Atmen, Atmen – Jeden Tag Atmen or…new canvas

Breathing, Breathing, Everyday Breathing would be kind of the translation 😉



It is a bigger Canvas – 50 cm x 60 cm – 20 inches by 24 inches. I had lots of fun incorporating a street art paste up which is in my neighborhood forever – love the guy and the saying. Also love the texture on it- which is hard to photograph on such big scale- so here are some close-ups.



it is pretty dimensional



Initially I did this for my Hamburgendsie Exhibition but I am not really sure if I want to include it. I have to let this sit a while and maybe go back to it to decide.



Meanwhile I keep on breathing- LOL

Have a wonderful day





I Am Enough Art Journal Page


I played a bit around in my art journal and I love especially how the left page turned out . Sometimes it is good to just play because accidentally you might find a fun new way for a background – like I did 🙂


I also got a new color combo crush…you better get used to it- hehehe- I might use it again 😉


Have a creative day today 🙂


Standup Bass or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

StandUpBass Stencil

New Stencil in the house and it is a 6×6 Standup Bass Stencil 🙂


One of my favorite things in our household is my husband’s standup bass- I just love that thing  – and I thought it would be a great stencil using it for everything related to music, or lyrics you quote , or layouts with bands, theater, concerts…etc 🙂


I used the stencil positive and negative at the same spot – meaning I sprayed over the stencil , then flipped it over at another spot to get the access paint onto the page and then took another color and sprayed over it again .


Love the dimension and the layers you build up with this method. Other than that I used Derwent Arbars, Dylusions and Liquitex Spraypaints with the background. The stamps you see are stamps I found at a store around the corner I am so in Love with them.


I hope you like my new stencil. It comes in two different sizes 6×6 and 4×4 inches.


Here is what I used for this art journal page


Have a beautiful and creative day !

huge hugs


A rare sight …or Farbtupfer


At the Baltic Sea event I taught a Scrapbooking – Layout class. I only had 1 1/2 hours for this and that made it a challenge for me- LOL. I usually do not teach workshops that short- especially since mixed media related workshops need way more time and…I do usually not teach Layout classes. But hey…sometimes it is fun to do something different- and I was told the students liked it 🙂 It was also a good way to start the workshop event since most of my students NEVER did anything Mixed-Media related…so I started slow and then had them bath in paint full force by sunday- LOL.



So …here is the layout…I had three samples- so the students could see how choosing different ways of colors effect the layout differently.



We used Ranger Dylusions and Distress Paints in many different ways incorporating different techniques for different effects.



And now…what does Farbtupfer mean? mmmh – interesting enough I cannot find a real word for this in English – It means spots of color or specks of color – which wouldn’t make a good title for a workshop in English- LOL.

I tell you, sometimes the challenge for me is finding a name for workshops that would work in both languages and it is not always possible 😉

have a colorful day 🙂




My new Crackle Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

Yeahhhh – my next two stencils are out with Stencil Girl Products. Let me show you the one I am the most excited about- it is my dream stencil- the one I always wanted to have – my Crackle Stencil


Here is an art journal page using the stencil with light modeling paste


It dries quick and it is a great way to apply the crackle effect to all kinds of surfaces and not just acrylic painted surfaces.


The stencil is 9×12 inches and I love that you can use it the size as is or just parts as I did to add some texture and a layer here and there.


I so hope you like it too 🙂 Here is what I used to create the art journal spread:


Thank you for letting me share my crazy excitement. Huge hugs and a wonderful day – I cannot wait to show you more!



Stencil Test Drive Cascading Leaves or…Forget Perfection

Jessica Sporn asked me  and some other artists to be part of her Stencil Test Drive featuring her amazing new stencils for Stencil Girl Products.

Stencil Test Drive Logo

Today along with some others I will show you the use of the Cascading Leaves Stencil. I love this stencil. You can either use it as it is in whole or use little parts of it here and there or even make a frame.


In my art journal spread I used it for the background several times layered up with acrylic spray paints and I loved how beautifully the stencil created a deep dimensional feel. I touched it up with some letterpress images, oil based inks and markers. Then I used the stencil for framing the spread.

Have No Fear Of Perfection. You’ll Never Reach It

Salvador Dali.


Supplies: Stencil Girl Productions Cascading Leaves Stencil, Letterpress Blocks, Tissue Paper, Liquitex Acrylic Paint, Liquitex Professional Spray Paints, Liquitex Professional Paint Markers, Louise Nelson Feather Stamp, Speedball Oil Base Block Print Ink.

Don’t forget to check what all the other artists created with the stencil and also get the chance to win a giveaway on Jessica’s Blog.

Jessica Sporn

Michelle La Point Rydell

Judy Shea

Roben-Marie Smith

Have a wonderful day


Family Moments with the Circuit Stencil

Hold your horses 😉 I show you a  Scrapbooking Layout today which is using my new Circuit Stencil with Stencil Girl Products. Thank you all for your amazing and wonderful comments – they mean a lot to me 🙂


Still laughing about this photo which shows the three of us doing a Facetime call when I was teaching in Stockholm. I used some Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint and swiped it with a Palette Knife over the Circuit Stencil onto a white sheet of Cardstock.  I love the texture the Heavy Body Acrylic Paint gives when used with a stencil.


I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks with a Blending Tool and colored in the background over the stenciled area and then applied the Papers. I love how you can also use the Circuit Lines as a guideline for the journaling.


Several of you asked where to buy the stencil – you can either buy it directly from Stencil Girl Products but I also know that there are a couple of stores interested in stocking them. I am sure once there are more designs revealed 😉 I can provide you with links of stores that carry them. I am working on a page for my Stencils on the blog. Sooooonnn – LOL -the back and forth with the testing takes a bit longer when you sit over the pond 😉


Have a wonderful day!
huge hugs