Revlie Schuit’s Jump Start


I met Revlie Schuit many years ago in the Netherlands when we both visited a workshop and ever since we kind of cross our ways over the internet. Revlie has a wonderful style and she is super supportive -check out what she has for you today.


Hallo hallo hallo! I am Revlie from the Netherlands, and so happy to meet you!

let me introduce myself a bit:
Revlie Schuit – 38 years – blond gone red – live with hub Arjan and our 2 muppets: Sanne (9, girl) and Ruben (5, boy) – Netherlands – company owner – stubborn but o so sweet – chocolate – Vichy handcream – imac – colors, lots of! – handmade – running – scrapbook – sew – crochet – paint – mixed media canvasses – art journal – tulips- pinterest – blogging – i don’t do well when i eat carbs – i should go to bed more early than i do now – and i’m clumsy – that about sums it all up …

In the daytime my hub & me run our company for Secretarial Services together. And of course we chase after Sanne & Ruben trying to raise them :).

In the nighttime I work on REVolution. I’m working hard to become a fulltime creative business owner. And for me, with all dreams, i know i can be that fulltime artist. I’m going for it, and everyday i feel more happy about the status i’m at. Remember: you can be anything you want!

I love to create vibrant & colorful mini albums, canvasses or crochet projects. In my Etsy shop you can find lots of fun tutorials for creating these mini albums or patterns for my crochet ideas and lovely mixed media postcards & prints! The tutorials are usually over 40 pages of very step-by-step how to instructions and filled with at least 50 pictures of the complete mini album / crochet project. If you are a beginner or already know your way, both can use the tutorial! I love to work with fabric, felt, embroidery floss, transparencies, scrapbooking supplies and crochet handmade embellishments.

On my blog you can find free tutorials, lots of projects, layouts, mini albums and fun video’s of my progress.

i so love to teach other people that they can TOO be creative. i get this a lot: “yes, YOU can make that, because you are very creative, but i’m not…”. seriously peeps. STOP saying that. i’m NOT more creative than anybody else on this world. i simply nurture my creativity. i feed it. i embrace it. everybody is creative in its own unique way. you just HAVE TO LET GO of the feeling to be perfect (what’s perfect anyway?) and GIVE yourself the beauty of creating. trust me, it’s so worth it. let go of those negative feelings. just start and let the flow of creating brings you places. it really is such a wonderful way of living.

Besides feeling the need to be creative on a daily basis, I’m a choc-aholic, I talk too much and I laugh too loud, I bite my nails when I’m nervous (yes I know…), I’m stubborn if something is in my head, you will not get it out– you can bribe me with wine & chocolate though 😉

For the official part: I’ve designed for different Scrapbooking Manufacturers (as Scenic Route, American Crafts, 24heures37, ColorConspiracy), I wrote articles for Dutch Scrapbooking Magazine, I still write articles for EntreArtistes (a French scrapbooking magazine), I’ve been published in Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc, Simply Handmade and multiple other magazines. I teach workshops mini-albums and creating mixed media canvasses in my studio at the office and I’m currently working on a 4 week e-course for creating mixed media canvasses. My way.


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More about Revlie:

I hope you enjoyed todays Jumpstart


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  1. Beautiful work and inspiring to add this in more to my work! Thanks!

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    thank you for sharing your inspiration. great and love it

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  6. love all of them and of course your narration! You are so sweet! Love the “real” touches like using the baby’s fabric…and boy, your hand stitching is super straight!!

  7. Denise Werkheiser says:

    Thanks for sharing your techniques with the transparencies. I am looking forward to trying this. Your mini albums are adorable!

  8. Very inspiring and beautiful mini albums. Off to following your blog. Thanks for sharing Revlie!

  9. Thanks for sharing. you can bribe me with some beers. Lol. And chocolates.

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  16. I haven’t made mini albums before that ar theme based but should challenge myself to make one. Your work is beautiful.

  17. Yvonne Williams says:

    Revlie, I love your mini albums. Mini albums are my favorites and I am so super happy that you gave me some new ideas, Thank you for sharing. I love all your hand embroidery too.

