USArtQuest’s Jump Start


Our next Jump Start is brought to you by USArtQuest


USArtQuest, Inc. began with 2 unique videos and a search for the perfect adhesive. Not satisfied with anything currently on the market, collage artist Susan Pickering Rothamel experimented until an adhesive was developed with all the qualities she was looking for—UV protection, acid-free, archival, non-sticky, non-toxic, and odor-free. The result—Perfect Paper Adhesive™. USArtQuest was formed to market this product and Susan’s instructional videos on collage and assemblage. That was in 1993.Since then, USArtQuest has continued researching and developing new and unusual mixed media art materials. The business quickly outgrew Sue’s home studio and is now located in a wonderful old building of offices and warehouses, in a rural country setting in Grass Lake, MI.

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To jump start your creativity USArtQuest gives away this one amazing Prize pack


Prize Giveaway: 2 MicaColor Palettes & a Detail Brush

Painting with MicaColor opens up a world of possibilities. Tiny, transparent mica flakes—highly refractive and reflective—create shimmering effects. Use as you would any other watercolor, mix with traditional watercolors, or apply them over watercolor markers. They’re highly pigmented with a thick, brushable consistency that’s ideal for creating opaque surfaces. For more transparency or to use as a stain, simply add more water. Receive 2 MicaColor Palettes (Metallic & Interference) and a Detail Brush.

Here is what you have to do in order to be able to win this giveaway:

Leave a comment here and tell us how you found out about Creative JumpStart 2013!

Good luck! The winner will be chosen randomly with a number generator picking the a number out of the comment entries and will be announced the first week of February.The website address with all giveaway winners will  be sent out with a newsletter. You have to be of the age of 18 to enter. Comments have to be posted till February 1, 2013 midnight Central European Time as this is when the Creative Jumpstart 2013 officially ends. Double entries will be deleted! All comments received after the February 1, 2013 will not be eligible for winning. You must be signed in for the Creative JumpStart 2013 Newsletter to be eligible for the giveaway. 


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

Again this year we’re able to bring your Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 free. A lot of energy and love went into this event, and the work has been nonstop for months.

If you would like to help offset these costs and support me in my effort to keep Creative JumpStart free, you can donate here. It is completely up to you if you donate and how much or how little you give.

If you have technical problems– please check the FAQ Page for possible answers.


  1. Christine says:

    Would love to win this – it just gives an extra shine 🙂

  2. I too found you thru Julie’s blog & am delighted with all your tips ‘n techniques. Love the giveaways…these special mica colors would be a true gift to win. Thank you, Nat!

  3. helenec6075 says:

    Hi Nat, we met at the PACS 2 years ago in France (remember me? I am French but I speak German too). Since then I have been following your blog and I also followed the creative jump start last year. It is great. You are doing a marvelous job (not only there either) and I want to thank you and also thank all the great artists who give their time for us to discover these wonderful techniques. oh! and I am late in watching the videos, so I hope to have time to see them all.LOL. Love from Paris, Helene

  4. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember.

  5. I found out through the Prima blog.

  6. cindy craig says:

    I found CJS by looking at mixed media blog sites. I love all the tips!!

  7. I found out from *nstudio teasers and a lil’ Birdie told me 🙂

  8. Lou Ann sindler says:

    I found out about creative jump-start by browsing the internet, I came across Natalie’s site and was so excited, she has been one of my favorites for a long time.

  9. I found CJS by blog hopping between mixed media artists, most likely from Julie FFB’s blog

  10. I subscribe to a blog by a wonderful lady called Kate Palmer (Sparkle Tart is her blog) She is very creative and does beautiful things with the most unusual (to me) products! Hugs!

  11. This is wonderful! I found out through a Facebook friend that attends CHA. I am so happy for this opportunity.

  12. I heard about it at a mix medium class I was taking.

  13. Wow, those MicaColor Palettes look fabulous! I took part in last year’s Creative Jumpstart.
    In the beginning of this year I was wondering if there would be a another series and went to Nathalie’s website to look. So glad I did!

  14. Gayle Richmond says:

    Some talented ladies were talking about in a ustream I was watching and I am so glad they did. Every video I watch gives me another push to just do it.

  15. I found out about it on Nathalie’s blog.

  16. a Facebook friend invited me!
    ~Nancy (

  17. Lorraine Melanson says:

    Thank for a chance to win this great prize. I found out about Creative Jump Start from a friend’s Pinterest post.

  18. Jessica Hiltz says:

    I found cjs from a friend on facebook. I am so happy I did. It has been great!!

  19. I cant remember how I found it but did it last year too. and this year I got to meet Nathalie at CHA, I was so excited. I spent time with her talking and playing with supplies she had there, so much fun and what a complete angel she is. I am so glad I found CJS and Nat, they are both just the absolute best!!! thanks for the chance to win what looks like an amazing product that I have not seen yet, sure sounds like fun. xox

  20. Helen Strawford says:

    From Nat’s facebook page after meeting her at CHA Winter 2013

  21. I found out about it when I found Catherine Scanlon’s blog. I am so glad that I did.

  22. Awesome prize! The product looks like yet another medium I must try. I learned about CJS from Balzer Designs blog. Julie mentioned it a few times. CJS has been AMAZING!

  23. I just love anything creative. I was surfing on the web and found the link.

  24. Nice JumpStart series. Thanks for arranging all this.

  25. I saw a reference to Creative Jumpstart on the Splitcoaststampers forum.

  26. Pinterest 🙂 surfing around.

  27. I started out on SplitCoastStampers and started hopping some blogs and there you were! It’s so fun!

  28. I found CJS through a chat in an online ustream class. So glad I signed up. The inspiration is amazing.

  29. katiusca mosqueira says:

    hola , siempre estoy husmeando en Internet y descubrí esto por casualidad me encanto la idea y ahora los sigo todos los días que puedo.

