Advents Calendar Make Over

I could of course have done this post in mid October as this seems to be nowadays the time to be able to buy advents calendars in German stores- but quite frankly I was still dwelling on my sunny fun time in Italy at that time and there was no way I could have thought already of winter, christmas or other holidays. But ok…now is the time….I posted this advents calendar make over last year already- but I think it might be still new to some of you- so I dare to repost and I hope you don’t mind 😉

Originally posted on November 30th, 2011

The origins of the advents calendar come from Germany to count down the days till christmas  starting December 1st – and therefore- as we Germans celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December…there is only 24 doors on our advents calendars :) The coolest advents calendars contain of course 24 minigifts – and I used to make those a lot for hubs…who…well…loved it….but this year – ahem – I really had no time to make a fancy cool 24-gifts containing calendar for him. But how to make an effort to make still a cool unique one? I show you how :)

Sometimes you get this ad-presents – or there are like really cheapy cheesy advents calendars. And this one has yummie chocolate from a well known Switzerland company inside- so not too bad- but who would hang this UGLY calendar on the wall besides an employee in the office of this company???? (sorry for bashing)

What about then this version of this calendar?

That was fun to make :) I used  eco-friendly Acrylic Paints as this calendar contains food and although the chocolate is wrapped I wanted to make sure that I do not kill hubs slowly in 24 days by weird chemicals going through the wrapping ;) as I really love him dearly- LOL

Supplies: Advents calendar, Acrylic Paints, Prima Mask, Crafter’s Workshop Stencil, Brush, Number Stickers, Ribbon


I guess it is time to create a new calendar soon, I am a bit late again…

Are you creating an advents calendar too and how will it look like?

Have a wonderful day



  1. Love this idea! Our selection of Advent calendars this year was…meh. But, we have to have them! Great solution, and thanks for the tip to use eco-friendly paint.

  2. Hey Nathalie,
    great make-over of an ugly advertisement thing.
    This year I made an advent calendar for my dear little god child Antonia. She is 3 1/2 and I crafted a train for her. There is a lokomotive and 3 trailers made of cardstock, patterned papers and toiletpaper rolls.
    I used to make calendars for my husband but that tradition fell asleep as the years went by.
    Have a wonderful advent time!

  3. How fun! What a great make-over! I love making advent calendars & hope to get to it pronto this year. Here’s a link to a couple I made using photos…though not nearly as “artsy” as yours, they are quite delightful. Hugs!

  4. That is a cool idea!! I have been buying my kids chocolate advent calendars since they were toddlers! Luckily they have very cute scenes on them.

  5. I like the change!!!!

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