Closed Doors …or Word Emesis

My art journal is not only my technique-play book, it is also my way to express feelings and often an outlet for emotions. I think art is an amazing therapist- LOL- so much cheaper actually when a real one 😉 This page was done after I was REALLY upset a couple of weeks ago – LOL- doesn’t happen to often- but hey…can happen 😉


Lot’s of Liquitex Spray Paint over Stencils on here and then I played with the Liquitex Paint Markers-I love how you can paint with them over magazine pages, use them for writing or sketching and to blend areas in.


I wanted a grungy look here ….I guess I archived it. Actually I want this page as a wall of my studio- that would be cool- LOL.


If you art journal would you agree that it helps you deal with emotional stress better?


have a beautiful day



  1. Yes, I would be in the nut house without my journals and art work!!!!

  2. Oh my! Truly an influential art journal page that really makes a statement. Creative and grungy. Bold and powerful. Love it.

    And I fully agree with you: Getting creative is really the easiest, cheapest and most fun type of therapy!

  3. You can say things to your journal that are best left unsaid to someone.

  4. Kathy P says:

    Lots of feelings in this, Nat….very creative. I agree that art can definitely be an emotional release!

  5. This is fabulous Nat!
    Emotion-driven creativity suits you 🙂

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    YES! As you pointed out, cheaper than therapy although my insurance won’t reimburse me for art supplies.

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