I will tackle that…eventually or…n*Studio Reorganziation

This letterpress cabinet makes me extremely happy. I found it…or let’s say it’s content at a flea market. I will show you more pictures soon…as it is  right now a big task to clean this up and it also goes along with reorganizing my studio…I think my friend Julie might be very happy about this 😉


So there… I put it out into the World Wide Web…now I really need to get going…It seems like such an enormous task right now- LOL.

Tell me about your studio/place where you get creative.

Huge hugs


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  1. I laughed when I found this poster. It seemed like something we all do. Then when I read your blog, I knew you would relate to it, too. I hope it opens for you 🙂 I’m off to do some organizing! LOL!

  2. As the nest is empty, am using my daughters room (18×15!) and has created a working area around the perimeter, but everyday i make changes so as to turn the area more comfortable. In the center of the room, i placed a square table and there i start the projects painting and spraying, doing the dirty work…..After the end of each scrapping day, i take 10 minutes to return materials to its place, so next time i am not crazy! That is the key! Now i am recovering from a surgery, so my hobby has almost all my time!…

  3. I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one whose craft space is a disaster area! Though mine is probably the most shameful mess, since it’s in a room where we just stash all the stuff we don’t have room for anywhere else. I have grand plans for organizing it, though. Soon, when I have some time to myself and am not working overtime so much, I’m going to get it all straightened up and organized!

  4. My space is a total mess, in need of a complete do-over! When we moved into this house, I took over the smallest bedroom. I was in such a hurry to get scrapping again after a long hiatus when most of my goodies were packed up, that I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into my room. I just ran to IKEA and got shelves and cupboards and supplemented gradually with an ever-growing array of plastic bins, rolling drawers and boxes. Now, my room is just packed wall to wall (my DD gets claustrophobic in there!), and I am not using the space well. I need to get in and toss so much old stuff, which I find really hard to do. And now that we are thinking of moving to our ‘retirement’ home, I am just focusing on what I will do there to make it GREAT! Of course, you know how that will end…….still too much stuff in too little space, and another way to create a mess! But I am going to try to get it much better!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your new find!

  5. My space is completely out of control right now. I’ve been “reorganizing” since early January but it’s taking longer because I’m looking for good small space storage solutions and it just seems like that’s not something marketers have caught onto yet. I need more modular options since I don’t have entire walls available. Most stores only offer organization systems that are clunky and made with cheap easy to break materials- your letterpress cabinet is dreamy- enjoy!

  6. I just reorganized my art space using the advice from Julie’s “reorganization week” posted on the side of her site. That was SO helpful! I’m sure you know her hints, or know your own; I’m just putting that out there for others who are about to reorganize.

  7. I craft on dining room table. I have started craft room in spare bedroom, but it still has stuff from former occupant (youngest son, not completely ready to fly the coop) so no table in there, but it is also sadly in need of organization. Slowly but surely…..

  8. I have my first ever creative space. It’s a little odd though. The place we rent has a built in desk in a walk in closet. It happens to have a french door to let in some light. Not awesome but better than not having a space to create in. I am in the process of reorganizing it right now.

  9. Sue Clarke says:

    I usually create on my kitchen or dining room table but I do have a craft room (it’s just filled with supplies and so I can’t get to that table)! It’s way over time to do something about that though.

  10. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Sadly I have to work on the dinning room table, so I have to clear a space to eat as well. Crafty stash is fighting to get out of the cupboards and spill onto the floor and there are boxes in three of the bedrooms! My poor husband!

  11. I agree that cleaning up the studio and organizing is a HUGE task. I think it might be easier to target little bits at a time… this drawer, this desk, this shelf. I feel like I’m constantly trying to organize as I learn what works better… good luck!

  12. Michelle Guest says:

    Currently I create on one side of my bedroom- about a 16′ wall space. I have shelves full of paper holders & some white wire cube shelves full of containers… Also, some white storage cubes from michaels (love these because they look so clean & neat)… Along with a table. I also have 1/2 of a 2-car garage full of shelves of supplies along with 2 large work tables. I have been a scrapbooker for 16-17 years & I have too much stuff! I’m now adding art/paint supplies into the mix.
    **Beautiful new piece you bought!

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