Waving from L.A. …or Kermit The Frog

Only in L.A. can Kermit have his own star 🙂 Love it.


Birgit Koopsen and I arrived after almost 24 hours traveling in L.A. and had a lot of fun doing a bit sightseeing for a day. Now we are at CHA and it is crazy crazy busy and fun. I will post some pictures soon.



Huge hugs


P.S. check out Fall Fearless by Artists in Blogland – you can win a wonderful price and I am honored to be a guest poster with an artjournal page . the prompt was awesome- so you might wanna check it out!



PPS. OH….and don’t get jealous about us being in “sunny”  California….someone turned the sun out here…it is the coldest since 1922 I heard, we are FREEZING and we wish we brought our winter coats!


  1. wow, thats totally stunning, soooo much texture!! Makes me want to reach out and touch it!

  2. Yay Kermit! I love the Muppets 🙂
    Have fun at CHA, even though it’s frigid!
    Off to check out the Fall Fearless link…

  3. Thanks for another great inspiration!

  4. so sorry you’re cold! Loving all the jump starts – so much fun. Your Fall Fearless & FLy spread is just wonderful. Thank you!!

  5. such a shame with the weather Nat. but I know it won’t dampen any of your spirit, just make it even more memorable. How many can say they were there for the coldest period since 1922. enjoy

  6. deborahl591 says:

    when I was there last there is suppose to be a Walmart not far from the convention center … i’m am sure you can find some sweaters and things on sale about right now. Stay warm.

  7. Hi Natalie,
    I was at CHA yesterday at the resin table with you! I was too shy to say hi after I realized you were you lol! ❤ your blog!

  8. Yes, I have a daughter out there who told me yesterday that she was shivering! I know you are having a great time at CHA—enjoy!

  9. Hi Nathalie! I’ve been greatly enjoying your CJS…and I’m STILL jealous about CHA even though I’m in “sunny” but freezing California too 😉 Keep having fun!

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