FAQ about Creative JumpStart

Why should I sign up for the Creative JumpStart newsletter?

When you sign up, you will automatically receive an email newsletter along with the link to the online JumpStarts and a password to access the jumpstart of that day. You can save the newsletter for later and come back again. And you must be signed up for the newsletter mailing list to be eligible to win the wonderful Creative JumpStart giveaways.


I was signed up for the CJS newsletter in 2012 – Do I have to sign up again?

Yes, you do. You are not automatically also on the Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 email list.

I have never signed up for a newsletter – can you show me how this works?

Of course – here is a little video for you that shows you how this works.

When can I expect the first newsletter?

The first newsletter with the link and password to the first JumpStart goes out on January 1, 2013 between 1pm CET (MEZ)/5am EST and 2pm CET(MEZ)/6am EST. If you signed up any time after that you will receive the next one that is posted after you signed up.


I signed up after January 1, 2013 and I still didn’t get my newsletter to see the video and pages everyone is talking about.

Newsletters are sent out with the new JumpStart on the day they air between 1pm CET (MEZ) /5am EST and 2pm CET(MEZ)/6am EST. If you signed up after that time, you will get the next JumpStart. (I can’t send manual emails out every time more people signed up.  I am sure you understand.) By the end of Creative Jump Start you will get a compilation of all the JumpStarts and the URLs so you can access the all the JumpStarts until mid-year. If you signed up for the Newsletter after January 31, 2013 (midnight CET)  you are not eligible to win any of the giveaways that were posted during January 2013.

Also make sure you signed up for the RIGHT newsletter! It is not my n*Studio newsletter. You have to sign up for the Creative JumpStart Newsletter- Sign up here!

I signed up on time and I just don’t get the newsletters? What can I do?

Most important make sure you signed up for the RIGHT newsletter! It is not my n*Studio newsletter. You have to sign up for the Creative JumpStart Newsletter- Sign up here!

1. The most common reason subscribers don’t see the email in their inboxes is because it’s landing in spam folders. If you checked your spam or junk folders,though, there are a few more things to check:

2. Is a particular subscriber not getting your emails? Ask them to add your “reply-to” address to their contact list or address book.

3. If your reply-to email address is in their address book, have them check their spam filter settings or configuration to be sure that your content and/or address isn’t being blocked.

4. Are they using a webmail provider such as AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail? These providers deliver mail in small batches which can sometimes result in emails taking up to 24 hours to be delivered to the particular email account.

5. Are you using a coporate or university email account? Some corporate and university filter. I can’t do anything about that!

6. you can also always try to subscribe again- if it says you are still subscribed- unsubscribe and subscribe again- maybe it helps- no garantuee though!


How long will I be able to access the 2013 Creative JumpStart pages?

They will be available online until mid-2013.


I got the newsletter and my password, but I cannot access the page.

The password in the newsletter is case-sensitive. Copy and paste the password and enter it without spaces. If you do that and it is still a problem, try a bit later. Every time the newsletter is sent, there are many hits on the page, and occasionally this temporarily overloads the server. You can also try clearing your cache and deleting the cookies. You can also try a different browser.


I made a comment, but it doesn’t show up.

This is simply because I have to approve every comment. It will appear as soon as I approve it. No worries, be patient—no need to comment several times 🙂

I don’t know how to comment, can you help?

No worries, I can – check this video where I show you how you can comment on my blog….and other blogs.


I sent you an email, but you didn’t reply.

I have literally thousands of subscribers, and while I really try to stay on top of things, I cannot respond to emails that ask technical questions. I’m sorry. If your question has nothing to do with technical problems, be assured I will answer. I just need to tackle my inbox. Additionally, I’m in full preparation for CHA, or maybe even already at CHA.

Please remember the time differences! When you are in California and write me in the afternoon, I might be slumbering in my dreams of wonderful creative adventures here in Germany 😉 Patience, my friends.


I am on the page, but I cannot access the video.

That is a problem that seems to occur once in a while. Here are the most common reasons or solutions:

1.       Copy and paste the password that is provided above the video. Not the password in the newsletter.

2.       If you are on a mobile device, that might be the problem. Try from a desktop computer.

3.        If you are accessing Creative JumpStart site from work or you are using a computer with several firewalls, you may experience problems

4.       Maybe your Internet Browser is not updated. Update your browser, or try a different browser. Occasionally, people can’t watch the videos on Internet Explorer, but have no problems when using Firefox.

