A Stroll Through the Neighborhood or…Love Streetart

Wait and see 😉



This one is so very detailed – amazing!



The dove is one of my favorites



This sculpture in front of the building makes me happy



this is so simple and yet so effective



best satellite dish design ever!



lots of individual I’s



does that necessary mean We?



and I just want to have this on my studio wall




Hope you had fun strolling around in my neighborhoods 😉




  1. petyvic says:

    Thinking that i will go around the city with camera on hand, ready!!!!!!!TFS, Nat

  2. Inspiration!! Will be taking my camera to work and taking pics….tx Nat!, I did notice worn Tibetan prayer flags in the detailed fantasy animal art!!

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    The satellite dish is so very creative…I think they are so ugly when I see them around here…now decorating them is great.
    You have me appreciating street art much more than I used to. In Somerville, MA there are some nice ones to see. I enjoyed the walk thru your neighborhood Nat. Thanks!

  4. mjmarmo says:

    So cool. Don’t think there is anything like that here.

  5. These are in your neighborhood? So cool. I didn’t know it was ok to paint a satellite dish. I want to paint ours! And I love that sculpture in front of the building.

  6. M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

    walaaaa. I love that I/we wall.

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