Anna Björklund’s Jump Start

I had the pleasure of working with Anna on the Cocoa Daisy Design Team and she is a wonderful Designer! Last May I finally met her while teaching in Sweden and she is as sweet in real life as on the internet!

My name is Anna Björklund and I’m living in Sweden, in a small town not far from Stockholm. I love scrapbooking, painting, drawing and mixing all of it together. I love clean and simple and I love to make a mess and I feel that I am often combining the two. I am so happy to get to share some fun techniques with you today! I want to send Nat a million thanks for organizing this fabulous event!


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I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart


Thank you for participating and making this year’s Creative JumpStart special!

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  1. I can tell I’m going to be busy today looking for my beads. I love your techniques using them and now I have a few ideas of how to use the beads I have on hand.

  2. sabelljones says:

    They are all so pretty! What a great way to use up all those seed beads I have. Looks like very intensive work, but worth it for results like you showed. Thanks!

  3. I think I’ve fallen in love with beads again-especially the beads that have grown dusty in a bin back from my old jewelry making days!

  4. Hej do! I love Sweden, spent some time in Malmo. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What great ideas for using seedbeads! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. WOW, such a patience for details!! 🙂

  7. Lorraine Melanson says:

    Lovely techniques…love the title idea the best. Thank you

  8. What to do with all those beads!!! Thanks!

  9. Lisamariemlt says:

    love your creativity!!!!!

  10. Love this, very tedious but definitely worth it in the end. The result is fabulous!!

  11. Thanks! I have a bunch of those beads around from a long time ago, so now they can have a new purpose 🙂

  12. Wow – such beautiful techniques. The title and the fabric embellishment are both so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Awesome… I love the ways you used the seed beads! I think I might have enough patience to do it! I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jean McBride says:

    My total admiration to anyone who can spend so much time making these lovely embellishments …I bet no one seeing the final page would ever guess how much work went into that one embellishment. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Gerd Andersson says:

    Great ideas! I especially like the first two ones!

  16. Kimmy Jaster says:

    Wow!! Lots of time to do these, but they look awesome! Especially the title! Thank you!

  17. Awesome!

  18. patience makes perfect…wow,

  19. This is such a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  20. Thank you for sharing some unique ideas for seed beads!

  21. helen markee says:

    Thanks for the inspiration

  22. Loved how you patiently placed the beads around the letters. What a great effect!

  23. Johanne L. says:

    Very original ways to use seedbeads. Thanks for sharing those with us.

  24. What a fun embellishment to add beads- love the Sea page with the beads accenting the letters- and the star…..and the linen cord. I do have alot of seed beads in the closet : )……………….

  25. everything I have watched so far I am just loving. A lot of the products I havent heard of or used, but am excited to go onto some o your sites mentionrd and purchase some . Thank you Nat for a wonderful exciting “jumpstart” for we downunder crafters.

  26. Cute ideas for using the beads. Loved the way your “title” came out with the outside beads scattered randomly. Thanks!

  27. <3!

  28. My goodness, Anna! The amount of work and patience that go into these projects. I admit, all the three of them look stunning. However, I could never bring up the patience to do this monk work. Thanks for sharing your great video!

    xx Monica

  29. Maria del Carmen says:

    Wonderful ideas, Thanks for sharing!

  30. ohhh..I love the last layout, it’s a fantastic tutorial and you must be very patience!! thanks a lot!!!

  31. Josie Dean says:

    love this idea!

  32. Love the beaded fabric project and your use of it on a layout! Not sure I would have the patience to bead letters, but it was a beautiful effect! Thanks for the ideas.

  33. Angela Bolton says:

    You do beautiful work and it is lovely to watch you work.

  34. Kelly Belton says:

    Beautiful, the perfect thing for days when I have stressful things to work out in my head. Just my kind of activity for those days, thank you for the demo.

  35. You girls are so creative. This is a great way to use beads I already have on hand. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  36. Thank you for sharing not sure I can be as patient! but I would love to try some these ideas as I loved the results. And I got a Swedish language lesson too!

