Hamburg*End(si)e or …Exhibition Canvas #1


This is the first of my canvases I did for an exhibition here in Hamburg in August. Since I am moving to the States soon – I want to say good-bye to Hamburg by using things that are gone by now in Hamburg too or things that are Hamburg for me. Hence the exhibition name I chose- It is a wordplay which cannot be translated really 😉


This beautiful house was in a street that I worked and lived for a long time – it just got torn down- they are doing it as I write…I worked in this street for 13 years and I lived next to this house about 8 years. Every time I passed this house I thought how beautiful it would be to own this place. It had a little portuguese cafe in the front where I spent many fun hours with different friends drinking a yummie Galao and fresh pressed orange juice and eating delicious little pastries like Pastel del Natas.


I loved creating this canvas- it let me indulge in all those memories connected with this place …and unfortunately also crave portuguese pastries- LOL. Off to work on the next canvas 🙂

How did you say good-bye to places you moved away from?






  1. Dear Nat: I love the description of that special place! i can understand your fellings as i have moved several times with the difference that i can return there anytime. It is not easy to leave a house, neighborhood, place, etc., behind…Little by litte comes the adaptation to the new place. For the canvas, it is a beautiful one, and i love it…Hope the best for you and your dh at the new place…

  2. I have been pondering the word that I think best describes the awesomeness of this piece for a day, but nothing that pops into my mind truly states how amazingly talented you are, so all I have to say is thank you for sharing your art both online and in your incredible classes!! You are truly inspirational and I aspire to improve my art because of you!

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    This is just beautiful…the colors and the building. Did you draw the building or is it a photograph? Simply wonderful. I have taken pics of places that I have moved away from and written the pros and cons of living there in my journal.

  4. This is so pretty and what a wonderful rememberence!

  5. Chris Domino says:

    We have moved several times and I made photo albums of my favorite places I loved to visit in each of the places and I enjoy revisiting the places in my albums to this day. I am always in awe of your beautiful projects you share each time.

  6. This is stunning. Did you do a transfer of the picture? If so, it is perfect. If not, you blended it perfectly with the background. I love that.
    I wish I could see the exhibition in august. It’s going to be a blast!

  7. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    What a sad story, but a beautiful ending in the form of your stunning canvas! Very beautiful x

  8. You don’t forget the places you love.. they are in your heart. Same with people. And an early welcome to the U.S.

  9. WOW!! I love it!!

  10. What an exquisite picture, I love it! I can quite understand why you loved living in such a beautiful street. x

  11. What a lovely canvas – it is breathtaking!

  12. What a beautiful canvas. With your story about the cafe and what you shared there with friends it is even better. Maybe you can include your memories, to the side, when you show it? Although, it’s really all it needs to be. I have written about places that I love when I left them, to capture the details. Now, maybe I’d use paint.

  13. Laura S says:

    Gosh Nat, you must be having a mixture of feelings, excited about the new, but oh so sad to leave your home. I have live in Texas my whole life and have only moved across town, which was nerve racking enough. Like you, I had my Hubbie with me and it was a new and exciting chapter in our lives. There are no regrets, only new memories and wonderful friends along the way. Wishing you and your Hubbie many happy memories in this new chapter of your lives 🙂
    Laura S.

  14. Nat, this may be my favorite piece you have ever posted…I love everything about it.
    sincerely, paula xx

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