Blender Girls …or New Prima Canvas

The five of us are the Blender girls…there is a story to it. We make sure every Winter CHA to meet for a “get out of the blender” talk. These talks have been very successful…blenders have been avoided a lot the last couple months 😉 .



Love those girls so there was a canvas in order for this 🙂 It was placed in the Prima CHA Booth and I loved when the girls found it when walking the floor 😉



Mixed Media Doll Stamp #910167
Mixed Media Doll Stamp #910181
Mixed Media Doll Stamp #910198
Wishful Thinking Valiant #970321
Wishful Thinking Dreams Blossom #970352
Wishful Thinking Wishful Thinking #970369
Wishful Thinking Chasing Dreams #970376
Wishful Thinking Carpe Diem #970383
Wishful Thinking Brads #970451
Wishful Thinking Cling Stamps #970529
Say It in Chrystals #544638
12×12 Canvas
Gel Medium
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Crafty Power Tape, Foam Tape and Repositionable E-Z Runner
Derwent Artbars


There is nothing more important than a supportive group of friends in your business life (as well as in your private life- but that mixes then anyway), especially when you are self-employed. I mean this in the German Sense of the word Friend – we call a friend not a friend very easily – we use the word acquaintance or in business life colleague way more often and save the word friend only for close people who you entrust way more than just some random information. It is a cultural difference that I had to learn as it sometimes astonished me when people called me a friend and I barely knew them – LOL- all those little and big cultural differences 🙂

Wishing you an amazing day





  1. Love it! You are very lucky to have such talented “friends”.

  2. In Montreal, it’s -29 C!! I stay at home!! 😉 So funny et beautifull your canvas!!

  3. sparkledaysstudio says:

    How great is this, love all those smiling faces of your most arty friends. xox

  4. Love the Blender girls canvas. Just so fun. I was born and live in the US – but I am with you – a friend is someone I trust and can share with – only have a few of those. Some acquaintances may become friends over time – but there is a definite difference between the two!! Love your work – thanks for sharing

  5. Wonderful! I think we should take a hint here in the USA from you Germans about the friend definition. This is what makes Facebook a pain to me.

  6. This is just amazing!

  7. They are your tribe! There’s nothing better than connecting with like-minded people!

  8. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Just love this and such creative out of the box thinking to put on the back of the canvas..I have been looking at the back of my canvas and wondering ” should I” Thanks Nat ..if you can…I can!! My coffee is ready but do I really want to go out in the -20 C weather!!!!!?????? Yuck!

  9. Beautiful ! and Funny.

  10. fantastic, love the way you used the back of the canvas. you all look very glamorous! x

  11. So gorgeous, I love it!

  12. Very Cute! And boy do we need our girlfriends. They are cheap theraphy.

  13. wundervolle Kreation! ARTSY Fartsy!!!
    und Du hast vollkommen recht… was sind wir nicht viel steifer in unserem gesellschaftlichen Umgang.. allein unser SIE/ DU..etc.
    und in Österreich ( wo ich her bin)ist es teilweise noch richtig K.und K. mäßig …
    –oh weia! und da sind fast alle AKademiker sehr auf ihren “TIEL” bedacht …

    nun ja..

    liebe Grüße und vielen Dank für die himmlische JUMPSTART

  14. such energy and fun! I like it!

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