Ask Nat or…Things you always wanted to ask


Some of you have seen me doing this already on Facebook but now time to do it here too 🙂

I am working on something and need your input 🙂 – it might lead to answers for you 😉

Let’s say you want to know more about me…professional wise or also who I am or what I love – n*Studio related (keep it real though – LOL)…what would be questions you would ask me?

Happy day to you 🙂



  1. Hell Hello U fab thing you! 🙂

    I have been wanting to ask you how you have maintained the commitment and momentum of being a professional Mixed Media artist?? Do you have any regrets? What would you do differently? Do you struggle with being stale? [and that doesnt mean that I think you are!!!! :*]

    Much Mwah 🙂 xx

  2. Have you always been crafty? I believe you said you were a paralegal. Have you always crafted. When did it go from being a hobby to a job.

  3. Hey Nat, thanks for letting us ask you holes into the stomach (haha, you know that german saying, right?). I read your blog since a year now and I really love it! You have so many great techniques and ideas. And it is always a pleasure to look at your creations.
    You often share what inspires you. Do you ever have times when you can’t get into the creative mode? If you have that: what do you do to get over it?
    What are your top-tips for beginners who want to start with scrapbooking or mixed media? What supplies do you think are must-haves for the first steps of someones creative life?
    How did you you make the decision to start a career in the business? Was it hard? Did you have a lot of fears? What did you do to fight them?
    What makes you sad when you leave beautiful Hamburg (also my hometown; and I am also leaving this year to live elsewhere.)? What will you miss the most? How do you handle all the stress and “Nervkram” that comes with the move? And what about your aunt that you take care for? Will she be ok with your leaving to the US? What are you looking for the most in the US? Here also: what about fears? How long did it take you to make the decision to move?
    Wish you all the best and a lot more!

  4. SusanJane says:

    O.k. I’ve just got to know how you are going to get your studio across the pond and survive the experience?! I can’t imagine moving my studio across the street!

  5. petyvic says:

    There are so many questions in my head! But first, i would like to know if you started working simple layouts and then step into mixmedia little by little, and how!…

  6. Good day Nat! Where are you moving to in the states? What does your husband do? Do you love animals, do you have any?
    I have been following you for quite some time now and enjoy your e-mails and your art. Thanks for sharing your talents!!! You are inspiring! Who inspires you?

  7. Harriet Garrison says:

    Hi Nat, Love your work! You have inspired me MANY times!! I worked in an art shop for 3 years before it closed. 😦 I got a BUNCH of oil bars in many colors but haven’t a clue as to how to use them. Any ideas? I worked the scrapbook side of the store, btw, but do mixed media also. I know I need to just “play” with them but since they are OIL and clean up isn’t like watercolors, I thought I would get some info first. Thanks for letting your fans ask you questions!!!! You are a rockin’ sister!!!!!! LOL. Hugs, Harriet

  8. What do you do to fight that horrible loss of creative mojo ?

  9. I would love to know how what for most of us is a hobby became a profession for you. You have mentioned that you previously worked in the legal profession. Please share how you became a professional mixed media artist. I’d also like to know what your biggest challenge is art wise.

  10. Laura S says:

    Who’s your top 3 favorite mixed media artist and why? If someone has just discovered that they love art and mostly mixed media, what supplies would you recommend they purchase first? Thanks, Nat!

  11. Forgive me if I am not recalling this correctly…but sometime I believe you mentioned that it was a major decision for you to become a mixed media artist. Please share more about that process.

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