Janna Werner’s Creative Jump Start


It is fun to have an awesome German Scrapbooker and Paper Crafter pale that you can see in person once in while. Janna Werner has an amazing trendy style and is also very sweet. Finally last year we were able to see each other in Germany..two times…and two times it was über* fun. Hope the third time happens soon 🙂


My name is Janna, I am a 34 year old papercraft and mixed media artist from Germany.
I grew up in Oldenburg and moved back after living in Leipzig for 6 years. I am a “real” Northern German girl, treasuring the flat country and a cup of tea in the afternoon 🙂

I live in a house with a small garden and a pond, together with my Danish husband Jesper, our dog Sindri, two rabbits and a few “foster”goldfish. I spend a lot of time in my studio which is in the first floor of our house. Here is where I craft, paint, take photos and work on the computer.

My love for paper crafts and mixed media art evolved in 2010 when a friend introduced me to scrapbooking. Since then I have been working together with well-known papercrafting companies, magazines and artists. Furthermore I am teaching scrapbooking and mixed media online classes and in-person workshops.

I started my blog in June 2010. Originally it was called “Papiersalat und Wollmäuse” and was ment to be a blog about my papercrafting and sewing adventures. As it turned out, I am too impatient for sewing and the “Wollmäuse” (dust bunnies) were promptly decomissioned. Papiersalat is now a place where I share comissioned and “just for fun” work, as well as cooperations, private insights, tutorials, videos and art.


1,2,3… use your sprays!

I am a huge fan of sprays… they are versatile, colorful and nice to look at (even if they are only standing on the shelf..). There are many ways how to use them, in this video I am showing you three different techniques how to apply sprays to your project. Enjoy!

if you cannot see the video in this browser – here is the link: http://youtu.be/RHmkLW6zr_4

Janna-Werner-Jumpstart-1 Janna-Werner-Jumpstart-2 Janna-Werner-Jumpstart-3

You can read more about Janna here:

Web: www.jannawerner.de

Instagram: jannawerner

Facebook: facebook.com/jannawerner.de

Pinterest: pinterest.com/jannawerner

Youtube: youtube.com/user/uchtelmuchtel

Twitter: @jannawerner

Contact: janna@jannawerner.de

I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

Again this year we’re able to bring your Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 free. A lot of energy and love went into this event, and the work has been nonstop for months.

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  1. Great ideas for using sprays-thanks!!

  2. Super super like. Thank you.

  3. love spatter and so want to use the technique more, but you make it look so effortless and my splattering never looks like yours! NEVER!aND i NEVER WOULD’VE THOUGHT YOU JUST STARTED THIS ART JOURNEY IN 2010 (oops caps)…your work is amazing!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your techniques with us!! The splatters look great, have to try this.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful technique ideas. Your projects are beautiful!

  6. Lovely and very fun! Thank you.

  7. I like the splatter technique. Great samples.

  8. Great video on different way to use sprays. I use sprays a ton and this gives me some more ideas.

  9. 17turtles says:

    Great techniques and ideas for using spray inks!

  10. Fun video. Your album cover and pages are wonderful.

  11. Johanne L. says:

    Thanks for showing us your techniques. Love your projects.

  12. I love splatters! I just found out why mine never turned out very nice! I will be adding your techniques to my next project! Thank You so much for the awesome video!!!

  13. Jean McBride says:

    Many thanks for the video…I have often tried this effect but the wrong way around…I have finished the layout and then decided to put in some splatter….now how stupid is that?

  14. Love the video!. Thanks for sharing!.

  15. Gerd Andersson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this video! It’s really inspiring!

  16. Kimmy Jaster says:

    great inspiration, thanks!!

  17. I never thought to use my acrylic stamping block with sprays! Can’t wait to try it out.

  18. i like the smooshing with the plastic bag : danke

  19. Mir gefällt deine Technik. Besonders die Kleckse!

  20. Tolle Technik!! Besonders hat es mir die letzte Technik mit der Folie angetan.

  21. Love the foil and the use of the acrylic block! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Great techniques!

  23. I love sprays so these techniques were perfect for me! Thank you Janna! 🙂

  24. WOW loved this technique!! So many possibilities and they are endless!! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques with us!!