  30. I found JumpStart while surfing the net for mixed media art blogs.

  31. one of my artist blogger friends told me about it.

  32. I found out about Creative Jump Start from a friend. I started following their blog and video’s. Then they posted about it and I thought what a fun way to learn, as I am new to mixed media and the numerous products! So that you for an awesome experience!

  33. I was lucky to find out about the Creative Jump Start 2013 when Finnabair annonced it at her FB in December. Thank you so much, for giving this project for free! It’s a wonderful work you are doing getting all these designers & companies participating in CJS!

  34. Lynn Shaffer says:

    A friend of mine last year told me about it and raved so this year I jumped onboard! So glad I did

  35. I found out about it by following some links online-think from Heidi Swapp

  36. I am an avid blogger and am also on many yahoo groups centered around ATC and art journaling. I heard about CJS from a friend in one of my Yahoo groups and I am so glad because I’m finish it really awesome.

  37. Jean McBride says:

    All my many hours spend on the internet looking at everything crafty I came across CJS and to start with I didn’t think I would bother with signing up …but am I glad I did!

  38. I found out from a comment made to a post I made in lifebook 2013, when I said there were too many days between Mondays. A kind soul told me creative jump start would give me ideas, techniques, inspiration, and best of all iris FREE! She was more than right I love all the tips and videos however my pocketbook is suffering with all the new product examples I’m seeing……:-)

  39. I found you from Sulia, then bookmarked you and am really digging this journey!

  40. Through an online stamping group. I love the ide & the fact that it is free. Thanks so much for putting this together it is amazing

  41. My sister sent me an email and I was immediately interested!

  42. Katie Hill says:

    I took CJS last year. I found out about it via Heidi Swapp. This year has exceeded my expectations. Thanks a ton!

  43. I found you while searching the web for great websites….and there you were! So excited!

  44. Stéphanie says:

    I don’t remember how I found CJS !!! Often, I just “blog hop” to find new idea…

  45. i’m going to have to go back and check out how to videos on another slow work day


  46. I found out through the amazing Nathalie’s blog!

  47. I am pretty sure it was on FB. I had heard of it before on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog.

  48. I found Creative Jump Start through Birgit Koopsen, thanks al lot Birgit!

  49. I found Creative Jump start through my dear friend Christine D. 🙂

  50. Love the colors! Great ideas!

  51. I found out about Jumpstart from Karen Ellis and her website “Art House Studio; in Cambridge Ontario. Lucky that I did!!!! What a learning experience!

  52. Tina Walker says:

    I participated in CJS last year and loved it! I couldn’t wait until 2013 for a new year of Jumping my creativity!

  53. A friend sent me the link to CJS earlier this month. Thanks for a great work!

  54. One of my artsy friends said this was a must do.

  55. Heidi Swapp’s blog!!! And can I tell you how much I love Heidi!!! So of course I had to check out CJS! So so so glad I did.

  56. My friend Judy discovered it last year on the internet and we enjoyed it together. She also sent me a reminder this year… great friend!!

  57. April Soncrant says:

    I found Creative Jump Start while pinning on Pinterest.

  58. I don;t remember where but last year I read about it, probably on Facebook. This year it was just natural to join again!

  59. I found CJS through a facebook group and I am really enjoying it. Thank You!

  60. hettiecraft says:

    I found out about Jump Starts through a blogging friend, but I cannot for the life of me remember who that was. I wish I could so I could thank her for pointing me in your direction! 🙂

  61. I found out about CJS through That’s Scrap inc forum. It has been great.

  62. I found out about Creative Jumpstart from my very best friend and partner in crime when it comes to anything creative!

  63. I found out about Creative Jumpstart through another blog. I clicked on a mixed media piece of artwork on Pinterest and it took me to a blog. On that blog’s sidebar was the Creative Jumpstart logo which I clicked on. I tried retracing my steps to tell friends how to register but couldn’t find the original artwork again on Pinterest 😦

  64. caroldeezigns says:

    A friend sent me info on JumpStart. . .and I’m trying to catch up on all the great info, videos and giveaways!

  65. I did CJS last year and enjoyed it so. It only makes sense to join you again this year and luckily you sent me an email!

  66. I found out through an email I received. Although, I am starting really late, I a,really enjoying all the creativity and new techniques. Glad I have time to work through the videos and ideas!

  67. Having fun and learning a bunch of new techniques and ideas! Thank You…really enjoying myself!

  68. I found CJS blog hopping. It sounded interesting so I thought i would join in.I am so glad I did I’m learning and getting lots of great tips. Will definately join up again next year

  69. I found CJS through a friend!! 🙂

  70. I found CJS through a friend who has finished almost all the techniques. I’d love to win the watercolors. I was visiting New Art Legacies in Fairview Heights IL to buy more DUO & Prills Friday and saw them. I think they will have to wait for my next SS check next month. That just gives me something new to look forward to each month.

  71. Hi there – I found out about Creative Jump Start when visiting the Prima Marketing blog sometime in December. I eagerly awaited the start and am really enjoying this journey with you all.

  72. carol donaghy says:

    I am taking mixed media class; at Saturday’s class one of the members strongly suggested we check out Creative Jump start and so I am doing so for the first time today

  73. Phazereyes says:

    I found out about Creative Jumpstart from Nat’s website!! So glad I did, thank you for all of the inspiration and for the chance to win.

