Map it Or…Simple Gift Wrapping Idea

Love using old maps for accents on gifts.

Hearts for Birthday presents, stars for a Thank you Gift or just a little flower showing the home town city on a Souvenir from home present.


Some Craft Paper, Stamping and Twine is needed too. 1, 2, 3 …Done. Easy Peasy 🙂

Have a gorgeous day




  1. awesome idea, and i love the results!! hugs, xx

  2. Great idea! Looks fab!

  3. Pam in New Jersey says:

    Nat, A great idea. I am going to raid my husband’s car and use some for fun. Thanks for the idea. Pam in New Jersey

  4. oh be still my heart….. awesome idea. I have some old maps from Germany (back from 1994) and had planned on incorporating them into some canvas art (as soon as I get time, sigh) I’m definitely holding some of the maps back for something like this. You know my favorite – the one that made my heart pitterpatter was the Gruesse aus der Heimat. Around Christmas I always – ALWAYS – get homesick.
    Big hugs

    • ahhh Micki – that must be hard …homesickness is not pretty 🙂 I am getting homesick right now- because I wanna be home now – LOL. And I am only gone for three weeks 😉 – Huge hugs

  5. Maps are so much fun to use. Love these!!

  6. Simple and fun to look at. I love using old maps to spruce up a card or LO.

  7. Sweet idea to wrap a present, I like!!!

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