How Reggae Bunny Boooo made my day

A couple days ago one of my godsons turned 4 and I was out to get him a gift. We do have some really really cute children clothes stores and also my favorite a Children Book Store and a Children Toy Store in the neighborhood. You know those tiny stores where every corner is showing how much the people who work there love the store and those stores that are vanishing more and more because of people like me that are often too lazy and buy stuff on big name online sides- But anyway…so I went after a little shopping spree in the clothes store to the Children Book Store.

I kind of had an alibi moment of standing in front of the shelf for the four-year olds – you know the ” I know totally what I am looking for ” -posture and then I was like “Who am I kidding here” and asked the woman working there for help. It went kind of like this.

“Could you help me with a book for a kid, my godson, who is turning four, and he is actually smarter than four at least that is what I think, and if it is just I think so, because he is my godson, then whatever, but hey….and well …he is a he…oh wait, but he is a he who is a little bit wild…and I have NO NO NO clue about children books, but I am sure you do!”

She was laughing and said “mmh wait, I might have the perfect one for your godson AND you…and she opened a secret drawer – I said she opened a secret DRAWER  (I looked as if I was the right person for the secret drawer books! YEAH) and picked out a book saying “This is a big hit, there were these guys that came in and they said they made their own book with music, and we were like – mehhh – self published book not sure- but look at it, it is “Der Reggaehase Boooo” ” Translated that would be Reggae Bunny Boooo and my view fell on the cover above!

While I was already laughing about the cute illustration, she started explaining in different voices with lot’s of body action ” It is about a little bunny who loves reggae music. And whenever people are speaking about him, they call him Boooo (with four Os), or Boooo (with one extremely long OOOO). One day he comes to the rehearsal room and it is closed . The king doesn’t wanna dance anymore and so he doesn’t want to hear music either and closed it and Boooo is really sad……So Boooo is going around the world and meets the Ska Bird and…and….and btw in the book is also a CD with the story spoken by a deep awesome voice and with the right music accompanying the story!

You know- she had sold that book to me after 2 seconds, but I couldn’t have her stop telling that story- She was soooo good and it was sooo fun and I just loved listening to that story. She could have sold me ,I think the whole store at that moment I would have bought everything she recommended to me. LOL.

I so love the colors and the drawings…totally inspired it and Reggae Bunny Boooo with four o totally made my day 🙂

Book and Music by Yellow Umbrella – illustrated by Manon Gauthier

Which Children books that you remember from your own childhood or from your kids are making you smile when you think of them?



  1. I loved the video! I can see how you would want to buy the store. Don’t you love it when you find an excellent sales clerk? I’m off to see if I can find it here in the US.
    (I was in your Book Nut class at Everything Scrapbooks and stamps today, I won the white ink, thanks!)

  2. What a cute booK! We have many faves – Berenstain Bears and Clifford were two titles.

  3. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer
    I’m not ashamed to admit I still read it from time to time, and highly recommend it to adults as well as children. Super book!

  4. I Love this!! I want to get it, not for my 4 yo neices or nephews (which I have a few of) but for my husband! He loves Reggae. I loved books as a child so there are too many…I loved Tiger Flower by Fleur Cowles for the illustrations and ended up buying a copy for my niece. Also the Beatrix Potter books and Roald Dahl and Grimm’s Fairy Tales…

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    How wonderful. Better than an antidepressant in the morning!
    I will look into the CD if the rest of the music is so uplifting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love all the Boynton hardcover books like Snuggle Puppy from when James was little and we would sing them together.

  6. Oh I would have bought the book too! Who knew that there was a children’s book with Bob Marley verses! I loved the “Mrs Piggledy Wiggiledy” books when I was a child, all about a woman who lived in an upside down house!

  7. ohhhhh, I love children’s books. And the book sounds perfect for “the princess” AKA my niece. I may have to get it for Christmas!

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