  37. elizabethtregear says:

    Patience Plus!! Very Creative! Many Thanks! ….also loved learning that puss is kiss in Sweedish!

  38. Great ideas for using seed beads! They are so beautiful.

  39. Thank you! it is so nice! i love the fabric and the beads!

  40. Elisabeth says:


  41. Beautiful work – I am not sure I would have the patience to apply bead by bead, but it is lovely and I like your ideas.

  42. those are great ideas, thank you. =)

  43. Looking forward to doing more with seed bead stash! Thanks Anna!!! 🙂

  44. Very cute idea!

  45. Christina says:

    Great tutorial!

  46. Creative ways to use beads!

  47. Laurie Hunt says:

    Thanks Anna for sharing your beading ideas. I love the look that you got in all three examples.

  48. Yvonne Williams says:

    Thank you for showing something with seed beads. They are so beautiful but always have looked toublesome. Your projects show that it can be worth your while.

  49. My hands and eyes are too old for the last technique.But the repetitive motion in the first 2 is the kind of thing I actually find soothing.

  50. conlin664 says:

    That looks like it would take a lot of patience and time. Not sure if I am up for it.

  51. You are incredibly patient! The end result is worth it, though. Beautiful!

  52. What great techniques….I have hundreds of seed beads and now I have some use for them other than jewelry. Awesome video – thanks!!

  53. Wow the beads on the thread were a piece of hard work, but the result is awesome. Tanks for sharing this fab idea!

  54. Judy Morgan says:

    3 oh-so-creative ways to use seed beads! I wasn’t sure just where you were going with the third technique, but using the strung beads on your layout was amazing!! Thank you for sharing.

  55. Cathy in Canada says:

    Awesome stuff! But I would go cross-eyed doing these and probably end up with seed beads everywhere! LOL

  56. Oh my Gosh, Anna! Love this so much!!

  57. Lynn McNeill says:

    Thank you so much Anna the effects are fantastic and you make it look so easy

  58. Christine says:

    What you showed us is something I could totally see myself doing thanks for the video

  59. Thanks so much. I don’t use beads so I can’t wait to try it.

  60. Thank you for introducing me to some grande Tattered Andels products….the Glimmer Glam and Glimmer Mists look fabulous. Adore you creative uses for seed beads. I can’t wait to try your ideas. Your video was one of my favorites. Oh yes, love that the swedish word for kiss is “puss.” Fun! I visted your Blog: wonderful!

  61. Lovely. I especially love the effect of the beads spreading out as they are placed further away from the letters in the first technique.

  62. deborahl591 says:

    I love this. I love techniques that take time … it is so relaxing to me. I hope to make something for a layout this week. This is great. thank you

  63. Joyce Carrier says:


  64. Beautiful Piece.

  65. Pretty artwork, Anna! I love those tiny beads, have used them on my scrapwork often 😉

  66. So time consuming but oh so effective…. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Thank you for sharing some of your techniques. I use beads in the same way and people are amazed because I have to use tweezers and use lots of beads.

  68. Wonderful ideas and beautiful layout. thanks for sharing

  69. Tracy Strahle says:

    Wow awesome video. You must have the patience of a saint 🙂

  70. Such pretty results, and I learned some great tips from watching you do it! Thank you!

  71. I admire your patience with seed beads. Thank you for sharing.

  72. I have seed beads, but never thought about using them with my scrapbooking or cardmaking. The wheels are turning again! Thank you sooo much!

  73. This is one of my favourites so far! I love it all – the beds, the fabric, cutting out, spraying – the 3d effect – there’s something therapudic about sitting and adding beads (or whatever it could be that takes time) It can make us stop… and just think a while, maybe relax…
    thanks so much!

  74. Pilar Márquez says:

    Me han gustado los tres. Los dos primeros parecen necesitar más paciencia pero me gustan mucho, y el tercero que parecía mas “messy” ha resultado también atractivo para mí.
    Muchas gracias por todos estos “trucos”.

