Smart Trip or…Nourish your Soul

Recently I got up very early on a sunday morning to tackle some deadlines and projects. My husband was still asleep and I stood in my studio and I had a shrugging moment of “meh”. I felt un-inspired, dull and I felt the urge to do anything but what was necessary that day.



When I peeked out of the window I realized that it was going to be a promising sunny smiling fall sunday. So I jumped into the bed room and made my husband who was still jet lagged after coming back a couple of hours earlier from California and with a 9 hour time difference in his bones getting up by yelling “Get up , get up, we have breakfast and then we go out into the woods”. To which he more or less friendly mumbled something which I interpreted in my own selfish way as “Sure honey, what a brilliant idea. I will be flying out of bed and I am so happy to interrupt my sleep and drive with you into the woods for a walk”. It took a little while until he interpreted this the same way though 😉


We took “our” little Smart car…well – we do city car sharing, so you just check out where the next little Smart car is parked in your neighborhood and you are ready to take it and go, and we drove to the Sachsenwald out of the City. Beautiful Forrest – mixed oak and beech trees. We were only there for about an hour walk but we had such a great time, the colors, the sun , the fresh air and our conversation – AWESOME.


I came home so inspired and full of ideas from this walk and also full of energy for my work that I actually was able to do all my tasks way faster than usually – probably not only because I was so refueled but also because I just focused then on getting my “schtuff” done. It also freed my head and I made a decision during this walk regarding some ideas, that were giving me a headache for a while. And then this Fall Canvas which is another sample project for my workshop Season Canvas is actually inspired by this walk too.



So…wasn’t this walk a necessity too in order to finally be able to do all the work I had to do? It is so important that we take care and balance the times we work, we create, we spent time with loved ones, we go out into nature and else. Nourish your soul by giving in sometimes and do what you want to do or do something that the situation allows you to do (like a surprisingly sunny fall day), instead of thinking “no time, no place, can’t do it, it will break my neck”. It can help you tackle all other things way easier and might inspire you in ways you haven’t thought it would. Give yourself permission for some fun and get out of your rut once in a while !


Where did you go on your last short trip?

Huge hugs




  1. All looks beautiful, the photos, the canvas. Perfect refuelling! Kim

  2. ahhhh, Sachsenwald. Mensch jetzt hab ich aber heimweh! I miss-miss-miss the trees/forests soooo much! The older I get the more I miss it. Totally love what you created. I LOVE the color red!!!!! And that is what comes to mind when thinking Fall. (red,orange).
    Hm, lets see my last short trip….. it’s been too long since we’ve done that. But about a 45 minute drive brings us to Weston Bend Park which is located along the bluffs of the Missouri river across from Leavenworth (we we used to live). Lots of trees and paths, so it reminds me a lot of Germany.

  3. Hello Natalie…your post was very touching today…they sat stop and smell the roses…I am so inspired!!! zeffy.
    By the way I just LOVE your canvas…love those 2 colours together!!

  4. So pretty!! We ave a cottage a couple of hours north and we are headed there this afternoon!

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    A nice long walk around the neighborhood with my doggie Jessie usually clears my head and makes her very happy.

  6. that was smart indeed 😉 i agree, we totally newd to get out of the city and into the woods from time to time to get recharged!

  7. omg, the texture on your canvas is incredible. and the view from the walk in the woods makes me want to go find somewhere to walk and recharge myself. Thanks for sharing, Michelle

    • Thank you Michelle! Looking forward seeing you so soon and then you can see the canvases in real life – the texture is so hard to capture 🙂 Have a hopefully great walk ! hugs

  8. Jenny Palmer says:

    Hi Nat
    That is so true you need to refuel I know I do we go to Cradle Mountain [it’s in our “backyard”] it is a world heritage area inTassie it is so close to us and it doesnt matter the season we just go
    glad you had a great day

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