“If not now, then when? If not me, then who?”

I stumbled over this inspiring TED-Talk by Mick Ebeling. He built an amazing team to make it possible for the from head to toe paralyzed graffiti artist TEMPT1 to draw again.

Amazing ! Mick Ebeling founded Not Impossible Labs, a nonprofit that develops creative solutions to real-world problems.




  1. Simply: WOW!
    Truly amazing and inspiring… thank you for sharing it! 🙂

  2. Very inspiring TED Lecture. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards, Leonie

  3. petyvic says:

    Reallly amazing! Will share, if it is possible, TFS!

  4. Kathy P says:


  5. mjmarmo says:

    So cool!

  6. Thank you

  7. Sue Clarke says:

    Wow. Just wonderful and the fact that they did not make money from it is stunning.
    It was done for the love of the man and his art.

  8. Thank you, Nat! What an inspiration.

  9. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    How inspiring and wonderful

  10. SusanJane says:

    I can totally rely on you to find the best of TED. These people are just amazing. So friggin talented. Technology and ideas are not the sole providence of the rich and powerful.

  11. Thanks for sharing, Nath; truly amazing!!

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