Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes

I love acorns…something about the little hat on the nut makes me go “ohhhh cuuuuteee” …yeah, I know weird…but hey…there is worse out there 😉 Anyway I found a box of decoration acorns and cones at a store in the States which I knew I would have to transform.


I used Liquitex Professional Spraypaint on some and Liquitex Acrylic Paint on some others to paint them a bit






And then I placed them on top of a pile of unpainted ones- to make them pop.


and then after Christmas I will probably use them in a mixed media project but for now these little color acorns make me happy.


What colors are you decorating in this holiday seasons- all kinds like me or more color coordinated?

huge hugs



  1. I ,reminisce when decorating and use family treasures and decorations collected so every colour has representation!! Love my neighbors gold and silver theme but feel so warm and fuzzy when I see the Smurfs from my son’s childhood and some of my childhood decorations side by side on our tree!!

  2. What a fun use of these cute acorns! Love all the colors — I’m a rainbow girl too!

  3. I so love acorns and so does my son. I used to call him ACORN for one of his nicknames since he collected them and put them in every little corner of the house (and his pants pockets). We use mostly reds, greens and clear for decorating with the occasional purple of course.

  4. We don’t really have a color scheme. We just use what we have. Love the acorns!

  5. I do understand very well your love for acorns hats. I once found an acorn on a walk and thought it should be possible to make a real hat in the pattern of an acorn hat. I carried the acorn with me for a long time, before I got an idea for a hat. It turned out quite nicely, in dark red felt.

    We don’t do too much of decorating until the last few days before Christmas. There are some extra candles around though and decorations with fir tree and Danish “nisser” 🙂

  6. LOOOOVEEEE!!! I’m big into acorns, being a squirrel lover, so I love what you’ve done with these.
    I decorate with fairly traditional colors for Christmas, but my Christmas art this year will be mostly green and white with metallic accents.

  7. I’m an acorn lover as well! How whimsical of you to paint them!

  8. I love the way those turned out, and they look great popped against their au natural brothers! I guess my holiday decor is somewhat traditional yet eclectic, so I think your fun, painted elements would be right at home here! 😉

  9. what an awesome idea Nat, love this!!!

  10. Jenny Palmer says:

    Nat that is so cool wish we had this stuff in OZ

  11. Ah, these are cute! I’m not sure I will be able to buy these here, but if I ever find some, I’ll know what to do with tem :-).

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