Quicksand…or…touched my heart

I am at my great-aunt today. I am looking forward seeing her and hug her big time. It is always also an emotionally sad time. Each day we talk on the phone is showing me the progress, of her forgetting. She starts thinking I am my mother, or forgets who visited her just half an hour ago. But she is happy that someone comes – and that is all that counts 🙂

I just saw this amazing video a couple of weeks ago and it touched my heart a lot – it made me cry and reminded me on my great-aunt and her reactions, the pictures of wrapping up the home, the photos, the reactions that remain characteristic ..even when they forgot. But foremost….it is such a wonderful and beautiful tribute to a grandfather by Lance Oppenheim.

Keep on playing! What a wonderful advice!

Huge hugs to you …Hope I didn’t make you teary…hope you see the beauty in this video too !



  1. That was an amazing video, Nath! Thanks for sharing. My dad passed away 5 months short of his 100th birthday and up to that time, he had a clear mind and a wonderful sense of humor. This video brought back many memories of him as we were growing up.

    Keep on playing!

  2. Yes, teary eyed, but beautiful memorial and tribute. And sending cyber hugs to you!

  3. Gerd Andersson says:

    You are such a lovely person who cares so much for your auntie. Thanks for sharing this video! One never know how life will turn out when one get old.

  4. Teary? Yes…but I can value the importance of the message. What a wonderful tribute to this man. And as a daughter of an aging Mom who is also getting forgetful, I can relate to this so much. Thanks for sharing, Nat!

  5. Both of my grandmothers suffered from this disease. This was very teary but so valuable. It is good to have constant reminders to play and to live fully today as it will all so soon disappear. I loved the footage of him playing with his children. The genuine playful joy!

  6. Dara Lynn says:

    Much love sent your way. My grandmother passed a few years ago..with the same disease as your great Aunt. She wrote a letter to my father before the disease erased her memories,…..we treasure that letter …it means more to my father than anything. I share in your sorrow..but admire you greatly for sharing your journey. Much love to you from across the pond!

  7. It is so wonderful that your aunt has you!

  8. Sue Clarke says:

    I smiled at his “being” 29 years old and his joy at opening those presents. What a life well lived. I cried too as my MIL is in a place where she still knows that she is forgetting and it is painful. Thanks for sharing and I so enjoy hearing about your Great Aunt.

  9. Jenny Palmer says:

    Very beautiful reninds me of an aunt she is 94 and doesnt know who we are anymore.But we know her and remember for her
    Have a really lovely day and remember you are much loved

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