  18. momzart101 says:

    revlie, I enjoyed your personal style journals.

  19. Beautiful, Revlie. I especially like that you make your own embellishments.

  20. Awesome!. I will try to do the album with felt and fabric. Thank you for sharing!.

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  22. Love your mini albums! I really want to try to use felt and fabric more after seeing what you have done! Thanks 🙂

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  24. Gerd Andersson says:

    Thank you for this inspiring video! You have done such cute albums!

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  27. Rita Timmons says:

    Beautiful mini albums! I love all the hand stitching in them. Thanks for sharing with us!

  28. Very neat books…I can’t wait to make one for each of my granddaughters.

  29. very cute mini albums, thanks for all the ideas and ways to use felt & fabric 🙂

  30. Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel says:

    Lovely, lovely albums! Funny, a couple days ago my cousin and had the idea to make a fabric mini-album for her son! Seen what you’ve done, I’m even more eager to start! I question though, how did you punch the holes in your album (for the binding)? Did you use a crop-a-dile or similar (I was afraid it wold tear the fabric)?
    Thanks for sharing!

  31. ♥ every little bit of these albums Revlie! Truly stunning, thank you for showing us how to use those scraps of felt&fabric!
    xxDebbie / Little Dot Of Creativity

  32. Beautiful albums! I will attempt to try to make one of these

  33. those are gorgeous. wish I had the patience to sew….all I accomplish is having one large ball of thread.

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    Your work is lovely, inspiring and personal! Enjoyed it. I have just started hand stiching and beading for my ATC’s so your vids are very timely for me. I have some felt in a box in a drawer. Time to get it out!. Thank you! I agree with you, you have lovely children!

  37. Thank you so much for sharing your felt and fabric mini albums. They are so creative yet meaningful because you have included journalling and carefully chosen pictures. I can see why you might have a hard time choosing a favorite!

  38. ScrappinEweRobyn (Robyn) says:

    Love your mini albums!!! I am expermenting with felt made from our sheep’s wool…………using it scrapbooking…………mainly making embellies with it. This video gave me the kick to pursue it further!!! Thank you!

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  45. Oh i love these, i like working with felt and fabric mixed with paper and pics. Thanks for the inspiration.

  46. Loved your video, Revlie. it’s always nice to get confirmation that it’s okay to NOT throw things away. Like my stash of fabric bits and scraps, I knew I would find good use for them one day.

  47. Colleen Fuerst says:

    Love your mini albums, so full of color and texture, I definitely want to try to make the flowers and birds, thanks.

  48. oh my gosh, your style is so inspiring!

  49. Who would have thought that using fabric and felt could be so much fun!

  50. NancyGrace says:

    Not until the end of your video, seeing your two e-addresses, did I realize I have come across your wonderful creations before, linking in and out from various sites that shared their creations based (loosely) on your creations. WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with so many of us! I am glad you learned to dream standing up, living the life you wanted to have. HOORAY for Revlie!

  51. Thank you for sharing all of those cute albums.

  52. Wooooonderful albums! WOW!

  53. I already have started using fabric with my minis, but not to this extent. It’s great to see more ideas I can use in the future. Thanks!

  54. So enjoyed your comments about being creative and letting go! Your mini-albums have such a happy, whimsical beauty, but with a strong message! Hope you are feeling better:)

  55. Very Inspirationl! I love the look of fabric embellishments but my sewing skills are limited, so the idea the stitching does not have to be perfect, well, is perfect for me! The mini album I am just starting is a canvas one by Maya Road and I will be incorporating some of your ideas…thank you so much for all the great ideas.

  56. morningdove says:

    this is right up my alley, have all the supplies to try, love idea of transparencies.

  57. Love how you used fabric and felt in your mini albums….this is a must try!! Gorgeous!!

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    Adorable mini albums!!! Can’t wait to use my felt and fabric.

  59. What lovely albums and great keepsakes. Thanks for the inspirations.

  60. Supertolle Minialben. Leider kann ich so ziemlich alle kreativen Techniken nur nicht Nähen mit einer Maschine, muss ich wohl doch noch mal lernen.
    Vielen Dank für das Video. Ich hoffe du verstehst auch deutsch.