  74. annemarks says:

    I found out about the Jump Start via an email I received – but I dont remember where I signed up for the email. I am really enjoying all the videos, and would love to win these palettes I have always wanted them 🙂

  75. I found out about CJS on “That’s Scrap, inc.” Forum.

  76. I found CJS through a frient who fond it search the internet.

  77. I found out about it on Facebook and I’m so happy I did!

  78. I took part in CJS 2012 and loved it! This year i saw the logo on Pinterest 🙂

  79. Surfing the web brought to Nathalie’s blog, where I learned about Jump Start.

  80. I found CJS through a swedish scrapbooking forum,

  81. Found out about CJS through Cocoa Daisy website. So glad that I did!

  82. Lisa Campion says:

    I learned of Creative Jumpstart from the lovely Karen Ellis, owner of The Art House Studio in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada in her newsletter email. So happy Karen is a part of this group of inspiring teachers!

  83. Soula White says:

    I am fortunate to live in the same city, as “Art House Studio” owned by Karen Ellis, one of your fabulous teachers.

  84. Sharyn Moy says:

    I found Creative Jump Start while blog surfing. I have only watched a few videos so far and I have learnt so much already. CJS rocks.

  85. I was blog jumping and found Nat’s blog and read about it there. 🙂

  86. Ellen Johnson says:

    I found Creative Jumpstart by jumping around from links from Sketchbook Challenge.

  87. It started out by buying USArtQuest products that Susan Pickering Rothamel demonstrated at Suburan Collections in Novi MI. Then through searching the web I found out about CJS. It caught my interest so here I am.

  88. I received a mail talking about it from Nath, because I took some of her online classes. Thanks you shared it!!!! 😉

  89. I saw it on Kate Palmer Sparkle Tart blog

  90. Lea Patterson says:

    I played along with Creative Jump Start last year and was so excited to see that you were doing it again.

  91. I found out from you Nat! 😉 Well your Facebook Page at least.

  92. Came here through Natalie and wonder; was there no video tutorial on this day?

  93. Bea Arreola says:

    a friend told me about it!

  94. J’ai eu la chance de découvrir CJS par le biais du blog de Claudine Hellmuth !
    Merci de nous faire partager cette mine de techniques !

  95. Angela Bolton says:

    I was searching the internet for a tutorial that would help me with ways to use ink. i found one of Nat’s videos posted online then went to her blog and was just in time to still register for this event. I have loved every minute of it!

  96. Barbara Ferguson says:

    I found out about CJS2013 thru a facebook friend

  97. I found Creative Jumpstart by checking out Natalie’s blog!

  98. Joelle Hancox says:

    It was mentioned on a board that I hang out at at Flying Unicorn one of the members is playing along

  99. I found CJS through a Creaking Keepsakes link.

  100. Jodyjogirl says:

    A friend posted it on her facebook, so I checked it out and signed up 🙂

  101. dzfollies says:

    I found out about Jumpstart through prima’s facebook

  102. My Sister Signed up and posted it on her wall and I shared it on mine then some of my scrappy friends joined and it got posted on a forum we are all on 🙂

  103. Jodie Hardy says:

    One of my scrapbooking friends messaged me about Creative Jumpstart 2013. She told a friend who told a friend who told a friend, etc 🙂

  104. Maria McGuire says:

    I found out about Creative Jump Start because of Nathalie’s Blog and doing it last year.

  105. i discovered jumpstart from Theresa, a member of a crafting yahoo group.this has certainly helped to jumpstart my creativity. USArtQuest rocks!!!

  106. Rebecca Buchanan says:

    I learned of Creative Jumpstart through Claudine Hellmuth one of the featured artists. I subscribe to her newsletter. This is the first time hearing about this and following all the artists and products and it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to all.

  107. Not sure if I already entered this give away- I remember saying I found out about CJS from Janna Werner who reminded me to sign up for the videos this year. I was a member last year as well.

  108. OMG ! tous ces commentaires ^^ moi j’ai trouvé avec Nathalie Kalbach, Finnabair et louise Nelson
    merci :-))

  109. Kimbolie-Kat says:

    I found out about Creative Jump Start from one of my Brave Girl Art School friends.

  110. Found Creative Jump Start through a post on a textile list I belong to. I’m playing catch-up since I missed the actual start date. So far I’ve only watched a few videos but am looking forward to viewing them all. You never know what technique will spark a new idea for your art work.

  111. Found CJS via another blog. I’m so happy that I did as I’ve enjoyed the videos and blog as well as other blogs I found via the videos. I’m in love with mixed media and learning all I can about it so I appreciate the opportunity to win some supplies.

  112. I found out VIA a virtual friends blog, and I am so glad she convinced me to join, I have found it so inspirational


  113. I found out about Creative Jump Start through someone in the One Little Word forum. I started a thread asking for resources to learn more about mixed media and she shared about Creative Jump Start. I’m so glad I found out about it. Thanks!

  114. I made an Art Journal page- page 2…the first was Dec 2011….My bucket list this year was to learn more mixed media and not to let another year go by….. I saw a link to Art Journaling every day with Julie Balzar, and found this link from there……Oh….I am so thrilled- I am having a ball watching and learning from all of these fun video’s! I am a card-making Technique Junkie, so want to more forward and learn more……

  115. I found out about it from my friend who told me that is an amazing way to learn how to use some media in my scrapbook projects;)

  116. Robin Goens says:

    A friend of mine posted the information on a private Facebook group. So glad I found Creative JumpStart and signed up to participate.

  117. helen markee says:

    found through Julie Fei-Fan Balzar

  118. I think it was on Two Peas in a Bucket website but not certain…short memory…and short on time only up to day 4 at the 16th. working my way a few today.

  119. Lorraine Mcneil says:

    Hi, I follow Kate Palmers blog and received an email about Creative JumpStart. Brilliant idea. Loving it.

  120. Fiona Lally says:

    I found out about CJS 2013 by Nathalie’s newsletter. I did it last year and had so much fun that when I saw it was happening again I just had to do it!

