Claudine Hellmuth’s Jump Start


Claudine Hellmuth is also one of my first “crushes” in the world of techniques. I would say she influenced my style in the beginning a lot until I found my own style. When I saw her the first two times at CHA I was too shy to even talk to her…cause you know “fan struck”- I am just not one of the shouty fan persons – I usually keep my star strucks for myself 😉  – and it was by far not her fault, she is a wonderful person and I am happy to have her for CJS 2013!


Hello! I am an artist & illustrator. I enjoy combining my drawings with happy patterns to create quirky, retro-whimsical artworks that I license to the gift, home and craft markets.

In my 12 years as a full time illustrator, I have been featured in The New York Times, appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV and The DIY Network. My client list includes projects with major companies like Smart Car, Capitol Records and national publications such as The Saturday Evening Post.

I recently launched an exclusive paper crafting line with The Home Shopping Network and I continue to make live appearances on air with each new product release. In 2008, I developed a product line with Ranger Industries called Claudine Hellmuth Studio, of high-quality craft paints, mediums and canvas. I have also written three books and produced three DVDs, all centering on art and collage techniques that I teach in my workshops.

Originally from Orlando, Florida, I now live in Washington, DC with my husband Paul and our very spoiled pets.


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I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

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  1. Love these transfer ideas – thank you!!

  2. This is something i really need to try next. Btw i love the necklace you are wearing.

  3. I haven’t done much of transfer techniques but these ones looks easy to do. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. wowwww!!! was amazing. thank for teaching this technique. really really amazing. love it.
    what tipe of paper did you use for laser copy?

  5. Cool techniques; thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thank you for sharing this great techniques.

  7. So simple! and unique! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have only used sticky back canvas a few times but now I have some new ideas. I love the image tranfer with gel medium.

  9. Love Claudine and her products; she’s such a class act!

  10. Image transfers are my kryptonite? I am going to give these a try. Thanks Claudine.

  11. Johanne L. says:

    Awesome techniques. I didn’t know we could do image transfer with acrylic paint. Thanks for sharing those with us.

  12. Gerd Andersson says:

    Thank you so much! I just love all the transfer techniques!

  13. Claudine… You rock, thanks for sharing all of these cool image transfer techniques! I have been wondering how that was done and now I can try it for myself!

  14. I love these techniques- new to me- the canvas and the metal transfer- I cannot wait to give it a go! Thanks for sharing your fab talent!

  15. Love your paints and products. Looking forward to seeing if I can be successful with your techniques.

  16. ohh, the transfer onto metal is awesome!. Thanks for sharing!.

  17. brandinav says:

    ❤ all of these project ideas! Such a wonderful way to personalize something for someone special! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. love….especially to metal.

  19. I need to try this!

  20. Wow. The sticky canvas looks awesome!

  21. great techniques – need/want sticky canvas 😉 thank u

  22. All three of these techniques are new to me…and the gloss medium trick–thank you! If only I could stay home and play today…

  23. Had no idea you could transfer onto metal, SUPER-COOL!!
    thank you so much!

  24. Three easy ways to get great results. Thank you!

  25. Shirley W says:

    Looks like i need to get out my sticky back canvas and have fun!

  26. Really inspirational!

  27. What great transfer techniques!! I really want to try these!! Just wish I had the glossy multi medium to do it with….looks like I am going to be shopping for that. LOL Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  28. Fun transfer hoping I’ll have enough patience to let those things dry hahaha LOL! Thanks Claudine for sharing. xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  29. Judy Morgan says:

    How fun to see your style played out in the video! Thank you.

  30. helen markee says:

    very cool

  31. I was surprised to see that you did the last transfer with the paint on the plastic backing side of the canvas sheet. This could open up a new way to use the canvas because you could use it as a page instead of adhering it to something. I liked the image transfer with paper onto the sticky side also. thanks

  32. I never thought about transferring with acrylic paint. this is cool! Thanks!

  33. Love your transfer techniques. I have tried printed images and pattern paper on canvas and the result is so cool. Your sticky back canvas is a must have, I love it. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  34. Thanks for some great ideas – never tried image transfer before, but you make it lock easy, so I’ll have to try. The method using acryllic paint – can that be done to regular canvas or other materials too – or does it have to be the sticky back canvas?