  61. Great inspiration, Thanks!

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    Wow,how inspiring your tutorial is!! I love how you used felt, fabric and many other items in your adorable albums!! I am inspired to use your ideas, especially the one of stitching your photos onto the page at the corners…how clever!! Really enjoyed this jumpstart!! Thanks!

  67. Cathy Shackelford says:

    I especially like the last album you showed, with all the different materials in it. Very inspiring!

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    thank you, for showing your lovely minialbums and the way you use fabric and felt

  73. Revlie, thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I will definitely be using more fabric and felt in my scrapbooking. I especially like the idea of handstitching and also using actual meaningful garments to create the embellies from!

  74. Angela Campbell says:

    Very nice – some great ideas!!

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    Thank you, Revlie, for sharing. I am inspired to dig through my fabric stash and begin using it in my journals and on my canvases!!

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  77. Revlie dank je wel voor de ideeen nu nog de tijd om het uit te voeren.Groetjes.

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    Your alblums are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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  87. Thanks for sharing. I love your mini albums! This is a great idea to reduce all the fabric stuff I have stored for too long 🙂

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  91. well first – congratulations on the revolution – love that you call it that. These albums make me smile…they are whimsical and your feelings really shine through with them…I am totally enamored with this concept – your embellishments are great – so YOU. Really enjoyed the video – thanks!!

  92. your work is beautiful and I love how you put it all together… I have been wanting to use more transparencies and seeing what you have done has inspired me…. thanks for sharing!

  93. conlin664 says:

    Your albums were really cute. It makes me think about making more mini albums as a keepsake for my kids.

  94. Your albums are so lovely, whimsical, and totally personal. You made it look easy and totally doable. What great ideas, and your kids are so cute! 🙂

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  99. Heather Hudson says:

    Beautiful, loved your albums, your photographs are gorgeous. Brilliant idea your albums for the munchkins.Your creativitiy and love show in your work. Stay well, eat chocolate and enjoy your happy life.

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    I love your mini albums Love the use of fabric and felt Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

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  112. What sweet albums Revlie!! I’m going to incorporate felt and transparencies on my page included in my journal – I grew up in Mexico and all we did was embrodier, so it will come in very handy. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Carmen L

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  115. Your mini albums are wonderful! Thank you, Revlie for the creative inspiration. I can hardly wait to rummage through my stash of fabric and felt and steal some of your fab ideas! I must buy some transparency too, because that adds a little something extra.

  116. Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    Your creation’s are so lovely and homey. The fabric pages seem so touchable and your little felt embellishments are perfect. I can see me spending the winter curled up by the fire and stitching on fabric pages. Thank you for sharing .

  117. Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas. I loved your mini albums. I watched another of your videos – the canvas creation with the fabric fish, and really enjoyed your creative process.

  118. You are so patient to embroider like that, especially for the journaling pages in those minis! Wow!

  119. Thanks so much, Revlie, for sharing your ideas for fabric and felt with us! I especially loved seeing your mini albums page by page….the layering and the way you created these beautiful keepsakes!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  120. I love the fabric and felt ideas they are so cute and whimsical. Thank you!!

  121. Great ideas for hand stitching and creating felt embellishments. The transparencies are also a fun addition. It’s easy to see that a lot of love has gone into making your albums. They’re so lovely.

  122. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Your albums are beautiful…as are your children!! I have not even looked at my stash of fabric since playing with paper…thanks for the inspiration!!

  123. Sew sweet! Love your Albums! Thanks for sharing…Judith, Texas

  124. Absolutely perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for to make for my grandmother who had a stroke last year. I wanted to make her a mini album that she could hold onto, but not worry about ruining it since she has some tremors. She also can’t hold her eyes open so feeling it would be good too. Your albums are so happy! The felt you use, does it come on a bolt or the craft sheet size? Thanks for sharing!

