The JumpStarters 2013




Nathalie Kalbach

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Rachel Greig

Claudine Hellmuth

Birgit Koopsen

Sharon Laakkonen

Anna Björklund

Vicki Chrisman

Christine Delgadillo

Anna Dabrowska

Jamie Dougherty

Karen Ellis

Catherine Scanlon

Revlie Schuit

Heidi Swapp

Janna Werner

Dina Wakley

Louise Nelson

Ronda Palazzari

Joe Rotella

Carmen Sanchez


  1. It was fabulous – thank you so much

  2. Monica Baker says:

    Just wanted to Thank you for putting this together – This was amazing I hope that you will have CJS 2014! Such a creative group of people sharing their talents! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Nathalie, I subscribed to CJ last year and really enjoyed all of the inspiration that was provided. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to watch out for it this year until a friend reminded me of it today. I have subscribed, but hope that I am not too late to enjoy all of the blogs! I will wait for today’s email with the link to get started, I am presuming that it will be working the same way this year and that I can catch up on some of the fun.

  4. I signed up, but I’m not getting the emails. I tried to register again, but I get the message that I am already registered. Is there another way to access the daily Cjs posts, other than following the email link?

    • You probably have a hotmail account which is a problem. Hotmail is not delivering in the right way- it is not on our site. The only thing I can recommend it to sign up with a different email addy then – sorry for the hassle.

  5. stephanie says:

    I sent in a donation, but don’t see a way to register for Creative Jump Start. What appean?

    • Stephanie, you don’t have to donate in order to participate- although I appreciate it. I replied to you already 🙂 but in order to make sure you get in – let me register you and then I send you the newsletter for today with the links , ok? ; Nat

  6. Thank you!

  7. I would love to sign up for your Creative Jump Start 2013, but your video for how to do so is sooooooo quiet that I can’t hear what you’re saying, even with my volume all the way up. Can you please help me so I can sign up? Thanks!

  8. I sent in a donation, but don’t see a way to register for Creative Jump Start. Am I too late?

  9. Wow what a line up!

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