Photos of my Workshops in Florida

I had a wonderful time teaching at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps in Lake Worth in Florida last weekend.  Michelle was a wonderful host and the store is awesome.



First up I taught YAWP my PanPastel ArtJournal class.



The students were such a fun and talented group of ladies.


Next up was the Season Canvas Class- which is my absolute fave class 🙂



It is the coolest to see how everyone gets over the hump to try something new and then get’s excited and makes something totally of their own.

ESS09  ESS11 ESS12

I loved that I had so much space and a half round table in the class room – it made demoing so easy.


As you can see I “stole” The photo from Cheryl Boglioli who was there two which was such an awesome surprise!


I also taught Be Awesome be a BookNut- but I don’t have any pictures of this- bummer. It was a great class! But oh well- instead some Portrait of a Lady Class.


I had such a great time with all of the students and the staff and Michelle. We laughed so much. Thank you so much for having me- and I hope you have me back some time 🙂

Huge hugs



  1. pearlmaple says:

    looks like lots of fun for you and everyone in Florida

  2. Nat’s classes are so awesome. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from my favourite little German lady, do not hesitate!! Not only will you learn so much and have a blast but you will be blissfully covered in whatever medium you are working with in class. Believe me, nurses are not fond of being messy but I loved every second of the classes I took in Toronto!!!

  3. I had a wonderful time at your “Portrait of a Lady” and “Be a Booknut” classes. What a treat to see my photo at the end of this blogpost!!! I’m still building up my background of my portrait and I am so happy with how it’s turning out. I’ve got a whole bunch of 5×7 canvas boards that I’m collaging up with all the “uber” textural techniques I learned. Look forward to you coming stateside to teach again 🙂

  4. I have been following your stuff for quite some time, I found you through Julie Fei-Fan Balzers connections. I really enjoy seeing all the fun things you create. Are the faces Photos that are then altered, or are they from magazine? they look fun.

  5. I love that the seasons canvas photos have women who are dressed in the same colors as the seasons they chose.

    • You are sooo right, I didn’t even see that! LOL- I need to go through the other pictures from other workshops and see if that is always the case- LOL. Thanks for pointing out this fun fact.

  6. You got some great pics. We had a great time and can’t wait for you to come back.

  7. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time! X

  8. Sue Clarke says:

    Looks like everyone had lots of space and a great time!

  9. Looks like you had awesome classes and students!

  10. Very nice to see, are you also planning a visit to the Netherlands sometime?

    • Jessica, I would love to – if someone invites me I am there no time…actually…mmmh…can’t talk about it still but I might be there soon 😉 I will post on the blog of course.

  11. Would love to take a class like this!

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