Instagram on the Web Or…Check It Out


For those not familiar with Instagram, Instagram is a social network and photo-sharing app for smart phone or mobile device users. With this app you can apply filters to your photos and share them with other I users and you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter etc.As of yesterday Instagram introduced web profiles for each Instagram User.


So if you want to see someones Instagram Photos you can do this without the app on a mobile device- which for some might be interesting. As an Instagram user you can like and comment  on other Instragram pages from the web now too but you can still only upload your photos via the app on your mobile device.

I love Instagram and I like the new website…(think easy mosaics 😉 ) as it is totally my thing and many others as I use it for taking photos of everyday life –  like a visual diary.

But with all Social Media Platforms and especially every time there is a change there are some things to check and think about:

Users can set their photos to be accessible to anyone or just logged-in members that they have allowed to follow them. In fact- if you are an Instagram user who before had set everything to private- you should check if everything on your web profile is still private and maybe change it back to private in your settings! I do upload only photos that I would also share on my blog and I am comfortable sharing in the web. I also use the Location Map with some thought!  For example: I would not post pictures of my godsons in their school tagging the school  on the map with the name of the school for example – but that is really up to you. A lot of things that I share might be things that others never share at all either. Do what you feel comfortable about, but think about it!


You can find my new web Instagram page here

If you want to learn more about Instagram and how to use it in general and with some fun twists, I would love to send you to my friend Rhonda Palazzari who is doing a wonderful and really good series about how to use Instagram this week.

You can find it here and here and  here and here.

If you use Instagram, why do you like it and if you do not use Instagram, what is the reason you might not want to use it?

Have a gorgeous day



  1. Love, love, love Instagram!

  2. I love instagram, and i was really addicted to it! ahha serious… but, my iphone was stolen.. so sad! Hope to buy the new 5 one, soon! 🙂

  3. Dara Lynn says:

    Ronda has really helped me this week with her postings on Instagram! I feel like I just might be able to wrap my tech-challenged mind around it! 🙂 Looking forward to following you on Instagram.:)

  4. I don’t use it because I have a stupid phone:) not a smart one.

  5. Starting to use it and will now look at the facebook application. Great post today Nat!

  6. I like Instagram because the main focus is on the photos, not so much on what you write. It’s so much fun to see what fun ideas people come up with…

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