If all that fails please understand that we are a group of artists that used a variety of platforms. I am only a single person, and cannot provide technical support, nor can I answer emails about technical support. It is not that I don’t want to…I simply don’t have the knowledge.

I am the only person behind this operation, and I work hard to keep Creative JumpStart free. I want you to believe I try everything to make it work 🙂

I got the newsletter and it has a giveaway from a sponsor- but I can’t see the video.

There are no videos in the sponsor jumpstarts- you get  the chance to get a wonderful giveaway- isn’t that awesome?


I really love the Creative Jump Start Summit 2013. Is there a way I can donate to the cause?

Yes, you can—and THANK YOU!!:) Donate here.

Thank you so much and I hope this helps! My vision was to have this easy and something amazing for everyone, so I know the frustrating part if technical problems occur. 


Creative Commons License
Creative Jump Start Summit by Nathalie Kalbach is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at nathaliesstudio.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at nathaliesstudio.com.


  1. Cindy Kotora says:

    Hi Nat- really enjoying the CJS 2013. Just wondering how long they will be available to view. There are a few I would like to refer back to from time to time. (too much information clogs my brain! :>)

  2. HI Nat,
    I have been participating in the Creative Workshop, however, I have not received an email for 2 days now, including today.
    Do I need to sign up again?

  3. I have ben unable to view number 2; Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s Jump Start it will not accept the password under her name which is the first screen to get to the videos. The other one I cannot view is for Catherine Scanlon’s Jump Start. I get to the video page but it will not accect the passwrd above the video: jump2013 — keeps saying invalid password.

  4. Hi Nat, I have a question…..I have all the JumpStart videos saved here in my email but I am really behind. Will they be available for a while so I can catch up? dont want to miss any!! Thanks for organizing such a great, fun project.

  5. I inadvertently closed the Maya Road video I was watching and now can’t find that one in my emails. Can you tell me which one it is? I started with number 7. Also is there any chance of paying for access to the videos for the Uber Media Gesso workshop you did last year?
    Anne x

    • M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

      Hi Anne. Maya Road Jumpstart is #27. let me know if finally get it, I can send you the newsletter again.
      Reg. Nat’s Uber Media Gesso class is still available on her site. See the link in the right frame on her blog.

  6. Cherine Stiller says:

    I was asked to type in my password but I don’t have one…Can you help…thanks

  7. Hmmm…i got the first 5 via my hotmail, followed your advice to reregister with a different provider {yahoo} but still nothing {i have checked my junk on both e~mails…is it just me?

  8. I had to unsubscribe and subscribe for a second time also because I haven’t received any e-mails from CJS yesterday and today. How do I get the 2 lessons I missed on?

  9. I know your super busy Nat, but is there a problem with the e-mails.. I had days 1-5 perfectly fine, then nothing for a couple of days then got no.9 and now nothing again!!! ARRHHH So frustrating.

    • M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

      Hi Minxy, I’m Cuchy, one of the jumpstarters.
      Yes, there’s a problem with certain email providers and it’s not from our side. I’m sorry.
      Did you try to unsubscribe and subscribe again with a different email address? If that doesn’t work, please send a message to the cjs email.
      Thank you., Cuchy

  10. Bummer signed up last night with my hotmail account only to read this tonight…darn internets – so signed up again with another account. This happened to another place I signed up to as well so I know this works!!!
    Sorry about all that.

  11. Hi Nat,

    I read your recent blog post and understand and respect your busy schedule as well as appreciate your year long gift. Which is why I’m writing and hoping you can correct this glitch: I have received cjs 1-4, but nothing since Thursday. Nothing in FAQ solves this problem. Did something happen to your subscriber list that may have dropped some email address?

    You are appreciated,

    • First of all Donna- it is NOT a year long-it is “only” january. Second- as said above there is a problem with hotmail and sometimes yahoo etc. as described in the FAQ. I cannot say what happened to yours. if you do not have any of those email clients please try unsubsribing and subscribing again. nat

    • What Donna Says happened to me exactly t’he same!!! I have 1-4 CJS, Now since i know it’s a problem of hotmail i signed up with another email. But how Can i get the acces from 5 till today???

  12. Hi nat,..

    So i did not get an email for the jumpstart number 7&8 but i did get nuber 9
    So i tried to watch 7&8 but i can not see the video and i can not enter the pass word to get the video,… So i am a little sad because i would love to see all of the jump start videos….