  35. Judith Noble says:

    Thanks! Nice!

  36. Loved the idea of using acrylic paint as the transfer medium. Thanks!! 🙂

  37. I am so going to use this technique!!!
    All kinds of ideas coming up now.
    Thanks a lot, Claudine!

    xx Monica

  38. Terrific techniques! Thank you.
    I want to try it in my art work!

  39. Yvonne Williams says:

    Love the techniques you showed. Thank you so much for taking part in the Creative Jumpstart!

  40. I really like image transfer, thanks a lot!

  41. great ideas, can’t wait to try these!!

  42. Oh I cannot wait to try out your tip on removing the last bit of fuzzies. They are things that cause me the most issues in these type of transfers. Love the metal transfer. Thanks for sharing.

  43. cool idea!

  44. I LOVE using your multi medium for transfers – it works every time. Cool to see a transfer done on metal – will have to try one 🙂

  45. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity. I’ve used the gel medium for transfers, but did not know it would work with metal – very cool. Also, I was unaware that acrylic paint would act as a transfer medium. These will definitely go on my techniques to try list. 🙂
    PS: LUV your paints, mediums and sticky-back canvas, and your brushes are the BEST – I have several sets.

  46. Cool techniques; thank you for sharing!!

  47. The transfer to metal was a very cool look. Thanks for sharing these techniques.

  48. zarischka says:

    What fun! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  49. Thanks for the video! I want to go and try it now….

  50. Love Claudine and her techniques.. thanks for sharing!!!

  51. Great to have a variety of ways to do transfers….love her Mediums..use them all the time:):):)

  52. I love Claudine!I love her products,her designs-everything she creates makes me smile.

  53. Way to go, Claudine….thanks for the cool video.

  54. Angela Bolton says:

    Great fun thanks!

  55. Now I’m wanting some sticky back canvas to play with! I wouldn’t have thought to apply a transfer to the sticky side. Thanks for the video!

  56. Loved learning these techniques. Thank you for sharing. Love your products.

  57. Thank you for these techniques. Can’t wait to try them!!

  58. Cheryl Sue says:

    I have a crush on Claudine too! Waaaaay cool ways to transfer. Thanks for sharing!

  59. Denise Werkheiser says:

    Thanks for sharing! These transfer techniques look fun to do.

  60. Candy Brintnall says:

    Awesome tip on making the last bit of paper disappear! Genius!

  61. elizabethtregear says:

    PART II: As I think about it, it makes sense that the images must be laser. If they were ink jet, the water would make them run, eh?

  62. elizabethtregear says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Do images have to be laser?

  63. Excellent!! Love the metal transfer.

  64. Thank you so much for such a great video, & the very doable techniques, loved the straight-to-metal transfer : )

  65. Thanks Claudine, love the transfer with acrylic piant!! Didn’t know about that technique, beautiful!

  66. Thanks for the tip about the gloss medium to get the fuzzies.

  67. Sharon van Beek says:

    I really like the transfer on the acrylic paint, thanks!

  68. Thanks so much for clear instructions, as well as three alternatives, for image transfers. I am encouraged!

  69. Thank you for introducing to me a whole new area of crafting! I am excited to try the acrylic paint transfer technique first – that looked doable to me!

  70. It looks SO easy when you do it! Thanks.

  71. Cool technique! Another way to use my sticky backed canvas. Thanks!

  72. Dee in NH says:

    How awesome!!! I love canvas and this brings a whole new level!! Thanks!!

  73. mlcain0202 says:

    Love this! This technique would be great on cards, layouts, and any other art project. So many ideas are flooding through my mind on what I can do this with. Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  74. I love Claudine Hellmuth! She is one of the best instructors in the industry, and her art is so happy! Thanks!