  121. Cynthia Ellis says:

    I found out about CJS 2013 via and email from Julie Fei Fan Balzer,=.

  122. I found out about CJS through Julie Fei-Fan Balzers blog

  123. I found out the the Jump Starts by following Nathalie’s blog’s newsletter which I found through Prima.

  124. cooperandmax says:

    I found out about JumpStart through a blog that I regularly read. Thanks so much!

  125. I found out about CJS 2013 from Kate Palmer – love Kate and her creations!

  126. I found this JumpStart from an email feed from Sparkle Tart by Kate Palmer, and I am so thankful she sent it out ! Thanks Kate, and all the Jumpstarters….just amazing!

  127. I found out about Jumpstart through a scrapbooking forum I belong to

  128. Claudine G. says:

    I found out thrue a friend on facebook

  129. Found you last year and here I am again!! Love all the new techniques!

  130. I found out about Creative Jump Start from the amazing, multi-talented Vicki Chrisman.

  131. I did Jumpstart last year and here I am again!! I can’t remember how I found it, but glad I did!

  132. Shirley Sendgraff says:

    Hi! I found out about Creative Jump Start from Vicki Chrismans blog…she always inspires me so I thought I’d try this! Really love all the creative ideas!! Thanks!!

  133. Ho scoperto CJS tramite un gruppo su Facebook…..Grazie di cuore questi video sono doni meravigliosi per imparare…. Un abbraccio a tutti dall’Italia.

  134. scrappininak says:

    I took part in CJS last year – so glad I can do it again

  135. Brenda Ryan says:

    Just happened to be on Claudine’s blog and read about the jump starts. Have enjoyed all of them, Except for 2 that I can’t seem to get to the video part. USArtquest being one of them. Time to go create something!

  136. I always enjoy Art Quest when I go to the Rubber Stamp Conventions – one of my favorite places to shop! Thanks for the jump start.

  137. I took part in CJS 2012 and loved it! So glad to participate again this year. 🙂

  138. NancyGrace says:

    I cannot remember how I found out about the Creative Jump Start Summit. I thought I found the link on, but now am thinking that couldn’t be. Probably on one of the many craft blogs I occasionally link into, but the bottom line is:

    I am REALLY glad I found it!

  139. One of my facebook scrapping friends posted on fb a link to jump start, I have been uncreative for the last 3 years and Creative Jump Start has inpired me to get back into my scrapping and card making…..thankyou soooo much. I am just loving it…..xxxxx

  140. Lisamariemlt says:

    I was invited by a wonderful facebook crafty friend…..I’ve enjoyed all and have learned lots

  141. suzannebouchard says:

    I found out about creative jumpstart 2013 by Nathalie’s newsletter . I watched the 2012 version also. Looove it. You discover, new artists, new technqiue and new products!

  142. Tamara McKlveen says:

    My friend Nancy at work told me about Creative Jump Start – so glad she did!!

  143. I found the wonderful JumpStarts while blog hopping. So glad I did!

  144. amazing thanks for the chance to win!!

  145. I found out about Jumpstart through The Flying Unicorn forum where several of the ladies are following it.

  146. I joined through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog last year and was amazed at the generous sharing of techniques, tips and hints given by such a great group of .mixed media artists, This year I’m back again and once more blown away by the generosity of spirit shown by the contributing artists. Thank you all!

  147. Thanks for organizing this cool series, I’m enjoy all the videos. I found out about CJS through the blogs of some of your guest artists that I subscribe to.

  148. Love CJS 😀 I was participating last year and I think this year is even better 😀 Last year I found out about CJS from Anna Björklund. Since then I follow Nat on the Facebook 😀

  149. Waouhhhhhh beautiful colors … i don’t find in france … Thank you for this great giveaway… thanks a lot ladies for workshops … It’s fabulous :)))

  150. I think I had passed the JumpStart info on to my friend and then forgot all about it. When I was visiting with her, she happened to mention the creative jumpstart videos that she was learning from – on a daily basis. She then invited me to join. I sure glad I forwarded the info to her. Thanks for all the neat ideas for creating!

  151. I followed the Creative Jump Start last year, and joined again this year….great inspiration! Thank you so much for a chance to win.

  152. Denise Werkheiser says:

    Hi! I found out about CJS 2013 through Dina Wakely`s blog just yesterday . . . I am enjoying everything I have seen so far. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win the give-away!

  153. I found out through

  154. Tonya Love says:

    I found out through Balzer’s blog! This has been so incredible, thank you!

  155. I found here via a tweet! Thanks for opportunity to win!

  156. These look like fun! What beautiful effects they must give. I did the Jump Start Summit last year, and really enjoyed all that I learned, so I knew I wanted to do it again this time around!

  157. Charlotte Van Wyk says:

    Love all the creativity and info going on here. This is my first Jump Start and I have invited quite a couple of friends and they all joined and am loving it!

  158. Barbara Eichner says:

    I subscribe to Nathalie’s blog. SO excited to follow this year

  159. annawidmark says:

    I found out from a Facebook friend, she told me about this awesome way to get the creativity going after Christmas. I just love it!

  160. I followed it last year and liked it verry much, so this year is even better!

  161. I found out through Dede’s Coffee & Art in the Morning Ustream

  162. Limor on Facebook has a group called limor1278 mixed media art group some one had posted the creative jump start in her group. Thanks for all the fun videos and Great Give aways….xoxo

  163. I saw one of my fellow bloggers enjoying CJS and thought I’d join in too. Wish I’d known about it last year. lol

  164. angiesuez says:

    I try to watch Nat on youtube. Not really sure where I first heard. She is fab!

