Published Wedding Canvas

This canvas was a birthday present for a close friend. It was also published in the Paperhaus Magazine – Summer Issue – where I was, amongst others, featured as a Mixed Media Artist.


I wanted to add only some small color spots and let the texture speak out.


Love the look of this – I hope my friend does too but it looked like it 😉


It seems like I like doing canvases like this for weddings 😉 – See here is one I did for my husband’s and my wedding a year ago. That is as romantic as you get me in my work- LOL.


Here is what I used for this canvas:


Have a beautiful day





Atmen, Atmen – Jeden Tag Atmen or…new canvas

Breathing, Breathing, Everyday Breathing would be kind of the translation 😉



It is a bigger Canvas – 50 cm x 60 cm – 20 inches by 24 inches. I had lots of fun incorporating a street art paste up which is in my neighborhood forever – love the guy and the saying. Also love the texture on it- which is hard to photograph on such big scale- so here are some close-ups.



it is pretty dimensional



Initially I did this for my Hamburgendsie Exhibition but I am not really sure if I want to include it. I have to let this sit a while and maybe go back to it to decide.



Meanwhile I keep on breathing- LOL

Have a wonderful day





Heimathafen or…Hamburg*End(si)e Exhibition Canvas


Another canvas for my exhibition in August here in Hamburg. This one is actually 16″ by 24″ big (40cm x 60cm) . I figured out that for canvases in that big size I need an easel but I guess for the time being here in Hamburg I might not invest in one or maybe I should…mmmh…mhhh – LOL…never shy of an excuse to go to the art supply store 😉 .


It is a collage with acrylic paints, acrylic inks and acrylic markers . It was a slow process on this canvas …It moved several times in the apartment so I could just look at it because I wasn’t too happy in the beginning and needed to figure out what it was. It was the ship on the right that made me crazy…something was badly off, but now it is done. I really like the colors- and I know they are not very usual for me .


I am sure you got it figured out, this is the Hamburg harbor – a bit part of our city, and the title is home port. Now working on the next canvas which is even bigger…let’s see how this goes- LOL

Have a wonderful day



Hamburg*End(si)e or …Exhibition Canvas #1


This is the first of my canvases I did for an exhibition here in Hamburg in August. Since I am moving to the States soon – I want to say good-bye to Hamburg by using things that are gone by now in Hamburg too or things that are Hamburg for me. Hence the exhibition name I chose- It is a wordplay which cannot be translated really 😉


This beautiful house was in a street that I worked and lived for a long time – it just got torn down- they are doing it as I write…I worked in this street for 13 years and I lived next to this house about 8 years. Every time I passed this house I thought how beautiful it would be to own this place. It had a little portuguese cafe in the front where I spent many fun hours with different friends drinking a yummie Galao and fresh pressed orange juice and eating delicious little pastries like Pastel del Natas.


I loved creating this canvas- it let me indulge in all those memories connected with this place …and unfortunately also crave portuguese pastries- LOL. Off to work on the next canvas 🙂

How did you say good-bye to places you moved away from?





Baltic Sea / Ostsee Scrap Event – Photos

What a beautiful weekend teaching at the Ostsee Scrap Event (Baltic Sea Event). The location was awesome – just a 15 minute walk from the beach, wonderful room with our own private terrace, wonderful students, great organiser and co-teacher and filling yummie food. What more can you ask for?

Here are some pictures of my morning stroll to the beach – it was awesome -almost no one at the beach – sun shining already – calm and relaxing. I walked for two hours and it totally relaxed me – good way to start then off the workshops 🙂






It was awesome to meet my sweet friend Andrea again and to meet Barbara for the first time. Here is Andrea in action teaching



and here I am with  Dani, the organiser and Barbara



We had lot’s of fun all together during a photo shooting session that Andrea had during her workshop – with some nice accessories- LOL





After that we had to eat the biggest, yummiest home-made oven fresh cream puffs with a cherry sauce filling I have ever seen in my entire life…went right on the hips 😉


It might have been the sugar high that made me pulls some pretty hilarious faces while teaching…I have no other excuse actually 😉



We used lot’s of yummie Liquitex Products and thank you Liquitex for sending me some of the Liquitex Professional Spray Paints and Professional Markers – they found some happy winners 🙂



and here are some canvases from my Season Texture Class



and of the Be Awesome Be a Book Nut class. Of course I forgot to take pictures of my layout class (I will never learn-  LOL)



And last but not least a picture of our wonderful group!



Danke Mädels- es hat super großen Spaß mit Euch gemacht!!!!

There is nothing better when a great relaxed creative workshop weekend!

Huge hugs




Art Venture 2014 in Anaheim, California

Wohooo 🙂

ArtVenture Announcement


ArtVenture Details


Click here for full details and to register!

Have a wonderful day!
huge hugs

Wouldn’t it be Wonderful…or Inspired by Paper

As mentioned in my post about my workshops in Sweden, I found K-Designs who creates some beautiful papers. So I was looking forward to start playing with them and I was actually inspired to create this layout by the design of the paper.


The photo shows my grandmother who I never had the chance to meet. She suffered from depressions and she committed suicide when my mother was only 10 years old. I often think “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could spent time together?” as to what my great-aunt Margot,  her sister, tells me she was a wonderful person.


I loved the black and grey paper which gives so much possibility to add paint to it. I used a couple different LuminArte Silks on the background as well as Twinkling H2Os. The Silks are Acrylic Glazes with a wonderful shine and they create a gorgeous resist . I also used the Silks on the window frame. The vase that you see on the right hand corner, is actually one of the molds that I created in this video about How To Create Your Own Molds. The bottle was actually white resin and so I added some Embossing Ink and used Stampendious Embossing Powder to make it work with the layout. I love the result.


I loved creating this – even thought the topic made me feel a bit blue…well at least I spent some time with her, right? 😉

Huge hugs and have an amazing day