Über*Media Mixed Media Canvas: Discover



In this online video workshop I show you how to create a fun and whimsical mixed media canvas. You will learn some fun techniques using acrylic paints, book papers, gel medium, embossing powders and more, to turn a blank canvas into a wonderful unique and personal home decor item. On top you receive some fun tracing stencils and other items in the mail for you to use during the workshop. In 2 1/2 hours of video material, I show you all the steps, talk about my creative process, let you get into my head on why I use certain things and some basic design rules regarding mixed media. You will learn a lot about the media I use in this class which enables you to take this knowledge further and use it in future projects. And on top…you can learn in your own pace , at home ..even in your jammies.

This workshop is aimed for beginners to intermediate scrapbookers and mixed media Artists.

Watch the video for some more peaks of the workshop

How this workshop works:

  • Once you signed up and payed via paypal, I will send out the log in information for you. Please note that this can take up to 3 business days since I have to send this out manually and I’m traveling sometimes. You will receive the log in information as an reply to the paypal payment email – so make sure you check on the email adress that is tied to your paypal account.
  • Once I received your shipping information and sent out your log in information for the class, I will send out via standard mail an flat envelope containing 2 6×6 Tracing Stencils, 1 10x15cm Adhesives sheet and a small piece of punchinella. Allow up to 2 weeks after you go the confirmation and log-in data to receive the items, depending on where you are located. The shipping for standard mail and the material costs are already part of your class fee. No extra charges will occur.
  • You can work at your own pace and the workshop will be available here for you for years to come as long as they are online.

What I will send to you via standard mail :

  • 6×6 Crafter’s Workshop Tracing Stencil for Nathalie’s Studio – Male
  • 6×6 Crafter’s Workshop Tracing Stencil for Nathalie’s Studio – Female
  • 1 Adhesives Sheet by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
  • 1 small piece of punchinella

Supplies and Tools you will need to have for this workshop:

  • 12 inch x 12 inch (30 cm x 30 cm) primed Canvas (you often find a good deal with 2 canvases for 5 Dollars at art supply stores)
  • 3 colors of Acrylic Paints not too heavy bodied, that would go well together. If you are unsure about what colors could be a good combination and also want to rethink your choices – here is my series “Colors are Your Friends” that might help you choosing colors if you do not already own a variety of colors. You can use what you have! On this project I am working with Liquitex Basics Acrylics but any other brand works too.
  • Gel Medium – Matte . There are many options  out there as to which one. I use it A LOT – and I prefer Liquitex Gel Medium Matte. But if you want to start out I also recommend Ranger’s Claudine Hellmuth Multi Medium Matte
  • 1-3 sheets of old book paper or old newspaper or music notes
  • old credit card or hotel key card 
  • 2-3 colors of embossing powder or UTEE – if you have only one color- you can still work with that . I like to use either WOW Embossing Powders or also Stampendous 
  • embossing heating tool – if you don’t have one…I tell you how to work without but in the long run a good heating tool is not bad to have. My favorite one is this by Ranger
  • a small amount of scraps of patterned paper
  • a smaller brush or fan brush – a small palette knife also works fine
  • 1-3 photos of people you want to be included in the canvas – the heads about a thumbnail big. If you thumb is super small..maybe a bit bigger..you will be able to see in the video and get a better picture of what you want then 😉
  • scissor – one that allows you fine cutting of thin paper
  • black journaling pen – 0.5 to 0.8 tip

Supplies and Tools that are optional for this workshop:

You can sign up here for the cost of 27 US-Dollar


If you are from Canada – for some odd reason you can only find your Country under Kanada.

Terms and Conditions:

By signing up with this workshop, you agree to not give the password
to anyone else under no circumstance. After the password is sent to you,
cancellation is no longer possible. Some older computers and software may have
problems playing videos. Videos I show are hosted by Vimeo. If you cannot watch my intro video to the workshop on the top there is a good indicator, that you will have problems with this format. I will not be responsible for troubleshooting
playback difficulties of the videos. Please keep your password at a safe place- I will NOT resend passwords in years to come.


  1. Hello! I’ve just registered for your workshop. I’m looking forward for all the fun.

  2. Hi, Nat! i enrolled today (Sunday 3), no matter i will have surgery this Tuesday 5. Anyway, i dont want to loose this opportunity to continue with new techs. Thanks for the good price!…and easy… ’cause this time i am not anxious! ha, ha, ha. The best for your!.

  3. Judy Torres says:

    Am new to doing mixed media canvas and really want to do this, and really appreciate the very reasonable price!

  4. Kathy P says:

    Looks like great fun…..loved your Creative Jump Start and ready to move on to a specific project! I’m in!

  5. Nathalie thank you so much for keeping the class prices low. I’m so excited to be participating;)

  6. Loved the Canvas book on a budget project so really looking forward to this!

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