  75. Sooo wonderful, Anna!! Now I know, what to do with my beads supply, which I forgot to use for a very long time!! Thanks for sharing your video!!

  76. Your results are so pretty! Thank you for the new ideas.

  77. mlcain0202 says:

    I really liked the beading on the scrapbook pages. I was about to give away all my beading supplies but not now.

  78. My favorite was the beaded title! You are so patient, and creative with just one product. Thank you for sharing!

  79. I love this! Integrating my beading into my art journals is so much fun! Great ideas using the templates!

  80. I’m not sure I have the patience for this, but the result is just devine! Love it, TFS!

  81. That was wonderful, and agreed LOTS of patience. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us!

  82. Never would have thought of using my old beads in scrapbooking. Thanks for the inspiration – and creative jumpstart 🙂

  83. Than you Anna for sharing; very cool!!

  84. We have so many glass beads, I could probably swim in it (lol)
    But I never would have thought of any of those ideas!
    I especially like the use of beads around the letters and as an embellishment.

  85. This will also be a great lesson in patience!! 🙂 Thank you so much…so many possibilities!

  86. Tack för inspirationen, Anna! Har också just upptäck hur härligt det är med småpärlor på layouter.

  87. thanks for sharing, love jour hav beading !!!

  88. Oh my goodness! You are so patient! I watched as you layered the beads on the first piece and I kept thinking, “I would just be tempted to pour the glue on the page and dump the beads onto it like glitter!” The finished page was so beautiful….I can see why you take the time!

  89. thank you -I especially love the beads on the Sea layout-beautiful!

  90. Oh, Ann, i love these tiny ideas! Need some patience, but will try!

  91. thanks Anna, verry cool ideas

  92. Wonderfull!
    I think working with beads is like meditation. 😉

  93. Awesome Anna! 🙂

  94. Your work are beautiful and such delicate. I be glad that you have showed ideas.

  95. What a great concept, I especially like the last idea about stringing the bead. Seeing how just wrapping thm around something is such a simple yet great way to make a layout that extra special. Thbanks for all the ideas that have generated from just watching this video!

  96. Betty Dallas says:

    These are beautiful projects, but I don’t think I have the patience

  97. Thank you Anna! I love the way you beaded the letters – what a fabulous look for a seaside layout. I too have millions of beads hanging around the house somewhere just waiting to be used 🙂

  98. LeeAnda Miller says:

    Thanks so much. Love it. Beads are awesome

  99. Great now I have use for all the beads I have. Loved the video!!!

  100. Very cool! need to find my beads.

  101. loved the beach page!

  102. lisa glowatsk says:

    What great ideas for the beads! Love the outlining of the alphabet! Thanks you for the great tutorial!!

  103. I love the finished look of your title and of course the star! I also liked stringing the beads and adding them to a layout… lots of new ideas!!

  104. I really like these ideas for using the seed beads. It is time consuming but the look is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing!

  105. lacyquilter says:

    Those are some great ways to use beads. Thanks for sharing.

  106. Heather Hudson says:

    Think you knew I have plenty of beads!!! a great way to use them in a different medium. Loved your blog thanks

  107. Such cool ideas, Anna! I have so many beads but I NEVER use them! Bad me! I must say, using them is a labor of love, but sure worth the effort, after seeing your ideas. Love that scrap page with the fabric and beads~!

  108. very interesting would never of thought of using the seed beads yet another new idea

  109. I have tons of seed beads and haven’t used them for years. Love how you added them to the title. And I loved the star. Going to have to use these techniques soon!

  110. What Lovely projects – Thank you.

  111. You are super patient!!! Time to drag out the zillions of seed beads!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  112. Holly Bateman says:

    Isn’t it amazing that we all have seed beads and haven’t a clue what to do with them?? Thanks for the fun ideas!! Being a pianist also, I enjoyed the music!!

