Tonic Studio’s Jump Start


Our next Jump Start is brought to you by Tonic Studios


Tonic Studios is driven by a passion to design and manufacture innovative tools for the crafting market. Since 2001 we have designed products that allow crafters to cut, trim, slice and manipulate paper, card and fabric. Our creative in-house design team are continuously working to develop new products and to re-think and improve our existing catalogue.

Check out also their blog which has some great tutorials.


To jump start your creativity Tonic Studios gives away


the product in the giveaway are:
Simplicity Geared Pattern Punch – Stars Border
Simplicity Geared Pattern Punch – Butterfly Strip
22cm Handy Trimmer
Funky Tape Runner
Funky Tape Runner Refill
& Funky Glue Pen

Here is what you have to do in order to be able to win this giveaway:

Leave a comment here and tell us if and how you so far tried any of the shown jumpstart techniques out.

Good luck! The winner will be chosen randomly with a number generator picking the a number out of the comment entries and will be announced the first week of February.The website address with all giveaway winners will  be sent out with a newsletter. You have to be of the age of 18 to enter. Comments have to be posted till February 1, 2013 midnight Central European Time as this is when the Creative Jumpstart 2013 officially ends. Double entries will be deleted! All comments received after the February 1, 2013 will not be eligible for winning. You must be signed in for the Creative JumpStart 2013 Newsletter to be eligible for the giveaway. 


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

Again this year we’re able to bring your Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 free. A lot of energy and love went into this event, and the work has been nonstop for months.

If you would like to help offset these costs and support me in my effort to keep Creative JumpStart free, you can donate here. It is completely up to you if you donate and how much or how little you give.

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  1. Christine says:

    I have never seen these -hope to win

  2. Yvonne Westover says:

    Love the gesso through the stencils for texture. Totally love watercoloring on pages that I have journaled on and then doodling over them, and I’m so excited about using bits of fabric and stitching embellishments. I’ve been saving all those old t shirts for a reason!!

  3. scrapandstamp says:

    I’ve tried the 1st one with the embossing powder on double sided tape and have a new art journal which I am going to use to try ALL of the creative inspiration that has been provided here. PS I LOVE Tonic guillotines. I had to buy all 3 sizes and they are still going strong years down the track. Still cutting paper perfectly.. Thank you
    Sharon Ling

  4. Teri Buczkowski says:

    Some of the techniques I already use but the one that are new to me I have not tried yet.

  5. I’ve the transfer techniques a few times and masking, looking forward to trying more. Really helping me get through the winter drabs.

  6. denisse pagan says:

    I dont meet these product really i need to start create

  7. have watched nearly all of them and have tried several of the techniques and have also made a few tags just playing, but very happy that i have done two layouts
    thank you for the chance

  8. I have to catch up on all the videos! I have never tried any of these.

  9. It’s a very busy time right now, so I haven’t tried any yet, but I have notes and will be trying some of them as soon as I get some time.

  10. I started off with scrap booking, then added mini journals, ATCs, inchies, now my passion is art journals, and the odd canvas! Love paints, sprays, punches, making my own embellishments (especially flowers)

  11. I’m catching up on the videos, hoping to finish by tomorrow. I’ve got a list of techniques that I want to try. I’m loving all the inspiration.

  12. Lela Meinke says:

    i tried the technique to paint and then draw flowers in the background.

  13. Yes! I have tried SO many of them I too started a journal to try different techniques and to remind me of them!

  14. I have tried techniques from the first 6 videos so far and have notes on all the others up to this point. I was in an ATC swap last week and used several of the techniques on those, so I feel like I am learning a lot and am eager to keep trying more of them. This has been so much fun so far!!

  15. cindy craig says:

    I have tried the Caran D’ache crayons with stencils. Loved playing with this technique as a background. I also used Gesso with stencils for a background.

  16. Lynn Shaffer says:

    so far I am up to this giveaway and I’ve tried everything!!!