  25. Judy Morgan says:

    There is always something new to be learned, so thank you for sharing these techniques! I’m anxious to try the plastic wrap one.

  26. helen markee says:

    thanks for sharing

  27. Eva Gamble says:

    Love these techniques! I have been playing with sprays and now I have more ideas to play with! Thank you!

  28. I was somewhat ho-hum until I saw the techniques used in the projects. Now I’m excited. I have never taken the sprayer out of my spritzs, but I will give the splatters a try.

  29. Judith Noble says:

    Thank you!

  30. great ways to use sprays – thank you 🙂

  31. Great techniques- the one spraying into the lid and using that for splatter is so awesome! Love your mini book and esp that the cover is on fabric! Thanks so much for sharing!

  32. thanks for sharing the techniques
    ava g

  33. Love the video! Thanks for sharing!

  34. omg…I’ve never thought that color spray could be used in so many ways, thanks for sharing your techniques! Plus, I like very much your style, it’s so fresh and rich of detail…I’ll definitely start following your blog!! thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  35. I like the look of water-color you get with the plastic bag technique! Thanks!

  36. Thanks for the tip re the fixative! Loved the style of your LOs and that mini album is gorgeous! So tactile!!! 🙂

  37. Yvonne Williams says:

    Love your mini and going to try out some of your techniques! Thank you.

  38. I must splatter more. The results are lovely, thank you for the ideas.

  39. Ilona Haller says:

    Vielen Dank Janna,habe gerade erst vor kurzen gelesen das die Klecks Janna -Klecks heissen 🙂

  40. Tonya Love says:

    I love sprays too!!

  41. Janie Lafortune says:

    Thanks for the new way to use my spray inks! Great video!

  42. Stacy Caddy says:

    Thanks for sharing your techniques… Great ideas…

  43. Cool ideas and tips! Thanks for sharing them!

  44. I love the ways you use sprays – thanks for sharing your tips!

  45. I am going to look at my sprays through new eyes!!!! THANKS!

  46. Thank you for sharing your great techniques. I love your mini album cover. 🙂

  47. Very fun! I will give this a try.

  48. zarischka says:

    LOVE this. I’m a huge fan of Janna’s, so it’s super fun to see her in action! 😀

  49. Really cool techniques. I love your sense of style…your layouts and the mini album are beautiful.

  50. Really helpful to see HOW you can apply sprays…I like the paint brush idea:):):)

  51. Janna, I like your little album jacket-tie-up….good idea!

  52. Now I have a way of using my clogged spray bottles. Thank you for sharing.

  53. Time to get out the sprays! I enjoyed your video very much. Your mini album is pretty, nice to know the sprays work on linen as well as paper.

  54. Denise Werkheiser says:

    Love the different types the splatters, thanks so much for sharing!

  55. LOVE this! Thanks Janna, loving the splatters and the technique with spray ink on the acrylic block!

  56. I really liked the mini album with the alphabet on the front. I have tons of spray and never use it. Your video made me want to play!

  57. Very cool techniques! A timely reminder to ‘take the lids off’.

  58. Cool! Thanks for sharing some new ways for me to splatter ink 😀

  59. Love love the spatters. Will have fun making them!

  60. mlcain0202 says:

    Very Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  61. Thank you for your spray techniques…now I won’t be so frustrated with sprays that don’t spray!

  62. Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas… Love your samples 🙂

  63. Kelly Belton says:

    really love the different ways of doing the drops, especially for all of my clogged spray ers! I won’t bother fixing them, I’ll just “drop the paint! excellent idea – thank you!

  64. What great ideas for using my sprays … I think the spatters are my favourite. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Wonderful ideas! I especially like the technique with the foil. I will try that out! Thank you so much!!

  66. Love the splatters – will incorporate it into my work.

  67. Great ideas for splatters, Thanks for sharing with us, your layouts are LOVELY!

  68. deborahl591 says:

    wonderful … i love the different ways to get the splatters onto the pages/projects as well as the different looking splatters. thanks Janna.

  69. Love the splatters

  70. I love Janna’s work and read her blog regularly so it was great to hear her talking. Just when I think I know everything about a specific tool or technique along comes someone and shows me something new- I hadn’t seen the plastic wrap mist technique before and I love the idea to use an acrylic block- that should have occurred to me already! Both are interesting for backgrounds since they add a lot of color and random shapes without the mess direct misting usually leads too. Will be trying both!

