My new Crackle Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

Yeahhhh – my next two stencils are out with Stencil Girl Products. Let me show you the one I am the most excited about- it is my dream stencil- the one I always wanted to have – my Crackle Stencil


Here is an art journal page using the stencil with light modeling paste


It dries quick and it is a great way to apply the crackle effect to all kinds of surfaces and not just acrylic painted surfaces.


The stencil is 9×12 inches and I love that you can use it the size as is or just parts as I did to add some texture and a layer here and there.


I so hope you like it too 🙂 Here is what I used to create the art journal spread:


Thank you for letting me share my crazy excitement. Huge hugs and a wonderful day – I cannot wait to show you more!




  1. Nice crackle pattern, instant effect, very clever! I thought something mysterious was going on in the shower …

    • Thank you Helen! 🙂 Your kroma crackle is still my fave 🙂 It is the not knowing and the surprise that makes it the best- plus of course..nothing can replace real crackles!!!

  2. Wow your pages are wonderful and your stencil fabulous. Love it
    lovely greet

  3. Congrats Nat! It’s a great stencil and the page you did with it is fabulous!

  4. This is great! Congratulations!
    I really want to try this one in my map paintings!!

  5. So cool! LOVE this stencil and LOVE the fairy tale page!

  6. This is just beautiful. So glad someone finally came up with a great crackle stencil.

  7. Awesome – this is on my list to buy!

  8. mjmarmo says:

    Wonderful stencil!

  9. muriel says:

    Aaaaaaaaah! Great! I want it too. I am waiting for all your stencils to have been released to order them.

  10. Aargh! I want it!!

  11. wunderschön!!Kommt direkt auf meine “haben-will-Liste”
    LG Michaela

  12. Great stencil indeed! 🙂

  13. What a great stencil. Love it! Totally crackles me up. LOL I really enjoyed the way it looked on your page.

  14. Sue Clarke says:

    I do believe that I must have this one in my stencil collection. It can keep Julie’s stencils company.

  15. Loooooooooooooooooooooove this stencil!!!!!

  16. WOW! Absolutely fabulous and just when I told myself that I should stop buying stencils!!!!

  17. Wow! This is gorgeous! Love the stencil and the colors! That stencil is sooo detailed; it must gave taken you forever :-). Where did you get the cut-outs of Red and the Wolf? Or did you draw these? Yikes….

  18. Love it!!! Can’t wait to have it!

  19. Kathy P says:

    Well, you know we are all going to want that one, Nat…and the next one…and the next one……LOVE how it looks on your pages! Congrats on creating a great new design in a product so many of us love!

  20. M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

    A new fave, until you release another one hehehe. That looks like real crackles. Great!
    The page is absolutely stunning, Nat. Awesome background and love the text hahaha.
    Bring them all in june!!! muacks!

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