  17. Since CJS I’ve made about 8 AJ pages…I’ve tried individual techniques, combined techniques,..I’m thankful for all the inspiration!!

  18. I’ve tried to play with the image transfer but it hasn’t worked that well for me. Must keep practising!

  19. I have tried some of the early tecniques, but watched most of the tutorials – life have been busy and I haven’t had much time to play.

  20. I have tried some of the techniques!! I love your ideas!! 😀

  21. LaurieJay says:

    I just tried out the iron/Saran Wrap/parchment techniqe, which I loved…I also tried the gel medium/stencil technique and some of the gesso techniques. If the items in the prize package are even half as good as my Tonic/Tim Holtz scissors are, then they will be impressive, indeed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I know, I’m bad…I seem to be the only one who hasn’t tried something YET. I’ve taken lots of notes in my handy dandy notebook but haven’t had “mommy time” to sit and create like I want to. Perhaps on Sunday 🙂

  23. Hi there – bought my journal especially for my ideas from watching. Tried out the first technique with washi tape – very pleased. Have tags ready to decorate and am going to do a scrapbook page – as a result of watching jumpstart and to enter in a challenge. Thanks Nat for the inspiration. Anne x

  24. I have had a go at some of the background techniques and made some terrific layered journal pages. You have given me a great idea – to put punched-edge detail on top! Thank you Tonic!

  25. ginicagle says:

    I’ve been using my masks and mists – so many more ideas to try!

  26. Johanne L. says:

    So far, I tried Nathalie’s first technique, washi tape. And I loved playing with my embossing powders and I even tried with stamps and a second coat of embossing powder. I loved the result. There is a lot more techniques I want to try. I didn’t have much time to play but when I have a few minutes between work and house cleaning, etc. I’ll try more. Thanks for the chance,

  27. Denise Werkheiser says:

    After watching a bunch of the videos, I grabbed an extra 8×8 wrapped canvas from my stash; & I have started playing with these CJS techniques so far . . . Gesso, Modeling paste, stencils, and some paint dripping/splattering. I plan to try some more techniques I watched on this little project, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. noseycritters says:

    I’ve had the masks and the inks out. But there are so many more I want to try like crackle paints on a scrapbook layout, hadn’t thought of that one before.

    ** Kate **

  29. Judy Morgan says:

    I must say, the collection of wonderful techniques to try that have been shared through CJ has been mind boggling for me! I’ve taken a lot of notes and was really drawn to try some of the more simple, yet effective, multi media techniques with paints, such as layering sprays and splattering paint with a brush. I did love Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s wonderful free wheeling style – nothing is a mistake, just an opportunity for your own creativity to blossom!

  30. The alcohol ink technique is great and I have Gesso on my list along with a few other items to pick up this weekend.

  31. Sylvia Whitesides says:

    I loved Louise Nelsons video and will be trying out some of her techniques.

  32. I started an Art Journal at the beginning of the month and have tried the first 5-6 techniques. Now I’m catching up on the videos and plan to work on my journal this weekend!

  33. Hi! thanks for this giveaway. So far I’ve tried mainly the different techniques shown with stencils. I’m enjoying them a lot!

  34. Sadly I haven’t tried anything yet but have thougt of getting some masks to futz around with. Thanx!!

  35. I love the stamp techniques I have learned with crayon, distress ink, and alcohol. Thank you!

  36. i’m messing about like crazy here, trying a big of everything!! =)

  37. I signed up quite late but over the past week I’ve been catching up on videos, taking lots of notes and have even unearthed my stencils and spray mists to give them a try.

  38. I am catching up. So lots to try. but i love all the techniques. there us something in there each time even if i know a part of the technique. Very enriching.

  39. There are so many i want to try– but the one i have tried is Dina Wakely’s stamping on tissue paper! LOVE THAT!

  40. Gayle Richmond says:

    I only found you yesterday but I am making notes like crazy. I want to get through them all before they are gone for good.

