Definitely not Germany’s Next Top Model or…Photoshoot

About a month ago, I had a photo shoot with Andreas Muhme, a great photographer from Hamburg. I wanted to have some new photos for my website since the one that is staring at you right now at the right hand side is a bit outdated and it also feels as if I am the most serious person in the world…which I am not …;) I picked Andreas because I loved his portraits of artists and also his apparent liking in 50s style photos, which as some of you know is something that appeals to me as well. Andreas took a lot of time talking with me ahead of time to get to know me better and I also showed him my studio since we were going to shoot some photos here.



Then we had a whole day where he shot some photos first in my studio and later in his studio. We had a lot of fun! I also learned a lot about me this day.

First of all…since I never really do make up…well at least not a lot…it is actually not a good idea trying to change that on the day of a photo shoot. I am no exception with minimalistic makeup in Germany…but I might be an exception that even putting on foundation is a big task for me 😉 After the shoot I actually plunged in and took a little make up course…but I wanted a natural look…which strikes me in retrospective weird..because why all this effort to look natural instead of just being natural…LOL. We women are funny creatures 😉



Second, kudos to Andreas who did an awesome job with that.: I had this weird thing in my head going on between what I wanted the photo show of me… but also I wanted the photo to be me. Well…you know…that is sometimes not easy to get – hahahahaha. Because I am no Germany’s Next Top Model with a natural posing flow in her favorite 50s dress, looking smashing hot without make up but still looking fun and approachable and just like her 😉



Third, what my friends and I would say is typically me…is not what you my readers and students say is me 😉 I posted the above picture – which is of course an outtake  but I actually really like this picture just as a snapshot and it made Andreas and me laugh a lot. It was a look I gave him after a lot of shots and commands like : “smile  but don’t squint your eyes”, turn your head a bit”, “can you change your expression?”… – LOL – yes I can! . I showed this picture on facebook jokingly and my friends that know me very well were saying, “This is so you !” and they were laughing with me. But some of my students and readers were saying, what a terrible picture this is and that this is so not me. Maybe because you never saw me frown…also known as Nat’s Thinking-Wrinkle Face…and come one Dudes…you gotta be able to make fun of yourself and laugh a bit too!



Besides my studio shot which is on the top of this post- these are my three favorite photos from that day. I know of course already which one is going to be my new professional headshot…but let me know…which one of the three do you think portraits me the way I am the best?

Thank you again to Andreas for a wonderful day and awesome photos and all your patience – LOL- looking forward to our outside photo shoot 😉




  1. I like number 3 the best.

  2. What a cool shoot! I vote for #2 for authencity’s sake!

  3. The shot in the studio is the best of all of them. It is fun and you look great!
    If I had to choose from the 3 photos below, I would take #2 because the others are too serious for my linking. #2 shows you as the kick-ass funny girl that you are …. as far as I can tell.

  4. andrenesmith says:

    Which is you (the online/blog personality)? Why #2 of course!! Out of the 3 I like #1 the best as a professional photo. But on this post, I LOVE the one of you in the studio. Its is fun and having your studio as the backdrop is perfect.

  5. It looks like you had a fun time with Andreas and got great photos too! I like #3 and look forward to seeing which one YOU chose!


  6. The studio shot shows your joy Nat. Your joy is who you are.

  7. Kelly Belton says:

    Nat, the studio shot is fantastic! Of the three others I really like #3. It is just a really engaging image of you – and you look like you are welcoming the viewer into a conversation with you. Beautiful!
    (But you know I love the controversial one the best.) I am envious of how natural you are in these photos – fabulous!

  8. Ach nööööö, ich mag das im Studio am liebsten, das bist du sooooo du. Die anderen sind Portrait-Fotos, sie sind schön und ich musste echt schmunzeln bei allen, aber DU bist auf dem Foto im Studio. Ganz liebe Grüße Birgit – und danke fürs michzumschmunzelnbringen

  9. My favourite is the studio picture – I just love all that it´s telling about you and your art. Of the three at the bottom I just love #2. But whatever photo you chose – you rock! And I’m soo looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm in august.

  10. oh oh oh I love the one of you in your studio. LOVE it. You loo natural, that you love to laugh. Plus I like it because it’s a candid shot, not posed. Actually all of the pics are great 🙂

  11. Totally the studio shot!!

  12. birgitkoopsen says:

    I would definitelly choose the studio picture. And yes I know that is not one of the choices but if you want my opinion you get my opinion, LOL!

  13. Kathryn Harpold says:

    I love #2 Popeye strong woman having fun and not taking herself too seriously!

