Yellowstone inspired Texture Canvas


I created this canvas inspired by Yellowstone. Yellowstone is probably my favorite National Park. The nature, the colors, the wildlife, the texture – EVERYTHING. I want to go back there! I often create the backgrounds inspired by the photos that I want to use or the emotions I think of. It might sometimes not be so obvious but here I think it is like almost a slap-in-the-face-obvious- LOL. The texture of the ground here and there, the geyser colors, the forests, the burned wood stems.


I used a lot of Kroma Crackle – my favorite for making super huge crackles – to achieve a lot of the texture. It took me a while to create this canvas as the crackle alone took about 3 days to fully reveal. But oh it was so worth it texture wise for me 🙂 Especially for pieces I can and want to take a long time with, I love to use Kroma Crackle now.


I also used Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Professional Spraypaints as well as Acrylic Inks. I also used some Stampendous Fragments and Princeton Catalyst Blades and Wedges to create some texture on the edges. Lot’s of different stuff and many many layers. This is a 12×16 inch canvas.


The leaves are from Julie’s Crafter’s Workshop Template- love that stencil a lot. It was fun…I am not exactly where I wanted to be though…I want MORE texture … I keep working on it and definitely share with you  😉

What is the most fascinating national park for you in the world?

Huge hugs


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  1. This is beautiful! I love the colours! My favourite national park is Banff National Park.

  2. The most intriguing park in the US for me is the Redwoods in Northern California. There are trees as high as a sky scraper and as old as Methuselah. Dense greenery, moss, and awesome fauna. Took tons of pictures, but they don’t give the reality credit!

  3. I love this… the colors, the textures… everything! Gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous… love this … the colors, the textures … everything! =)

  5. Have only been to Yellowstone. We go to Montana a lot. I loved it and really feel your canvas gets it!

  6. What a wonderful creation Nathalie! it is outstanding! i love the textures the colors and the way you were inspired by the photo.!

  7. Kathy P says:

    Your work is SO inspiring, Nat! Got my ‘Discovery’ link, and went out yesterday and got my canvas. Interesting that here in PA all the 12×12 canvases do NOT come with those separate stretcher bars! AND cost $9!!! So much for things being cheaper in the U.S.!
    The blues here really set the tone for the snow and the fire-damaged trees. We are NP members and are trying to visit them all! My faves so far: 1) Yellowstone; 2) Everglades; and 3) Arches.

    • 9 Dollars???? That is insanely costly! But I do have to say I realized that canvas prices are much more than in Germany. I will try to find a source next time in the States where canvases are cheaper. Love Arches too…Everglades are still on my list 🙂

  8. oh Nat….this is OUT OF THIS WORLD gorgeous! I don’t think I have seen a more gorgeous blue page! It is radiant!!!!!!!

  9. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Truly wonderful! Love it big time!

  10. mjmarmo says:

    Glacier NAtional park was just amazing! LOVE your texture!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Hallo I Love YELLOWSTONE my husband and kids too, we visit Yellowstone in 2003 I have to find the pictures we did there… Love your work Greetings from germany

  13. Nurse Ratchet says:

    What a wonderful way to start a week…looking at your magnificent canvas….I,have much to learn!

  14. Rob Keogh says:

    Hi Natalie,
    In the USA, my favourite is definitely Yosemite, I absolutely LOVE it, apart from the beauty, it has an almost palpable feel to it. In Australia, Kakadu National Park is fabulous as is the Great Barrier Reef.

    Love your canvas and all of the gorgeous texture.

  15. Michelle Guest says:

    I was going to ask about the leaves but as i continued to read i saw info about the stencil… I love how the leaves look! Also, circles both background & foreground. Texture is wonderful too! Very striking photo.
    I’m learning from you… Thanks! Michelle

  16. LOVE the canvas! And you must have been thinking of more than one National Park, right? LOL…. I haven’t been to Yellowstone yet, but YOSEMITE is my favorite!
    We have to do coffee soon… It’s been ages!

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