  165. Betty Dallas says:

    This is my 1st year doing this and I found out about it from a friend on the internet @ The Stamp Shack. I hope that I’ll be included every year from now on because I’m totally loving every minute of it. Although I’m staying up much later than I should (playing in my craft room!) Thank you all.

  166. This is a fantastic product, the more you use it, the more ways you think of integrating into your work! Mine is almost gone, so I hope I have the good luck to win!

  167. Ginny Vehar says:

    I found out about CJS when a bunch of my friends e-mailed me about it. Apparently, they thought I needed it!

  168. Um, I honestly don’t remember! But if I had to guess, I think it may have been on the Willowing site, as I was looking at joining the Life Book class. LOL It’s funny how you hop from place to place, and end up in new places!! However I found it, I am REALLY glad I did!!!! Loving it so far!!!!!

  169. Stacy Caddy says:

    I did CJS last year and found it through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

  170. I did CJS last year, but I was reminded of it through Julie Balzer’s Blog

  171. I followed it on Nat´s blog last year and loved it. So this year again 🙂

  172. I have been following art from the heart blog for a little while and I found it on there last week! It has been fun to follow along and catch up!

  173. I love Creative Jumpstart! Last year I participated in the Jumpstart and my way to think about art and my own work and possibilities changed. I learned so much, the most important, don´t be afraid of testing new things, just let loose and see what happens. This new vision has helpt me develop myself over the year. This time, with a creative jumpstart in my back I can test all the new tecniques and get new ideas out of the artists videos but also from the members sharing their work at FB. This is so fun, this is what creativity is all about! I found out about the Creative Jumpstart last year and this year because I follows Nathalies blog:)

  174. I do a lot of searching the Internet for new classes. I found this from the blog of an artist whose class I had taken.

  175. Amy Bunner says:

    Loving Creative Jumpstart! I found out about it online……Balzer Designs, I believe.

  176. I found cjs through Nat’s blog – joined late & catching up!

  177. Facebook and art journal friends

  178. I learned of cjs from a very special friend and I am enjoying it so much! Thanks to all of you for sharing tips, techniques, inspiration, etc.

  179. One if the women in our ATC group shared CJS with us. Can’t thank her enough, already learned a few things I can’t wait to try.

  180. gshillitani says:

    I think I found out on either the LifeBook or BOD-P class discussion boards? I’m not sure!!!! LOL I am thoroughly enjoying it though!

  181. Gillian Middleton says:

    I love PPA glue and I found out about it and creative jumpstart from Karen Ellis, fellow Canadian, jumpstart presenter and crafter extraordinaire. I went to her Mixed Minded conference last year and fell in love with art all over again. I love sparkly things and would love the mica paints. Thank,s, Gillian

  182. Hello
    I find your site through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog. This is a french blogger friend who loves Julie made ​​me discover her website.Thank you Chantalyon.
    Every day I am excited to see the new video and the proposed technique.
    I cross my fingers to win this product I do not know.

  183. ruthee001 says:

    Nice colours. I found out through Unique Stitching. Thanks.

  184. I learn’t of Jumpstart via a fellow Aussie talented artist Lou Nelson on facebook who provided all the details and links. Thankyou it’s fabulous!

  185. I’m so tired I called you Natalie and meant to say Nat..

    Loving 2013 and was so glad I participated in 2012!! Glad I “stayed in touch” to find out about 2013!

  186. I learned about Jump Start 2013 from Natalie’s blog. Loving it!! I learned about Natalie from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog.

  187. I think someone shared it on Facebook, though I don’t remember who. Whoever it was, I’m glad they did, because I’m really enjoying this! 🙂

  188. Sylvia Whitesides says:

    So far I;m loving the creative jumpstart videos, thanks for the chance to win fun products!

  189. I was invited to CJS by a friend 🙂

  190. I found the workshop from Julie Fei-Fan Balzers blog. love the colors

  191. I found out about Creative Jumpstart from Christine Delgadillo’s blog and Facebook post. Am loving all the inspiration!

  192. Laurie G. says:

    I found CJS thru Christine Delgadillo who had an incredible video today. I am loving all the wonderful creativitiy. Thanks for an opportunity to win your awesome products 🙂

  193. Katie Nolan-Denham says:

    I found out about Creative Jump Start from a friend who shared on FB. So happy she did!

  194. I found out through a friend on facebook.

  195. I read about the Creative Jump Start on somebody´s Blog, but I don´t remember, where.
    As I know Nat from the Creativa in Dortmund I was very interested because I like her and her work very much.

  196. I found Creative jump start thru karen Ellis, great lady and loved by many 🙂
    Thank-you for the opportunity

  197. I saw one of my friends share it on Facebook and happily signed up for the fun! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  198. Ooo! Those mica flake pallets look so cool! I found Nathalie and Creative Jump Start 2012 through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog. I can only imagine the massive undertaking to bring this gift to us all, and am thrilled that she has been able to continue this year with CJS 2013! Thank you to Nat, the designers, and the sponsors!

  199. Mary Beth D says:

    I’m so glad I heard about CJS13 through members of our Creative Seasons art quilting group who participated in 2012. Now I’m excited to open my email every day to see what wonderful new technique is there! Thanks to Nat and all the participating artists!

  200. Kathy Carr says:

    I’m a loyal follower of Nat’s blog and love it!

  201. Linda Rapchak says:

    A wonderful Artsy online classmate mentioned it….and after seeing it on Julie’s blog as well….i just HAD to check it out….soooooooooooo glad I did! This is so cool!

  202. I found out Creative Jumpstart through all my friends on Facebook! Hi you all ! 😀 Thanks for the chance 😉

  203. I believe that it was a tweet that I saw. I am always looking for more inspiration. This is fitting that bill! Thank you!

  204. how did i find out about Creative Jumpstart????? Facebook and Lou Nelson. ❤ that woman.