  41. I have absolutely enjoyed every bit of the Creative Jump Start Summit. I have learned so much, I have been inspired by all the artists and I have actually done so many of these techniques when I went back to the videos. I am one of those “collectors” and now I’m a do’er! WooHoo! Thank you Nat so much for putting this together for us to enjoy!
    You rock girl!!! LOL!

  42. I have loved all of the videos and have tried many of them already and look forward to catching up on the rest when I can.

  43. I just have a Art Journal and I love working with Gesso, Modeling paste and stencils.
    I will try more techniques.
    Thank you for the chance to win a giveaway

  44. I just got home from a trip and I’m catching up to all the videos I missed…can’t wait to get creative!

  45. Yes, i have been busy with paints and stencils 🙂

  46. I have started my art journal & played with texture paste … CJS has definitely caused my creative juices to flow ….. 🙂

  47. Nat’s tech: paint the spay water dab spots, dry, paint next color spray water dab dry. Did an amazing beach scene! Gesso back ground then used inks with sponge…just had a play. Dotted acrylics on page and then mixed-Nat. Black photo with coloured inks amazing results- loved this one!!

  48. so far i’ve tried using distress inks with stencils and need more time to play with more techniques.

  49. I just found the Creative JumpStart this past weekend and have been trying to view as much of the techniques as possible — am hoping to play with some of them when work slows down.

  50. I have started and I’m trying to keep up but it getting hrder as they re so great but time is flying! Thanks

  51. Stéphanie says:

    I’ve tried manyof the techniques, and I wrote the other in a little book of inspiration. I bought a mixed media boom to try all the technique in the same place and keep it in the future…

  52. Only linked in a few days ago so just catching up with all the techniques but have tried stencils and stamping and also transfer techniques but the videos have been so informative and shown so much more to do with products

  53. I haven’t tried any of the jump start techniques out yet but after I watch all the videos I’m going to go back to some of my favorites and try them out. I’m in a rush to do that, cannot wait.

  54. I have started a few of the techniques shown thusfar but haven’t finished anything yet. Lots of ideas but unfortunately not enough time 😦

  55. helen markee says:

    Ii think i have tried about 15 of the techniques. I am keeping them in a separate book so i can look through them when i need inspiration.

  56. missmelissaw says:

    I have! I tried out some of the techniques that were in the first several videos and loved them! 🙂

  57. I am trying all of the techniques as I go along and working in a workbook. At the end I want to combine techniques in a project either in my journal book or on a canvas and see what I create.

  58. I have tried stamping with tissue paper and washi tape.

  59. Hello. I tried techniques such as art journaling with masks and misting inks ! It was great !

  60. Shirley Sendgraff says:

    I am just starting to do an art journal, after mostly making cards using scrapbook papers and punches, so I am excited to try the texturing and coloring of my journal pages! I am so inspired by all the videos. Thanks!!

  61. Hi, I already knew some of the techniques but I have to say that the image transfers are very appealing to me. I need to try more stencils and layering, my challenge for the next few projects. Also, the Whatevers have my mind running wil so I am likely to do something with that too!

  62. I have tried several things with acrylic paint and more. One favourite was Catherine Scanlon – I tried to paint in layers as she did with the flowers and also the hidden text 🙂

  63. So far I have made two tags, a card and glitter tape with Natalie. Thanks.

  64. Some of them weren’t new for me and, for some others, I don’t have the supplies.
    But I’m sure the impulses received here will help me to add to my arsenal of techniques.

  65. Yvonne Williams says:

    I have just began my art journal at the start of CJS. Have tried several techniques as my products allow. I have started a Project Wishlish also so I can do more and different new techniques. Thank you.

  66. I made a tag like Julie’s for the front of a mini-album (my first tag ever! AND my first time layering that much spray, ink and !paint! {gasp}. I’ve also tried out the embossing techniques that Nat did on both foam adhesive and I die cut some sookwang tape and embossed that too!

