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As always I am a bit slow with the news, partly because I need to understand first what is going on 😉 – LOL- but nonetheless, as some of you might know Google Reader will close down in a couple weeks – and so I moved all my blogs over to bloglovin to read there from now on. And if you want …you can

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or…if you want an email when I post (usually every second day) you can subscribe by signing up on the right in the sidebar “Get the n*Studio Blogposts via Email” That way you never miss a post at all.

Thank you for following my blog- I love to have you!!!


Huge hugs




  1. Hi Nat … I’m excited for you as you make your way to the US and I wish for you and your family a wonderful journey. You are a favorite of mine and I love reading your latest news and tutorials. Thanks so much Nat for your loving personality, you are truly awesome! Hugs … Carole xox

  2. SusanJane says:

    I have no idea what is going on or what you’re talking about. These new links take me to somethings that do not look like a real blog — they look like a strange squished versions. I notice that I can no longer leave a comment with them and have no way to contact you. At this point it looks like all I can do is the email version which is not a blog either. Please tell me ignorance is missing something vital here.

    • Susan I assume you ask me to clarify 😉 A “Reader” like google reader or bloglovin is a collection of all your bookmarked blogs that you like to follow and you want to keep updated with. You can then sign in and see all the new posts at once. With bloglovin you see an excerpt or as you referred to “strange squished version”. You can just click on that version and you see the extended full blog post. Lot’s of people – including me just sign into their reader each morning and read through all the published blog posts- which then will be marked as read once you read them. It helps you not to go to each of the blogs individually and see if they updated.

      The nice thing about bloglovin is that once you clicked on the excerpt version and you see the real blog post you can also leave a comment then.

      As for the Email Version- it means you just get the blog post as an email- if you want to leave the comment you just click on the title of the post in the email and it takes you right to the blog and the comment section too.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      • SusanJane says:

        Thanks. This stuff is so confusing. All I really need to know is that I can still come here but there are other ways to get access.

        • I know – it is so much stuff out there. But – 🙂 All is good- you can just come by…I will be here 🙂 Thank you for caring – love having you! Nat

  3. Hey there! I was hoping they would go back on that decision. I subscribe to your blog via email so I’ll be able to read no matter what. Thanks for reminding me to let people know to follow via another reader- I have very few bloglovin or networked blogs followers so the transition is going to be rough for a while. So few people leave comments these days and just pin- maybe it won’t be a big problem after all. I will miss the easy search of favorite blogs though- I still have to find a reader option because the list of favorite blogs in my blog side column is getting too long to be practicable.

    • Michelle- I have a hard time with it myself. I so hope I will get used to the Bloglovin style ….especially since I often read from mobile devices. Also the reason for lots of times I do not have time to comment. I read on the bus or in the sub and typing in comments with my little sausage fingers makes me crazy 😉 huge hugs nat

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