  205. I came across CJS thru Nat. I found her from a blog hop Artcellar was hosting. Thanks for sharing…Judith, Texas

  206. I came across Nat’s blog and found out.

  207. Angela Vular says:

    I found out through Nat’s blog. Thank you for offering this give away. I’m really enjoying Creative Jumpstart.

  208. I found out through Nat’s blog.

  209. I found out through D’s Paper Studio blog.

  210. Shawna G. says:

    I learned about Creative JumpStart in the chat of the Ustream mixed media show given by Dede: Coffee and Art in the Morning!

  211. raine1313 says:

    I don’t remember how I first heard about this. But it’s all been lots of fun!

  212. I missed last years´ and was very happy when yesterday I saw Creative Jumpstart 2013 visiting Carmen Sanchez ´s blog.

  213. I found out through Terri Sproul’s Linqto videos through comments from Joe Rotello.

  214. I found out about jump start through Janna Werner’s Blog.

  215. Thank you for the chance to enter. I found out about CJS through several Facebook friends who mentioned it, Karen Ellis, for one.

  216. monicalake says:

    I’m a follower of Nathalie’s blog and signed up when it was announced!

  217. i found out through a link from nat’s blog after i googled tutorials because i needed some help with using the USArtquest micacolours that i have. i discovered that i have the interference set and *need* the deeper colours. 🙂

  218. I’m a loyal follower of Nat’s blog and love it!

  219. I was blog hopping and came across it. Love the info

  220. I found out about CJS 2013 through Dina Wakely`s blog. Love those many ideas that are given every day. They really inspire me! Thanks sooo much for them!

  221. I found out through Facebook and some of your awesome fans over there. I am loving this!

  222. I found out through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog. I like that it covers a bit of everything and had to share it with my mom.

  223. Jan White says:

    word of mouth. My friend Barb Wenkel told me about it.

  224. I found you through Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s blog and I’m so glad I did – Thank you so much 🙂

  225. Celeste B. says:

    I don’t remember exactly where I first heard about it, but it was one of the blogs or Facebook pages I follow.

  226. dianna clark says:

    I found out about creative jumpstart from my best friend Shelly. I have really enjoyed the jumpstart videos with the tips and techniques. This is going to be an incredible year. I would love to win and try out the micacolor palettes. They are gorgeous colors and look like lots of fun. Thank you!!!

  227. I found out o facebook:) thanks for a chance to win!

  228. A friend of mine sent me the info on facebook and I wasn’t sure what it was but thought I’d sign up. I love all the techniques being used and so many ways to use the same products. I am learning a lot and can’t wait to try everything!

  229. thanks for the chance! i found out through nat´s website!

  230. A friend I met at a weekend class at Donna Downey studios put a link on Facebook. Several girls from the class commented how awesome last years class was so I HAD to sign up! So far, they were correct……. CJS is awesome!

  231. I was told about this creative site by a friend and I am so glad she did…Looking forward to being inspired by great products and creative people!

  232. deborahl591 says:

    Through Nat’s blog and a Facebook invitation via the events. I’m glad I came. thanks

  233. Harlene M Schwartz says:

    Not sure how I found out about Jumpstart 2013. Maybe it was Heidi Swapps blog? Love it so far!

  234. I enjoyed Jumpstart 2012 and re-signed up for this Jumpstart 2013. Chuchy told me about it. It´s a great idea!.

  235. Oh goodness – I can’t even remember. Was it Graftgossip? But am I ever glad I found it! I’ve been in a creative funk for way too long and this series has me biting at the bit to get into my craftroom now 🙂

  236. I found it on Birgit Koopsen’s blog. Cool Deal !!!

  237. Annie Day says:

    I found out about CJS by googling for a certain art technique and being directed to Nat’s blog. What an amazing collection of artists and creativity!

  238. Kat Filby says:

    Hi, I found out about CJS from LuvLeeScrappin – Leanne.

  239. This would be FAB to win….thanks for the opportunity:)):):(

  240. I read about CJS through Natalie’s blog. What a lucky find. Thank you for organizing.

  241. I found out about CJS from Heidi Swapp’s blog. I would love to win the USArtQuest palettes since I already bought many of their products from the craft shows in Novi, MI.

  242. Invitation through facebook by Birgit Koopsen. Thanks ! Otherwise I would have missed this because of not being on the www lately. Last year was super. I was sleeping……….

  243. Found out about this years jump start on FB.

  244. I found out about it from Anna Dabrowska’s blog, so happy I joined, loving it all so far.

  245. I found out about Creative Jump Start last year through Julie Balzer’s blog. It feels a bit like six degrees of separation!

  246. Hi I found out about Creative Jump start through Julie Fei-Fan Balzers FB page and also through my friend Amy.

  247. laurabeanct says:

    I think I heard through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  248. Finnabair told us on facebook 🙂

  249. well I found you out You from the blog of my colleague and I’m so happy that I did!

  250. Hi, I found you throug Creative Jump Start, you have amazing products and thanks for the chance to win!

  251. I found about about CJS 2012 from a pin on Pinterest. I signed up last year & loved it. I told as many people as I could about this so they could join. I am so happy that Nat and the gang has been able to pull this off this year, too. I’ve told whatever art groups I am a part of to join. What a WONDERFUL way to start out our creative new year. Thank you ALL!

  252. I found out through Nat’s blog.

  253. found out through Heidi Swapps blog

  254. Christina says:

    I found out through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog. Everything been great so far.

  255. I found CJS through Karen Ellis (#9). I have attended a workshop that she held late last spring and love her style!

  256. claire hammerbacher says:

    From Maryjo McGraw!

