Typewriter or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products


Time to show you my new 6×6 Typewriter Stencil 🙂

Typewriter …just love them..especially vintage ones. When I was in highschool I owned a huge office typewriter from the 40s. I wanted to be a writer or study journalism when I was a teenager and so my uncle and aunt gave me this typewriter and I hacked on it (you won’t believe how loud this thing was!) and started several books…they usually contained about 5 pages until I thought I would move on and write a different story- LOL. Anyway I knew I wanted to design a typewriter stencil since especially with art journals, vintage photos etc. I saw how it would be so much fun to use it.


I used Wendi Vecchi’s Black Embossing Paste over the stencil which is 6×6 inches – love the fluffy consistency the paste has and once it was dried I dabbed some Liquitex Markers over. The black of the paste makes the colors really pop off ad add even more dimension to the typewriter. Love it.


I used the heavy body acrylic paints for the background because I do love the texture I can create with it.


Hope you like it 🙂

Have a beautiful day

Yes, I Can or…Yes, I can

Sometimes it is good to affirm yourself with a little tongue in cheek approach ;)..besides the title is meant to be true 😉


Pretty big canvas I worked on – at least for me and it was a bit hard to adjust…I think a bigger me would have been better design wise – but for my first time working on such a scale I am ok with it 😉 …because yes I can…hehehe.


So many things are on my plate right now- in my professional life and my private life…it is good to do something for fun and tell myself that I can do it.


And now it is dooming off my studio wall as a constant reminder…hope it doesn’t fall of the wall- LOL 😉


Have a gorgeous day and don’t forget …YES, YOU CAN!


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Weckruf (Wake-Up Call) or…A FAST Forward Making off a Canvas

The image of this window with some landmarks of Hamburg kept coming up when I was sketching things in my art journal and on my iPad. So I figured it was time to finally just put it on a canvas.


Here is a FAST Forward Movie of the Making off (it is not a step by step tutorial- although most steps are extensively in there 😉 ) – I hope you enjoy it. I have a List of all Supplies used below

I had lot’s of fun playing with the new Liquitex Professional Paint Markers – loved that there are so many ways to use them and the colors are just to die for .



24cmx30cm Canvas
Loads of old Book Paper


I have some other ideas for this image – color wise etc…so you might see this coming up again in a different look 🙂

Would you like to see more fast-foward videos in the future?

Have a wonderful day 🙂


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Enough Feathers Lost – Art Journal Page


I got these amazing self carved feather stamps and stencils by the super talented Louise Nelson at CHA. Love her so much for this present and I am playing with them ever since like a happy little kid 🙂


Enough Feathers Lost – Time to Take a Birds Bath . You always get your feathers ruffled in different stages of your life, right, but there is a point where you have to say ….and move on. chirp chirp 😉


Playing with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, Derwent Artbars . I also put a bird on it …now it is trendy- LOL

I am still in Love with feathers. I just asked on Twitter a couple of days ago though which of the trends in craft/home decor and fashion you are tired of seeing?

For me it would be Washi Tape, Chevron and Sandal-Roman-Ancle Boots (if you love any of the three- please please don’t take it personally- when you use it, decorate it or wear it – I am sure it is awesome – take the statement as a tongue in cheek comment 😉 !)

Have a gorgeous day


My Favorite Mixed Media Essentials: 1. Acrylic Paints

Hands down my all time Mixed Media Essential is Acrylic Paint.

I had a very intense acrylic paint phase a couple of years ago and then I guess I needed a break and neglected those beauties for spray paints for a while. But I am so glad I came back to them!

What I love about Acrylic Paints is:

  • they are fast drying
  • generally cheap – or at least long-lasting even if it is a bit more pricey
  • they have a plastic like surface (due to the plastic polymer emulsion)
  • they can be thinned with water and that could make them almost look like water-color in some cases
  • they are permanent once dried
  • they cover surfaces if opaque
  • you can use other paint media on top of acrylic paints
  • you can use some fun media with them for amazing backgrounds and textures
  • you can create amazing backgrounds and texture with solely acrylic paints

Here are some examples:

beautiful easy background – that can be also used for a scrapbooking layout:

background and texture with acrylic paints:

background and texture using other media and cheap supplies:

texture creating on a scrapbooking layout:

creating some fun handmade embellishments and use it for some accents on a layout:

using them with other acrylic media

using it on difficult surface – like acrylic pages of a minialbum

using acrylic paint to make embellishments your own

Pretty amazing what you can do with acrylic paints, isn’t it? And there is way more!!! So yes – just because of it’s versatility it knocks me off my socks and is my all time favorite essential 🙂

Which acrylic paints I use:

Here comes a saying that I learned when studying law : “It depends” – LOL. Nice one, huh?

Well, I used a lot of acrylic paints. And over the last couple years I learned what I like and what I do not like.What I like, doesn’t have to be necessary what you like.  so just take it as my thoughts and my preferences, ok?

  • So first of all let’s state that I like good quality artist paints. Because I learned over the years that especially when working in an art journal for example that they aren’t that tacky as a lot of the cheaper non artist ones.
  • I also love good quality artist paints because the color shift between wet and dry is not that high. I love to see how my work might look like when it is dry while I’m still working with my paints. I had many disappointments in the past where I was thinking a nice bright red was rocking my socks and then it was dry and a dark bloody mess as the paint shifted a lot when it dried.
  • Highly pigmented colors go a longer way and they are usually also more beautiful. They also can be buffed for a great glossy finish- which for me also is mostly true for more expensive artist paints.
  • I love texture and I love to create texture with paints – so I prefer thicker colors – I can also just thin them down if I want – and so I am a big Lover of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paints. I also like Winsor & Newton especially when it comes to their translucent acrylic paints. A good bargain and a very good quality are alos the Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paints.


I hope you liked this post- let me know what you think. Next up is Gesso.

huge hugs



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Sgraffito or Make Your Mark Video

Sgraffito is an art term describing a technique used e.g in plaster, pottery, glass or paint. Basically one or several layers of the medium are revealed by scratching into the top surface. The term comes from the Italian word sgraffiare and means to scratch. Not sure if that will help me with my next Italian vacation but hey… you never know 😉

Now why is that something that might interest me? It is cool because you can create TEXTURE- yum yum! Do you need to have more reasons?

You actually saw some stuff already where I used the sgraffito technique- like on this piece from a post here playing with the Derwent Artbars. I used a tool that Derwent especially made for this, called the scraper.

But there is more…Scratching into still wet acrylic paint – Texture heaven. You can use all kinds of tools for it – like a plastic fork, the end of your brush, palette knifes…ah there are many many possibilities.

It is fun to add some sgraffito marks to your backgrounds or art journal pages – Let’s do a quick background video – I have a list of all supplies used below 🙂 :

I love to use Liquitex Heavy Body Paint with the Sgraffito techniques, because they are – as the name might give it away 😉 – heavy bodied paint.

I already have something in mind where I will use this background as a foundation – you will see it soon.

And if you want to learn more about acrylic paint techniques and a LOT of background techniques with them…

well….;) I can recommend my Über*Media Acrylic Paint Workshop. You don’t have to have Heavy Body Acrylic Paints….but I will show you how you can overcome that problem of having none anyway so you can still do sgraffito. But hey- Sgraffito is only one of more than a 100 techniques in that workshop 🙂

I just love Acrylic Paint 🙂


Hope you enjoyed the little video 🙂