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I got these amazing self carved feather stamps and stencils by the super talented Louise Nelson at CHA. Love her so much for this present and I am playing with them ever since like a happy little kid 🙂


Enough Feathers Lost – Time to Take a Birds Bath . You always get your feathers ruffled in different stages of your life, right, but there is a point where you have to say ….and move on. chirp chirp 😉


Playing with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, Derwent Artbars . I also put a bird on it …now it is trendy- LOL

I am still in Love with feathers. I just asked on Twitter a couple of days ago though which of the trends in craft/home decor and fashion you are tired of seeing?

For me it would be Washi Tape, Chevron and Sandal-Roman-Ancle Boots (if you love any of the three- please please don’t take it personally- when you use it, decorate it or wear it – I am sure it is awesome – take the statement as a tongue in cheek comment 😉 !)

Have a gorgeous day



  1. I took a stamp making class with Julie Fei-Fan Blazzer, but I need lots and lots more practice! I’m having fun making the simple one now it’s time to try the more difficutlt ones.

  2. Ooh this is beautiful, and I love your new feather stamps! I’m a big fan of feathers and birds. I guess I’m trendy too 😉 But I find them perfect for Spring. I totally agree with you about washi tape and chevrons, though!

  3. Beautiful spread, Nat! The colors and the layering, and the stamps are gorgeous! What a lovely gift from the lovely Louise! The water spilling over the birdbaths is dreamy. Love it! Had to chuckle at “I put a bird on it…now it’s trendy!” Thumbs up for Portlandia!

  4. Love the layout, Greens and Blues are my favorite colors, (according to Nancy). I am over Owls, even though people come in to the store every week and ask for them 🙂

    • LOL I know…actually Nancy would tell you that I made this artjournal page especially for you 😉 As far as the owls go….yeahhhh – I still kind of like them…but I never really used them

  5. Jocelyn Turner says:

    Love these feathers and colours are amazing!

  6. Oooh Nat I so so love what you have created with the stamps and mask 🙂 thank you so much!!!!! xxx and a big squisshy aussie hug!

  7. This is beautiful, Nat! Love the feathers, and the cute bird just finishes it! I don’t like the sheerness of the washi…you can’t put it over anything with a pattern. And I am totally over plastic journaling spots and calendars.

  8. Ahh, the greens that I’ve come to expect from you Nat. Nice LO.
    I am still loving washi tape so I won’t take it personally.

  9. The first thing I thought of when I saw your beautiful layout was real birds losing their feathers as they hit my studio windows! I love having so many windows but that is the bad side. I need to get my kids to make more window gel designs to protect them.

    I am sick of seeing chevron and yet really love the chunky chevron stencil and want it. So depends on the chevron. Hate those sandals. And don’t get me started on super low riding jeans…

  10. Washi tape? I am not ready to let go of that one, yet. I was tired of “collage” rubber stamps after the first few but I do dislike them now. I can’t imagine spending full price for a stamp that is so complex and unchangeable.

  11. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Really lovely!

  12. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Love this ,Nat!! Wore those ankle boots, oh and Go Go boots too….bell bottoms twice in a lifetime..didn’t wear a bra for a bit….had Twiggy eye lashes.. Wow I am an old girl!!! ..just got a few Washi tapes….have nothing chevron except some paper in a pack!! Only injustice ruffles my feathers now!!

  13. Oh – I love this!

  14. Haha, Oh I like your posts. Hihi. I’ve never liked the Sandal-Roman thingies. Probably because I don’t like my toes. But I’m still very much in love with my Washi Tapes. Althought I like to make them myself too.
    I love the featherstamp and the page you made with it. The little birdie is the cherrie on top 🙂

  15. looks amazing Nathalie!!!

  16. Lovely pages!
    I dont like the Sandal-Roman-Ancle Boots now, and I didn’t like them in the 70s either (yes, I’m sooooo old!), chevrons have never been a favourite but I only just discovered how to use tha washi (thanks to CJS) so I’ll give it a chance

  17. Hate those sandles, but I have ugly ankles. Lol. Love the Chevron, though. You can play with so many colors to get so many different styles and it looks cool on a wall or furniture. Washi tape is over rated and overpriced. 2 out of 3 aint bad. 🙂 Lov ya lots, Nat! And Love your feather art. Very cool.

  18. Michelle Guest says:

    Oh my! I didn’t know about artbars… Just watched a u-tube video about them. I think I need some to play with.

  19. Beatriz Helton says:

    I don’t like the Sandal-Roman-Ancle Boots either, am glad to know I’m not the only one : )

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