In my next life I wanna be a kitty …or Prima Canvas


I simply adore the ability of cats to sleep totally relaxed everywhere in the most fun or adorable positions. I wish I could do the same. Like on a plane…I soooo can’t sleep on a plane. Maybe it is the fear of sleeping and starting to drool on my neighbors shoulder lol 😉


This photo is of my brother in laws kitty- don’t get fooled by this sweet innocent sleeping face…this cat is an attack cat – LOL. Nonetheless very cute 😉


I used Anna’s new metal embellishments for Prima as well as her new stencil- so much fun to create with it for the Prima Booth at CHA.


Prima Supplies used:
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets Mechanicals #960285
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets Mechanicals #960247
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets Mechanicals #960346
Sunrise Sunset Vintage Trinkets Mechanicals #960391
Sunrise Sunset Wood Embellishments #960216
Sunrise Sunset Stencil 6×6 #960179
Sunrise Sunset Fabric & Washi Tape #564872
Sunrise Sunset Flowers #565190
Queen Mary Flower Smoke #566197
Mini Sachet Winter #565992
Mini Sachet Pearl #566036
Liquitex Gesso
Liquitex Gel Medium
Liquitex Acrylic Ink
Liquitex Professional Spraypaint

Are you able to sleep on a plane?

I wish you an amazing sunny day – and I will be back with photos from L.A. soon …and CHA 😉

Huge hugs



  1. It should be against all the white:)

  2. It should be the colours against all the white:)

  3. Nice! Love the colours against all the shite. The stencil is awesome.

  4. LOVE this canvas….so much texture..its perfect. The black & white theme with just a splash of color really makes the kitty stand out. I too have issues with sleeping on a plane. I have been on only 1 overseas flight and I was MISERABLE.

  5. sparkledaysstudio says:

    Oh Nathalie, this is quite fun, it made me smile. I am so enjoying Creative Jumpstart, glad I jumped in, thanks so much for your inspiration and for putting it altogether. xox

  6. Making me want some new Prima! I can NOT sleep on a plane. Even the trips I’ve taken to Australia. I catch up on movies.

  7. I just love your backgrounds!! And such a sweet kitty!! I cannot sleep on the plane. I hope you did.

  8. Sue Clarke says:

    I can sleep on a plane or anywhere for that matter. No drool but snoring is a real possibility.

  9. Your layout is lovely as I am a cat lover. And I find it very hard to sleep on a plane just in case I droul or snore lol.

  10. suzannebouchard says:

    I love this cat! And your page!

  11. Ich muss zugeben – ich hab mal zuerst die beine gezählt – nach kopfdrehen – glaub ich hab ich die position kapiert, wie sie liegt 😉 catisutra? also für ein eichhörnchen wie mich, ist das bild nicht so toll weil ich dann erst auf die layers geschaut hab – klasse – sieht einfach toll aus und schon sooo viele neue goodies ….

  12. Beautiful layout, love all the layers and your color choices and the embellishments! And the kitty is cute too. I haven’t flown in so long I don’t know if I could sleep on a plane or not. I would probably be too scared or excited to sleep since it’s been so long! Safe travels, and thanks so very much for Jumpstart!!!!

  13. Love, love, love This lay-out!

  14. SusanJane says:

    I cannot sleep on the way there, but on the way back I am soooo tired that I can’t stay awake! Really nice cat piece — good balance and love the subtle color.

  15. This is a fantastic canvas – the textures are just to die for! Glorious embellishing too… love those concentric bottle tops. Also want to say a quick thank you for all the amazing stuff going on in Jumpstart – brilliant start to the year!
    Alison x

  16. Superbe!! J,aime beaucoup la texture!!

  17. Sorry to admit it Nathalie – I too am like a cat. I can sleep anywhere…even in the noisiest of places. Sleep is such a precious commodity – I squeeze it in wherever I can…yet I was also too wound up to sleep on the plane…so I’m feeling the jetlag today. Hope you have a wonderful break before your travels home 🙂

  18. Nope, I can’t sleep on a plane. Recently flew to and from Hawaii to east coast…not a wink either way! Love how you used the canvas!

  19. i love this piece of art, but, could you tell about the process? or is this a special class…thanks for showing your talent!

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