  14. What a fun post, Nathalie! It seems almost unanimous…if it was me, I would crop the studio photo with the paint brush & use that as my headshot…so adorable, so “you”. From the other 3, I feel that you are quite pretty in #1, but I am used to seeing your sweet smile, so it it wouldn’t feel like “you”. The Rosie the Riveter photo is cute, but does not represent you as an artist (I would choose that one if you were in construction instead of art -LOL!). I prefer #3 because your eyes are smiling. (In America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks calls that “smeyesing”…so you may qualify for Germany’s Next Top Model after all!). I would, however, crop out most of the dress, which I know is one of your favorites, but it distracts from your sweet natural beauty and competes too much for attention. I couldn’t help myself & I actually cropped your photos & just posted them on your FB page…I hope you don’t mind. You are so cute to ask our opinions! Hugs, Eniko

  15. tigerblomma says:

    I also go for the studioshot! It’s how I remember you, with a big laugh! You have what my aunt would call “eine fette lache”! 🙂 So for the three photos my choise would be no. 2.

  16. I’m not choosing… I like all of them and they are all you. Sorry!

  17. I love the studio shot the best! It shows how I imagine you in your element, doing what you love and teaching us how to let go and create. That shot evokes all of that, the others are still too formal in my opinion. I agree with one of the other posters, you need to be wearing red or something more colorful that the navy blue which makes you look serious. How do I know this…..I take awful pictures and always have. What you see in my pictures is not the real me because I am too worried about what I am wearing, how I am placing my head so that all my double chins don’t take prominence and my heavy lidded eyes don’t disappear. I talk from experience. I love your work and the techniques that you teach and the fearless way in which you create with abandon and freedom. Thats what the studio shot conveys.

  18. Hi dear Nat,

    Can I be honest? Yes????? I LOVE the studio shot. The other three are nice but I think your outfit is so overwhelming? Ohhh….. scary part. I would love to see more color in your outfit. This one is making you ohhhh…… my dear….. several years older…… Well, at least I’m honest about it. That’s me. XXX Many hugs

  19. love your sutdio photo with the paint brush in your mouth, but if i had to choose between the 3 down, i would take the 2nd with no doubt! the others are quite pretties but the 2nd is full of life, original, it’s like a Vargas pin up, i love it definively!

  20. Sue Clarke says:

    Number 3 if I have to choose from the 1, 2, or 3. But of course the one with you with the paintbrush in your mouth. Is that the one you chose? You said the one at the top but I’m not sure which top your mean (to the right looks like the one you’ve been using for a bit).
    The makeup thing is so funny. I never wear any makeup and for some reason I did on my wedding day. John told me later that he wishes that I hadn’t because he fell in love with a girl that doesn’t wear makeup.

  21. Harriet Garrison says:

    Hi Nat! My fave is the one with the paint brush in your mouth and your head thrown back laughing! Makes me want to come over and play!!!!! But you are a natural and even tho I don’t know you, I feel we would have fun right away if I did. You are so open and down-to-earth! AND TALENTED………..

  22. Nancy Sapp says:

    I agree with Michelle – I like #3 but I LOVE the shot of you laughing w/the paint brush in your mouth! So cute.
    Grandma Nancy

  23. Don’t know which I would choose. All are wonderful!

  24. Because I know you I have to go with #2…lol!

  25. Mary Werner says:

    Paint brush in the mouth picture! It makes me smile just to look at it. If I have to pick from the three it would be Rosie the riveter.

  26. I love the thinking wrinkle face one and the studio one is awesome. As for the rest, Laura said it well!

  27. Gerd Andersson says:

    I love all the photos, and especially the one in the studio! I think you should use that one! That photo presents you as a person, who loves art and generously shares her love with others, which is so true!

  28. To me, the studio shot is you!! But I love the Rosie the Riveter pose!! You will will most likely use #3 which IMHO shows your sweetness combined with professionalism!!

  29. Love. The studio one is fabulous.

  30. I would say number 3. The first one is a bit stiff in my opinion

  31. I love the photos that are showing personality. You look like the kind of art teacher we all wanted to have – fun and inspiring. You probably should go with number 1 as it is the most professional but I like number 2 because you ooze fun!!

  32. laurie hunt says:

    I love the studio shot!!!!! Hands down.

  33. I love the studio photo, the one with brush in your mouth, and the dress is great. Of the other three, if you want to look professional, then number one is the one to go with.

  34. Michelle Guest says:

    I like #3… But, I love the studio shot- laughing w/the paint brush in your mouth!

  35. Nathalie, You’re hilarious. So, which photo portrait is the best you? Or were you going for appraochable? #1 Looks pretty serious. #2 Well, you’re not a Pirate, but I could see you saying, “Ahoy mates, let’s do some painting!” #3 Nice. Content in your life. Very Approachable. I love it. By the way, you are very beautiful. Your skin is flawless, your brow and forehead are lovely, and you have a great smile. Luv ya, Girl!

  36. Anna Martin says:

    My favourite photo is the 1 on the right:)
    It says friendly, confident and approachable:)


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