He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how… or… My word for 2013

There is a lot to think and say about Nietzsche…not here though- LOL- but this quote above by him…is a smart one! So…let’s get a bit philosophical…sigh 😉



I have thought long about my word for 2013. Last year it was “transform”. I transformed in different ways, than I anticipated. But still I guess I transformed…2012 was a hard year for me…in many ways. A lot of questioning in different directions…and over the question how to do certain things, I lost my reasons why I was doing them.



Why did I quit my job, why did I become a mixed media artist, why do I blog, why do I do Creative JumpStart, why do I take care of my great-aunt, why am I on the house condo committee, why ….?

Everything last year was just about : How? How to manage financially, how to get further with my art, how to keep up with blogging, how to organize Creative JumpStart and how to take care of all things related to taking care of an elderly person, how to …HOW..?


I lost myself in the how… and that although I do so perfectly know WHY! I do know all the why’s to those things. I do ! I just need to keep my focus on that instead of how…the rest will just come …hopefully LOL. Just today I had to remind myself  again on the why I do something…


that’s WHY! 😉

Ah- and the canvas…well it is the old one from last year – “transform”- was transformed- so there 😉

Have a gorgeous day!

Huge Hugs



  1. Hi Nat…are the creative jump start on hold? i haven’t received one after Julie’s. I’m loving them so just wondering. Now I found YOUR blog I have to go looking around. Byezie…talk back soon. Lovies, samara

    • M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

      Hi Samara, I?m Cuchy, one of the jumpstarters.
      Please, read the FAQ’s and try what we suggest. unsubscribe and subscribe again or use another email account. If that do not work, send a message to cjs email, please.
      thank you, Cuchy

  2. lacyquilter says:

    Fabulous canvas! I totally love all the wonderful texture.

  3. That’s one gorgeous canvas, Nat. LOVE it. WHY? Because you made it, and you rock!

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    What so you don’t want comments on the shriek post Nat.
    Why you are almost evil and mean (totally kidding of course).
    You give so much for free that a few days off is just fine.
    CJS rocks as usual. Thanks for doing it. A donation will find it’s way there by the end of the month for sure. It’s like a super online class with variety and inspiration!
    Happy CHA even though I’m sure the deadlines will be stressful the community of artists will lift your spirits (and keep you up late). Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new pair of

  5. Thank you for inspiring me! I am thinking of a word for 2013 – but haven´t come up with one yet! But I have a 1/2 made canvas that I know I will use for my Word. Looking forward to follow you this year.

  6. Love it! It really is easy to get too bogged down in “how” when you’re overwhelmed. I like this idea of having a word for the year. My mom has started doing it too. I guess my word for 2013 is “better,” because I really need things to be better than last year!

    Happy New Year, I’m glad we met at Create!

  7. Great word!! LOVE the canvas. Mine is confidence.

  8. Yes, you have given me quiet a bit to think about in this post.
    I like how you re-used the canvas….all of the thoughts will be in one place.

  9. fabulous word of the year. I love reading how each person interprets their word!

  10. Cassandra says:

    Philosophical, but also profound. I would venture to add – doing things for the wrong reasons is almost worse than not doing them at all! Looking forward to seeing you discover you why over the next year! Thanks for the inspiration today!

  11. I love the word “why” it makes us go ahead no?………
    Beautiful canvas.
    I wish you a very good year full of happiness……..

  12. I happen to think you are a very amazing , kind, sharing, creative soul. Thank you for sharing so freely and openly, wishing you all good things in 2013, because you deserve all good things

  13. How when were why, they all have in common an “H” that I will use to wish you a very “Happy new Year”! Thank you so much for the inspiration and the education on techniques and all! Wish you would live near here. I am in Quebec Canada!

  14. Cindi Walsh says:

    Hi Nathalie! I like your word for 2013! “Why” The perfect word to keep you focused on what is important. Focus is not my strong suit! I’m sure you are very busy … but if you get a chance, do you think you could email me Creative JumpStart #1? For some reason I found JumpStart #2 in my inbox but not #1. I checked my Spam and Trash folders but it was not there. I’m not sure why I got the 2nd jumpstart just fine and not the first? Crazy right?

    Thanks so much. If it’s not possible, I’ll wait for the recap at the end of the month. JumpStart #2 was inspiring!

    Happy New Year!

    Cindi Walsh

    (I was in your “book nut” class at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Florida. It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I got to meet you in person!)

  15. Kelly Belton says:

    i love that you quoted Nietzsche – I have a degree in philosophy and it was this quote that pulled me into studying it!

    Love the colours in the canvas too – in addition to it using my favorite word!

    • Kelly Belton says:

      Well – it was the discussion of the thoughts expressed in the quote actually, to be truly philosophical about it!

  16. Dear Nat..to which I would add another word (who says you have to stick with one? lol)
    NOT! as WHY NOT! changes the whole thing doesn’t it?

  17. GREAT post…GREAT quote…GREAT canvas all from a GREAT artist!

  18. Somewhere along the “messages” I missed the first password, of two, needed to view the videos. Looks really interesting, guess being is 70, just “two” old,

  19. fabulous colourful canvas to celebrate your word and great theme of transforming from how to why, there is much to celebrate in why

  20. Cool canvas, Nat. And good word…just don’t let it get you down, worrying WHY you do something……think more about the good things it brings you!

  21. This is stunning! I loooove it!

  22. Mariette de Ruiter says:

    Heb jiji deze ook gehad

    Groetjes Mariette

    Op 2 jan. 2013 om 22:03 heeft Nathalie’s Studio het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  23. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    It was a rubbish year for me, so let us ‘Hope’ as well for this year. Hope that this year will be a special year for us both, full of joy, energy and good health. A beautiful canvas too!
    I for one am jolly pleased you do blog, you give me inspiration and happiness looking at your art work!

  24. You have made a very good point there. Like it!

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