    • hi Kellie, oh, this would be perfect for her! i buy in bulk from the wholesale, but i sometimes buy the craft sheet size (like letter size, right?). sometimes my mini-albums are all different sizes, but i do try to make the most out of my piece of felt. so buy it the way you can cut the most pages (or embellishments) from it 🙂 have fun!

  125. wonderful and thank you, oh so very much!!

  126. Janet Firth says:

    thank you for sharing your creative gift with us!

  127. I loved seeing your mini albums so very inspiring, my head is spinning with ideas!

  128. So this is why I saved all that fabric! What a FUN way to express yourself. Thank you!

  129. Joanne seguin says:

    Very interesting with your use of fabric, embroidery and felt!!! Love, Love, Love your creativity and you saying “Doesn’t have to be perfect” and to just enjoy yourself.
    Thanks again

  130. Thanks so much for sharing your albums – they are quite lovely. Will have to try out the hand stitching. And your 2 little angels are adorable!!

  131. Wonderful! This reminded me how gentle and wholesome a fabric book can look and feel and I want to make one now. I don’t sew so thank you for the inspiration to just glue it on to chipboard

  132. Great albums, Revlie! You gave me lots of good ideas for using fabrics in ways that I usually just use papers. Thanks!!

  133. Great ideas! And I really love your mini albums. Thanks!

  134. Thank you for showing me your creativity and beautiful work!
    Groetjes, Wanda from the Netherlands also!

  135. Revlie, thank you for all of your sample projects, working with felt is a challenge for me and you have inspired me to try it in the coming months…. mucho gracias
    ava g

  136. lacyquilter says:

    Wonderful ideas! I love fabric and have way more than could be considered a ‘stash’! I will most certainly be trying some of these ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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  138. Melissa Wright says:

    I love the last album especially! So pretty!

  139. Cathy in Canada says:

    Wow! Love all your fabrics and texture!

  140. Judi Howard says:

    Hi Revlie… I just loved your tutorial..
    Keep spreading the Love through your Art.
    I most certainly will copy your example.
    Love from Australia.

  141. Loved all your ideas, so fun and simple. The fabrics and all your stitching and creative elements, really inspirational!

  142. Liz Thayne says:

    Love your work and the stitching is beautiful. I love making mini albums but hadn’t really thought about using fabrics and felt before but you have really inspired me to try this out. Thank you for sharing.

  143. Hello!! WOW, just loved this video, so fun to go thru all these mini’s with you. So many creative and fun ideas to play with. Thanks so much for being a part of Jumpstart again this year. I’ve been following you all year and am still blown away by your talent. SOOOOO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU!! Thanks for all you do and inspire me with! HUGS!

  144. I love fabric, too and have tons I seldom use. I need a sign-in page for a book I am working on and I am going to use a transparency film with fabric I’ve printed a message on — it’s just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you, Revlie, for sharing your gorgeous albums with us. P.S. Love the dude!

  145. thanks for sharing your ideas
    off to try some now

  146. Such beautiful albums!!! I’ve never used fabrics in my projects, but maybe I should have a go.

  147. Dara Lynn says:

    Revlie is such a beautiful lady!!! Looove her albums made out of fabrics….love the detail of embroidery and stitching!

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  162. Nancy Riggs says:

    Love your bird! Thank you for some great ideas on using my stash of felt and fabric.

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    Thank you for sharing!

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  170. Loved your albums; I do a lot of hand and machine stitching on my scrapbook pages, and love the way you incorporate fabric and transparencies into your work and stitch your journalling and titles-thanks for the terrific ideas!

  171. Lovely albums! I never made a mini in fabric, but I’ll try! Thanks for sharing!

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  173. Holly McMannes says:

    Very cool albums. Love the way you use the fabric and felt. Thank you.

  174. Thanks for showing your mini albums and sharing
    Your lovely ideas.

  175. So lovely; your albums give out a feeling of hapiness and serenity.

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  178. Debby Podgorski says:

    Love your mini albums! Your embellies are very cool and so original!

  179. Dianne King says:

    I love your mini albums. Such “happy” little books!!

  180. What sweet mini albums! I really like that you make it you and not “perfect”!

  181. I love it. You given me some great inspiration and i like you do it.
    Ich finde deine Minis so farbenfroh und der Mix machts!