  257. Neija Zeugme says:

    I found out through your blog. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  258. Joanne Penner says:

    I found out about jump start through The Art House Studio

  259. Karina McQuistan says:

    I found out about CJS through Heidi Swapp’s twitter page! I am glad I did! This has been a lot of fun so far! Thank you!

  260. Kim Houston says:

    Julie Balzer’s blog.
    I was excited to read that Sue’s company is headquartered in Michigan. I love supporting my local economy!

  261. I founf out about it after watching one of Nat’s you-tube videos looked into what it was and signed up for this year 2013.

  262. Virginia Hampson aka Wirg says:

    I’m catching up with the CJS 2013 today as I’ve been away interstate since before Christmas. Loving the videos so far and the products the ladies have been using. I have a good collection of inks, sprays & masks already. I will be picking up some new art journals next time I’m at the shops and will be getting my craft on more now I no longer have to go to work. 2013 is going to be a good fun crafty, creative year I feel!!

    • Virginia Hampson aka Wirg says:

      PS Oops, I new about CJS 2013 because I followed the 2012 CJS and wanted to follow again this year!

  263. me entere gracias al blog de cuchy que sigo y como ella hace unas maravillas y estaba muy emocionada con esta idea me anime a apuntarme.

  264. Linda Brouwer says:

    I found out through Julie Balzers blog too!

  265. I received an invitation on Facebook from Finnabair to join!

  266. Kathryn Harpold says:

    Hi! I found out about Creative Jump Start mainly through my sister friend teacher mentor Dina Wakley. Of course one begets another and many of my friends in craft world have mentioned the CJS on their Facebook pages and blogs, too. I am really really enjoying it!

  267. I found out trough Nat´s blog and Cocoa Daisy. Did follow the jump start last year and got SO inspired by it that I won´t miss it this time eighter!

  268. I found it via FB on Birgit Koopsen’s page 🙂 thank you for the amazing videos at CJS!

  269. I was invited to CJS by a friend on facebook! Thank you so much for this great giveaway!!!

  270. I found out about CJS 2012 because on I’m Nat’s list.

  271. I was invited to CJS by a friend on facebook!

  272. I was recommended JumpStart in a scrapbooking group at Facebook! I would love to win!

  273. I found about CJS 2012 un Facebook. And this edition also i have seen Nat post in Facebook

  274. Terri O'Dullivsn says:

    I found out about it from Barb, one of the ladies who works at ‘My Scrappin’ Shop in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia!

    • Terri O'Sullivan says:

      Haha! Just realized my surname is spelt wrong on this post. That’s what happens when I’ve had a couple of wines and it’s after midnight local time, I guess!

  275. I found out about it from Josie on the forum at Lots of interesting things to try so far.

  276. Geri Pate says:

    How exciting! I found out about it while signing up for Nat Kalbach’s newsletter! Yay!

  277. I found out on it by de facebook post from Birgit Koopsen. And of course i did follow the creative jumpstart last year also.

  278. Lynn Fortier says:

    I found CJS while searching for new info on mixed media art journaling. Love the easy new ideas!

  279. Stacy Caddy says:

    I found out about CJS last year while searching for art journaling inspiration… Not really sure which site that I found it on…

  280. i found out about CJS on facebook via Louise Nelson. Thanks for the chance to win!

  281. I found out about CJS when I was looking through a number of different blogs on art journaling and art workshops, and at a very opportune time (when I was feeling inspired and not knowing where to physically start), Creative Jump Start popped up! Such great timing 🙂

  282. Marilyn Marie Wolk says:

    I heard about the Creative Jump Start Summit 2013 through Ronda Palazzeri’s email newsletter and immediately subscribed. I thoroughly have enjoyed what I’ve been able to watch and read so far, but I am way behind on the feeds. I hope to catch up this week. I discovered Susan Rothamel Pickering first through Carol Duvall’s program in the mid-1990s and immediately became one of her fans. I bought her books and VCRs back then and more recently her DVDs (and, of course, USArtQuest supplies both on-line and at nearby stamping and crafts stores) and remain a devoted fan. Thank you for this opportunity to vie for some of the donated art supplies.


  283. I found CJS 2013 on Pinterest! I’m new here (day 9) and getting my feet wet looking over last week’s posts. Would love to win … wait, I already won … I’m getting a jump start to my creativity! Thanks!

  284. Read it on Julie Balzers’ and Nats’ blogs last year..loved it! Great job so far this year too..thanks for the chance to win!

  285. I heard about it on my friend blog, Scrapisa and i saw the beautiful tags she made, i had to register ! 🙂

  286. Found out about jump start from several blogs I follow. Really enjoying the videos and inspiration!

  287. Marsha montgomery says:

    Found this on twopeasinabucket website.

  288. I enjoyed Jumpstart 2012 and re-signed up for this Jumpstart 2013. I think I originally found out about it from surfing blogs. I’m glad I did!

  289. Joyce Muckinhoupt says:

    I found out about the CJS from my daughter, Shanna. I am newly retired and am beginning to explore my creativity. This is a great place to start.

  290. Eva Gamble says:

    I found out about CJS on facebook. This would be my first time trying these products, would love that chance! Thanks for the giveaway!

  291. oolala! I heard about it the first time on Julie’s site, then I saw CJS everywhere! Like anything, once you see it you see it alot! i’ve now noticed that we all (mixed media artists) have put the logo on our blogs and on our art, so it has really good advert. Loved everything so far…can’t wait to see what this one is all about. Very neat story of how the adhesive scouting led to such a company! build the field and they will come….
    Lovies, Samara

  292. I heard about CJS on Facebook. I received an invitation to participate to this event and I went to check out what it was about. I got very excited and I registered

  293. I found information about Creative Jump Start at Finnabair blog. And now every day I really enjoy it. Thank you!

  294. Nancy Riggs says:

    I found out about CJS through Natalie’s blog while taking one of her online classes.

