Thank you Mr PearCabbage Or…You made an impact on my life

I came across this fun and inspiring video by Drew Dudley on TED and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you Drew- you made an impact with this speech!

Wow! And so when I watched this video I started thinking about all the people who handed me a huge lollipop and made a big impact on my life and might not even know it and I will try to get in touch with them and say thank you:

  • the elementary school teacher “Herr Birnkraut” literally translated into “Mr PearCabbage” who called me Little Dracula Teeth (because I had some temper problems in elementary school – ehem) and sent unbeknownst to me my short story of 10 pages (double ehem..I was NEVER really able to say things in just a few words- LOL) to an Elementary Writing Competition because he believed that I would become a writer just as I wanted to be,
  • the wonderful family of Alice and herself inviting me, a stranger from Germany, to a Shabbat Dinner after my workshops in Israel, one of the most beautiful and touching experiences I have ever made in my entire life, I have a hard time expressing this!
  • the friend of a friend I met at a party who told me he was 20 years a lawyer and then decided he hated it and became a high school teacher, and who made my brain go “huh- you can do that?” which lead me years later into quitting my paralegal job to become a full-time Artist


BTW – I tried to find Herr Birnkraut with no luck but I know that he would have laughed at the translation of his name – he was and hopefully still is a very very funny guy.

Do you have a person that might not know that they had a big influence on your life or changed you and might not even know it?

huge hugs





  1. Sue Clarke says:

    Just look at that cute younger Natalie next to Mr. Pear Cabbage.
    I had a math teacher in High School who had an effect on me later…he always told us that we could do “hard” math if we thought we could and not to be intimidated by it. Just keep working on it until you get it (oh and ask for help).
    Lots of moments when friends know just what to say (or not say) that makes the difficult situation a little less difficult.

  2. OMG, my Art teacher in Germany…. Herr Schulz. He would always start each project with a wonderful story. Like when we had to use pen and ink to draw Medussa’s head with all the snakes (kind of like doing a Zentangle today) he told us the story of Medussa. Everyone loved his class.

  3. Nat, you touched me by this post. I am glad you had such a good time in Israel!! It made me think about people that made a big impact on my life too. Thank you. Miri

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