  71. very informative! Love the book binding for your mini-album! Would have loved to see more of it!! (big smile!)

  72. Thank you Janna, loved your video.

  73. Oooh more messiness!! Can’t wait to have a go 🙂

  74. Love it! I have tons of sprays and love to use them. Janna has given me some more cool techniques to play with them. thanks!

  75. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love the splatter techniques. Also, your mini album was awesome!

  76. Great idea about using the caps. I have a couple of sprays that are clogged up and I’m happy to learn I can still use them by pouring some in the cap, or with a brush. The plastic and the stamping block are new to me too. Thanks for sharing!!

    Carmen L

  77. I would have never thought to spray into the cap or dip a brush right into the bottle. The technique using a piece of plastic gives a neat water color look. Thanks for sharing these great techniques!

  78. Thanks for reminder of what you can do with the color sprays! 😉

  79. I’ve done splatter; but would never have thought of the acrylic block method. Thanks!

  80. Christina says:

    Thanks for the tips and you pages looked great.

  81. Great tip about the fixative-I did not ever think of that.Thank you!

  82. lisa glowatsk says:

    Thanks for the techniques Love the mini album!!

  83. Thanks for the great video. I learned some new techniques 🙂

  84. i sure learned a lot of fun things from this jumpstart! my favorite spray ink is dylusions. Thanks for sharing!

  85. haven’t used sprays much at all…but these might just be the new ‘kick’ that I need when playing with my new stencils! TFS!

  86. I have a few sprays and am just starting to use them… thanks for the inspiration! now I have more ways to try them on my pages…

  87. Thank you for sharing your ideas with me. I often forget to “take the lid off” and this was a good reminder of that! Thanks again!

  88. this is one of my newest crafty ideas that I use, so thankful for your tips that you shared thanks again,

  89. conlin664 says:

    Three simple techniques! I love it and I love sprays!!

  90. Cool!! Thank you for sharing!!

  91. How fun, thanks for sharing!

  92. So interesting – thanks for sharing

  93. Love the spraying on an acrylic block and then stamping the page. I would have NEVER thought of that! Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas with us. I can’t wait to run downstairs and play!!!!

  94. Thanks for sharing your techniques and projects. Really like the use of the acrylic block!!

  95. ScrappinEweRobyn (Robyn) says:

    Thank you…………while I do use mists I am always looking for new ones! Terrific ideas!

  96. great ideas! love the splatters and these jumpstarts are sure inspiring me- thanks to all of the artists and ofcourse all of Nat’s work!

  97. Janna is one of my favourite scrapbookers out there!! I was so excited to see her doing her thing and sharing tips on how she uses sprays herself on her projects!! Thank you so much!

  98. Thanks Janna! Love the ”foil” effect, and of course the splatter techniques 🙂

  99. Fun techniques. I like the acrylic block. The texture it leaves behind is wonderful

  100. janna, you introduced some brand new to me techniques! thanks so much. 🙂 i also like how you showed us the way they looked in your final projects.

  101. That was great Janna! Great ideas! I never thought to apply it with the “foil”….how fun!!

  102. Thank you so much, Janna!

  103. Lots of ideas – thanks for the inspiration.

  104. Thanks for all the ‘spray” ideas!

  105. Debby Podgorski says:

    Thank you for sharing your techniques. Never thought to spray on a mount and press. Cool idea.

  106. Cathy in Canada says:

    Lots of cool techniques! Thanks for sharing!

  107. Liz Thayne says:

    Thanks for sharing these fun techniques. Love your work.

  108. So many ways to get spray colour onto your project other than just pressing the nozzle! I really like the idea of spraying onto another surface and then transferring to your project.

  109. Judy Meeker says:

    Thanks. I needed some ideas on how to use the sprays.

  110. Sprays are a great way to add dimension to a project. Thanks for sharing!

  111. I love the idea of using plastic wrap to stamp on the page, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  112. lacyquilter says:

    Those are some great ideas for ways to use the sprays. Thanks for sharing.

  113. Evelyn R. says:

    Thanks Janna for sharing your techniques with us. I usually don’t use sprays, but will try it in the future. Great mini album.

