I Got Glasses


This layout was published last month in the Paperhaus Magazine and I had loads of fun doing it. The picture shows me with my new glasses…I guess my eyes are getting older- snigger


I painted the background with Luminarte Silks and also stamped with bubble wrap after applying some of the Luminarte Silk on top- love the effect.  I also used my Circuit Stencil and a pencil and just traced through the stencil -I love the effect.


The faux sewing I did with the Sew Easy Tool- which I love a lot- but always forget that I have it. You basically trace the stitching down and then I use a black journaling pen and just trace along- looks pretty real and makes it easy for some small stitching areas 😉

Here is all that I used


Do you have glasses? I actually like mine- although it took me a long time getting used to them and I still get a bit dizzy when the light changes.




What’s The Point or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products


Ohhh I am so excited about this new What’s The Point stencil too because it has so many possibilities.


For this Scrapbooking layout I used my new What’s The Point Stencil with PanPastels. Beforehand I had also treated the paper with PanPastels, then laid the stencil on top and dabbed the paint through. I love how vibrant the dots become.


The photo btw shows my grand-aunt with I think some friends…I found this photo when I was moving her apartment and it made me laugh hard. I hope I can trigger her memory on the story behind this 🙂


It is a fun stencil to tie elements together 🙂 and I hope you like it


have an amazing day

huge hugs


A rare sight …or Farbtupfer


At the Baltic Sea event I taught a Scrapbooking – Layout class. I only had 1 1/2 hours for this and that made it a challenge for me- LOL. I usually do not teach workshops that short- especially since mixed media related workshops need way more time and…I do usually not teach Layout classes. But hey…sometimes it is fun to do something different- and I was told the students liked it 🙂 It was also a good way to start the workshop event since most of my students NEVER did anything Mixed-Media related…so I started slow and then had them bath in paint full force by sunday- LOL.



So …here is the layout…I had three samples- so the students could see how choosing different ways of colors effect the layout differently.



We used Ranger Dylusions and Distress Paints in many different ways incorporating different techniques for different effects.



And now…what does Farbtupfer mean? mmmh – interesting enough I cannot find a real word for this in English – It means spots of color or specks of color – which wouldn’t make a good title for a workshop in English- LOL.

I tell you, sometimes the challenge for me is finding a name for workshops that would work in both languages and it is not always possible 😉

have a colorful day 🙂




My new Oldtimer Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

This Oldtimer Stencil makes the third stencil with Stencil Girl Products out by me 🙂 The stencil is actually 6×6 inches big- and on my layout you see the bigger version- which we decided not to use- I like it smaller better. But nonetheless this is the design 🙂


I did a layout using the stencil with Dylusion Spraypaints.


I love oldtimer cars  and I love how you can use it also for more male oriented layouts as well as on art journal pages in the background. Especially when it is the 6×6 size. I will show more samples as soon.


I used the photo before. It totally cracks me up. My great-uncle Hans is in the background, in the front is a friend of him and my aunt Margot with a fishing rod and then…hahahahahah- I tell you what- I didn’t even notice last time I used the photo …my aunt is sitting in the car!


So why would you take a photo of two dudes on a fishing trip, the car placed in the picture and have the wife sit in the car? LOL. Makes me crack up!


Hope you like it 🙂 Here is what I used for the layout:


Huge hugs and have an amazing day




Family Moments with the Circuit Stencil

Hold your horses 😉 I show you a  Scrapbooking Layout today which is using my new Circuit Stencil with Stencil Girl Products. Thank you all for your amazing and wonderful comments – they mean a lot to me 🙂


Still laughing about this photo which shows the three of us doing a Facetime call when I was teaching in Stockholm. I used some Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint and swiped it with a Palette Knife over the Circuit Stencil onto a white sheet of Cardstock.  I love the texture the Heavy Body Acrylic Paint gives when used with a stencil.


I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks with a Blending Tool and colored in the background over the stenciled area and then applied the Papers. I love how you can also use the Circuit Lines as a guideline for the journaling.


Several of you asked where to buy the stencil – you can either buy it directly from Stencil Girl Products but I also know that there are a couple of stores interested in stocking them. I am sure once there are more designs revealed 😉 I can provide you with links of stores that carry them. I am working on a page for my Stencils on the blog. Sooooonnn – LOL -the back and forth with the testing takes a bit longer when you sit over the pond 😉


Have a wonderful day!
huge hugs



Wouldn’t it be Wonderful…or Inspired by Paper

As mentioned in my post about my workshops in Sweden, I found K-Designs who creates some beautiful papers. So I was looking forward to start playing with them and I was actually inspired to create this layout by the design of the paper.


The photo shows my grandmother who I never had the chance to meet. She suffered from depressions and she committed suicide when my mother was only 10 years old. I often think “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could spent time together?” as to what my great-aunt Margot,  her sister, tells me she was a wonderful person.


I loved the black and grey paper which gives so much possibility to add paint to it. I used a couple different LuminArte Silks on the background as well as Twinkling H2Os. The Silks are Acrylic Glazes with a wonderful shine and they create a gorgeous resist . I also used the Silks on the window frame. The vase that you see on the right hand corner, is actually one of the molds that I created in this video about How To Create Your Own Molds. The bottle was actually white resin and so I added some Embossing Ink and used Stampendious Embossing Powder to make it work with the layout. I love the result.


I loved creating this – even thought the topic made me feel a bit blue…well at least I spent some time with her, right? 😉

Huge hugs and have an amazing day


Don’t Tear Down This Wall or…Viva Las Vegas Stamps

Pretty stoked to be the guest designer for Viva Las Vegas Stamps this month. This layout was posted last week and there is another one on next week 🙂


I used the Charred Wood Back Ground Stamp to create my own background for a grungy layout. The layout is about the East Side Gallery – a tiny remaining bit of the Berlin Wall that was painted by different artists in 1990 and now unfortunately is supposed to be torn down to make room for some luxury flats. Some of you might remember some of my photos from this blog post here- where I had visited Berlin with my friend Julie.
I love to create my own backgrounds using stamps to emphasize photos or the feelings and emotions that go along with photos. For this background I had stamped the background with the awesome Charred Wood Back Ground Stamp and embossing powder and then used Wow Bonding Powder and Foil on top. This created a kind of resist. So when I sprayed some Dylusion spray inks over the stamp image and texture of it got fully revealed.
Other Suppliess used: White Cardstock, WOW Bonding Powder, WOW Foil, Versamark, Ranger’s Dylusions Spray Inks, Liquitex Professional Spray Paints, Heidi Swapp Chipboard Letters, Rose Moka Journaling Cards, Posca Marker, Zig Journaling Pen

Have a wonderful day