  75. I;ve done the photo transfer onto paper before with the rubbing, but never knew about transfering straight onto the sticky part of the canvas… or onto the metal and painted area – way cool!!! Thanks so much!!

  76. Very cool technique…I really like it on the metal. Thanks for sharing this.

  77. So going to try this, how cool! Thankyou

  78. I love these techniques! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us 😀

  79. I haven’t used Claudine’s new supplies yet … I may have to break down and buy some sticky back canvas…

  80. Love the third technique – now to go buy some sticky back canvas!!

  81. Really enjoyed!

  82. Amazing techniques! I need that gloss medium!!

  83. i love the idea of transferring to metal and also being able to transfer to the painted canvas to match your project… thanks for sharing!

  84. I’ve learned something today! I’ve seen this done on napkins. Now there is a whole lot of other ideas out there to try!! Thanks for sharing Claudine!! Love your products!

  85. conlin664 says:

    I love image transfers!!

  86. lisa glowatsk says:

    Cool tecniques Thank you for showing them!!

  87. Love these transfer techniques, especially the one on metal. Thanks for sharing!

  88. thanks for these fun ideas – love the tin transfer!

  89. I must make time to download phone pictures and get them printed out and try these transfer techniques!

  90. Nancy Riggs says:

    A great technique to use up the little scraps of sticky back canvas I’ve been holding on to. Thanks for sharing.

  91. These transfer techniques look easy enough even for me to accomplish. Thank you.

  92. ScrappinEweRobyn (Robyn) says:

    Can’t wait to play with these techniques!!! Love them! Thank you so much!

  93. Fascinating techniques – thanks for sharing

  94. deborahl591 says:

    Great! My first time meeting you was you doing demo’s … before your products came into being … at CHA. I still have you sample. This is great. I can’t wait to try the metal especially.

  95. cropdocmom says:

    great video! will try! need to get her stuff!

  96. Wow! Three great ideas…woo hoo, I cannot wait to try! Thank you kindly!

  97. Learned three more techniques today!! can’t wait to try it out! Thanks Claudine and Nat!

    Camen L

  98. michele decker says:

    Good info , will be able to try this

  99. Vanessa Miles says:

    Transfer, away! I really like the paint on canvas.

  100. awesome. love the paint transfer! going to see if that works in other circumstances-not just the sticky back canvas.

  101. Ultra COOL! Question – on your last one, you just use acrylic pain on the back of the sticky back canvas. It’s like a wax paper, no? If it is, could we just use wax paper for this technique, aluminum foil? ( Thanks for stimulating so many brain cells!!!!

  102. Lisa crofts says:

    Very good claudine. I like the idea of doing a paint transfer.

  103. Very interesting, Claude! Love sticky canvas, and will start buying paints and other of your products!…thanks for the video!

  104. I had done transfers before, but it was cool to see variety. Thanks!!

  105. Love all these ideas, thank you.

  106. I have to try the transfer onto metal! That looks so interesting. Now to find a laser printer.

  107. I have done lots of transfers before, but using acrylic was a great surprise. I will try it! Thanks

  108. Valerie Bullock says:

    Thanks, Claudine, for sharing. I love all of your products with Ranger.

  109. I had never seen the transfer done with acrylic paint. Love it, thanks.

  110. lacyquilter says:

    These are fabulous! I had no idea you could use paint to transfer an image. What fun!

  111. Love, love, love the transfer techniques. Can’t wait to start. Have to go to the office sotre to get laser prints though. Thanks so much!!!

  112. Love this technique, but truly a bit disappointed, this is a video from CHA 2 years ago. I realize this is a free workshop but so far the other presenters have given us something fresh and a little more personal. Not a Ranger Industries video from 2 years ago. Love her style and love her products, but really?

  113. Thanks for the great ideas! I will try them!!

  114. I like the new ideas to make transfers !!!

  115. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Will be going to the hardware store for some flashing and trying my new laser printer for this fun technique.thank you so much….