  67. added many of the cjs techniques to my technique journal… so I always have a reference book!
    ~Nancy (

  68. I was able to use julie’s stenciling and Natalie’s tips on foam stamps in my mixed media collage

  69. I have used gesso with stencils. I’m planning on trying some of the image-transferring techniques soon.

  70. Jessica Hiltz says:

    My friends and I did a crop day to go through and do the videos from jump start it was a great day to try them 🙂 We added them to our journals

  71. Pam in New Jersey says:

    I have been using the brayer technique for backgrounds in my art journal.

  72. I have tried several techniques on my art journal. Gesso, stencils, acrylic inks, and so on. I love CJS I´m learning so much!. Thank you Nat!

  73. Some of the things shown here I have done in the past; but I’ve not done any since reading them. (I just started 3 days ago and am “catching up” to the 28th.) I’ve kept the videos that most intrigue me open in my browser and will re-play one when I feel like trying out something.

  74. I love jumpstart and had the pleasure of meeting nat at CHA, so excited. she is just an angel. I have tried some of the ideas but plan on trying them all at some point. I love the giveaway, it looks like so much fun stuff, love the bright colors of the packaging even. thank you so much for the chance to win. xoxox

  75. I have tried several of the techniques from CJS2013! I have already tried and used the embossing onto the sticky foam, which is brilliant! I also played with the stencils, layered on top of each other, and I went right away and made a tissue flower, which I had long ago forgotten that I knew how to do 🙂
    This has been so fun and so inspiring, even if I run across a technique I already used, I found inspiration for new ways of applying!

  76. 17turtles says:

    I have tried several of the Gesso and spray ink techniques so far!

  77. I have so many ideas swimming in my head after watching all of these videos, but I have had the flu for two weeks and haven’t done much creating at all. Hopefully I’ll get over this nasty bug soon and can start creating again!

  78. Lisa Campion says:

    I haven’t tried any of the techniques yet this month — BUT I am loving all the fantastic videos which have reignited my creative spark! Can’t wait to open up my art journals again & try out some of these great ideas!

  79. I’ve tried the technique of Nathalie: embossing adhesive foam, it really looks good!

  80. Awesome products! I have tried a couple of techniques with stencils, gesso, and acrylic paints! I love the results!

  81. I tried out the Dina Wakely technique with stamping on tissue paper and putting it down with matte medium. It worked great you have created a monster, lol, no tissue paper is safe around me. Thank you so much for sharing!

  82. Gerd Andersson says:

    Thank you for offering these products! Yes, I’ve done some of the acryl painting, stamps and stencils in small projects just for testing!

  83. I’m using the jumpstarts mostly for inspiration. So, even if I don’t have a specific product but a flower is created then I put a flower in what I’m doing. It’s great for getting unstuck.

  84. I have tried the resist technique with the gel medium and got some great effects but I am planning to give the brayer one a go, I have had a brayer for ages and not used it yet and the image transfer technique if I can find something here in the UK that works. Loving the jumpstart, so many great ideas!!

  85. gighaklinky says:

    I have tried gesso and stencils with really pleasing results 😉

  86. I am just beginning my Art Journal/mixed media journey…I love the stencil ideas, I LOVE the photo transfer ideas- both with Crystal Clear and with the paint- and onto metal- so cool! I love the paint brayered on the page and painting on old photo’s. I am off work tomorrow, so hope to experiment and try more techniques!

  87. I have tried many of the techniques with stencils and spraying. Love stencils and mists. I have used the techniques to make card and personalised notebooks that I give for presents.

  88. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t tried the techniques yet as I am just beginning going through the many jump starts. They sparks so many ideas I do not know where to start! Some of them I already knew and it just reminds me tu use them more often (making tape with powders or even stamping, spray inks etc). Cannot wait try try more!

  89. Eva Gamble says:

    I have tried some of the spray ink techniques, and also the stencil and masking techniques, and I love both! I can’t wait to try the photo transfer techniques, they have really piqued my interest!

