Typewriter or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products


Time to show you my new 6×6 Typewriter Stencil 🙂

Typewriter …just love them..especially vintage ones. When I was in highschool I owned a huge office typewriter from the 40s. I wanted to be a writer or study journalism when I was a teenager and so my uncle and aunt gave me this typewriter and I hacked on it (you won’t believe how loud this thing was!) and started several books…they usually contained about 5 pages until I thought I would move on and write a different story- LOL. Anyway I knew I wanted to design a typewriter stencil since especially with art journals, vintage photos etc. I saw how it would be so much fun to use it.


I used Wendi Vecchi’s Black Embossing Paste over the stencil which is 6×6 inches – love the fluffy consistency the paste has and once it was dried I dabbed some Liquitex Markers over. The black of the paste makes the colors really pop off ad add even more dimension to the typewriter. Love it.


I used the heavy body acrylic paints for the background because I do love the texture I can create with it.


Hope you like it 🙂

Have a beautiful day


  1. Very cool pages! And a great new design… congrats!

  2. Hellooo AWESOME! This is totally new and exciting- I KNOW it will sell like crazy- props to you Momma!

  3. I really like your message AND the typewriter stencil, absolutely fabulous!

  4. And please tell us about the lady in your layout?

  5. How cool!!

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    Vintage fun! Love the typewriter Nat.

  7. hi Nat, Just love that ,”it’s never too late………. So true, and reminds us that it is so Thks

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