Shriek….or …5 more days



Shriek is all I can say…five more days till I fly out to CHA.

And in between I stil have to work on some projects for CHA, teach two workshops tomorrow and take care of my Designer Show Case at CHA (come by and visit my little showcase if you are there 😉 !)

OH …and things need to be packed, laundry to be washed, people to be cared off, christmas decoration to be stored away, hairs need to be cut and households need to be cleaned.

Which means….: I will have to put this part of my blog for a couple of days on a little hiatus – you get enough of me – LOL- at Creative JumpStart 2013. It is awesome- I see so many wonderful things – and people are  excited about the event and being creative and there is a huge amount of positive feedback.

But there is also a lot of questions about the event on all imaginable platforms:

And THAT means…since I have worked on that project for months now and the last days nonstop from early morning till late night...if you have any questions regarding Creative JumpStart – I won’t be able to answer you!


Not because I am a mean evil person…as some seem to think…no, just because I think I have worked very hard to provide you with a nice and free event and there needs to be a point where you are on your own.

It is massive and the signups are massive.

If I could I would hire someone to take care of questions…but alas – no such thing because this event is FREE!

So that means – if you have not received the newsletter, make sure

a) you signed up for the RIGHT newsletter. Not my n*Studio newsletter but the Creative JumpStart Newsletter- Sign up here!

b) If you signed up and you still didn’t get the newsletter or you have any other question – go to the FAQ page. 99.9 % of the question are answered by reading this.

If you after that still have questions- I am sorry, but I won’t be able to help you! Again- not because I am an evil person- but because I need to take care of the things that are my living – the ones mentioned in the second sentence. Only if I do that, I am able to offer things like Creative JumpStart also in the future- and I am sure that is understandable 🙂

I am wishing you an amazing day!




Wowsers- Creative JumpStart Summit 2013…but how do I sign up?


Some of you have already seen the huge announcement about Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 yesterday…and if not- you gotta check it out here!

The response in the first 24 hours is overwhelming- THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU.

Already 1300 of you decided to join so far. But I also got a lot of questions on how to sign up – because some of you have never subscribed to a  newsletter and I have to admit it is a bit confusing if you have never done it. So I put together this  quick little video that explains how the sign up works. Because: don’t forget you can only get the free Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 videos with their urls and passwords as well win the many giveaways by our Sponsors and JumpStarters if you are subscribed to the newsletter!


So go and sign up here!

We can’t wait for January 2013 – we will have so much fun!

huge hugs



Creative JumpStart 2013!!!!


Here we go again.  I am so so so excited 🙂

After last year’s success of Creative JumpStart I decided to organize it again. We had about 4.500 subscribers last year!  It was so much fun! So here is the scoop about it:

January is approaching–a month that is full with promises, resolutions and intentions. A month that for many is following lots of holiday celebrations, family gatherings and other end-of-the-year events.

It’s also time to start creating again. But suddenly there it is for some of us: that lost feeling on how to start. Here is the cure :)

I invited a group of wonderful, inspiring and creative ladies and gentlemen from around the globe in the mixed media and scrapbooking world to join together for the Creative Jump Start Summit 2013. We are coming together to show you some ways to get back into the creative groove and how to get your creative juices flowing. We want to share with you “3 Ways to …” help you jump-start your creativity in 2013.

Let me show you who is participating:

Here’s what you get and how it works:

  • 1. Throughout January we will share videos showing tutorials to inspire you –
  • 2. You sign up for the Creative JumpStart 2013 newsletter HERE and, in January 2013, you will receive  a daily link and password to unlock the view of the materials as soon as they go live
  • 3. On some days our Sponsors will have a giveaway for you and you will receive two newsletters these days
  • 4. You watch the presentations and you will be hopefully inspired to be more creative—all for FREE! If you like it you can donate to the cause – check it out here.

So come on—get inspiration from some of the most creative people in the community. Only 11 more days till we start 🙂

What are you waiting for? (Did I mention it’s FREE?)