Making Your Own Molds Tutorial


Ever since coming back from Winter CHA 2013 I am obsessed with my new found product – which is actually not brand new – Amazing Mold Putty by Alumilite.

I used one of my first resin figurines made with a mold on this layout you saw a couple weeks ago

And here is now a video showing you how I made this mold- it is quite long with 20 minutes…but it is a several step process – I hope you enjoy it 🙂

If you need the direct link because your browser or mobile device are acting weird, here you go 🙂

There are lot’s of amazing ideas and tutorials that go way beyond my basic video on the Amazing Mold Putty Blog– check it out.

What comes first to your mind to make a mold with when seeing this video?

Have an awesome day!


Looking for more free tutorials by me?  You can find more here!


  1. You find the coolest things!! I would love to make letters with the molds and use them to spell out a project title. How cool would that be? Have to think about how to get them thick enough….Feel free to figure it out and demonstrate it for us….😉

  2. i totally saw this at CHA and it is one of those things that i wish i had of had enough time to go back and play with!! i must find a distributor!! thanks for your video demo!

  3. hahaha…you made me laugh…”okay, if you want to mold a house, it might take a bit longer”…hahaha, thank you for giving me an extra laugh today, going to bad happy now 😉

    Amazing tutorial as always..have to look around to find me some of that cool stuff now 😀 Thank you for sharing! xxDebbie

  4. Hi Nathalie, I’m going through CJS withdrawels, so getting to see a video of you being creative was super nice. The molds are so cool. I emmedialtely found my self glancing around my studio for things I could cast. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks like so much fun!

  6. Estella Magnuson says:

    Thanks for the video, great information. I’m going to try it in some small birds once I get my hands on the mold putty!

  7. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    A wonderful video, nice to hear your voice to put to your photo! It will be interesting to see if the mold putty is any cheaper than the Ranger one, which is really expensive in the UK. The background of your layout is stunning, how did you go about doing it please?

  8. Hi Nathalie. Great stuff! Thank you so much for the video. Would love to work with this product. Do you know if you can buy it already in Europe? Big hug XXX

  9. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Morning Nat, I have some beautiful buttons I am hoarding, this product would be perfect to recreate them…still gonna hoard them though……best go and scrap the snow off my car…

  10. Michelle Guest says:

    I can hear the video, but cannot see it.

    • Where are you watching it- might be either the browser or your device. As it is a longer video you should watch it on a desktop computer not a mobile device. I have no problem seeing and hearing it on all browsers on my mac including Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome 😉

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