    Kiss sammiej

    • The passwords work Sammiej- you need to copy and paste the passwords above the video as I wrote to you before. Thanks, nat

      • Hi nat,

        Yeah i know i was a little dumbthe first time but,… This time, the website is not showing any video at all,.. So there is no pass word to fill in,.. Because i cant even see the video,..
        And sometimes the link from your email does not even give the chance to fill in the first pass word that you send with the email,…

        I hope i do not sound angry cause i really am not!
        I love the fact that you take the time to awnser my questions and that you even do the jump start!

        Kiss sammiej

  13. Hi Nat I have come all newsletters from 1 to 5 but I have not received the 6, and 7. In June I can enter the password with the password but not the video that does not work, with 7 not even let me come with me says invalid password. But I have received 8 and I have not had any problems, as I can do to see the 6 and 7, I had the pleasure of doing the course you stamping with foam stamps. hugs

  14. January 5, 2013 at 11:10 pm
    same thing…
    I received the first 4 jumpstart emails but nothing since?

  15. I received the first 4 jumpstart emails but nothing since?

  16. There is nowhere to enter the password for the Artquest jump start video. I’ve really enjoyed the other videos.

    Thank you so much!!!

  17. Hi Nathalie,, am excited to join the Creative Jump Start 2013 I am receiving your news letters but the e-mailing from Creative Jump Start has a (business card ) in the heading on the top left side of the page and when opened it says that it only partially loaded. Any insight into this problem as to what I should do? I signed up in time for the Jan 1 post but never received it. I have the addresses in my contacts. Thank you Peggy Spaulding.

  18. Shubhangi says:

    I too have looked high and low for a video for jump start 4. I cannot find the log either. Is it just a give away?

  19. Marion McIntyre says:

    I have looked high and low for a video for jump start 4. I cannot find the log either. Is it just a give away?

  20. thank.i find it.

  21. Diane Tignor says:

    Opened and started viewing today’s video with Julie Balzer and got called away.
    Now, when I went back to review the video, the password is gone! Can you help?

  22. Excited! I just signed up! Looking forward to the next newsletter!

  23. I found it!!!

  24. i cann’t open the video with the password…i will try another time.sorry for my englis ,i’m french.thank

  25. Hi, this is Elsbeth in Sweden I singed up for the newsletter and got it and the password. I used the password to get to the first side. But then I have to use i agin and it dosn´t work so do I have to have another password?

  26. I’m a Jumpstart virgin and I just had to say how much I enjoyed today’s video. Can’t wait for the holidays to end to have the house to myself and start playing,

  27. Thanks for the tips here – I wondered why I hadn’t received it & I found it in the spam folder. Looking forward to watching the video & participating.

  28. Sounds pretty awesome! Thank you for sharing your joy!

  29. yes it is 😉 behind the word password!

    • Yeah,… I found it,…… Thx!
      But it appears it is not the same password to see your jumpstart video’s,…..
      I am feeling really really really stupid,…… XD

      Kiss sammiej

  30. Carolyn Dewey says:

    Hi Nathalie – I signed up Dec 20 and received a confirmation email but have not received anything today. I have checked my spam folder and even my deleted email folder! Ideas?

  31. i am a newbee and so happy to be here!

  32. I found this page just now, and Ive sind me in, Iam exitid to see what you want me to do.

  33. You are gonna love me for this…but I had my mail open this morning and went to get the boys their breakfast and my 5 year old deleted several emails and I know that I saw yours in there…can you please send me the link again!!! I am so sorry!!! Will teach me to leave my computer unattended with a 5 year old!!! Thank you!!!

  34. Moni Agila says:

    Hi Nat, Thanks for this great start of 2013.

  35. I did not recievied a newsletter and pasword!!?? Helppppp

  36. I hope I have done the registration properly?
    I didn’t get an email with password.
    Can you help?

  37. Only 2 more days. sooooooo looking forward. Patricia Co Carlow Ireland

  38. This is my first year with your summit and I’m so excited to see what you and all the other wonderfully talented artists have in store-thanks so much for this…Lynne 🙂

  39. Hi, this is my 1sst Creative Jump Start and I am soooo looking forward to it. Well, just 2 more days !!! Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany and thank you Nathalie . Annette

  40. Thank you for the assistance here and hope you have a wonderful jumpstart to 2013

  41. candellecreations says:

    Hi Nat
    This is my first year joining in on Creative Jump Start – the introduction vid looked brilliant – really looking forward to it!!! Thanks for the opportunity to join in with such a great project

  42. Hi Natalie I am so looking forward to jump start summit. Thank You. Patricia O’Leary

  43. So looking forward to this again

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