps. Thanks for so many great ideas.

  96. Wonderful cards and fun techniques!! Thanks for sharing and spreading inspiration around!!! 😀

  97. Gorgeous stamps. Love the alcohol inks but have never tried the blending medium so will have to track some down.

  98. Thanks for the wonderful demos – I need to get practising!

  99. I really like the alcohol ink technique. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  100. Patricia VanCurler says:

    Brilliant, thank you. Great techniques and I love the stamps. have never seen these.

  101. Cool techniques! I’ll have to try these. Thank you!

  102. conlin664 says:

    I really love the last one. So simple and yet creates such an interesting piece!

  103. I just love it when I see a new technique! The crayon resist was new for me and can’t wait to try! Thanks so much for sharing!

  104. Oh wow. Love the simple techniques shared! I need to get some Darkroom Door stamps. These are amazing!

  105. how could I have forgotten these techniques = time to pull my toys out to play! Thank you

  106. lisa glowatsk says:

    Love your techniques and the stamps your using are wonderful I am going to look for them here in Canada

  107. wax crayon resist…something I did in Kindergarten and forgot all about it!! Terrific idea! thanks for the reminder. enjoyed the techniques and really like the stamps from Darkroom Door.

  108. Definitely going to try the white crayon resist technique! Really liked how it made the words “pop” Thanks for sharing!

  109. I enjoy making cards and have used these techniques many times – love them. Love these Darkroom Door stamps – recently ordered one of your grab bags and cant wait for them to arrive (via carrier pigeon – LOL) so I can create some beautiful cards and art journal pages with them!!

  110. Excellent, thanks for the reminders of some pretty cool techniques. I need to make some AI backgrounds!

  111. the glossy paper makes such beautiful cards (and easy too!)… I love all of the techniques!

  112. Rita Timmons says:

    Great video & techniques! I hadn’t thought of the wax crayon technique before – awesome! Stunning cards all of them.

  113. Wax crayon resist – brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Wonderful stamps on your website.

  114. Thank you so much! Hard to keep all of these ideas fresh and work with them before going back to the old stand bys. You should put this all into a DVD series or a book for reference.

  115. Oh Rachel, I envy your summer!! We’re in the deep of winter here. Not a lot of snow, but cold chilling wind. Thanks for sharing the three stamping techniques. I hadn’t tried the crayon technique, so that’s on my to do list as soon as I get off the computer.


    Carmen L

  116. Great video!

  117. Nurse Ratchet says:

    I really love your stamps and am going to start campaigning my LSS to bring in your line!! fab techniques!! Thank you!,

  118. lacyquilter says:

    Thanks for showing some great techniques.

  119. Barbara Ferguson says:

    Clever ideas! Add those alcohol inks to my shopping trip! 🙂

  120. I am ready to visit your website!…neat techs with photopaper, and love your stamps!

  121. Vanessa Miles says:

    The alcohol ink is new to me. Wow, I’m learning a
    lot from this series.

  122. White crayon… great idea. that’s my next technique!

  123. deborahl591 says:

    wonderful techniques. I can see using the stamps and techniques to make embellishments for a layout. thanks Rachel … thanks for being quick too…supper is almost ready! LOL I take notes from the videos and I had to stop a couple of times you moved so fast … but that was cool. thanks.

  124. LOVELY !!!

  125. Thanks Rachel.

  126. Denise Werkheiser says:

    Thanks so much for sharing with us Rachel!

  127. Such beautiful samples, Thanks for sharing your techniques!

  128. Thank you. I have to make some thank you cards today and now I know exactly what I am going to do!

  129. Thanks Rachel! I love the wax crayon resist technique ever since I saw you at a demo two years ago! I have not attempted alcohol inks yet, love the effects!

  130. Loved the video and I am seriously loving those stamps!!!!! Incredible images!

  131. one of the first things to do ; the white crayon techniek. love it !

  132. Loved the video, Rachel, thank you for sharing these wonderful techniques : )

  133. I have loved your stamps since seeing you on early Scrap It TV episodes and as always your video was great to watch……especially liked the examples of all of the beautiful finished projects. Thanks Rachel 🙂 🙂

  134. sandy sims says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. Great techniques. I have used wax resist on fabric but not on paper so that will be my next project. Thanks again.

  135. Marilyn Lamoreux says:

    Thank you & it is great to learn of your company.

  136. Janet Kearney says:

    Loved all 3 techniques 🙂

  137. Awesome stamps! Love the techniques too. Even though I have been stamping since 2000, I haven’t seen the wax crayon technique before and I’ll just have to get myself a white wax crayon. Thanks for sharing!