  114. Claire Standish says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love the colors you used! 🙂

  115. Now I have many more ideas for trying my mists! Thank you for sharing these ideas!!

  116. Great ideas. I mostly mist with my mists but will definitely be using the various sizes of splatters! And I’m also going to start using thee foil/block technique. Thank you!!

  117. I really enjoyed watching these various techniques as I am sooooo timid when it comes to using sprays.

  118. Thank you, Janna, this was nice. I don’t own any sprays and would like to try them.

  119. I love sprays and have tried several different kinds and have even made some of my own they are so much fun and I love the sparkle they can add to a project.

  120. Ich hab gerade eine Lieferung mit Sprühflaschen bekommen, weil ich meine eigenen Sprays herstellen möchte.Dein Video kam wie gerufen.hat mir gut gefallen.Danke

  121. Thank you! Love your mini album and page!

  122. ooo love the splatter technique the most !! now i have even more reasons to get them in a bunch of colours

  123. Oh, I love spray, too! I love colors on my layouts and i used spray in different ways. I didn’t know the technique with the foil – have to try it!

  124. Great technique! Thanks for the video

  125. Janna, i like the spray on top of a plastic or celophane! new and easy for me! thanks for presentation…

  126. Danke fürs Teilen.

  127. Janna: Great examples! Thank you for sharing definitely going to try the acrylic block in the future – never thought of using it for my sprays.

  128. Thanks for the fun techniques!! Your pages are stunning!

  129. S Mellows says:

    Thank you Janna, you made me think of ‘liquid color’ in different ways. The same techniques could apply to ink or watered down paint.

  130. Nancy Riggs says:

    I love sprays so it was fun seeing your techniques. I’m anxious to try spraying on an acrylic block and seeing the results I get. Thanks for sharing.

  131. Wendy Gilbertson says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  132. I haven’t used sprays too much but do like them a lot. I particularly like the spattering techniques. Thanks so much for sharing.

  133. hi janna, thanks for this great tut video, really awesome to see and hear you
    love the splatter technique and the plastic (use to used wrapping foil on watercolorpaintings but you had to leave it to dry for hrs) this is so much easier and the effect is great
    big hugs

  134. Fun techniques! I love playing around, so this fits perfectly. Thank you Janna! xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  135. The plastic bag is an awesome idea! loveeeee it! Thanks Jenna!

  136. Very, very cool ideas for those of us who might be a little “newer” at using sprays! Thank you! 🙂

  137. Thanks Janna for giving me new ideas for how to use my sprays!

  138. I love sprays there so much fun.

  139. I low sprays and don’t use them nearly enough. I am inspired to branch out in their use. Thanks.

  140. Colleen Fuerst says:

    I had never thought to use sprays on acrylic blocks or plastic before, and great tips for the splatter effect, I always wind up with gunky splotchy spatters. Thanks.

  141. Thanknyou for sharing the technieks. I loved the splatters you did in your 2 nd part.
    Liefs, Melanie

  142. Always love the look of splatters and sprays – thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Alison x

  143. Joyce Carrier says:

    Thanks for the demo!

  144. Thanks for demonstrating how to simply get WOW. Loved your show and tell too.

  145. It was great to “meet” you Janna! Love that you used your stamp block, I will be looking for different items to try out. And I will check out your blog – loved the style I saw in your finished projects! Thank you!

  146. I have so many sprays and haven’t used them in awhile. You have gotten me jump-started!!!

  147. sprays are FUN !

  148. Thank you for sharing your ink splatter techniques. I’ve been shy about trying but not now. Love your samples. I will definitely do the letter stencil technique on my projects!

  149. Holly McMannes says:

    Great idea using the stamp block. Thank you.

  150. I especially liked that you showed examples of how you used the techniques.

  151. Thank you Janna, great ideas there!!! Love your work, and your workspace too!

  152. I like spray inks!It’s a very fun technique!

  153. Only yesterday I bought spray inks, so watched with interest your multi-use ideas! Thanks for the inspiration, Janna!

  154. Thank you for sharing so many different ways to use our sprays! I am not going to find some foil!

  155. Thank you for a fabulous jump start. I loved your fast paced presentation with the examples!

  156. Shirley W says:

    Thanks Janna, I have so many sprays its time to get them out and play.