  90. I haven’t tried out any specific techniques yet because I don’t have a lot of supplies, but watching the videos has made me feel freer to just play with the materials I have and trust my creative instinct.

  91. i’ve tried several of the techniques! they have inspired me to do so much art. i am so grateful for them. nat, you rock! i’ve said it before, and i’ll probably say it again.

  92. I do fabric and felt mini albums

  93. I’ve tried techniques with the sprays inks and can’t wait to try more!

  94. So far, I have tried out the week one techniques and am making a tag “book” with all the ideas as a reference. I’ve also shared this on my blog.

  95. Cindi Walsh says:

    I made a decorated pear in my journal using an combination of Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s and Heidi Swapp’s mask, stencil and stamp techniques. I also tried gelli printing. There may be more …

  96. I only have had the time to use a couple techniques, but have watched all the videos. Can’t wait to find the time to use more.

  97. Rita Timmons says:

    I tried Dina’s techinque of stamping on tissue paper, then applying to an inky background in my art journal. AMAZING RESULTS! A great AHA moment. I really like the format of teh CJS this year. Thanks for putting this together!

  98. Haven’t tried any of the jumpstarts as I’ve been away from home in January and have been watching the vid’s from my phone. Can’t wait to start!

  99. Yes, I have tried a few of the techniques from Creative Jumpstart. I went to a crop were a couple of us sat down and did the techniques. I really like the bead gel technique!!!

  100. I am looking forward to using paint and inks again in my projects – so many ideas.

  101. Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel says:

    Even though I don’t have as much time as I would like to watch the videos and use those techniques on my art journal, I’ve managed to use the double-sided tape & embossing powder (did not work, but I guess it’s my tape ;( ), Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s , Catherine Scanlon’s… and a few other… I block wednesday mornings on my calendar, so I can do crafty stuff (some friends come over and I share with them the little mixed media techniques I know), and since today I managed to watch a few videos, I’ll try to use what I have learned from them then (also need to try the crackle techniques).

  102. I’m loving all the Jumpstart videos and learning so many techniques but my favourite so far is the gelli plate with the houses. So much so that I bought a gelli plate and have had lots of fun creating my own backgrounds. I’ve taken it to my pre-school too and the children (aged 3-4) are creating their own backgrounds for mothers day cards 🙂 How about that for inspiration 😉 Thank you thank you thank you xx

  103. I have tried the gesso and stencils with great fun.

  104. I’m loving the Jump Start and have seen all the videos.
    I haven’t had time to try any of the techniques but I sure will!
    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful Prize

  105. I’ve really enjoyed working with gesso and acrylic paints and I’m working up to trying mists and sprays.

  106. I have tried working with gesso and stencils, great fun, looking forward to experimenting a little more.

  107. so far ive tried the gesso one you did nat pressing it into a stencil and spraying colored inks on top 😀

  108. I have not actually done a project with any of the technique but have played around

  109. I tried a lot of techniques and you can see it on the facebook group as Caroline_Elliam photos album! 🙂 Love the jumpstart!

  110. Stacy Caddy says:

    I have tried a few of the techniques, gesso, sprays & mists and stencils…. Hoping to get out my acrylic inks today…

  111. Christine Smith says:

    Great prize! I’ve done quite a lot. I’ve made cards with my sprays and stencils, and tried a couple of the napkin techniques. This morning I’m going to try the photo transfer techniques – looks like lots of fun.

  112. This has been great. I’ve tried out many of the techniques and really enjoyed them.

  113. I’ve playing right along! I think I have only missed 2-3 so far. I have had a great time creating and can’t wait to show some of the items I have created on my blog. Others are already glued into my journal as samples. I have had so much fun learning these new ideas and techniques!