  116. S Mellows says:

    Claudine, I couldn’t get the transfer video to work at first so I went to you blog and watched 3 videos on you new stencils. I came back to this site and got this video to work. You are an amazing teacher. Your steps are so clear and you don’t leave out information nor tell me so much I’m distracted. Thank you very much. I learned a lot and I am truly inspired!

  117. I have tried this with limited success but will keep on trying. Love the look on metal so that is one that is a must. Thanks so much for sharing.

  118. Can’t wait to try these techniques! It looks so easy! Thanks for the demo.

  119. Heather Hudson says:

    Another technique, Thank you, just need more time to play!!!

  120. Evelyn R. says:

    Thanks for sharing the transfer techniques with us. I’ve tried image transfer with transparent shipping tape, but results were not as good as I’d like. Love the transfer to metal and with acrylic paint on sticky back canvas. I’ve purchased some STUDIO products in the past, and it’s good to know who’s behind them. Will have to try the sticky back canvas transfer, too.

  121. Very cool techniques, Claudine—thanks for sharing! I have seen transfers using clear tape, but never onto metal or cloth! Can’t wait to try them out!

  122. Thank you for show these techniques we my daughters and me gone try these tonight.

  123. Claire Standish says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks so much!

  124. thanks for sharing your tips, I use your products all the time….so love the transfer tech’s

  125. thanks for the great ideas-I can’t wait to try these with copies of some of my heritage photos!

  126. AmyMarie Riley says:

    I hadn’t seen transfers on metal or with acrylic paint before! How cool. Thanks for sharing.

  127. Barbara Wenkel says:

    Love the transfer on the metal roof flashing. Did not know you could transfer with the paint. I am going to try all of your transfers you showed today.

  128. Wow, new transfer techniques use to try. I can’t wait it try the one on metal. Thanks!

  129. Great technique Claudine! Thank you.
    I am going to try this.

  130. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    love it! thank you!

  131. How cool ist that?!?! I want to try it…

  132. Another great installment, Nat. I also was influenced by Claudine and would highly recommend her book, Collage Discovery Workshop (2003), for anyone out there who’s just beginning.

  133. This looks really fun…must try!

  134. Christina says:

    Cool Techniques!

  135. Holly McMannes says:

    Very cool technique! Thank you for the video.

  136. Thanks for these great techniques!

  137. Dara Lynn says:

    Definitely want to try the metal transfer!

  138. Pam Palmarini says:

    Kind of hoping for something new from Hellmuth… I loved her book, because the ideas were new then… Transfers with medium and tape are good standards, but my teenage students were taught how to do these years ago,… Also, the blatant product push in this video was tiresome… Sorry… Other Jumpstarters have been much more inspirational for me, such as Nat and Scanlon!

  139. Thank you, Claudine! Can’t wait to try it out!

  140. Debby Podgorski says:

    Great ideas! Love the tip for removing the last bit of paper that is always left behind on a transfer!

  141. Awesome – thanks for the inspiration!

  142. Great tips! I adore Claudine’s Studio line products and now have a couple more ways to use them!

  143. Cindy from Holland says:

    Thanks for the nice video. Just yesterday evening I tried a transfer but it went wrong (again). I use gel medium from Amsterdam Talens and I always hear that I should use Golden. Maybe next time try to wait to let it dry completely is also a good tip…

  144. Thanks Claudine!

  145. I love the look of image transfers but have never tackled it I am going to have to try this now! I loved this thanks for sharing these techniques

  146. Great technique! I did not know it would work with acryllic paint also, i sure will give it a try!

  147. Very cool transfer techniques. I can’t wait to purchase some sticky back canvas and cut up some metal! Thanks, Nat, Claudine and all the awesome artist for working so hard and sharing your wonderful ideas 🙂

  148. Three awesome techniques!!! I can finally do something with all those paper scraps that I can’t throw away!! Gotta run to Home Depot for some roof flashing! Thanks!!

  149. great techniques…never dared to try that but now I want to try!

