Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Last thursday I went to Toronto to teach again at Bizzy B’s and it was such a fun 3 days. Barb and Tony always make me feel very special and I love spending time with them. I will show pictures of the workshops tomorrow, today is reserved for nature 🙂

It was a beautiful fall day on friday and Barb suggested to just take the car and get out for some sightseeing. I was sooo in…she didn’t suggest that two times 😉 So we went first to Niagra-on-the-Lake -lovely little town.



Barb and I had a lot of fun – here I am towering over her 😉


We laughed hysterically at times, especially at some cell phone photo taking accidents…here is one…


And then we arrived at the Niagara Falls – WOW!


Can you see? A Double Rainbow! I have never seen this – so so so so cool!


To the left are the American Falls and to the right the Canadian Falls, and I better not say which one is more beautiful, eh? LOL


We were soaking wet after a couple of minutes from all the mist and it was loud and just AWESOME!


Many inside pocket photos were shot accidentally – I spare you of those- LOL.


Thank you so much Barb, for taking your time and showing me this fascinating wonder! You rock!

Which natural wonder would you visit next if there was no time or money restriction?

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow with pictures of the workshops 🙂



  1. Nat, your pictures are awesome! But my favourite is the one of just a little wee bit of the top of your head, that makes me smile. 🙂 Glad you had a chance to visit Niagara Falls, it really is a special place. Laurie and I rode the boat to the base of the Falls while we were there in the summer, you’ll have to do that next time!

  2. Beautiful pics! Wish I could squeeze into your class on Saturday but this weekend just won’t work. Hope you’re having a wonderful trip and I’ll catch ya next time.

  3. Fabulous, and that’s where Cynthia and I went in July the day after your classes finished!

  4. Martha Richardson says:

    OMG-My old stomping grounds…love Niagara on the Lake, lived directly across the lake from there for13 years!!! Beautiful area!

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