  113. Great ideas! I love beads!

  114. Love your different use of beads… thanks for the inspiration!

  115. love the bead title! I just might try to tackle that one. all are terrific ideas – TFS!!!

  116. Wonderful idea for using seed beads. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  117. absolutely will make the star ,thank you for sharing

  118. What wonderful ideas for using up all the seed beads in my stash…I especially loved the idea of using the beads for a title, beautiful! Thanks for the great video : )

  119. Great way to use up my seed beads! Great projects! Thanks Anna 🙂

  120. Such lovely projects! I’ve never used beads on my projects, so thank you for the great ideas.

  121. At first I thought you were covering the letters, but to outline them and spread the beads out away from the letters is really wonderful! Appreciate the advice about moving around as you paste so as not to disturb the beads that haven’t dried yet. Thanks Anna.

  122. Thank you Anna!! Your use of beads is amazing. I’ve used beads with thread like your last example, but I’m going to do the glueing – it gives it a special look entirely. I went to your blog and love the way you use the TA mists! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Carmen l

  123. hmm cant seem to get it to work the first password gets me in but when I put it in here says its invalid..

    • M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

      Hi Sandy,
      There’s a different password for the video. It’s just above it. Please, copy and paste it. Thanks!

  124. Thank you!
    So many ideas in my head now )))

  125. Thank you Anna! Loving those seed beads!

  126. Love your creativity and thanks for the inspiration. I have tons of seed beads in all their sizes!!!

  127. I do not believe I have any beads but i might just have to get some! Thank you for showing us how to use these!

  128. Braiden Lee says:

    Just beautiful! Finally some other ways to use the thousands of beads I have! 🙂

  129. Anna, this was fantastic. I have TONS of seed beads and didn’t know what to do with them. Thanks for all the inspirations.

  130. Estella Magnuson says:

    Great ideas. My favorite was the last idea, this would make a lovely Valentine card. Thank you.

  131. Very Pretty technique. Thanks for sharing it.

  132. Very lovely work!

  133. Love your creativity…I too wouldn’t have the patience for the title….but I ADORE the star…I’m gonna give that a go…the material piece is SOOOO unique…looks fab….TFS :):):)

  134. Rita Timmons says:

    great techniques! Thanks for showing us these.

  135. Lovely projects ! I have tons of beads !!

  136. S Mellows says:

    Kool! I especially like the last idea. So many posibilities! Thank you very much.

  137. Wow! You have a lot of patience and your work is beautiful!

  138. Much patience required but beautiful results!

  139. Great projects! Thanks for sharing!

  140. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    Thank you for this bead inspiration…

  141. Will try one of the stars or just loved the title effect. Not sure I have the patience or eye hand coordination to work with those tiny beads but they looked stunning.

  142. I don;t know if I as as patient as you, Anna but the projects are lovely. I especially liked the last one. Tack så mycket!

  143. Tack Anna för dessa underbara tips!
    Har massa små pärlor som har legat och vänta på att bli användna! Får se om jag har tålamodet bara.. 😉

  144. Good Jumpstarts Anna, Thank you

  145. Love how the beaded fabric looked on the layout. I really need to incorporate more fabric into my spreads. Thanks for the inspiration.

  146. What a good idea ! I have many pearls from when my daughters were young and we did the bracelets in hot summer afternoons ! Now I can give them a new life!

  147. Sweet techniques! Thanks for sharing Anna!

  148. This was very fun! Love detail work and will look forward to trying this technique!

  149. Three beautiful ways
    to add extra dimension and sparkle! Good reason to use my stash of seed beads! Thanks Anna.

  150. Thanks so much for the very interesting bead projects

  151. Thanks for sharing.

  152. Very interesting use of beads that require a steady hand and infinite patience. But the end results are wonderful. Thanks for sharing these techniques.

  153. amazing and beautiful!!!

  154. Nancy Riggs says:

    Loved your layouts and what you did with the beads. Thanks for a very inspiring tutorial.