  157. Janna, thanks for the techniques using sprays. I am a fan of sprays and appreciate your easy ways to use them.

  158. Hi, what a nice techniques, especially with the plastic bag. And i liked also the way you showed the splatters. Thank you for showing us!
    Btw, i really love the way you german voice speaks through you english, really charming!

  159. Jana, love your style! Thanks for sharing your techniques.

  160. Have you tried the Dylusions sprays by Ranger? I think you will love them. Especially for your splatter technique. Thank you for the great ideas.

  161. Thanks for sharing your techniques and ideas, Janna. Love your mini album and page!

  162. Thanks for sharing these techniques! I love your mini book cover!!

  163. Barbara Wenkel says:

    Intresting way to use the acrylic block with the sprays.

  164. Thank you, Janna. I would never have thought there were so many ways to use sprays. 🙂 I love your little album! So adorable. Have a blessed day!

  165. Thank you Janna for sharing your interesting spray techniques. I enjoyed the video very much.
    My only problem with misting is that the sprays continuously get blocked, especially if not used every day (even if I upside down spray/clear out the tube). Do you have a suggestion to keep the spray bottles functioning?

  166. A great inspiration to pull my sprays out. Thank you for sharing your finished project. beautiful. I especially liked how you used the alpha stencil on the fabric. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  167. Kristina Perez says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, Janna.

  168. Thank you !, Love your lay-outs !

  169. Sprays! Gotta LOVE them, thank you Janna!

  170. Thank you for this wonderful video!
    Love the splatter technique!

  171. love the splatters of colors

  172. Thanks so much for these awesome ideas!! I can never get enough ideas on splatterings and sprayings, these were all new and so inspiring for me!!

    LOVE that mini cover, sooooo dang cute!!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  173. Hach, bei Janna kann ich ja mal auf deutsch kommentieren…*lol*…
    Tolle Techniken, vor allem die Version mit dem Spray auf dem Stempelblock werde ich ausprobieren, der Effekt hat mir besonders gut gefallen. Danke für’s zeigen!

  174. Great techniques 🙂 I would not have thought to do the plastic one that way (I usually used scrunched up for a mottled effect) or the acrylic block thanks for the great video

  175. Melissa Wright says:

    Time to get the sprays out! Thank you for the inspiration!

  176. Great video Janna! Love my sprays! I use them alot! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 xx

  177. Thank you for sharing your techniques! I like that you shared your projects using the techniques afterwards.

  178. Love your style – and I had forgotten about spraying into the lid to make big splashes – thanks 🙂

  179. Great enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing.

  180. Dara Lynn says:

    Thanks Janna for a great tutorial on sprays!!!! It’s nice to revisit techniques that I haven’t used in a while…such as the acrylic block application.

  181. You reminded me that I have many more sprays than I thought. I’ll have to give them another look. Thanks so much for sharing!

  182. Loved the ideas for the bigger splatter and the plastic bag!

  183. joanne3107 says:

    I love sprays too!
    Thanks Janna!!!

  184. This is really lovely! I cant wait to try it.

  185. Kim Houston says:

    Thank you. I am new to sprays and not very good. This gives me ideas and more confidence.

  186. I have used all but the plastic sheet technique so that will give me something else to try. Thanks Janna.

  187. sandy sims says:

    Interesting ideas for backgrounds. Thanks so much for sharing.

  188. I enjoy learning how to use my supplies in different ways. Thank you for showing me 3 new ones.

  189. Heather P. says:

    Sprays are one of my favorite products to use. Great video. I especially liked how you used the plastic and the acrylic block as stamps. I never thought to do that.

  190. Loved the idea of using an acrylic block as a stamp!

  191. I love the splatters! They are so playful! thanks for sharing.

  192. Sorry if this is a repeat comment, not sure if original was sent.

    Janna, thanks for the great tutorial. I am new to spray inks, so this was very helpful. I loved seeing the end results on how you used your sprayed pieces. The scrapbook pages were awesome. And that canvas cover was so clever . Thanks for sharing.

  193. scrappinvt says:

    I really like the technique using the plastic. Thanks

  194. Angela Campbell says:

    Thank you – I haven’t used sprays much.

  195. Nice ideas, the splatters look great & your pages & mini album are lovely.

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