  182. Pam Palmarini says:

    VERY VERY COOL lady!… and, ideas for using my stash-o-fabrics!!… PS… Watch her other Vimeo… It’s a step-by-step for a mixed media canvas… Loved it!

  183. Revlie, Your mini albums are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing them with us and thank YOU, Nat, for including Revlie in this year’s Jumpstart!

  184. So wonderfull. I love your albums. Thanks for sharing. I will see what ideas will come from it?

  185. Beautiful embellies ❤ Thank you for sharing

  186. love, Love, LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing your talent. I too think anyone can be creative, it is just what importance we put on practicing creativity in our lives as to how successful we will be. Thank you for giving me more ideas and inspiration to draw from as I continue my creative journey. The birdie…..too cute and I may just use him on my next page that I do. Thanks again!

  187. Thank you for sharing this ideas. They are full love for the little somethings that make life especially.

  188. Thank you for sharing!!! I love all of your mini albums they’re great! and your embellishments are great too!! wow!! wonderful!! =)

  189. Thank you Revlie, I enjoyed viewing your work!!! What a lovely family, thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  190. Evelyn R. says:

    Your albums are great, and the best part they speak from your heart. I used to embroider a lot, but think now I may incorporate some into greeting cards with fabric and may even try to do an album. The felt and fabric are very portable, and a person could that part of your project in your purse and work on the sewing part while you are waiting in a doctor’s office or while riding in a car. (Not good if you’re driving.) Thanks for sharing.

  191. Love, love,love your beautiful albums – really inspiring – thanks 🙂

  192. Thank you for sharing your very personal books. They reflect you and your life.
    I also liked how well the rings worked, both aesthetically and practically, with the fabrics.

  193. I loved seeing your albums with the fabric & felt they were very creative I sew but its usually clothes that would be a great way to use some of my left overs as I don’t quilt

  194. LOved! Loved, Loved this video. I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery stitches in my pages lately. Just love it. Loved the birdie and puffy flower and heart embellishments. Your mini-albums are Fabulous!

  195. Super cute!!! How you print your photos in canvas?? With normal printer is it possible??

    • hi Sara,
      i’ve a Epson Stylus R1900 photoprinter. yes i know spoiled :). and canvas works perfect (for instance sticky back canvas from Claudine Helmuth). With normal printers i have no idea, but you could try it. remember to set your printer to thick paper. or maybe you should contact the printer manufacturer to find out? don’t want you to ruin your printer 🙂 xx Rev

  196. dank je wel voor het tonen van jou werkstukken, zal toch eens wat vaker textiel/vilt gaan gebruiken bij mijn mixed media art

  197. your albums ae so delightful-love all the embellishing and stitching!

  198. sparkledaysstudio says:

    So charming and so sweet. Love all your handmade touches and your adorable family. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. xox

  199. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved your ideas.

  200. Sue Clarke says:

    I so enjoyed watching this video and listening to your voice…full of happiness and energy. You have given me the idea of using fabric on chipboard (which I never thought of before). Merci for this idea.

  201. Your albums are gorgeous. I like making albums but have not used fabric- now I would like to try. Sorry you have FM. I too have been diagnosed with the same. It was good to know what was causung the pain. I am determined to carry on though doing what I enjoy doing. Learning to cope, live with it and manage it. Anne x

  202. Kristina Perez says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, Revlie! I have a little stash of chipboard books that I collected when they were on sale. Now, I am inspired to get them out and play. Your kids are going to love those books when they get older.

  203. Revlie, I think these are quite possibly some of the cutest ideas, ever! Love how you incopoorate all the different textures into your albums. Your childrens’ children will love them for years to come. Thank you for sharing your wonderful techniques.

  204. Bea Arreola says:

    Your albums are wonderful! I will have to try this!! Thanks for the new ideas (for me)!

  205. Vanessa Miles says:

    I love working with felt. I’ve never used it in scrapbooking, but you’ve given me incentive!