  155. How pretty. I’ve often wondered about adding beads to my projects. Thank you.

  156. very cool! I especially like technique #3.

  157. All very unique techniques, rather meditative too–I have tons of seed beads but my goodness having patience for this kind of fiddly stuff had never occurred to me before. Love your style! I live in Texas but am married to an Englishman and every time we visit my mother-in-law and I hit the craft shops–so many wonderful things from Europe that never make it over here and we are less for it.

  158. Neija Zeugme says:

    Thank you anna 😉

  159. great techniques – lots of patience but almost relaxing at the same time – and I just found my stash of seedbeads yesterday so this lesson is oh so timely. thanks

  160. Very nice. Thank you for sharing, Anna! I especially loved what you did with the title page, making the beads look like sand. 🙂

  161. Wow you are really patience
    Great ideas
    Thanks for teaching

  162. Vanessa Miles says:

    The end results are worth your patience.

  163. So so pretty!!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring, Anna!

  164. Thanks for the inspiration. Love the star and the seeds on the sea layout look so much like sea glass. So pretty.

  165. I wondered about the amount of patience you must have but when I saw the finished title – wow! Thank you for three great ideas!!!

  166. Love your creativity…and among the many who are admiring your patience!

  167. wonderful jump start tips and tech…I have an endless supply of seed beads…whoo going to give these a try. thanks for sharing.

  168. This night I wouldn´t sleep, because I must thread and glue my seeds…. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration!

  169. Liz Thayne says:

    Thank you for sharing these lovely techniques, Anna. I will try them if my fingers will let me- I have arthritis .

  170. Really beautiful, inspiring work! Thanks for sharing.

  171. Melissa Wright says:

    What lovely ideas! thank you for sharing!

  172. Lynne Vowles says:

    I love the extra texture created by the beads.
    Thanks for the inspiration. x

  173. Holly McMannes says:

    Thank you, Anna. I love this idea.

  174. Pam in New Jersey says:

    Thank you for these wonderful projects and techniques. The seed bead star was awesome.

  175. Beautiful effects – thank you for the inspiration!

  176. wow – grat ideas! thanks for sharing!

  177. I’m bringing out the seed beads tonight! Totally inspiring video, Anna! I loved how you put it all together, and your bead titling technique might be just the little thing I need to finish up the layout I’ve been working on for the past few days. TFS!

  178. Oh my, lots and lots of patience needed, lol! Very pretty creations though, thank you for sharing Anna!
    xxDebbie / Little Dot of Creativity

  179. Love the effects you created, especially the first one with the title letters! Ialso really liked that you had the words printed along the screen; I can’t always hear the artists when they describe what they’re soing, so this made it a lot easier for me to follow! Thanks so much. 🙂 I’ll definitely be trying some or all of these ideas!

  180. Fabulous! I particularly love the fabric layout and the beads!

  181. Very lovely. The extra dimension of the beads adds so much. Thank you Anna.

  182. Thank you ! great projects

  183. joanne3107 says:

    thanks a lot!!! very nice!!!

  184. thanks Anna! You are very patient and the result is fantastic, specially the first technique! Love it!

  185. What a great ideas for using seedbeads! I have tons of them, laying there and doing nothing, well tha is going to change!

    Greetings, Wanda

  186. Sandy Horton says:

    That seems really time consuming!! I’ll probably try all three—LOL

  187. Kristina Perez says:

    Thank you for sharing, Anna!

  188. Dara Lynn says:

    Wonderful instructional video Anna! Love the beads on the layout and the star is just precious!!!

  189. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make an elegant star topper for a magic wand for a friend her an upcoming birthday. I think you just gave me those pieces Anna – loved the video.

  190. Cheryl Sue says:

    Wow! You have a ton of patience but the end result is stunning!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  191. Dale Rose says:

    I hope my hands are steady enough to do this–I love how the beads look around the letters. The strung beads are just beautiful.

