Yes, I Can or…Yes, I can

Sometimes it is good to affirm yourself with a little tongue in cheek approach ;)..besides the title is meant to be true 😉


Pretty big canvas I worked on – at least for me and it was a bit hard to adjust…I think a bigger me would have been better design wise – but for my first time working on such a scale I am ok with it 😉 …because yes I can…hehehe.


So many things are on my plate right now- in my professional life and my private life…it is good to do something for fun and tell myself that I can do it.


And now it is dooming off my studio wall as a constant reminder…hope it doesn’t fall of the wall- LOL 😉


Have a gorgeous day and don’t forget …YES, YOU CAN!


Über*Media is my series of online workshops that is dedicated to different kinds of media that cross a variety of materials. I also teach project based online workshops which you can find here.


  1. Sue Clarke says:

    YES you CAN Rosie…I mean Nat!

  2. Oooh, love this one! Cool colors and love the photo!!
    Thank you for the awesome workshop today!! Will make a hell of a lot of portraits of ladies… 😀

  3. Estella Magnuson says:

    Thank you for your inspiration of art and strength.

  4. Great canvas! And your wall is great too!

  5. mjmarmo says:

    Yes – perfect reminder! You can and so can I!

  6. Luv it! Great color and You Can Do It!

  7. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  8. i love it!! and for sure YES YOU CAN!!! love your art wall by the way!! NICE!!

  9. love it! Yay for Rosie the Riveter!

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