  114. woohoo, cool tools 🙂 I did only try the first 3 techniques so far…so much to do/want, so little time 😉 Cleaned up my calender for next week though…just blocked some time for me, for playing 😀
    xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  115. I have not yet tried any of the techniques but I have purchased some of the supplies to get started… and I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  116. Rhonda Strickland says:

    I tried the painting on tags from NAT, and also tried the Heidi Swapp techniques. Everything is so fun!!

  117. I’ve played with gesso and stencils – love it!

  118. There is so little time to try all these great techniques that the amazing talents are showing here at CJS. I am working on an altered picture frame and what i used is gesso with stencils and some of the mist ideas of maya road. What I am going to incorporate in that project is a transfer technique and maybe something with fabric. Let’s see if that works out ….

  119. raine1313 says:

    There have been so many techniques that I can’t remember which ones I’ve tried! I’d like to watch all of the videos again and take notes. I had not idea this would be so chock full of ideas!

  120. so much to do… time to play,

  121. Heather O'Brien says:

    I have started using a journal!

  122. I’m loving the Jump Start and have tried every technique so far in my art journal 🙂 I’ve learnt so much and my journal which was sadly empty is now getting bigger every day. Thanks to you Nat, and every other brilliant artist for sharing your techniques 🙂

  123. Katie Hill says:

    I have a really big shopping & I am learning SO much!

  124. Ive played with Pan PAstels and embossing powder technique.

  125. I’ve already tried most of the techniques.

  126. Unfortunately I have not had the chance yet, we are in the middle of moving, but the ones I have tried are great reminders, and the new ones for me I cannot wait to try in my new craft space at my new house!!

  127. I have tried gesso with stencils and tried resist technique.

  128. S Mellows says:

    I am in two ATC groups locally. For some reason, Creative Jump Start had be hand stitching and beading. I’m not even close to being a person who sews at all. The videos had me stitching to decorate my ATC’s. ** I had to do some thank you cards, I used the alcohol inks for the back ground then I stamped with black ink on matching card stock, cut out the stamped image and attached it to the alcohol ink background.
    I watched that video twice to see how she did it. What I noticed was how she pounced the alcohol ink quickly all over the card. That was really helpful to me. I am a fortunate person to have so many thank you cards to send out. The techinique allowed me to
    make something special quickly in a similiar manner. Looked good and time was saved! Can’t ask for more than that.** I have some Tim Holtz tonic tools I use everyday. I love the quality of Tonic products.. Thank you!

  129. I have used the mask technique with the gesso.

  130. My art journal is getting very fat and happy with all of these techniques…some I’ve used before and some are new….it’s been fun to mix the techniques together 🙂

  131. I haven’t had an opportunity to try the techniques I haven’t used before. I didn’t know Tonic made such a variety of products. I love the Tonic scissors I have.

  132. Sigrit liebe says:

    So far these techniques are brandnew for me.

  133. I’m familiar with several of the techniques and love playing with inks and paints. I’ve also been trying Cat Scanlon’s first technique of looking for the hidden. Love it!

  134. Trish Wildsmith says:

    I have done about 5 so far. I had holiday at the beginning and found it easy to keep up. Since going back to work, I’ve been playing catch up and have enjoyed the stencil workshop,the 3 ways to use tags, Nat’s gesso technique and Dina’s way of using stamps. They are all fab!

  135. ScrappinEweRobyn (Robyn) says:

    I have not played much yet as I needed to get some of the supplies needed plus I have been really sick. I am working on a LO that is using stencils, ink and mists.

  136. I have tried several and have tried to preview all of the Jumpstarts. I have filed the ones I definitely will try in a new folder. The folder is getting very full! I have also viewed tutorials at sponsor sites. Great creative sources. Thank you!

  137. I started an Art Journal and have tried any technique if I had the materials on hand. I even went and bought some new media to play with (glass bead gel). I’m having so much fun.

  138. I haven’t tried a lot of techniques yet, but I transferred some printings on metal and played around with my mists to get some nice splatters.