  150. Thanks ! Transfer on metal: great, that’s new to me !

  151. I love Claudine Hellmuth! She’s such a talented lady, and, so down to earth. Loved her transfer techniques! Many thanks 🙂

  152. Nicole B. says:

    Thank you for the video, great techniques

  153. Love sticky back canvas! I need to get some Studio supplies now. Thanks for the tip about letting it dry overbite! 🙂

  154. I’ve only ever tried these techniques with Goldens products.I must get some of the Studio multi medium and give it a try-thanks!

  155. I wish I could do this as easily as you !! thanks for sharing !

  156. Dianne King says:

    Loved your inspirational video, Claudine. I’m going to try some in my art journal.

  157. Great techniques. Thank you!

  158. Very nice techniques, thanks for sharing!

  159. Interesting techniques…. I’m not sure I would ever use image transfer but at least I know now how to do it if I need to. Thanks Claudine.

  160. Awesome – straight to metal is so cool! Must try that!!! Thanks Claudine!

  161. Sue Clarke says:

    Sticky back canvas sitting on my table…prepare for an image transfer!
    Thanks for explaining the techniques so clearly.

  162. Thanks super !!! sure to do them tonight with my wednesday-hobby friends !!

  163. How fantastic technique! I must try it!

  164. How fun. Oh, that pink acrylic paint looked lovely. Need to go check out Studio products. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  165. I have some sticky-back canvas at home and it’s so much fun to play with! 🙂

  166. Really tasty techniques! I got an idea that I MUST try!
    Thank you for a wonderful video filled with inspiration!

  167. The tip about using glossy multi medium to get those last stubborn paper fibers was just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Great video.

  168. This was waaaaay cool!!! Wow… I’ve never tried any of these techniques before. Oh the possibilities!!!

  169. Marsha montgomery says:

    Very cool techniques!

  170. Thanks Claudine! Love your techniques! I never tried image transfer, but I will,now! 😀

  171. Kristina Perez says:

    Hmmm…I might have to dip into the recycle bins and get a few aluminum cans to try that metal transfer. Thank you for sharing,Claudine.

  172. scrappinvt says:

    I loved this technique, I never thought to use the sticky back canvas!! And thanks for the tip about the multi medium.

  173. super ideas!

  174. Loved that you can transfer to acrylic paint!! Thanks for sharing!

  175. Some really cool ways to use the transfer technique on some unusual materials. I love love love Multi Medium one of my must haves in my stash

  176. Looks amazing for such an easy technique- love the metal transfer most. It’s getting harder and harder to find non laser printers these days- going to check my local copy shop but I’m pretty sure even they have switched. Thanks for these videos Nat- these are all topics I’ve been meaning to investigate for years now but never get around to searching for them as I rarely have free time- these direct to my inbox videos really make me focus on the subject at hand. 😉

  177. Thank you for this great way to transfer my favorite papers. That was new to me and next on my list of things to try!

  178. Great – now I understand it 🙂 – thanks so lot!

  179. That was really, really awesome!! I’ve not yet tried an image transfer and really look forward to it!

  180. Cris Cunningham says:

    This was a FABULOUS Video! I have learned so much. Thank you!

  181. Love these ideas….especially the one with the acrylic paint!!!! How cute!!! Now I need to get some of the glossy medium!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  182. joanne3107 says:

    thanks!!!love this!

  183. Heather P. says:

    Fascinating video! Can’t wait to try these techniques. And I’m fortunate enough to already have all the supplies….including some roof flashing that I bought at a yard sale this summer.

  184. Neato!!! those are cool transfers. =) Thank you.

  185. I love the look of transfers. Love the transfer onto metal. 🙂

  186. Thank you Claudine for the lovely video, loved your techniques.

  187. Pilar Márquez says:

    Thanks a lot. It looks very interesting and easy.

  188. Wow!!!! Great techniques – thank you

  189. Mary Werner says:

    Another way to use my favorite scraps that I can’t part with – now to start that fabric mini I have been wanting to do with sticky canvas. Thanks Claudine

  190. Terrific techniques! Thank you. I am itching to try these!

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