  138. Loved the resist technique for words. Really makes them pop.

  139. Thanks for your great Ideas. I will all 🙂

  140. thanks for the great ideas- love the crayon one 🙂

  141. Love the techniques ..especially the white crayon one…must give it a try. Those Darkroom Door stamps are fabulous.

  142. Thanks for sharing, I love the white crayon technique, I will try it.

  143. Thanks for the techniques, Alcohol inking is one of my favorites

  144. I love the white crayon resist, such a cool idea 🙂

  145. Great techniques. I love Darkroom stamps, I am building my collection. They are very good quality stamps.

  146. woww otra forma de trabajar sobre papel de fotografía, una de las técnicas no la conocía, gracias por estos 3 tecnicas.

  147. Thank you for sharing this idea’s, – I have so much Alcohol Inks here, but not using it. Now I have to try it…

  148. Beautiful stamps and thank you for sharing techniques that are simple but look complicated when finished!

  149. Thank you Rachel! Love your ‘around the world’ stamps! 😀 Thanks for sharing such cool techniques! I am going to try with the thousands of digital stamps I have!!!

  150. Great ideas, thanks for the video !!!

  151. Thank you Rachel.Loved the stamps & techinques.

  152. Loved these three techniques, particularly the white crayon one. Your stamps are so nice and detailed. I liked the fact that you seem to have some masculine stamps (motorcycle and old truck). Thanks for sharing.

  153. Wow,thanks for your video! I’ve never worked with stamps on glossy paper; nor have I worked with alcohol ink..very cool! I LOVE your cards,I think they look great!

  154. Thanks for the great video Rachel (love the Aussie accent)! The crayon resist was a new technique for me and I will definitely try it. I think your photographic rubber stamps are really beautiful and elevate the card making craft to a very sophisticated level.

  155. Rachel, I had never heard of Darkroom Door before Jumpstart, but you make stamps just the way I like them. I like the fotostamps, but also the background stamps. I lucky me: I’ve found a store in the Netherlands who sells them!!!
    About the video: I erally loved the crayon resist technique and the technique with the alcohol inks.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  156. Thanks for sharing some great ideas Rachel!

  157. Really great techniques, but sadly I have just thrown away my Marvy markers, they weren’t working anymore.. Loved the crayon resist technique, and alcohol ink is lovely for backgrounds!! ♥

  158. Loved these techniques!! Learning so much with this jump start! Thank you 🙂

  159. Just lovely!!! Thank you!

  160. Thanks for the video. Definitely time to work more with my stamps.

  161. I liked the technique of white crayon resist technique. The alcohol ink backgrounds are really nice. Thanks!

  162. Total awesomeness today! Projects that are simple, yet magnificent and detailed at the end….will look like I spent hours! Thank you so much, Rachel! Loved all three techniques, although my first trial will be with the alcohol inks. Love that look!

  163. Claire Standish says:

    Love these techniques! Thanks for sharing!

  164. Great clear video! I haven’t been much of a stamper so I really appreciate having three simple techniques at my fingertips! Thank you again 🙂

  165. What beautiful stamps – I loved the crayon resist technique best – quick, easy but very effective 🙂

  166. I’ve never used glossy cardstock before and LOVE the way it looked with the alcohol inks! I also realized I really need some of those applicators for inks-thanks for the great tips!

  167. Holly McMannes says:

    I love the white crayon resist technique. That is so cool. Thank you.

  168. Loved the last technique the most – I’ve owned alcohol inks for some time now, and have only been doing the basics with them, but you can believe I will likely be picking up some applicators to try this out with!

    I also never use glossy cardstock… I have no reason why, I just never have!! A nother thing to put on my list of things to get! 🙂

  169. janbarlow says:

    Your stamps are just GORgeous! Definitely going to get some! Beautiful techniques! I especially loved the crayon resist idea! Can’t wait to try that… Thanks for a great video.

  170. beautiful stamps and backgrounds!

  171. Nancy Riggs says:

    Loved the way you used the white crayon for your resist technique. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  172. Really loved all three techniques. I have a tendency to stamp my images in black and leave it at that. Thanks!

  173. diane morris says:

    thanks for the great video full of good ideas to try! your stamps are lovely!

  174. Very cool! Love those detailed stamps & the neat techniques! Thanks for sharing!

  175. LOVED the three techniques shown in the video! I just need to purchase some glossy paper now 🙂

  176. Dara Lynn says:

    My brain went into “my happy place” with the wax crayon technique! Definitely going to give it a try today!! How cool is that will alphas!

  177. Excellent video! You made it look so quick and easy. What am I waiting for?! I need to take another look at my photo and detailed stamps! Thank you.

  178. Love the crayon resist! I wonder if it would work on non-glossy cardstock, too?

    • Rachel Greig says:

      Crayon resist works perfectly on non-glossy cardstock! Hope you will give it a try! Thanks for your lovely feedback!

  179. Kim Houston says:

    Thank you!

  180. I have used all of these techniques but it’s been quite awhile-you’ve inspired me to revisit them.Thank you!

  181. I’d forgotten about the crayon resist technique. Thank you so much for reminding me…gotta go make some cards using this technique.