  139. Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to get ‘messy’ but I do have a long wish list of crafty goodies I need ok want to buy………LOL. And I have tagged the techniques I am going to try out, can’t wait 🙂

  140. Ooh I love the look of the products on offer!!
    I have tried the paint and brayer technique, and some of the stencil ones including Heidi’s technique 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  141. ruthee001 says:

    I haven’t started yet as it’s school holidays and I’ve been too busy.

  142. Sadly I’ve only had a chance to play with the stencil ideas – I wrenched my back and have been spending most of my time “glued” to a heating pad. At least I can catch up on all the videos! I’m dying to try the transfer with Crystal Clear that Christine showed us.

  143. Marge Naperski says:

    I have let myself not be intimidated by using gesso in other ways instead of just priming a canvas. I’ve used it now for texture as a background and also as a chalky kind of paint to highlight some of my work. I’ve not done any journaling, but I’m using these techniques on journal size canvas pages that I will eventually put together into a book.

  144. Jenny McGee says:

    I want to use some fun stencils with either paint or mist. I have a couple stencils I could dig out. Thanks.

  145. some painting- gelli- stencils…want to get thru all and then try them..OH! I DID DO Cat Scanlons water color tech! That was so scary and I almost threw mine out part way..then I kept going and I am pleased with the results! I hope to practice more with it! Thanks for the chance to win- I have one tonic paper cutter and it is by far THE BEST I have ever had! LOVE these jump start videos Nat!

  146. AmyMarie Riley says:

    I have tried some of them – mostly the ones with stencils, paints, sprays, and inks including the brayer one. Lots of fun and ideas that start with a technique and then go in different directions.

  147. Claudine G. says:

    I got a lot of ideas and some great techniques but I’ve had not time to try any yet. Maybe i’ll get some free time this weekend! lol

  148. leann lindeman says:

    I have tried several.. totally inspired with painting techniques.. I really want to buy one of the gelli plates to play with.

  149. Tonic products are great to use. I have used some of the resist techniques that without your video’s I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try .
    Many thanks for the wonderful video’s.

  150. luluvision says:

    So far I’ve only done some techniques with the sprays/mists but I am loving so many of the videos! I think I will re-watch all of them and do the techniques in a special journal. Thanks so much for doing this summit!!

  151. i get a lots of inspiration, but i had no time, i hope i get some time on the weekend, i will try with mask and with fabric and a lots of other thinks.

  152. I have made some backgrounds on my layouts, I have tried a few of the techniques using my own products like stamps, acrilic paints, masks & gesseo

  153. Actually making a shopping list for supplies for my favorite techniques. Just beginning so very needy.

  154. I have not yet tried them but have been taking notes and will definitely be giving most a try!! I’m really loving learning about all these techniques!!

  155. Barb Adams says:

    I have played around with stencils a little bit on some envelopes. What fun! In fact, I have a round robin envelope here that I might try some more of Julie Balzer’s techniques on before sending it back out.

  156. I tried the stencil technique with Distress ink, acrylic paints and spray and put it on mt blog. A also did the technique with foam stamps and stencils. I made a list with techniques I want to trie. I hope the video’s stay online after January. So much to do and so little time !

  157. Hi there! Ive tried to add a picture of my journal that I did a mixed media page for called, of course, creative jump start. I will try to mail it to you Natalie. Therefore, I have done every technique in it! It’s been a complete blast and makes my day each time one comes in. xox lovies, Samara

  158. I have made some backgrounds on my layouts, and the teknic Heidi made with the heart and stamps.

  159. I’ve loved catherines tutorial so much i joined her online class…. AND LOVED Cuchy’s and will have a go with napkins over the weekend!!!

  160. vickyday13 says:

    I’ve been using some of the spray mist techniques and there are LOTS of others I want to try!

  161. I have been playing with sprays and will progress to acrylic paints very soon

  162. Just played with my mists so far…. so much fun getting so many new ideas!!! THANKS!

  163. i was going to say yes, i tried this or that, but really i didn`t find the time yet to sit and enjoy with all this. But i`m taking note of everything. Thank you all.