  206. I love all the fabric and embroidery!

  207. First I loved your albums , I swear I am addicted to making journals and albums except I do not fill them and enjoyed seeing how you fill yours! I went to your Blog and am so sorry you have been diagnosed with Fibro,, I have had it for about 20 years now and though I am in pain everyday I have learned to deal with it for the most part and have learned what things trigger a flare and what keeps it under some semblance of control! I smiled when I read your comment about Balance as this is the key, learning not to set unrealistic goals for yourself and stressing out when it flares!Exercise, sunshine and a regular sleep cycle do wonders for me. All the best in your search for ways to control yours we are all different but you can live a good life even with it if YOU are in Control!

  208. Thank you so much for putting this video together and showing us these sweet albums. I have done some fabric pages before but was never really happy with them. I like the idea of using felt in between the layers of fabric (or using canvas) to give them some body. I love the puffy heart embellishment!

  209. I really enjoyed your presentation today, Revlie. You have a beautiful heart & I really like your style! May the Lord continue to bless you on your journey to healthy living. ❤

  210. Very inspiring 🙂

  211. I love the way you have incorporated fabric, felt and embroidery! I don’t do mini albums, but I can see making embellishments for cards, gifts and mixed media! thanks for the inspiration!

  212. The things you make are sooo cute and wonderfull, love, love, love it! Thank you for sharing!

  213. sandy sims says:

    You are very creative in the use of the fabric and felt. I really enjoyed seeing the albums. Lots of ideas bubbling in my brain. Thank you so very much.

  214. Glenda Lovchik says:

    I love your albums. I’ve never used felt or fabric in mine, but it adds such a beautiful element that I will try it. Thanks so much for sharing your perfectly “imperfect” style. I think it is wonderful. The birdies are so very cute!

  215. Wonderful!!!!! I try to use diferent textures in my albums but yours are so symple and sooooooooo cute full of creativity, Congratulations and thanks for a bit of inspiration to us.

  216. What an inspiring video. Love your style ♥

  217. Such great ideas! Thank you for sharing these beautiful albums with us and giving new ways to use felt and fabrics. Love your birdies and your children are gorgeous!

  218. thank you so much

  219. Heather P. says:

    Your mini albums are wonderful and your kids are so cute! I’ve used fabric here and there, but you’ve inspired me to try and use it more….even if I don’t sew.

  220. Melanie Edwards says:

    I enjoyed watching your tutorial~! You have such a beautiful energy and spirit. I always feel drawn to someone who expresses such love for their family! I am now inspired to use new ideas for my minis!! Thank you.

  221. Prachtig. I like the way you make your own embellishments. I might buy me some felt next time at Pippoos.

  222. Dale Rose says:

    What a great way to use up some of my fabric stash. I never thought to incorporate it in my albums.

  223. Wonderful ideas Revlie! TFS your wonderfully colorful, imaginative and full of texture mini albums. All of the hand sewn additions are lovely and inspirational 🙂

  224. Such gorgeous albums! I need to think about doing more of this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  225. Thank you for all wonderful ideals for albums. I’m inspired to go through my huge stash of fabric and see what I can come up with. I love that you incorporated embroidery in your albums. I will try my hand at that.

  226. All of them are as beautiful as always. Thanks for showing.

  227. I love the way you are using textile materials in combination with the ordianry scapbooking materials!

  228. Just lovely!
    Thanks for sharing!

  229. Hoi Revoie, bedankt voor het laten kijken in je mooie miniboekjes. ( thanks for sharing your nice minibooks)
    Liefs, Melanie

  230. What gorgeous pieces these samples were. I love them! I would have never thought of using felt and fabric that way. Thank you for your inspiration!!!

  231. Such beautiful albums. I love fabric and felt already but you’ve inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing. You have a beautiful family. 🙂

  232. love, love, love the use of fabric and stitching for these mini books!!! you’ve given me some great inspiration – TFS!

  233. deborahl591 says:

    Creative! I loved going through your albums with you. I’d love to see more. I love the hand stitching and the puffy embellishments. This will be fun to create with. thank you.

  234. scrappinvt says:

    I love your mini albums!! You are so creative with your stitching.

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