  182. I love the crayon technique, thanks for sharing

  183. Thank you Rachel for showing us these techniques. I really love the Darkroom Door stamps, although I have none, just waiting for my birthday..

  184. Christina says:

    I loved the video and thank you for the techniques.

  185. Marianela says:

    Like crayon resist technique! Thanks 😉

  186. Your stamps are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the techniques. The white crayon technique is perfect for a stamp I just pull out!

  187. I’ve coloured with markers before, but the other two techniques are new to me. And they look a lot quicker and easier than I thought they’d be!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  188. All techniques I’ve heard about but not seen, thanks! Love that darkroom door stamp.

  189. Thank you Rachel for sharing this tree great techniques with those wonderful stamps.

  190. Jo-Ann Clarke says:

    Thanks for sharing these great techniques, I can’t wait to try them!

  191. Love the white crayon technique and what beautiful stamps! Thank you for the wonderful CJS! Thank you for the great ideas and for sharing!!

  192. Judy Meeker says:

    Love the techniques. Thanks

  193. I loved it. I am passionate pro stamps. congratulations!

  194. kara rogers says:

    Great ideas..thank you for sharing.

  195. Can’t wait to try the crayon resist technique!

  196. Love that white crayon technique!!

  197. Cindy from Holland says:

    Very nice cards you can make. Nice techniques and lovely stamps. Thanks for sharing.

  198. Kristina Perez says:

    I like the resist idea. Thank you for sharing.

  199. Thank you for the great ideas!!!! I adore the Alcohol Inks…..and these stamps are all so stunning!!!

  200. Thank you ! Great, never tried the white crayon. New for me, love it

  201. I love the idea of using the alcohol inks to make a background prior to stamping. That’s another product that I bought, but don’t use…so I can’t wait to try this technique out. Thanks again!

  202. Birute Pilipaitis says:

    I love your stamps! You have given me some great ideas today…thank you!

  203. Love this will difo be trying it out,, thank you 4 sharing xx

  204. Love the techniques. Those stamps are gorgeous. Thanks

  205. Oh I’ve never tried any of those techniques. Thanks for demonstrating!!

  206. Liz Thayne says:

    thanks for sharing these techniques- love the one with the white crayon.

  207. Pilar Márquez says:

    amazing. I love it. thanks

  208. Loved this. We were in AUS last year at this time for a month visiting my brother. You make me miss it. I’ll be looking for your stamps.

  209. Thanks for the great ideas, I will be doing the crayon resist today 🙂

  210. Great reminder – thanks

  211. gorgeous stamps! love the alcohol inks!

  212. thank you for the video, enjoyed it.

  213. Lovely cards & I like the crayon resist idea.

  214. Your stamps are beautiful! Am going now to your webpage!!!

  215. Beautiful Stamps! Thank you for reminding me about some techniques and showing one I didn’t know!

  216. Great reminder of techniques to use Rachel. I haven’t ventured into alcohol inks yet so that idea has piqued my interest.

  217. Oh, I forget to work on glossy papers. Loved all those techniques. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  218. Tanks for sharing, love the stamps.

  219. You sure make it look easy. I feel the pull of another new obsession.

  220. Jan White says:

    I had never thought to do the crayon resist on words. Can’t wait to try it. Love your stamps.

  221. thank you for reminding us the crayon technique.

  222. Pam Palmarini says:

    Gorgeous stamps! Techniques are classics… : )

  223. Janine Fisher says:

    love the ideas you’ ‘ve given us.

  224. Thank you for sharing this!
    Wonderful techniques and amazing stamps!

  225. I love the crayon technique, but they all look fabulous.

  226. I never thought to even try my water based markers on glossy! Thanks 🙂

  227. A great reminder of some fantastic stamping techniques Rachel! The crayon one is a particular favourite of mine:) thanks for sharing! Robyn

  228. Love all 3 techniques and totally adore darkroom door stamps. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  229. woo hoo!!!! Proud Aussie here!!! Awesome techniques, Rachel! Love me some Dark Room Door!

  230. Harriet Garrison says:

    Thanks for the cool techniques!! Need to get some of those darkroom door stamps!!! I love photographic stamps!!! (I love all stamps, who am I kidding?)

  231. Lisa crofts says:

    Thanks Rachel. I love the alcohol backgrounds too.

  232. scrappinvt says:

    Loved watching your techniques & your stamps are gorgeous!

  233. I love the crayon technique!

  234. What wonderful techniques!!! Did not know about the using the crayon!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  235. Thank you for sharing. Love the alcohol backgrounds.

  236. Love the ideas so fantastic. Can’t wait to play with it tonight.

  237. I have so many different pens of different brands and seem not to use them so much! Nice ways to do it. Thanks a lot.

  238. Heather P. says:

    Great ideas! Alcohol ink backgrounds have always been one of my favorite techniques. Your stamps are beautiful!

  239. I liked the technique with the white crayon especially, thanks!!!

  240. I have so many stamps that never come out to play – thanks for the ideas 🙂

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