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This time when I came back from CHA I made an effort to play at least half an hour in my studio in my artjournal with the new CHA stuff before tackling all the emails and other things that had to be taken care of.


2013 is a very exciting year for me and the adventure started on the day I did this journal page. I will fill you in later in a couple of months- LOL.  The bright colors of this page are a good indicator how excited and full of hopes and happiness I am for things to come 🙂


I used Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s and Dina Wakley’s new stencils for Crafter’s Workshop – love! Also used Ranger Distress Inks, Liquitex Acrylic Paints, Liquitex Professional Spraypaints, Derwent Artbars and Posca Markers.


Are you going to spend some time in your studio today?

Have a wonderful day



As you know the Creative JumpStart 2013 is over. Almost 6000 Subscribers – I am speechless…as I am wading through the comments -last time I checked it was over 500 on my final post…I got all teary eyed, in a good way 😉 … thank you for all the sweet words about Creative JumpStart 2013- it means a lot to read all those wonderful comments!


  1. wahoo nat…I SSSOOO love your journal page its GORGEOUS!!

  2. Very cool spread, Nat! Love all the colors and layers. The white highlight and black sketched outline on the Corn Flowers is awesome, adds such dimension to them. Can’t wait for you to spill on the new adventures!

  3. I love your pages – they´re really vibrant and full of life! And I love the flower stencils.
    Could the happy news be a book? with your awesome art and the techniques you use?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I didn’t get to see them all but lovd the ones i watched. Thank you again

  5. I love the page you did Nat. The colors are bright and shiny and stencils are wonderful!

  6. Such a great page! The colours are amazing. Hope to be able to buy Julie Fei-fan balzer’s new stencils soon.

  7. so….don’t we need a Mid Year Summer DREAMY????

  8. Beautiful pages. I love the eye chart stencil. I can’t wait to get one to play with. I’m still working on all the creative jump starts. I need to get a few supplies before I can do some of them. Hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to win some of them. I always like to finish each page–therefore, I’ve been searching for images as I finish each background to complement the techniques. I’ve had sooo much fun with this–and it will provide inspiration for months to come. Thanks to you and all the other artists for sharing your creativity and inspiration. Hugs.

  9. Very beautiful colors, nice and bright!! 🙂

  10. I’m excited for you, whatever the news may be. I too miss CJS. What a gift that was. Thanks again. I am going to play in my art room while the super bowl is going on and all my guys here are watching it. I’ll just go in for the commercials. : )

  11. Nurse Ratchet says:

    That is so beautiful …I love the colours. not much colour in Canada this time of year which is why I love to browse in my LSS, Bizzy B …looking at all the luscious paper makes me feel like I am in a garden. I gessoed a couple of wee canvases last night and will play very soon!

  12. andrenesmith says:

    As far as your new adventure…..hmmm… guess is youve been asked to join up with another major sponsor…..or a book/cd deal. However, baby is a really good guess… 🙂

  13. Sherri Sinclair says:

    I love your creativity and those flowers are awesome:).

  14. andrenesmith says:

    Loving these pages….you have a ton of layers – gorgeous. Love the Cornflowers!

  15. I AM going to play a bit today before the Superbowl game starts!!! I just finished an order and got some of the new CW stencils…and now I’m sad that I didn’t get those awesome flowers!!! Love that artbook two page spread!

  16. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Great work!

  17. This is absolutely wonderful! The colors drew me in right away! Thank you again so much for Creative Jumpstart!

  18. So bright and cheerful and stunning. Your work is one to aspire to. TY

  19. I too am missing the videos! Amazing job! Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into providing us with a truly creative jumpstart to 2013!! We appreciate you and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

  20. Nat – Creative Jumpstart was a wonderful event. I’m going to try to incorporate all of the great ideas into my artwork. I already miss the morning video. You are such a generous soul – thank you. Your hard work, and, of course, the work of all the special artists and everyone who participated, is appreciated. Thank you, again – so much. And your beautiful, bright journal pages have sparked more inspiration. I’m so glad I found you.

  21. You totally deserve all the comments. You did an excellent job, you offered it for free in a super happy spirit.
    I love this art journal page. Feels like summer, like laughter and happiness. Awesome.

  22. You are such a special lady!

  23. Love those pages. Stunning work you clever woman you!

  24. If you’re a dork, I must be dead. Hmm. Since I am not dead or a dork, you must not be either. Wonderful pages. Those neon colors just do me crazy! The second one teaches us all a very important lesson… PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE.

  25. Thank you Nathalie for Creative Jump Start 2013. I loved every episode and will miss it very much. Your generosity is awesome.

  26. Jenny Palmer says:

    Whatever it is making you happy you deserve it you truly are a lovely soul
    i love your journal page

  27. Love the page. You must be pretty excited to make such a colorfull page! Oh yes, today is studio time. Hubby is still sleeping, later he will be either making a bike tour or dive into his office. The only thing I have to do today is pack my baggie for a business trip to Hamburg, all the time left over is for me to create (So I’d better get my behind away from the computer!)
    Have a great sunday! – Irma

  28. I think you should host CJS FALL 2013! IDK if I can wait a whole year…I cried watching your “Thank You” Vid. I’m gonna miss…my morning cup of java and the CJS Video. Thank you for starting my day off creatively perfect. I just finished my 1st Art Journal page!!! I can’t wait till the next page. Big Huge Hugs!

  29. I love how bright your journal pages are. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Creative Jumpstart. Thank you!

  30. Wendy Gilbertson says:

    Thank you so much for making Jumpstart available to the world 🙂 . I feel so honoured to have been able to take part in it 🙂

  31. Such beautiful happy pages, I love everything about it Nathalie. I expect that you have some very happy news to share in the near future. 🙂

  32. Is it a baby?

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