  192. what beautiful projects and you have a lot of patience. My favourite is the star, totally stunning 🙂 Thank you xx

  193. “BEEEAA-D-U-TIFUL!” lol thanks for the inspiration to use my seed beeds. 🙂 Love the results!

  194. Haven’t used my seed beads in years. Thanks for the creative jump! My fav is the way you used the strips of fabric with the beads.

  195. I don’t now how many pkgs of seed beads I have put in a drawer but after today’s video and watching what how you used them, they will make a reappearance on my craft table. Thanks for sharing

  196. Thank you, Anna, for the inspiration!! I just LOVE the title and would really love to try it myself had I not sold all of my pearls and seed beads years ago. Well, maybe I’ll buy some new seed beads now….. 😉

  197. Mary Werner says:

    You have jumpstarted me to use my seed beads, maybe not individually attached but maybe dropped into a pool of glue. Can’t wait to try some ideas I have and LOVE the stapled beads on a string which would look really cute stapled or glued to all sorts of projects. Lazy me will probably staple or glue between instead of knotting but that may provide a place to add a tiny butterfly or flower instead. Oh the ideas!

  198. Jan White says:

    I really loved the 1st project. after you went around the letters once and started spacing them out it began to grab me. I want to try this some day when I have lots of time. I will be trying the 3rd project soon. Thanks Nat for introducing me to Anna.

  199. Wowe 3 stunning ways to use seed beads and I usually forget I own any, thanks for the tips and inspiration.

  200. Thank you Anna for sharing this beautiful opportunitys for using beads. Loved your video.

  201. Gorgeous ideas, I love the first layout with the sea, it looks amazing! I would be all fingers and thumbs trying to thread those beads, but it looks great once finished! Thanks so much.

  202. I don’t know why but I do love fine work and I will be trying all of these out! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  203. What fantastic effects you’ve achieved, Anna! just gorgeous!!

  204. Your work is amazing!

  205. wow, this look wonderful. But I don’t know, if I have the patience to glue every little pearl to the background.

  206. I have an extra plethora of seed beads. Thanks for the ideas!!

  207. Stapling the fabric to the card stock is a great idea!

  208. Superb projects Anna, but my patience will never stretch to yours 🙂

  209. piekielnaowca says:

    Oh my !! Thx for sharing I’m gonna try it for sure !!! 🙂

  210. Heather P. says:

    You have a lot more patience than I do. But the end results are beautiful! I especially liked how you outlined the letters with the beads.

  211. thank you for sharing, my favorite is the 3rd one !!

  212. Thanks for sharing Anna. Love the shiny star. By the way, love your blog!

  213. Thank you Anna for sharing these great ideas!

  214. scrappinvt says:

    great projects!!

  215. Great idea,tfs.

  216. Dee in NH says:

    That was great Anna! I love how the beads looked on the title of your layout and my favorite was the random look of the beads with the cloth! Great projects!

  217. Calvaresi Joane says:

    Wow ! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a lot of beads , never think to use it in a page.

  218. I love the looks of it especially the firts one.And in the Netherlands we call it monikkenwerk.You have a lot of patience to make something like this.Thank you for showing.

  219. I admire your patience with those beads :-). They are not my thing, but maybe, just maybe I might use the template technique some time.

  220. Wow! It’s amazing how tiny little beads can make such a difference. I loved the last technique..didn’t know what you were going to do with it until the very end. And oh what a great embellishment it is!

  221. Thanks for sharing. This will help me renew my use of beads. I have loads of them and have neglected them.

  222. wow! Talk about patience…but the payoff in the end is gorgeous!

  223. What wonderfull idea’s, – thank you for sharing it! I love it!

  224. I never would have thought to use beads in any of these ways! Thanks so much for this tutorial. I’ll try these out one day when I’m feeling super patient *grin*

  225. Thank you Anna and Nat! I loved watching this video. It was so inspirational!

  226. thank you Anna .. love seed beads … TFS . ❤

  227. Wow, you have to be very patient for projects like this, but I do love the star very much. Have to keep this in mind for this years christmas cards.

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