  295. Cindy Cato says:

    I found out about Jumpstart through Heidi Swapp’s blog!! Thanks for allowing me to play along!!

  296. I found about CJS through a friend on Facebook who encouraged me to sign up for because she had done it in the past.

  297. Ally Done says:

    I found CJS through Julie’s blog/newsletter – I signed up last year & signed up straightaway this year! I’ve certainly been inspired so far this year! Thank you xxx

  298. I found out through Jamie D. She is such a talented artist and I am so happy to be here! I have so enjoyed all the videos!!!

  299. I found out about it from a friend..and I am loving it

  300. I found you through Linn, at CASAkreativ in Norway 🙂
    Would love to win this give away 🙂

  301. Great products, thank you for leading me here!!

  302. Cassidy Madariaga says:

    I found out about this awesome program on Heidi Swapp’s Facebook page! Love it!

  303. I think it was via Janna Werner in facebook, but last year I followed the CJS as well. It is a great idea!!!

  304. I found Jumpstart though Finnabair’s & Heidi Swapp’s facebook page 🙂

  305. i found out through browsing the internet on stencils. love the jumpstarts! ❤

  306. I find out about the Creative Jump Start from my Swedish scrapbooking friends at Facebook and the Swedish forum

  307. Forgot to say where I found out about it… A friend on Facebooki Dianne King… sent me an invitation.

  308. Last year I found the class on your blog last year and followed all of the Creative Jump Starts classes in 2012 and the same this year. 🙂

  309. I love it as I said in my comments on FB… I learning to think out of the box… and there is so many ideas… this is great. ♥

  310. Tamryn R. says:

    I found out about Creative JumpStart through Craft Gossip – and I’m so glad I did!

  311. Rhonda Zamora says:

    I found out about Creative Jump Start through Natalie’s blog, last year. I love CJS.

  312. Friends told me about it and passed me a link. Sooooo Happy about it!

  313. Barb Adams says:

    These watercolor palettes are so awesome! I bought one years ago and have one of the other sets on my “want list”. I signed up for Creative JumpStart because Joe Rotella posted it on his FB page. Thanks, Joe!

  314. I found out through a post of a friend on FaceBook.

  315. I had taken an online class from you and did jumpstart last year also. I originally discovered your blog through Tattered Angels.I love the jumpstart concept- it really does help me get going in Jan. after the holiday crazyness!!

  316. It was passed on to our experimental dyers group from a friend who participated in the 2012 CJS.

  317. I have no idea how I originally met up with the first creative jump start but I’m so glad I did and here I am for the second year loving all the videos and learning so much. Thanks!

  318. I had never heard about Usartquest before… So thanks or sharing!
    I found out about CJS… from you (Nat) I guess :-).

  319. Got an invitation from my friend Meital. And since I know Nat’s crazy ideas as well , I knew It will be fun here. No doubt I was right:)

  320. I think it is wonderful that you are a Michigan based business since I am a fellow Michiganer :).

  321. I found out through Nat’s blog last year. Followed along CJS then and loved it and now I’m loving CJS 2013, too.

  322. Beate Halvorsen says:

    I found out through a Norwegian forum called

  323. i found out from my friend Anne via Facebook

  324. I met Nat personally at two workshops last year, and I am always reading her blog, where I learned about creative jump start

  325. cindi3021 says:

    I teach Decorative Painting online and one of my students sent a message linking the Creative Jumpstart site!

  326. Hi! I’ve found out the Creative Jump Start through Nathalie’s blog. I read her blong nearly everyday since last year when I started to become more and more interested in mixed media.

  327. Hi! I heard about Creative JumpStart via Louise Nelson on FB. 🙂

  328. Found Creative Jumpstart through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog –
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  329. Hi, saw on Julie’s blog of course 😉

  330. Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    I found CJS in 2012 on Julie Balzer blog and was thrilled to start my day with CJS this year.

  331. I did CJS last year and absolutely loved it so of course I was going to come back again this year 🙂 It’s a brilliant idea with some great techniques to try!

  332. I followed along on Creative Jump Start 2012 and was so happy that it is going again this year. What a delightful creative boost to the year! Thank you so much to all the artists who share their techniques, to all the suppliers who generously host the give-aways, and to Nathalie for organizing and making it all work. I love to visit the artists blogs all through the year.

  333. Marge Naperski says:

    I found out from a link a friend sent me because she knows I like to break up my work day with little bits of inspiration, and this so fills the ill.

  334. Several of the blogs I follow mentioned CJS and I had to come see what the buzz was about. Glad I did! Now to find PPA locally.

  335. Lynn Kent says:

    I really don’t know how I ended up receiving the information in my email! But glad i did.

  336. Cheryl Sue says:

    I found out through Julie Fei Fan Blazer’s blog first. So happy to be here and can’t beleive I didn’t know about this before!

  337. Love CJS! i was invited from a friend on Facebook !!

  338. OneofGodsgirls says:

    I found out about the Creative Jump Start from Nathalie Kalbach. I happened on to her blog one day and read about it. I’m so loving it! Thank you for this great giveaway.

  339. I found out about CJS through Pinterest, then found Nat’s website and read her announcement after signing up for her post. Thank goodness for miracles 🙂 Love all the artist that are participating. We are so lucky!

  340. My life long friend emailed about this winter get away to creativity. She is,my mentor in trying new avenues in art.

  341. Fantastic competition! I did CJS last year and loved it – I was reminded to do it all again via Rachel Greig’s blog 🙂

  342. Miriam Prantner says:

    What a neat product, would love to try it! I found out about CJS 2013 becasue I participated in the 2012 version, which I loved, so signing up for this one was a no brainer!

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