Where young people go to retire or…Sternschanzia


A couple months ago Dina and I had a fun conversation and she introduced me to Portlandia. She mentioned she had put a bird on something and just called it art. She explained to me that this is from Portlandia. Portlandia is a satirical sketch TV Series in the US playing in Portland, Oregon. It shows in a of course over-pointed way the life in some pockets that each city has – up and coming neighborhoods. places that no-one before wanted to live, and then kind of get artsy and fun….then popular.


Portlandia can be everywhere – it is actually right here, where I live in the Sternschanze in Hamburg- LOL. That is probably why I laugh so much about this series – It is hilarious. I love my neighborhood-I do …but I also love to make fun of myself and us the people who live here. It is colorful, different, provoking and inspiring…sometimes stupid, sometimes nerve wracking…sometimes just plain funny



When I watch this video about the “Dream of the 1890s” and I think of all my friends and people around here that have beards right now, wear suspenders, ride weird bicycles and …

Or when I walk somewhere to run errands in the morning and see some people “working” on their laptops out-side in front of a cafe, and when I go home later in the evening- they would be still there. EVERY day! We have more cafes when you can imagine. I guess this is “where young people go to retire”.


Or in Portlandia you see this video about the “2 Girls 2 Shirts” Store- and when my husband and I saw it we yelled out loud “1 Girl 1 Sweater” because that is pretty much the store right across of your house.

Point of this? No point…just showing you a little peek into my neighborhood and if you sometimes think I am weird – LOL- I am just the product of my environment – 😉

Have a gorgeous day




  1. Mh, gonna have to check that program out, it might turn out to be El Paso, TX, where I live, because there are many weird people here too LOL!

  2. I’ve never seen Portlandia…probably because I live in Colombia…but I’ll definitely look for it now when I visit the States. Your girl portrait is fab!

  3. <3! For Portlandia, but even more for Sternschanze. It's awesome!

  4. I loves me some Portlandia! Great post, Nat, and sounds like a fun and interesting community you live in! Cracking up about you and your husband and the “1 Girl 1 Sweater!!!” Too funny!

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    Never heard of the show but it looks funny. Two girls two shirts is a hoot.
    I just came back from a week in Orlando, FLA were many folks go to retire and many go as tourists. So interesting to see the retired folks driving around slowly and the vacationing folks rushing to have fun in the theme parks.

  6. Michelle Guest says:

    Every place we live ends up emprinting something into our makeup for us to carry as a part of ourselves… &… If we move we take that something to a new area… Its what makes life interesting!
    *cute post*

  7. I’ve never even heard of this show, but will definitely check it out! The videos really made me laugh – thanks for sharing!

  8. we love this show too. It’s so interesting to hear you have the same type of town there.

  9. Sounds like a creative and fun place!!

  10. I love the show portlandia. Yes, it is over the top, but that’s what makes it so funny! My family just doesn’t get it, but I do!

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