  164. paulinerose says:

    I haven’t had a chance to do any of the techniques as yet, but I have purchased a journal and my plan is to rewatch all the videos, do the techniques in the journal and write the directions and attach to the opposing page so to remember them.

  165. I haven’t tried any of the techniques yet. I am just starting out so I don’t have a lot of the supplies. Great techniques though and I hope to be able to try them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  166. I haven’t gotten to try any yet as I am out of town. But, I have saved many of them so I can try them later. Have been learning a lot and getting some great ideas. And of course, getting interested in techniques I didn’t even know existed. lol

  167. Louise Dubord says:

    I have done one tag from the beginning. I have been totally mesmerized by Catherine Matthews Scanlon (especially the flowers). I am planning to do all the techniques in a reference book, so I can consult it over and over. thanks.

  168. Rebecca White says:

    I have used some of the techniques with sprays this month on a page for Halloween.

  169. So far I haven’t had a chance to try any of the techniques but I have filed them all in my wee brain to use soon. There is so much inspiration in these videos.

  170. So far I’ve tried quite a lot of the techniques. With the stamps, stencils, brushes, using paint, ink, gel medium, paste. This afternoon I wanted to give the napkins on paper techniques a go, but got caught up in office work.

  171. I hadn’t tried any techniques yet, but my notes page is full of ideas how to apply and use them in my projects….and a bunch of blogs’ addresses – the main results of this workshop is how many talented scrapper/designer I know now! thanks for the opportunity!

  172. I haven’t actually tried any of the techniques yet, but I’ve bought some of the supplies to try the Krylon Clear Coat transfers on fabric and metal. So new to me! I’ve got a list of supplies a page long to buy in order to try some of the other techniques as well! thanks for all of the inspiration! Loving Revlie’s video yesterday too and ordered a template from her etsy store. Will definitely try that one soon too…it’s all so fabulous. My head is swimming!

  173. I get a lot of inspiration, I tried some acrylic ….

  174. I tried the brayer technique…amazing!

  175. I’ve tried a bunch of them. I’ve taken notes, too, so I’ll remember my faves. Most recently, I’ve been paying with pan pastels.

  176. Elena Cid says:

    Me encantan. Sobre todo los pounch. Para el art journal son perfectos

  177. Celeste B. says:

    I have tried some of the first ones with stencils, paint, mist, etc.

  178. I am keeping a journal of all the jumpstarts with a spare page opposite so I can get to them as soon as the kids get back to school (I have 4). You see, in Australia it is our Summer holidays and there isn’t much creative time to be had….
    But I am sooooo itching to get creative now!!!!!!!

  179. Enjoying all the how-tos and keeping notes. Haven’t put them into practice yet, but I have some great ideas inspired by these techniques. Hoping to win a giveaway that will increase my inspiration!

  180. thanks for the chance! yes! i have tried some of the techniques! so inspiring and fun! totally rocking – this CJ13!!!

  181. I use to do journal!:) and one flower:) thanks!!

  182. Sharon van Beek says:

    I have been trying some of the techniques in my art journal and I’m making a list of tips and techniques I want to try in the future.

  183. There has been so many great things to do and new materials for me, unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to trying any of the technics yet, but I love the mails and save every one of them for future reference.

  184. mlcain0202 says:

    So far I have done the glass bead gel in the templates, using the misting spray on the templates, and embossed double sided tape. I love these emails and getting to work on these projects. I can not wait to try more of these ideas. Thanks for putting this together and all the great giveaways we have a chance to win.

  185. I need to stop making excuses an get to my craft room to start playing with some of the techniques, there’s so much to learn and do!

  186. I did the very 1st one, the embossing powder on double stick tape, and used it to frame around my CJS 2013 title tag for the tag book of techniques I’m making. These daily projects are fun! Can’t tell you how much I’m learning.

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